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Single Swedes finding love on the internet

TT/Paul O'Mahony · 16 Apr 2010, 15:24

Published: 16 Apr 2010 15:24 GMT+02:00

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Participants in the poll were asked just one question: "Where did you meet your partner?"

Websites topped the list of meeting places for those polled in the study carried out by Sifo on behalf of online dating service match.com.

"Sweden has seen a dramatic change over the last ten years. Internet dating has gone from being a marginal phenomenon to one of the most common ways of meeting people in the country," said match.com marketing director Hanna Bergholm in a statement.

"Nordic singles have always been among the most active when it comes to internet dating but this is remarkable and incredibly gratifying."

More traditional forms of courtship still held sway in the poll, however, with a majority of couples hooking up through friends and acquaintances, work, dinner parties and a combination of other offline scenarios.

Sifo spoke to 1,111 men and women in the 25-60 age group who had entered into a relationship over the last four years.

Where did you meet your partner?

- Via an internet dating site, 23%

- Via friends and acquaintances, 21%

- At work, 14%

- At a pub or nightclub, 13%

- At a dinner or party, 8%

- Other, 8%

- At school/university, 4%

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- Through a hobby/interest, 4%

- On a trip or holiday, 3%

- In a public place, 2%

- Through a newspaper contact ad, 0%

TT/Paul O'Mahony (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:34 April 16, 2010 by sissygirl
Perhaps Swedes are more truthful on their profiles. I never used the internet for such but I know people who did. Some met a nice mate. Many became disgusted with disappointment. Too many desperate weirdos. Guess that's why they use the internet to find a date.
18:02 April 16, 2010 by Venturisection
1111 sounds like a really small sample; I wonder if that really is representative of the population ............

and sissygirl you sound like a miserable person, I doubt those "Weirdos" would want anything to do with you with an attitude like that.
18:43 April 16, 2010 by Icarusty
I'm hurt sissygirl :(
19:03 April 16, 2010 by babychuma
Looks wise I'm sort of a cross between Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler, oh not to mention a fantastically wealthy single neurosurgeon.

Over the top, but you get the point, I like internet dating too but no one is completely honest about themselves.
19:32 April 16, 2010 by villjobba
I imagine sissygirl to be one of those blonde chicks who is probably strikingly hot, but single and miserable because she keeps chasing only guys that don't like her or only want her for her hotness and pretty looks. poor loser. :-)
20:43 April 16, 2010 by JulieLou40
Sissygirl, get down off your high horse, you silly bint. I met my Swedish partner online, and there's nothing wrong with either him or me! Sorry to disappoint you, but we're neither weird or desperate....just tech-savvy!
21:27 April 16, 2010 by sissygirl
Read my post again. I never used the internet for dating. I've been married for 16 years. Sounds like I stepped on some weirdos toes for you guys to have a field day attacking me. Get off the computer and meet some real people.
22:20 April 16, 2010 by dew_pansy
Guys its really good to take things in positive way instead of taking every thing in negetive.Its really good if people are meeting their mates at internet,i think so.
23:10 April 16, 2010 by amirhosein
A sociological/psychological study about this trend will reveal interesting results.
23:19 April 16, 2010 by silly t
seriously swedish girls need to wake up and stop living a crap life. they need to open up.they only get open when drunk.

their attitude just scare lots of guys away and they turn around and die of loneliness in their rooms.only nature knows what they do.
23:40 April 16, 2010 by Anna Milk
I'm single! Everyone is valid.
00:29 April 17, 2010 by wxman
In my opinion, a stupid and potentially dangerous way to meet someone.
05:07 April 17, 2010 by Icarusty

Even if it's in a public place?
20:07 April 17, 2010 by MTH
hahaha i come from a different country and in my country we would never use the internet to go out for chicks! this sucks!
23:25 April 17, 2010 by zooeden
oh yeah, what country would that be, an african one surely, since you talk as a representant of your country, oh wait North Korea!!!
02:34 April 18, 2010 by MasonPaul
The internet does offer hope for a lonely world. Soon marketers will qualify all online dating candidates for authenticity but until then be very careful and really try to meet strangers with your friends along side you. Play it safe. Learn all the downfalls of online dating before going one on one on a first date.
03:12 April 18, 2010 by MachineGunGirl
I have a lot of experience in online dating and I gotta say I've been so lucky I never got a serious weirdo, 'cause believe me, as there is honest and "kinda" sane people like me willing to meet someone online, there's really really crazy and fake people taking advantage of lonely people... I'm thinking of writing a book about it and also the culture differences between couples from different countries who have met online :)
10:12 April 18, 2010 by Aerikem
I've been to Sweden every summer for the past 3 years and find that a lot of my values in what I'm looking for in a girl line up with what the Swedish culture produces as far as mindset, thoughtfulness, maturity, and sexuality.

