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Court awards damages after genital mutilation test

TT/The Local · 21 Apr 2010, 08:46

Published: 21 Apr 2010 08:46 GMT+02:00

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Uppsala social workers forced the then 10-year-old girl to submit to the examination to see whether she had been subjected to genital mutilation (circumcision) while on a family holiday in Kenya in 2004. The girl was collected by police from school shortly after returning from a visit to relatives.

The girl's family took their case to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO) which ruled in 2007 that the social workers' suspicions constituted discrimination.

Discrimination Ombudsman Katri Linna concluded in her 2007 ruling that the suspicions "were based entirely on the fact that the parents have Somalian heritage."

The decision to examine the girl was taken despite the fact that the parents had told their district nurse and social workers that they were opposed to female circumcision and that they were going to Kenya with the sole purpose of seeing their relatives.

The examination showed that the girl had not been circumcised.

In taking the municipality to court, DO argued that officials had made no effort to gather evidence that would enable a proper decision to be reached. The girl herself was not given a chance to explain her situation and she was not offered any extra support.

"The social services' actions were based on the family's ethnicity. The child's rights and the rule of law were set aside," Linna said.

The municipality argued in return that the girl's family showed reluctance to cooperate in the social services' investigation, but the district court rejected this explanation.

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The family's ethnic origin "permeated the municipality's entire management of the case", the court argued in its ruling in favour of DO.

The girl's parents will each receive 15,000 kronor, and the girl 30,000 kronor. DO had sought 100,000 kronor for each of the parents and 150,000 kronor for the girl.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:39 April 21, 2010 by Michael84
"The municipality argued in return that the girl's family showed reluctance to cooperate in the social services" That's just lame.
09:46 April 21, 2010 by Zonob
Who gave these morons the right to stick their nose in somebody else's business? Circumcised or not is NOT the business of governments. Are we're going to interfere into what people do to their genitals to "ensure" integration? I'm tired of listening to such convoluted policies under the banner of integration. What about those who pierce their genitals with all sorts of "things" (don't ask me to describe!!!). Should we check on them too? WHAT THE HELL!!!
10:24 April 21, 2010 by pallomamy
i agreed with you Zonob! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!
10:30 April 21, 2010 by calebian22

Circumcision of females is drastically different from male circumcision. Female circumcision is known as mutilation for a reason. Sexual enjoyment is severely hindered or eliminated because of female circumsion. Male circumsion is hotely debated as well, but at least a circumcised male can still perform and enjoy a fullfilling sex life. Female mutilation has no place Sweden.
10:38 April 21, 2010 by Nordic Prince
I am freakin' annoyed and sad, How come Rädda Barnen, BRIS Barnens rätt i samhället and the other organization didn't stand by the child's side and request to fire every goon from the social workers who has hand in that case.

"Uppsala social workers forced the then 10-year-old girl" + "The girl was collected by police from school shortly after returning from a visit to relatives."

Those two statements truly make me physically sick. They terrorize the poor girl who is only 10 years old, I bet that she was scared out of her mind by seeing the police taking her all of the sudden AND by forcing her…

I wonder when our people are going to get rid of the inaccurate stereotypes …

Islam DOESN'T allow female-circumcision at all, as a matter of fact it prevents it. Female-circumcision is mostly related to some African cultures, however, there some people in Egypt do that.
11:32 April 21, 2010 by calebian22
"Islam DOESN'T allow female-circumcision at all, as a matter of fact it prevents it."

So it must be all the non muslims in Somolia that are circumcising their girls. You do know that some estimates in Somolia put the Muslim rate at 98%? It must be those secular atheists that are making Somolia unpleasant for innocent little girls.
11:34 April 21, 2010 by peropaco
Maybe when Swedish families move abroad, the country local authority should test their kids to see if they have any trace of alcoholism ;-)))))))
11:43 April 21, 2010 by Kevin Harris
The young lady and her parents are certainly entilted to some compensation, but 60 000 Kronor of tax payers' money seems a very large amount. Wouldn't some of that money have been better spent teaching Upsalla social services how to behave like decent human beings. If I was the poor girl's dad, I would want to be at the meeting where the decision makers concerned are told that they are sacked for incompetence.

