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Assaulted Chinese woman risks deportation

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 28 Apr 2010, 13:36

Published: 27 Apr 2010 14:59 GMT+02:00
Updated: 28 Apr 2010 13:36 GMT+02:00

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The 60-year-old man was sentenced to ten months imprisonment on Tuesday for a slew of assaults on his Chinese wife whom he met over the internet.

The 37-year-old Chinese woman married her Swedish husband and moved with the her now ten-year-old son to the countryside near Eksjö in Småland in southern Sweden.

Soon after the brutal assaults against the woman began. According to the charges sheet her ex-husband humiliated her by cutting off her hair, shut her in a sauna, stamped on her head and administered regular beatings.

The man was previously served with a restraining order, which he repeatedly violated. At one point he travelled to China and instructed the abused woman's parents to call her and talk her around.

The woman meanwhile lived in constant fear of being thrown out of Sweden if she did not remain married to the man.

But eventually her Swedish husband filed for divorce in revenge for her reporting the repeated attacks to the police and her nightmare scenario became a reality after her work and residency permits were revoked.

The Migration Board has now decided to enforce regulations that stipulate that she, and her son, be deported back to China.

"We have appealed the deportation ruling to the Migration Court," said the woman's lawyer, Uno Carlsson. The district court decision will be forward to the Migration Court to support the woman's appeal.

"But her ex-husband has also written to them and requested that she be deported from the country," Carlsson said.

The completed divorce meant that the woman and her children no longer had any connection to Sweden and according to general praxis had no legal right to remain in the country.

The case is far from unique in Sweden with a 2008 study conducted by the National

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Organisation for Women’s and Girls’ shelters in Sweden (Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige - ROKS) finding 515 cases of abused foreign wives recorded in a single year, the Dagens Nyheter daily reports.

"There are women who choose to return to their husbands and endure the two years needed to avoid deportation," said Malin Olsson of ROKS to the newspaper.

According to Swedish immigration law in order to avoid deportation the established connection to Sweden must exceed two years.

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:07 April 27, 2010 by DAVID T
So she just wanted to marry to get out of china?
16:51 April 27, 2010 by efm
Even if her intention to marry is to get out China, repeated assault on her should not be tolerated in a so called civilized country like Sweden?.

I don't know if they have children, but the Idiots at the Swedish Migration board should have the logic to understand that the children are half Swedish and deserves the right to stay in Sweden.
16:59 April 27, 2010 by Nemesis
The guy brought the women to Sweden to abuse her.

She should be allowed to stay and the ex husband should be made to pay for her.
17:00 April 27, 2010 by hpunlimited
Sick, let this woman and her child stay in Sweden and send this abusive idiot to the Kiruna mines for 20 years hard labour.
17:28 April 27, 2010 by villjobba
What kind of decision do you expect from an agency , staffed with and ran by robotic, incompetent morons as migrationsverket?
17:45 April 27, 2010 by calebian22
Say what you want about America, but if you import a wife, you are on the hook for supporting her for ten years, at 100%. If you batter your imported wife, it is simple to apply for asylum protection. Sweden in it's progressive wisdom could learn something from the backwards policies of the US.
18:05 April 27, 2010 by delusion1982
nicely put @cakebuan22

Many weird things really, so he got imprisoned, but no financial compensation for the woman? No psychiatric help???

I am sure (and I know some) who are put in such situations and get to accept it over the fear of being deported/thrown in the street/returned to their very harsh social dilemmas because of the lack of social support to these people!

Very weird
19:42 April 27, 2010 by bjinger
the ruling is unreasonable and not in the protection of the woman who we are so proud of that she can reported the assaults to he authories. we should encourage those women who have suffered from family violence to speak out. but the ruling by the court has shown a bad example.
19:45 April 27, 2010 by jimthat
so it seems we are getting a new "swedish" citizen thank to the gentile sponsorship of all the integrationist coomunity .like this is how we are going all the way down to become a mestizo sweden .so we will be a society where we will have most of the population of non white ascendant ,most of them very educated ,high earning and obsessed to whiten up their blood ,at any cost ,and of course taking the best careers and social positions so they can marry their sons with original swedes .For example lets say a doctor ,he has a lot of possibilities to seduce a vulnerable or influential woman .they are getting their goals quite well .its a pitty.
19:50 April 27, 2010 by "green Swede"
Incredible,even if these are only her children, marriage to this "man" should ensure her right to remain,regardless of the present status of said relationship,otherwise it's the next best thing to slavery,what person regardless of backround could function in a marriage,knowing that their world could come crashing down on a whim from their other half?
19:53 April 27, 2010 by bjinger
to #1

In China, man speaks the way as you did is taken as rude and mentally unhealthy. I think this Chinese woman has found herself live in a very unfortunate country, a hell nightmare for her.
20:51 April 27, 2010 by Purisai

Ten years ago my Japanese friend married a US citizen who became abusive within a month of their marriage. She approached the women's protection services to help her and as a result he got locked up. In resentment this guy divorced her. As is the case here of this Chinese woman, my friend was deported as soon as the divorce came through (three months). In spite of the women's protection services petitioning for my friend she was escorted out of the country. SO, USA has the same policy.

