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Hate cleric will not participate in Swedish conference

TT/The Local · 3 Apr 2010, 09:57

Published: 03 Apr 2010 09:57 GMT+02:00

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The decision to remove the controversial cleric from the conference schedule was based on a number of factors and made in consultation with Quick, according to the organisation.

"We have made what we believe to be the best decision – for us, for him and for society in general," said Mohammed Amin Kharraki, chairman of Sveriges Unga Muslimer ('Sweden's Young Muslims').

Last week, the youth organisation defended its decision to allow Hakim Quick to speak at the conference, claiming it was the victim of a smear campaign launched by Liberal Party politician Philip Wendahl.

Sweden's largest gay rights group RFSL spoke out against the Muslim's group decision to provide the hateful preacher a platform in Sweden on which to air his extreme views.

"I was previously under the impression that this organisation respected principles of equal rights for everybody but now it seems they couldn't care less about the values they claim to stand for," he told The Local.

Kharraki believes that the image of Quick portrayed by the media has been one-sided.

"The opinion is still the same that he is a certain way. And it upsets some people in this country who feel they have been violated."

Kharraki also made reference to a an audio recording referred to by critics of the visit seeming to implicate the imam.

"We didn't know about the recording before it was published," Kharraki said.

He emphasized that the organisation will not take a stance on whether or not Quick is a "hate cleric".

"It's somewhat problematic to sit here and say that a person is a hate cleric when he isn't," Kharraki said.

The organisation has consequently published an open letter from Quick on their website.

"People can decide for themselves," Kharraki said.

"On a recent visit to London, protestors denounced me as a 'hate cleric' and numerous attempts were made to keep me from my speaking engagements," Quick wrote in the letter.

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"With regard to my comments about the punishment for homosexuality, about 15 years ago I was approached by a group of gay Muslims who wanted me to re-interpret the basic principles of Islam. I refused and indicated to them the very serious condemnation in Islam toward homosexuality. My statements were a moral reprimand only," he continued.

He further claimed that his anti-Semitic comments about the "filth of the Christians and the Jews" was a plea to "God to heal the spiritual corruption that afflicts some members of religious groups which in turn leads to injustice against innocent people."

In 2004, the Broadcasting Standards Authority of New Zealand issued a reprimand to an Auckland television station for broadcasting hateful comments made by Hakim Quick in a lecture shown on the Voice of Islam programme.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority noted that Hakim Quick blamed the spread of AIDS on the “filthy practices” of homosexuals, whom he described as "sick" and "not natural". He added that homosexuals were dropping dead from AIDS and “they want to take us all down with them”. He further stated that the Islamic position on homosexuality was "death".

"Muslims are going to have to take a stand [against homosexuals] and it's not enough to call names," he said.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:34 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove
pff. What a redundant oxygen consumer, he must stay in Mordor together with other orcs of the same thought.
12:57 April 3, 2010 by voiceofreason
Why are swedes always fascinated by this fake religion.

An invention of Khadija and her cohorts, coached to be a prophet and eventually possed by a demon. Mohammed is an embodiment of violence.

In death, he only beget more violence starting with his succession and eventual spread of the disease he created.

Anyone entrapped by the religion has no escape but death, he has no opportunity to renounce his faith else his killed.

Did I put someone off today,
13:26 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove

interesting point of view.

As an atheist, I am living in Turkey having a majority of 90%(maybe above) muslim.

I didn't experience a violence or idea of violence from a muslim here, the reason could be secularization for 100 years or so. But of course for other countries that are not secularized, the (false) implementations or implementation that are not updated to today's modern world, leads and results in extreme violence.

Personally, I have the same idea your "disease" thought with addition that not only Islam but also others religions are disease which closes the rational thinking, perception and reciprocity and fed the hatred and violence since each religion rejects its "successor" and always try to relate its "predecessor".
13:40 April 3, 2010 by voiceofreason
Interesting, I come from a country where unbelievers (non-muslims) are slaughtered regularly. It is the continuation of a jihad interrupted by the British who preferred commerce to conflict.

I see a religion bent on subjugating others and I am not ready to give in just yet. I will be a dead man if my views are know in my country so I prefer to remain anonymous.

