Swedish prisoner warned over ‘fart attacks’

An inmate at Malmö prison has been warned over his persistent flatulence, with staff suspecting that the prisoner deployed the malodorous method to voice his discontent towards the system, the Metro newspaper reports.

The gas-prone inmate is reported to have resorted to passing wind on repeated occasions in what staff began to realize was a series of concerted attacks, according to Anders Eriksson at the Kirseberg prison in Malmö.

“I have worked within the prisons and probation service since 1986 and I have never experienced a situation where behaviour of this sort has led to punishment,” Eriksson said to the newspaper.

The apparent clandestine motive for the man’s ill-scented and noisome habit came to light a couple of weeks ago when he was playing cards with fellow inmates.

“I had an upset stomach while I was playing cards but did not want to fart there. So I went over to the guards instead,” the 21-year-old convict said.

The young man was called in for questioning and despite his riposte that the farts were all noise and no fragrance, he has been served with a warning against his future flatulent conduct.

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