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Top Social Democrats talk tough on rape

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 9 Apr 2010, 09:46

Published: 09 Apr 2010 09:46 GMT+02:00

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Bodström and Borgström, who share a legal practice, argue in a debate article in the Svenska Dagbladet daily on Friday that a new classification for rape crimes needs to come into force.

"Society must take a clearer stance against the most serious abuses involving women and girls. With this in mind, we want to introduce a new criminal classification - especially aggravated rape - which would carry a prison sentence of between six and ten years," the leading Social Democrats write.

The pair note that while the centre-right government has proposed an equivalent tightening of legislation with regard to violent crimes they have omitted to include sexual offences.

"Since it is almost exclusively women who are affected, we believe this is an important gender issue."

Bodström and Borgström also propose a tightening of punishments for paying for sex, admitting that legislation outlawing the practice during the Social Democrat tenure has proved insufficient to address the problem.

They propose, for example, elevating the classification of pimping to human trafficking to underline the severity of the crime and increase its penalty. They also propose raising the custodial penalty for paying for sex from six months to twelve months.

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Furthermore, "victims of the purchase of sex" should be entitled to receive compensation, among a raft of other measures proposed.

"These changes would provide substantially better protection of girls and women in Sweden. Efforts to strengthen their rights, protection and integrity should never cease, but must be developed; almost four years have now been lost in the struggle against sex crimes," Bodström and Borgström argue.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:55 April 9, 2010 by bocale1
Very funny statement: ""victims of the purchase of sex" should be entitled to receive compensation".

There are 2 cases: 1. the person selling sex was forced to do it, and this is what I would call human slavery (and not simply prostitution) and who is responsible for it this should be punished in the most severe way or 2. the person selling sex wanted to do it and therefore she actually already received the compensation agreed with her/his customer.

Who is the victim in this second case? and what is the sense of continually confuse prostitution with human slavery?

The way Sweden approach crimes related to sex is ridiculous!
12:29 April 9, 2010 by DAVID T
The worlds oldest profession will never stop just because some P.C. idiots think they can stop it. All this will do will drive prostitution further underground - seems odd that a country that show's hardcore porn on TV and sells it in every gas station has outlawed prostitution.
12:46 April 9, 2010 by krrodman

Let me explain the fundamentals of the sex trade to you because your male brain is obviously too simple to understand the most basic aspects of life:

A prostitute does not become a prostitute out of choice. In fact she would much rather be a nuclear physicist, mathematician or Nobel Prize winning poet. However, women are excluded from these avenues of intellectual enrichment by the dominant, aggressive, war-mongering, planet killing males of the society. So, even is a woman has "chosen" to become a prostitute, she is really nothing more than a "slave" to the needs and desires of the dominant male. Ergo, every prostitute is a victim of the horrors of a patriarchal society and should receive compensation; every prostitute is a "human slave."

I do have a question: If a prostitute receives money from a "client", and then she receives additional money from the government because she is a "victim of the purchase of sex," doesn't that encourage women to become prostitutes?
13:14 April 9, 2010 by Kevin Harris
Sweden's laws against sex crimes have become as confused as the politicians who introduced them. The Social Democrats changed the law to redefine serious sexual assaults as rape. This caused great stress on the legal system. Now, instead of correcting the error, Messrs B and B want to redefine rape, in the true English language definition of the word, as something called aggravated rape. If you don't understand all this, that's my point. Sweden's police, prosecutors and judges don't understand it either. What's wrong with the traditional system of correctly defining sexual offences, as used by most other countries in the world?

The politically motivated legal confusion doesn't stop with rape. Swedish politicians of all parties feel driven to appear tough on prostitution too. There is a huge difference between prostitution carried out by people free to choose to do so, and trafficking people for sexual purposes, but again, one law fits all crimes legislation is about to be applied here too, and again, the legal system will have to struggle to try to make sense of it all.