No wonder people don't want to cooperate with the Swedish social services. I don't either. Keep well away from the lunatics.
11:52 April 21, 2010 by Uncle

"Circumcised or not is NOT the business of governments"


When one likes to beat and rape his kids, since it is his household and his traditions... No government shall tell him what to do!

As ancient germanic tradition, I put an iron ring on my baby's head, so he would grow up with a weird intimidating head. Why would the government mind? Not their business.

Swedish social services had a good reason to do it and they should continue doing it.

They did it though in a wrong way. They should have apporved the check in a court of law with parents present.
12:39 April 21, 2010 by Audrian
The Qu'r'an, Hebrew (Old Testament) and Christian (New Testament) Scriptures are silent on genital circumcision. The practice is done by people from all three religions out of tradition, meant to preserve the chastity of young girls. Probably sprang up to insure that property is handed down to the man's offspring.

The UN has supported the right of member states to grant refugee status to the woman who is afraid of mutilated if they returned to the country of origin. The procedure is outlawed in Britain, Canada, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and US.

In 14 June, 2001 a divorced man in Sweden took his six year old son to a doctor in Borås and had him circumcised without the knowledge of the boy's mother. The father was finally sentenced to three months of prison terms.

What happened to that child might appear humiliating. It was however comforting to realize that it was done to protect girls from undergoing life long mutilation of an important organ of the body. The discussion should focus on how the examination of the child should have been conducted in culturally sensitive way rather than forbid it.
12:44 April 21, 2010 by krrodman

Of course female circumcision is a form of horrific mutilation, and it is the responsibility of government to protect children from abusive parents.

The question that must be answered is: How do you protect parents and children from an abusive government?

A core tenet of western jurisprudence is "reasonable cause." Is a trip to Somalia and a refusal to answer questions from social services "reasonable cause" to examine the genitals of a 10 year old? The "good intentions" of the government officials here do not mitigate the fact that they have sexually abused this child.
13:16 April 21, 2010 by SeattletoUmeå
That poor girl. My mother in law is one of Swedens top gynos.. and the horrow stories I hear. The parents sexually assaulted that child. She is going to have many more problems in her head and down there. Poor girl. There are many medical reasons why this procedure is not done.
13:39 April 21, 2010 by Nordic Prince
@peropaco #7

hahahahahahaha , I want to add one more point though!

There are some countries in this world are very respectable to human values, culture and traditions. One of them is: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). I never ever read or heard that the Saudi police or the social services there took Swedish, European or American girl and forcing her to check her virginity (Based on the news of today, I give Saudis full right to do so, because Sweden does the same under what so-called "Swedish Law", Therefore, I see no problem at all if Saudis starting checking out the virginity of the European girls by using the same idiotic-excuse "Islamic Law"). But Saudis ( Or who we call them: fundamentalists) are way better than Swedish people in respecting human values and people backgrounds.

I know very well that most of the douchebags and trolls who comment on this site will never understand and ironically will argue otherwise.... but who cares about retarded elements who suffer from mental disorders.

@calebian22 #6

You are BIG lumpen!

Go and read about Yemeni people (Most Yemenis are Muslims), and you will find out that the majority of them chew Qat/Khat which is somehow considered as drugs, and this Qat/Khat is completely prohibited in Islam, as a matter of fact Islam punish badly who use it and who trades it. So, you wanna tell me Yemenis are not Muslims…

You are really an oafish goon, Can't you differentiate between traditions/culture and religion teaches?

@Uncle #9

"As ancient germanic tradition, I put an iron ring on my baby's head"

For the first time I feel sorry for you. I now understand why you are so confused and BIG looser in this life. Your dad puts iron ring on your head … that is sad
13:46 April 21, 2010 by LailaC1
The family might not have liked it, but I think it was a good thing that happened. Female genital mutilation should be banished from the 21st century and has no place in Sweden or anywhere else. people who whisk their girls away to be forcibly mutilated or married should see this as a warning, however unfortunately these people have been awarded money.
14:10 April 21, 2010 by calebian22
Nordic Prince,

I may be a lumpen (big rag? Ow, the pain!), but you can't read. Yemen? I was talking about Somalia. Apparently you can't differentiate between different African nations.
14:43 April 21, 2010 by Nordic Prince
@calebian22 #15

"I may be a lumpen"

NOT may be -> I am 112% sure that you are!

