Surprise vote of confidence in Reinfeldt: poll

The Swedish electorate has expressed a vote of confidence in Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, according to a survey published Thursday. More than half of respondents said Reinfeldt would be the political candidate of choice in an upcoming election, while less than 26 percent said would support opposition leader Mona Sahlin.

In response to questions on who would best represent the country abroad and steer the country through a serious crisis, around 70 percent of respondents to the Synovate poll, published in the Dagens Nyheter daily, opted for Reinfeldt over left-wing opposition candidates.

Sahlin, who heads up the Social Democrats, received a 16-percent vote of confidence when it came to representing Sweden abroad and 19-percent support for leading the country through a profound crisis, while Greens co-leader Maria Wetterstrand received 15-percent backing in both cases.

Asked who would best lead the government work after the next general elections on September 19th, 55 percent of respondents picked Reinfeldt over Sahlin, who garnered 26 percent support, while 64 percent picked him over Wetterstrand, who received 19 percent backing.

The poll results were surprising following recent surveys showing that the left-wing opposition parties would likely come out victorious over Reinfeldt’s right-leaning governing coalition.

A Synovate poll last month hinted that the three-party opposition enjoyed nearly 50-percent voter support, compared to 43 percent for the four-party government which includes Reinfeldt’s Moderate Party.

Several polls by other polling institutes have since then shown a narrowing gap between the blocks however.

Thursday’s Synovate poll of 1,006 people over 16 years of age was conducted from March 24-30.

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New blow for Håkan Juholt: survey

Social Democrat leader Håkan Juholt has taken another blow in the opinion polls, with a new survey revealing that he is further behind prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt than ever before.

New blow for Håkan Juholt: survey

The latest poll, carried out by analysts Skop, revealed that 83 percent of voters feel that current PM Reinfeldt is capable of leading the country, as opposed to only 17 percent prepared to entrust the post to Juholt.

“Confidence in Håkan Juholt’s capability is now at a historically low level. Never before has there been so few Swedes who think he has the ability to lead a government,” Skop analyst Bridget Hultaker told daily Expressen.

The Skop survey, which measured the opinions of 1,000 voters over the past month, revealed that only 52 percent of people who vote for the Social Democrats have faith in Juholt, as opposed to 48 percent preferring Reinfeldt, bringing him down to a similar low level of confidence that former leader Mona Sahlin experienced after losing the last general election.

Meanwhile his personality also came under attack.

When respondents were asked who they would like to be sat next to at a party, 43 percent answered Juholt, a drop of three percent from the last survey.

56 percent meanwhile, would prefer to be next to Fredrik Reinfeldt.

The poll comes in the wake of TV4’s coverage of a separate survey carried out by Novus, revealing that the majority of Social Democrat voters believe Juholt should resign.