Swedish cars scrapped overseas

The number of cars scrapped in Sweden has halved over the past two years and is at its lowest level since the mid-1990s, according to a new report in the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily.

Experts warn that Swedish cars are being dumped overseas, in Eastern Europe and Africa, where environmental regulations are less stringent.

“Only one third are scrapped within the regularl Swedish system,” said Bertil Moldén, president of industry organization Bil Sweden, to the newspaper.

During the peak year of 2001, 285,000 cars were scrapped within the Swedish system. In 2009 only 125,000 were processed according to Bil Sweden figures cited by DN.

And according to Bil Sweden, tougher Swedish environmental regulations are to blame for the increasing export of cars ready for the scrap heap.

“One third of the cars go to the black market in Eastern Europe, one third to African countries and the remaining third into the regular Swedish system,” said Bertil Moldén to the newspaper.

Since June 1st 2007, the scrapping of cars in Sweden has been coordinated by Refero, which operates the car manufacturers’ joint system and lists local operators.

While the previous premium paid to owners to encourage the scrapping of old cars was removed in June 2007, it remains free of charge to scrap cars in Sweden.

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