Sleeping baby found on snowmobile trail

A couple were out on their snowmobile near Ammarnäs in northern Sweden on Tuesday when they stumbled upon a six-month-old baby laying fast asleep on the track in front of their vehicle.

“At first we didn’t realize what it was lying there. We thought it was a doll. It was sleeping and murmured a little when we picked it up, but then it fell asleep again,” Christian Karlsson, 19, told local newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad.

The couple gathered up the baby and soon spotted two men on skis who were each pulling a sledge. In one of the sledges there were two children, the other was empty.

“We drove up to them and asked if it was their child. One of the men confirmed that it was his and then added: ‘I thought it had gone a bit quiet back here,” Christian Karlsson said.

The couple reported having been shocked by the incident, both by the extraordinary find and also by the father’s cold-hearted response.

“If we had been travelling at a slightly higher speed we would have driven straight over the child,” Nathalie Kyrk, 17, said.

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