Did you just say you live in Turkey, the home of the Ottoman. Have you forgotten what thay've been doing to the Kurds and Armenian. C'mon, use a better example of docile muslims, like the ones I have as cousins and friends. The only reason they can't kill me is because we are related.
14:16 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove
I am sad for you but please consider that Ottoman is no more ruling. They are history. It's pretty obvious that in the leadership of Islam, the muslim governing regions were in a prosperity comparing with Europe in 12-13th century. Needless to say, after the great advancements in Europe together with secularization leads Europe influencing/conquering the Ottoman regions. The nationalism waves in Europe results in massive conflicts and slaughters towards non-islamic groups in Ottomans during the WW1 and the armenians together with other minor groups are forced to immigration/deportation which ends with a great atrocity that can be considered as genocide and I accept it was a genocide since unplanned and forced immagration really smells like genocide to me. Note that not all Turks are in denial of such acts and not all Turks are muslims. Note that I am living a western region which is wealthier than Switzerland, and freedom to express myself in the public without anonymity but I cannot say the same thing for eastern of Turkey.
14:26 April 3, 2010 by bugz

First of all, Islam is not a fake religion. It's not Islam's fault that some ppl have twisted thinkin and do not understand the religion the way it should be!!

secondly, tell me what do u think about:-

- What happened in Bosnia and Kosovo 15 years ago?

- What happened in Gaza last year, what's happening in Iraq Afghanistan,......

- The 200 years wars by the Crusades

- The Inquisition

Just do not accuse Islam of violence, cuz Islam has never done 1% of what others were doin!
14:30 April 3, 2010 by voiceofreason
My good friend, you live in an approximately 100% Islamic country so unless dogs eat dogs, you can not expect violence there. But, when you have a country like mine (approx 50\50), you can expect a lot of violence from the Jihadist.

Jihad undeniably means War in the name of Islam. It is an offensive war (though some apologists will say it is defensive) and it is a core component of Islamic faith. When muslims have people who don't share there faith living next door, they feel it is there duty to convert them or get rid of them. This is my reality and you can't take that from me.

The only religion that has been propagated constantly by the Sword is Islam, not Hinduism or Budhism or Christianity. Right from the days of Mohammed till date, the story has not changed. In the dark ages of Christianity, the Catholic church committed atrocities but once Martin Luther exposed their lies by translating the Bible, the light dawned on ignorant christians and they saw that killings by any christian is unjustifiable and a sin.

The same can not be said of Islam, every translation of it cannot expunge the fact that it advocates violence such as the execution of apostates, and Jihad.
14:31 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove
religions are fake. The examples you have given are the proof that some minors/majors become insane in the name of religion.
14:43 April 3, 2010 by voiceofreason
Islam is fake, an invention and I will tell you why.

- Mohammed was coached by Khadija and Waraqa so he can be the prophet of the Arabs

- Allah existed as a god in Kaaba long before Mohammed came, his father was a priest of Allah

- Mohammed kept changing Islamic laws to suit his followers who only saw profit in his jihadist wars. He gave them permission to marry more wives and to take temporary wives (prostitutes) etc.

- Mohammed went to a cave regularly because he hoped to meet an angel like Moses did. Unfortunately, he met a demon who terrified him and choked him and forced him to believe a lie.

- Khadija confirmed this lie as a witness even though she didn't see anything. Didn't Islam say that two men or one man and two women can are required as a witness.

- Mohammed drew most of its teachings and text from a people who lived more than a thousand miles away but still claims to be superior to them (such arrogance). He doctors their writings and then claims to be a prophet.
14:44 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove

As you already checked, Turkey has no offical state religion. So, we here don't value one's religion but one himself/herself with his/her conscience.

The very problematic thing lying in muslim groups is in fact simple: Muslim ones are lazy for innovation and binding to a tradition is easy for muslims. Moreover, the underlying motive for jihad is that since they cannot/don't even try to form a better world, the easy task is to pray god for conciliation, it sounds like a makeup examination after failing all the courses and expect to pass the failed ones by killing the different in the name of god.
14:46 April 3, 2010 by bugz
"the light dawned on ignorant christians" but still they have not stopped, have they? All what's happening now is exactly what was happening before, the only difference is the slogans used "freedom, democracy, bla bla...."

Again, some ppl have twisted thinking, and justify their behavior (Jihad) in name of religion, while Islam only orders to FIGHT BACK WHO FIGHTS YOU. If this rule is ignored it's not Islam's fault and those ppl are considered great sinners!
14:50 April 3, 2010 by voiceofreason

Don't get personal, I just can't stand this religion that always go for my jugular.