The "four years lost in the struggle against sex crimes" were nothing to do with the strength of the legislation but more to do with the fact that it's confusing nonsense introduced by politicians who prioritise cheap votes ahead of a functioning legal system.
13:37 April 9, 2010 by calebian22
Point two by Bocale1 is valid since in many cases, prostitutes make a personal decision to sell their bodies. Many people, who are desperate or need money choose lawful professions to make ends meet. No one grows up dreaming of having three jobs, all of which are menial, to make ends meet, but many people do this. Prositution is the lazy way out and in many cases it is a choice in the final analysis.

But what do I know? I am a man.
13:41 April 9, 2010 by bocale1
dear krrodman,

your vision of the world is a little poor, as the tone of your message...

How many people do you think in this world have chance to become nuclear physicist, mathematician or Nobel Prize winning poet? do you really think that people that work in the most degrading jobs of our society, clean toilets all day, etc... do this because they like?

So, open your eyes and put on hold for 5 minutes your old-fashioned feminist doctrine and accept the reality; there are women and, in a smaller scale, men that prefer to sell their bodies for good money than their time, souls and minds in poorly paid low ranked jobs, the only ones that thy can realistically aspire to. Full stop.

If after that, you think that the world is unfair, welcome in the club. If you think that a revolution should begin, well, drop me a message, I may join you!
14:01 April 9, 2010 by Nemesis
I have a better idea.

Give us women the right to rip the gentials of any man who tries to, or actually rapes us.

That way rape crimes would plummet overnight.
14:08 April 9, 2010 by eZee.se
Danger! Danger! Will Roberson!

Theres either a troll or a feminist nutjob on this board!

Yes, its all a mans fault, bloody men, with their evil penises, walking around like they are unicorns...

The reasons why women turn to prostitution cannot be because of lazyness / easy way to make a fast buck, or lack of educational, or family background, or sudden family or financial crisis or.. heaven forbid she likes it and is getting a little...umm lot of extra cash at the same time.

Some women dont get off having sex with strangers,multiple partners or being in a passive way when having sex... shhhh, i said they dont and thats that.

I guess "porn stars" have been pushed 'down there' because of evil men as well.. poor Jenna.

Its just GOT to be that extra 6 inches of flesh a man has between his legs, thats the only logical explanation.

> In fact she would much rather be a nuclear physicist, mathematician or Nobel Prize winning poet.

All of those take either a higher level of education or talent.. or both.

How many *male* nuclear physicists, mathematicians or Nobel Prize winning poets

do you *personally* know?

I'm guessing none or not many, because most men are as dumb as most women and lack the education and or talent.

>However, women are excluded from these avenues of intellectual enrichment by the dominant, aggressive, war-mongering, planet killing males of the society.

Sorry, just have to laugh here! And cant write straight when i am laughing this hard.

I think the argument that black drug dealers in the US of "being held down by the white man" holds more water than yours.

Get yourself educated:

16:27 April 9, 2010 by krrodman
@Bocale and @eZee

Perhaps my meager attempt at humor and sarcasm fell flat. For that I apologize. I assure you that I am anything but a self-loathing, pitiful, liberal troll. I am a libertarian to the core.

I do find it ironic that males(in this case, politicians), must once again come to the rescue of damsels-in-distress(in this case, prostitutes). Despite Bodstrom"s and Borgstom's good intentions, is this not just another example of men telling woman how to behave? Are women not capable of making decisions about their bodies and their lives without the assistance of men?
16:50 April 9, 2010 by eZee.se

No worries, I apologize as well, I'm afraid your humor went wayyyy over my head and I took your comment at face value rather than tongue in cheek.

Problem is a lot of die hard feminists actually do sound like that.. and we are in Sweden where old nutjob women in parliament have made stupid laws like its legal to sell, but illegal to buy.