I love this awesome website (TheLocal). It has bunch of jesters who have no idea why they are alive in this world (Huh? maybe just to make others laugh at them!). Obviously, you (calebian22) is one of them.

In your comment #6 , you've based your incoherent argument on rubbish.

In my comment #13 , I was trying to re-educate you and tell you simply that there are some people and countries in this world have traditions which are totally against their religion and still they follow their culture and practice these traditions. I gave you the example of yemeni people chew Qat which is not allowed in their religion, but they do it any way.

Same applies for some Somalis, they are Muslims but also, female circumcision is a common practice for them.

Therefore, Islam has nothing to do with peoples' traditions in that matter you buffoon!
15:02 April 21, 2010 by adi1
@calebian22 #15

"Yemen? I was talking about Somalia. Apparently you can't differentiate between different African nations."

You might actually discover that Yemen isn't in Africa.
15:21 April 21, 2010 by Marko2010S
Undoubtedly, Uppsala social workers are mistaken with this poor girl.

@adi1 #17

;) Why you told him (calebian22)? Henceforth, He (calebian22) will google up every word before he post it here, which means: we will not laugh so much at him :D

Imbeciles shouldn't be treated with respect nor be taught, because they don't deserve any. We only should laugh at them and their thoughts.
15:33 April 21, 2010 by magudbe
Where does the Quran prohibits Khat?.. Which Ayah or verse Please?..
15:42 April 21, 2010 by adi1

yeah I'm sorry....Its just that this one broke years of never logging in to any website to make even one comment..... I shall now de register and let the circus continue uninhibited ;-) I will show more self control in the future.
16:01 April 21, 2010 by DeadPrez
`The girl herself was not given a chance to explain her situation and she was not offered any extra support`

A 10 yr old girl was collected by police from school and had her genitals forcibly examined by total strangers without her parents, relatives, teachers or any freaking person she knew by her side AND they did even have the decency to offer her EXTRA SUPPORT

makes u wonder what their priority was, the girl´s wellbeing or finding cause to arrest the parents. I get the feeling this sick bastards were really disappointed she wasnt genitally mutilated.

@ Nordic Prince

"Yemen? I was talking about Somalia. Apparently you can't differentiate between different African nations."

if Calebian could not get ur analogy in #13 i seriously doubt he will get #16


Thank you 4 showing us the silver lining in these imbecilic comments, LAUGHTER
16:12 April 21, 2010 by calebian22
Nordic Prince,

Forgive me for lumping the Near East into Africa. It still doesn't make my retort for the you incorrect. If Somalia is predominately muslim, which it is and female circumcision is a common practice there as you stated, wouldn't that mean that Muslims are circumcising their daughters?

Yemen and Khat chewing has nothing to do with this article. By the way if we are getting picky about things that don't have relevance, 112% doesn't exist. Only 100% is statistically possible.
16:17 April 21, 2010 by Frobobbles
It is the legal duty of the social workers to act. Mutilation is illegal. So this judgement by the DO is simply not in accordance with swedish law.
16:36 April 21, 2010 by sissygirl
Guys, guys...get back to the discussion or everything will be deleted.

adi1: don't quit on us. I try to keep out of the heated arguments but sometimes I can't resist. Then I usually get insulted for not agreeing.

Anyhoooooo, If the family seemed uncooperative, they may have been offended that the social workers assumed this awful "procedure" took place only because they had been in Kenya and were Africans. The child was made to show her hoohah to strangers without the comfort of her mother's presence. Not cool. Had the social workers found a different result, they would still have been wrong for looking.
17:51 April 21, 2010 by Nordic Prince
@magudbe #19

I think you asked me "Where does the Quran prohibits Khat?.. Which Ayah or verse Please?.. "

Answer is: Surah (chapter of Qur'an) is Al-Baqara, Ayah or verse #195

Go to:

1- (w w w . al-islam . o r g / q u r a n / )


2- (quran.al-islam.com/Targama/DispTargam.asp?nType=2&nSora=2&nAya=195&nSeg=7&l=arb&t=eng)

And you will find out the following:

1- [Shakir 2:195] And spend in the way of Allah and cast not yourselves to perdition with your own hands, and do good (to others); surely Allah loves the doers of good.