I have good Hindu friends, they are peaceful. I have Budhist friends too. My Great-Grand Father was muslim and so are two of my Aunts and a lot of my cousins. I love all of them.

- I will like to hold hands with my wife anywhere in my country without the fear of being stoned.

- I would like to preach my faith to anyone who cares to listen without being killed for trying to convert another

- I would like to say anything I like about Allah or Mohammed without getting in killed because people say all sorts about other religious figures too.

Islam forbids this for me and that gets me a bit angry.
14:59 April 3, 2010 by bugz
@voiceofreason #9

U talk as if u were there and witnessed everything.
15:15 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove

easy solution: immigrate and adapt for a new culture that welcomes criticising any belief incl. Islam.

hard solution: fight back "your thoughts" against the ones who cause the violence. (sounds very improbable since they won't value of rationalization and you may end up with being stoned)


I find Islam a little "faulty" on this jihad and other ridiculuous stuffs; discrimination against homosexuality (after all, there is "no" gay in Iran, vanished?), accepting female gender as evil (prevent them socializing, female driver issues), shaking a female hand equivalent a sin (dog = woman) (Oh dear, I love my dogs here, cannot comprehend this discrimination at all), circumcision of males (another ridiculuous act, why religion is interested in one's penis that much?), Fest of Sacrifices (killing animals in the name of god, how many wasted sheeps etc. during this "fest" in Saudi Arabia?)

The list goes on and on...So, yes, I find Islam a little faulty. lol
16:03 April 3, 2010 by bugz
@jazzIIIlove #14

Again Jihad is only to fight back who fights you and not to spread religion with sword. Islam mainly focuses on enhancing behavior and I admit that unfortunately, Muslims' behavior nowadays is far away from the real teachings of Islam and this is due to many things.But Islam do not discriminate women. Actually, women in Islam has more rights than men do! but, again unfortunately there some ppl who seeks to control women one way or the other in name of religion.

The final point,Is there any country in the world that do not have laws that you have to obey? Do you have to opportunity to change the law whenever u can?! u can't!! Even if you have your own Island and some ppl come to live with u, u will not be able to live without a law! otherwise it would be a jungle.

Religion (Islam) have same concept!! there must be a law that govern this world and this law is created by the one who created everything. Simply, the one who knows everything!
16:30 April 3, 2010 by jazzIIIlove

17:34 April 3, 2010 by Thompsuleme
Thats why religion is crap! brainwashes people and the pope is off his rocker, Islam is a serial killer, and all we have is just chaos in the name of religon...

I think Yoga makes sense :)
18:54 April 3, 2010 by Rahelli
wow I like Voiceofreason messages all your words is great and i am your side
19:35 April 3, 2010 by boby
bugz you must have mixed up your pills again

Muslims are responsible for the biggest killings of our time. Only in Iraq Muslims kill tousands of civilians on a daily basis in the most cruel ways possible. Muslims kill inocent people every day, in Darfur, Iraq, Indonisia, Israel, Afganistan, etc etc.
20:06 April 3, 2010 by bugz

That's the problem, all ppl think that muslims are ordered to kill any walkin creature....NO!!! that is not the truth muslims are ordered NOT to kill children, civilian, women and elderly people, not even to cut trees, and not to kill the surrenders, prisoners, disturb them or torture the enemy's dead body, and not to destroy the bulding of !! This is the truth, believe it or not!! and I dare you if you find any evidence that when islam first showed up that those things were happening!!

I know what's happening today is completely the opposite...again there are many twisted minded ppl (they call themselves muslims) and they are not!!

However, and i am so sure that all the terrorism victims u r talkin about (for all the time) are not even 10% of the number of ppl died in WW I and II..
20:54 April 3, 2010 by John D.
Go to You Tube and type in 'How do we know that Christians are delusional?' This should clear things up for everyone regarding religon.
09:02 April 4, 2010 by rybo1
To Boby: If you check you're recent history, you'll find that the "biggest killings of our time" have been done by the Germans, Russians and going for number one, the United States. What have you been smoking?
10:15 April 4, 2010 by enlightened
Violence and intolerance are attributes common to all three theist religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is not a surprise since these three religions have a common root. Of course they passed through different degrees of evolution. At one point in history Christianity terrorized Europe but they eventually lost to reason and enlightenment. The crimes committed by Christianity through out history surpass any other religion. Just look at South America, a whole continent converted to Christianity by decimating its indigenous population.

