More charges brought in car park murder case

A man has been charged with aiding and abetting the 23-year-old suspected of murdering a 78-year-old woman in the Landskrona car park murder case, while two anti-violence demonstrations will be held in the town on Monday.

Interviews on Easter Sunday backed up the allegations against the 23-year-old man who is being held in connection with the attack.

Head prosecutor Göran Olsson has also charged another individual with aiding and abetting the 23-year-old suspect.

“The man in question is in the (suspect’s) circle of friends and relatives,” Tommy Lindén, detective with the Skåne police department, told TT news agency.

The prosecutor has until noon on Monday to decided whether or not the 23-year-old should be remanded into custody on murder and aggravated assault charges.

The 23-year-old’s lawyer Urban Jansson doesn’t agree that the police interview confirmed the allegations against his client.

“They haven’t introduced anything that is conclusive,” he said.

The 23-year-old also denies the charges against him.

The 78-year-old woman was punched in the face while trying to intervene on behalf of her 71-year-old partner who was being attacked by a man in a parking dispute last Monday. She died at the hospital in Lund on Wednesday.

The event has rocked the Landskrona community. An anti-violence demonstration is planned at Sofia Albertina on Monday at the initiative of the Church of Sweden (Svenska Kyrkan).

“The idea is to move past the powerlessness you feel when something like this happens,” Bengt Karlgren, pastor of the congregation in Landskrona, told TT.

Other religious groups are also participating in the demonstration.

A silent, non-political and non-relgious demonstration with flowers will also be held at Rådhustorget (City Hall Square).

“People are upset and sad and don’t understand how someone can do something like this. It’s horrible,” said Kurdi Kara, a writer and one of the organizers of the event.

Torkild Strandberg, chairman of the municipal executive committee, will be participating.

“There is a feeling of incomprehension, combined with rage, that the outcome of an oddly parked car is that a 78-year-old woman dies after such a long life,” he said.

The community has been outraged, with threats even being made online. The man’s lawyer, Urban Jansson, is concerned about what has been published about the man and his family.

“There has been a build-up of threats that began before he was arrested. The situation is serious and can affect the investigation.”

The police have appealed to witnesses to come forward. Thus far around 60 individuals have provided information.

“We have had some response, but we are dependent upon more,” Lindén said.

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