Not that i have even bought such... umm, services, my partner keeps me waaay to tired (in a good way) for me to peek (or poke) around. :)

I do hope they do something about the rape laws though, that guy who raped 6 women got 2 years... and thats pathetic.

I wonder how his poor victims feel to know they are worth only 4 months in a Swedish pen, which i am told is like a ****ing hotel anyway.

2 years for downloading a song, 4 months for raping a person... yep, the scales are totally balanced (/sarcasm) the corporations dont have any say wiht the govt and nothing to see here... move along please.

>Are women not capable of making decisions about their bodies and their lives without the assistance of men?

But if they do nothing... then what reasons are they going to give for people to vote for them or they be relevant?

Think of the children!!!!!!!!!

(And in closing:

"You wouldnt steal a car"

umm no, I wouldnt,

but I would download it if I could!!!! )
17:23 April 9, 2010 by expert
Just stone the person to death who does this henious crime, than i will see who even consider to think of raping.
18:11 April 9, 2010 by Alexia
Assuming that the article was written in response to the hysterical "punishment" given recently to a serial rapist, i find it very devious to discuss prostitution and the need for a tighter ban of it in the same article. It's like using a very seriously sensitive matter to address a completely irrelevant and greatly conservative idea.

On the other hand, such paradoxical phenomena are not uncommon in the Swedish culture.
18:40 April 9, 2010 by izbz
Yah! At last,,,,let's have them castrared and make all rapist into eunuce
19:16 April 9, 2010 by Uncle
"Give us women the right to rip the gentials of any man who tries to, or actually rapes us.

That way rape crimes would plummet overnight. "

Nemesis - I have a suggestion. Let's take all the women who take men's money, take their children and a house from them in a planned action and fill their vagina with melted iron, like the chinese did to unfaithful wives.

This will plummet the percentage of gold-diggers substantially.

Fair deal?

Men are beaten to death and are killed and tortured in wars or in peace more than women. Men's heads are getting cut off more than those of women. Men are dying faster and have more lethal deceases. Men are hanged more often and there are more handicapped men than women. Men are bullied more and more aggressively in schools.

This is our faith - deal with it...
19:26 April 9, 2010 by punterpride
swedens hated and draconian anti-prostitute laws have made sex workers lives more dangerous(was that its real intent?)

to make sex workers lives especially women safe and secure,whats needed is more enlightened legislation as in new zealand who have decriminalised prostitution,

hardly suprising that new zealand has such enlightened legislation that protects and gives rights to women as new zealand was the first country in the world to give women the vote
20:24 April 9, 2010 by cbeynch
While I believe that the punishment for rape must be severe, it must also be the same for recent immigrants, as it is for native Swedes. Right now it is not. Prostitution however is a different animal alltogether. I agree with those who say that tougher laws will not make a damned difference in the amount of prostitutes plying their filthy trade. I also wish you would stop calling them "sex wokers". This only legitimizes their dirty, disease spreading, activities as though it were akin to "school teacher" or "dental assistant". "Whores" is a more appropriate word. So would you please cut it out with this "sex worker" nonsense. When arrested the whores shoud be punished!
20:47 April 9, 2010 by Puffin

You seem totally ignorant of the law in Sweden - it is not a crime to be a prostitute at all. It is only those men who pay them them that are guilty of any crime
15:52 April 10, 2010 by SteveMD
This was all too obviously going to happen. This is how politicians work, try something speculative, based on dogma rather than credible evidence, find out it just does not do what was wanted, then instead of admitting they got it wrong, declare that they need to go further and need more extreme measures.

The only independent review of this law clearly said that the Swedish police stated, before they were told to shut up and toe the line, that since this law came into force their intelligence on "trafficking" and pimping as all but dried up. Now the most vulnerable women, those very women this law was declared to liberate, have been swept under the carpet and out of sight. Their lives are made more dangerous and they are further from help or hope than ever. But hey, everyone in Sweden agrees, this law is a great success...

That's what making policy based on idealogical dogma gets you.
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