2- [195] And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good.

The majority of Muslim scholars explain the part "and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction" OR "and cast not yourselves to perdition with your own hands" as a clear command from Allah (Muslims' God) that DO NOT harm yourself at all. This Ayah is generic and it includes Physical harm such as Khat, drugs, alcoholism and sucide even some scholars adopt the idea that since cigarettes harms a person's health, then, it is prohibited as well.

Also: Surah (chapter of Qur'an) is Al-Maaida, Ayah or verse #33

Go to (http://quran.al-islam.com/Targama/DispTargam.asp?nType=1&nSeg=0&l=arb&nSora=5&nAya=33&t=eng)

This Ayah is considered by many Muslim scholars (At least in Saudi Arabia) as a clear command from Allah (Muslims' God) to punish criminals (Including: Drug + Khat dealers).

Finally, I wanna say that I've learnt all these things during the 5 good years that I've spent in Saudi Arabia, NOT from Swedish theologians ;)

@DeadPrez #21

You are absolutely correct. He (Calebian) (Or should I use "it" -;) is not able to understand anything.

@calebian22 #22

... :) ... I have to admit that it is good to meet element like you from time to time. We human beings should keep our hearts full of mercy toward pathetic trolls like you. I really pity you.
18:18 April 21, 2010 by calebian22
Nordic Prince,

No need to pity me. Your insults are contrived and infantile. No doubt we will be on opposite sides in this life as I am a believer in the divinity of Isa.

In the future, remember these points.

Refuting something requires more than calling something rubbish.

References that are irrelevant are not helpful. "Yabba dabba doo," Fred Flintstone said that, but it has as much relevance to genital mutilation in Somalia by muslims as Khat chewing by muslims in Yemen.

Genital mutilation of little girls is illegal in Sweden. Whether it be cultural or religious it doesn't matter. It doesn't belong in western society.
20:11 April 21, 2010 by Nemesis
Anyone engaging in female circumcision of a young girl should spend the rest of there lives rotting in jail.

There is no excuse for female circumcision and no valid reason for it.

Female circumcision is pure abuse, nothing else.
20:24 April 21, 2010 by magudbe
@Nordic prince,#25,, Try again...Please do not give me this generic .. Let's" go

on after wild goose chase.". Where did the Quran mentions that Khat is Haram(prohibited)..unlike Alcohol and gambling?.. May be the consultation to ban Khat came from ppl like You in Sweden (cause you have lived in Saudi Arabia) making Sweden in the same league with Saudi Arabia and the Islamist Alshabab in Somalia!. Last time I checked The other two entities do not regulate Alcohol and unlike Sweden do not claim to be liberal democracy.. and a protector of human rights.. they chop hands for stealing petty stuff.
00:07 April 22, 2010 by DAVID T
What would everybody be screaming if she had been circumcised?
01:19 April 22, 2010 by Nordic Prince
@DAVID T #29

"What would everybody be screaming if she had been circumcised?"

I will feel sorry for the poor girl, Also, I will support the law and justice to deal with her parents. BUT most importantly, I will blame the Swedish police and Uppsala social workers for the inhuman way in treating 10 years old child.

@magudbe #28

One of my goals in life is to educate people, and I do enjoy that a lot as long as the another person doesn't argue with clear hate.

1- You requested Ayah or verse from Qur'an -> I provided you 2, NOT just one.

2- You said "Try again...Please do not give me this generic" Huh? Do you think I am the one who wrote Qur'an to rephrase Ayah or verse that suits you?

Muslims beleive in Qur'an (Generic verses + Specific verses), and their scholars explain that very well.

Therefore, if there is an illiterate element such as you who isn't convinced about some verses, then that element should blame his little brian (in case if s/he has one!) NOT others.

Same applies for other religions, if there is a jew who doesn't beleive in Jesus, then, this is his problem, NOT the Christians' problem.

