Cops fined over racist remarks

Two police officers have each been docked five days' wages for racist slurs made during disturbances in Malmö's Rosengård district in December 2008.

The comments came to light when a police video was presented as evidence in a court case against one of the alleged ring leaders for the unrest.

In the film sequence, officers make a number of racist and threatening comments

“You little monkey son of a bitch. Should I make him sterile when I catch him?” said one police officer on the tape.

“Yeah, he’s going to get beaten so badly that he won’t be able to stand on his own two legs,” answered a colleague.

The police disciplinary measure follows an internal investigation after criminal charges against the officer were dropped last summer.

“Your statements are totally unacceptable and are in serious contravention of the values that should run through all police work,” the disciplinary committee told the officers.

One of the officers was initially suspected of having committed agitation against ethnic groups (hets mot folkgrupp) in connection with police efforts to quell disturbances in which a number of people with immigrant backgrounds were involved.

The investigation revealed that the radio traffic was being monitored by the head of the unit, who was sitting at the front of the van.

The officer in question sat furthest back. There was limited communication due to the disturbances. On that occasion, police were using a new radio system with encrypted transmissions.

The unit head said the officer’s statement was not heard by anyone outside of the van.