I'm not in a position to date a Swede at the moment, though I have in the past, but definitely look forward to maybe settling down with a Swede after I'm done with dental school. Though I wouldn't want to do it over the internet (I'm American), I'd like to meet her the old fashioned way, at a club in Stockholm, lol
12:55 April 18, 2010 by G Kin

Keep us posted when you finally get to Stockhlm Aerikem.

But I am not suprised at all that swedes are more into online dating. Interaction is kind of limited in the swedish culture. Even singel people have to conform to it and just end up more single.
22:30 April 18, 2010 by Uggla

You are so close minded and typical of this "old school" less advanced mentality. I see it quite often with people like you who can not accept change and would rather stagnate like a clay vessel with no life or soul inside. Afraid of positive changes and afraid of anything different from what they personally know. Its quite pathetic and weak.

You calling people who find love on the internet "desperate weirdos" is just a pathetic attempt for attention because you are so unsatisfied in your own personal life you have to come online and put down another happiness because it does not fit into your childish make-believe idea of how the world works.

I am an extremely attractive and well educated woman. I met my Swedish husband on the internet. He is a very attractive, very sought after celebrity. And your delusional idea of "desperate weirdos" is extremely laughable.

Really get over yourself.
13:19 April 19, 2010 by fiqa
What can you do if there no one available or interested or interesting among your friends/acquaintances? How much time do we have to meet people after work. How many chances are there to go out and meet people in Swedish winter which is very harsh and long?

Internet is great under these circumstances? Sissygirl! you should be considerate of other people. 23% Swedes cannot be weirdos but rather a little shy but much nicer people than you meet at night clubs and stuff
15:25 April 19, 2010 by Kevin Harris
On the internet, no one knows you are a dog. I am an eloquent labrador, I make lots of cyber dates on the internet but, for obvious reasons, I can't actually meet anyone IRL. My favourite play is Cyrano de Bergerac and my favourite film is Roxanne. At night, I cry myself to sleep.
14:31 April 20, 2010 by sissygirl
Hm? There has been quite a bit of activity here in the past few days.

It's wonderful that some of you have had success using the internet for dating. I could never do such; that's too much like a blind date. As for those of you who were insulted by my remarks... whatever. Another advantage of the internet is you don't have to face the person you are attacking. That is also childish as you have accused me. So have a nice life with your cyberpals; if things don't work out, there are thousands more profiles to read.
08:04 April 21, 2010 by Uggla

You don't seem to have a problem being a hypocrite do you? You talk about people attacking you yet you started your post attacking others. Do you not see the hypocrisy in that?

As far as the internet goes, You do not seem to have any trouble being online quite often do you? So are you stating that all people that come online must be "desperate weirdos", or just those who happened to meet someone by chance on the internet? You have replied and added to the "activity" here more than most people. Each comment you make just shows the world your blatant ignorance more clearly.

Your only comment in response to your non-amusing insults was "whatever", are you serious. Can a person be that dumb really? Wow, I am truly baffled at your lack of intellect and no real foundation to your anti-cyber protest.

So you go on with your bad self girl, because everyone else is getting quite a laugh at your expense.
14:14 April 21, 2010 by roywsamon
hello, p.s. does not really matter where you meet a good person or people, because anyway you need to know eachother

more better before. and for that is what you need really more time of course. that others and yourself could take you seriously with inside you or your partner got.

so be friendly :=). World is simple. don,t think too much !

15:55 April 22, 2010 by sissygirl
Uggla: I sent you a message that perhaps will explain my aversion to cyber-dating :)
11:10 April 23, 2010 by Uggla

As I said in my reply,

Those same idiots you name in your reasoning for your outburst/dislike against cyber-dating can hide that about themselves in real life just as they can on the internet, because they are REAL people internet or not. Those same people can go to a bar and pretend they are something they are not. I met my ex at a live concert in the bar area and he was the worse man I have ever dated. So for me it was the opposite experience than you. These creeps exist with or without the internet. Meeting people in real life is not going to stop them from being creeps. Making the wise decisions during your dating/courting period is what counts, in any situation anywhere.

I personally think you have a lot to learn about the big picture. Life experience creates wisdom. Choosing to attack a community of people on no other grounds than you think they are "desperate weirdoes" with no real justification of your accusation is of course going to cause a reaction, stupidity most often does. For example white power extremists, people protest their ignorance all the time. Do you see how that works?


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