So, who cares about you (magudbe) if you are convinced or not. OR do you wanna force people to reason and understand their religion the same why you reason.....

3- "from ppl like You in Sweden" .... :) I am shocked and blown away how you talk about me without knowing me.....Huh? yeah elements like you have no respect to themselves, so, obviously they behave like ....

FYI: I am proud to be one of Sami people (I hold Finnish and Swedish citizenships though). My father fought with Finns in winter war against Russia, I was born in Malmberget. I spent more than half of my life in Finland. The Sami people have been forced geographically further and further up north and their political, economical and cultural oppression. When everyday racism in Finland is examined one cannot forget how Sami people have been treated and especially how that treatment has been kept secret from the general public. Telling people about Sami people's experiences is even now very exceptional and it is possible that the Finns' centuries old, or even a thousand year old battle against the Sami, their oppression and unequal treatment and keeping all this a secret. The culturally oppressed status of the Sami people is not just in the past but present as well. An example of this e.g. the fact the Sami children were unable to start school in our own language until 1992. Without my parents I would have lost my mother tongue. For example in Canada and New Zealand vast areas of land are being returned to the ownership of indigenous people. There are no signs of similar activity in Finland, even though we have made same kind of suggestions, but no body cared about us.

Well, yeah Sweden and its brother or sister (Finland) really care about human rights!
03:46 April 22, 2010 by Davey-jo
What would all these liberals have said if this poor girl had be mutilated? And what the right wing infested useless idiots if she had been mutilated?

I ask two separate questions.

It's no use posing this to both sides equally.

One says it's an imposition and discrimination to even ask the question.

T'other says all immigrants mutilate as a matter of course.

The reality is that the poor 10 year old girl had not been maltreated but why was there any cause for investigation if there had not been prejudice by the investigators? "The social services' actions were based on the family's ethnicity. The child's rights and the rule of law were set aside," That says it all.
04:25 April 22, 2010 by lisav
Are people kidding? Do you realize what this mutilation is, how drastic? That the overwhelming majority (overwhelming) of Somali girls are subjected to it, often on vacation? How do you think it's going to be stopped? If these parents were really against it, they would have understood. Now there is a chilling effect.
02:24 April 23, 2010 by greg_0
Where the hell do these people get the money for international flying? Hell, I have been working my whole life and I can't afford international travel. Except for a quick 4 day shot up into Can'ada. They must be dope sellers. Or bacha-baza party givers....
14:58 April 23, 2010 by magudbe
@greg_0 who are "these people"... typical ignorant American red neck white trash of lowest class.
15:09 April 23, 2010 by sissygirl
I'm assuming "these people" are the Somali family the article tells of. Families have different priorities. They may have saved every penny to pay for that flight. It was 6 years ago. My husband spend a few years in Germany. His German friends were "penny pinchers" but they took nice vacations every year :)
15:27 April 23, 2010 by spongepaddy
Circumcision is barbaric and wrong. And if your religion or culture says otherwise then it is wrong too. All aspects of all cultures do not deserve respect, mine included. Screw your deal with God, and your "traditions" - if you try to mutilate children, you should be forced to take the consequences.
16:28 April 23, 2010 by Rick Methven
I wonder if all the posters here who think that it is OK for the police to remove a 10 year old from school with the presence of her parents, purely on the 'suspicion' of Social services, would think that it was OK if the girl had been a blue eyed blond? It has happened.

Re Genital mutilation:

This has been a tradition in many African countries for centuries, long before the arrival of Islam. Most countries have banned it and tried to educate their population as to the barbaric nature of the practice. The reason that it is still more widespread in Somali, than elsewhere, is due to the complete lack of any cohesive government in the country.

All cultures retain traditions that pre-date them becoming Christian or Muslim. Next Friday is valborgsafton when fires are lit across Sweden. That is a Swedish tradition that long pre-dates Christianity. Traditions that have been a part of a nations culture for centuries are very hard for religions of any sort to eradicate however barbaric they may be.
22:30 May 14, 2010 by alex1491
so u let them pour in your country, then pay them thousands of dollars for offending them?
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