I agree that Islam is indeed a violent religion. This violence is deep rooted in the Quran. But so is the Torah/Bible. They also preach violence. Islamic terror is no different than terror practiced by imperial powers in terms of invading poor countries both by use of military or economic means. In the USA for instance, it is most interesting that the strongest supporters of war are Christian evangelists. They do it from a deep rooted religious believe that god is on their side. From a psychological point of view we find a person blowing themselves up in a crowd more repugnant than say a bombing campaign on a city that kills thousands of civilians. Terrorism has many forms…
12:14 April 4, 2010 by John D.
There is no Alah, Mohammed or Jesus Christ. They are all imaginary. If you worship any of them or anything you are no more than delusional.

If these magical powers do exsist. I say to strike me down now you cowards. Use your magical powers to come and get me.

Nothing will happen like when you pray. RELIGON IS 100% NONSENSE.

00:09 April 5, 2010 by Iraniboy
Good riddance!!

Specially for his dangerous racist views on Jews and innocent killing of Homos. By the way, There are some people who actually kill innocent people in for example in Iraq, Afghanistan, China rather than thinking about it and there are people who call Muslims/Jews filthy but they don't draw so much attention!! ;)
02:42 April 5, 2010 by JoeSwede
Happy Easter everyone! I'm glad that the Muslim Swedes are facing the same scrutiny as the Christians do for much less stuff. I have found a double standard lately.
17:30 April 5, 2010 by voiceofreason
Deuteronomy 13:1-5 (KJV)

If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder,

And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them;

Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that…


This scripture accurately anticipates false prophets like Mohammed. Someone who came preaching a new god (Allah).

19:19 April 5, 2010 by enlightened
@voiceofreason #27

Only delusional people would use the fairy tales of one religion to disapprove the fairy tales of another. As far as I am concerned, both Christianity and Islam are false (I deliberately phrased it in a language you can understand).
19:49 April 5, 2010 by John D.
enlightened #28

I agree with you 100% Too bad everyone doesn't get it yet.

All the fairytales they get so testy about. Santa Claus doesn't exsist either! LOL

It is amazing it has gone on this long.

Religon only slows down scientific progress and peace among us all.

Christianity was mostly adopted pagan religon that was changed to suit.

Har det bra alla!
20:02 April 5, 2010 by voiceofreason
Muhammad was born in 570 A.D. He was married to Khadija in 595 A.D. When he was in his 20's and she was in her 40's.

After about 20 years of marriage, and before he reached his 40's, he used to often leave his wife and children in Mecca and go to the "Cave of Hira" (Ghar Hiraa), which is about 4 Km from Mecca.

Cave of Hira is located on top of a mountain which is 630m (2067 ft) in height. It is a small cave, only 4.5 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width. It would barely fit four persons inside it. Muhammad used to walk for more than 3 hours to reach it. Muhammad used to seclude himself there for many nights. He would go back home only to get some food and supplies and then return to the cave.

His grandfather, Abd El Mutaleb, also used to spend time there, as well as others from Muhammad's tribe. Once, four people got together in that cave and decided to desert Quraish idols and images to worship only God! Those four people were: Waraqa Bin Noufal (Khadija's cousin), Ubaid Allah Bin Jahish (Muhammad's cousin), Uthman Bin Al Houwairath (Khadija's cousin), and Zaid Bin Amro Bin Nufail. Three of them became Christians and the fourth ended up with no religion at all!

One night in 610 A.D., while Muhammad was in the cave during Ramadan (which was already a holy month for Arabs before Islam began), Muhammad said a "creature" came to him in the cave and told him: "Read!"

Muhammad replied: "I do not know how to read".

So the creature caught him (forcefully) and pressed so hard that HE ALMOST SUFFOCATED MUHAMMAD.

He then released him and repeated the same thing three times. On the third time, the creature said: "Read; in the name of thy Lord who createth, createth man from a clot." Al-Alaq, Verse 1.

Then he ran from his cave to his wife Khadija trembling in fear and said,

"Cover me! Cover me!".
20:42 April 5, 2010 by enlightened
@voiceofreason #30

Interesting story... now can you tell us an equally interesting story of how a virgin gave birth to god.
20:43 April 5, 2010 by voiceofreason
I have no reply for you so-called "Atheists", you are the delusional ones because you are in self-denial.

You know in your heart of hearts that something greater than you exists but you cannot explain it.

You know eternity exists but it defies your scientific knowledge.
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