Having said that and seen a similar case so closely I feel sorry for the woman and I strongly believe that in international marriages that turn sour the estranged spouse must not be deported if the divorce is a result of obvious fault on the part of the local citizen. Peace.
20:53 April 27, 2010 by Kevin Harris
She's been beaten up by her mad Swedish husband and kicked out by the bureaucratic simpletons at the Swedish Migration Board. Why on Earth does she want to stay in Sweden? Hasn't she experienced enough of Sweden already? Get back to China lady, as fast as you can. Please accept our apologies.
21:24 April 27, 2010 by just a question
but why this Chinese woman wants to stay in Sweden? she hasn't have enough punishment and suffering? she should run away from Sweden now that she can! Run and don't look back!
21:45 April 27, 2010 by engagebrain
Only 10 months in prison for repeated beatings.

Why is sweden so relaxed about violence against women.

The woman deserves a decent break ... ideally at the husbands expense.
21:48 April 27, 2010 by Nilspet
I bet..if she get financial compensation from the exhusband like 1 million kr then she will be willing to leave Sweden. I am sure I am right about this!
22:09 April 27, 2010 by planet.sweden
The article is frustratingly short on detail. How old is the women? How long has she been in Sweden? Does she speak Swedish? All of these factors are relevant.

If it is the case that she's relatively young and hasn't been here long I can see why the Migration Board may want to return her to China.

However there is no excuse for not compensating her at the husband's expense for his abusive behaviour. He fetched her over, he should pay for her return and reestablishment in China. He's an old brute. Unfortunately there are many here. Larsson had plenty of material for his (Swedish) Män som hatar kvinnor.
22:20 April 27, 2010 by DAVID T
Just because she suffered abuse from her husband doesn't mean we the tax payer has to pay for her and her kids for who knows how long. Maybe send the husband to china as well.
22:35 April 27, 2010 by wifey
Unfortunately, if you 'import' a wife and divorce her before a certain amount of time- goodbye to residency. As much as I feel sorry for this woman I have to agree with a couple of people here- it's the law. YES, he should pay her compensation, YES she should get some help, BUT it's the law. I know a LOT of 'import' wives who aren't abused but actually hate their husbands and they are not planning on a fast divorce just so they can stay in the coutry.

@DAVID T - agree with you on that one!!
22:49 April 27, 2010 by Puffin
According to the Swedish press

- the man was 60

- the woman was 37 and brought her 10 year old son from China

- they met on the internet

- she lived in Sweden for only 3 months for seeking refuge at a neighbouring farm because of the violence

According to the Swedish press it is the ex-husband who is actively trying to get her deported - has divorced her and written to Migrationsverket asking that she should be dpeorted as she was not in Sweden for 2 years as required:

- he is also refusing to pay her compensation to her and her son of 57,000 SEK ordered by the court - obviously if her can get her out of the country then the chances are she will never get her money

- he may have also been attempting to get her deported before the case came to trial - as his chances of being convicted would have been small if she was back in China

Her lawyers are appealing the deportation order - until Tuesday's judgement in the criminal case they did not have grounds to appeal - so the appeal to the Immigration Case is proceeding.......
01:16 April 28, 2010 by Greg in Canada
There are losers like this abuser all over the western world. They can't find a woman in their own country so they find a third world mail order bride over the internet who is desperate to get out of her country. Sometimes it works out, but more often it doesn't.
03:28 April 28, 2010 by jazzIIIlove
stamped on her head ? w t f?
08:03 April 28, 2010 by Kevin Harris

"It's the law"

The law is our servant, not our master. it is meant to protect us from injustice.

By applying the law in this way, the Swedish Migration Board have rewarded and encouraged wife beaters to beat away, and discouraged victims from seeking help. Helping brutal Swedish thugs abuse their foreign wives is not the proper function of a government department, whatever the law may say.

I assume this story will be reported in China. Nice job the dimwits at Swedish Migration Board, you have taken a giant step forward in damaging the reputation of Sweden with a global superpower.
08:21 April 28, 2010 by trustedONE
I can very much relate to this woman's case since I was a victim of abuse by my Swedish ex-bf, and like her, I am also from Asia. I have the same fear that I might be deported eventhough I have been here since May 2008, have worked and paid my tax, in short, I have contributed to this country. I dont think it's fair to be thrown back to my country after what this guy has done to me. It's not like I have committed a crime here, it is me who is a victim. Like her, I have kids also, but I left them in my country.

I can understand why some people here cant feel how hard it is for us (abused women), because you are not in the situation and besides, maybe you are a citizen here or enjoying the "welfare" that this country offers. It's even so disappointing when I was told by one of the government offices, when I was asking for immediate assistance, that I should solve my own problems. So I was thinking, maybe they would have appreciated it if I died when this man assaulted me, then they will just send my dead body back to country and be done...
08:58 April 28, 2010 by calebian22

When an American marries a foreigner they must file an affidavit of support, i864 form which clearly states that the sponsor must support the immigrant for 40 quarters/10 years of work at 125% of the poverty line. Additionally, an abused immigrant can apply for asylum under the Violence Against Women Act using form i360.

That is US law regarding this type of situation. I don't know your friend's situation, but in the US an accusation of abuse does not automatically mean approval of asylum. You believe your friend regarding her abuse because you know her and trust her but, unless there was documentation like hospital records or police reports, deportation is likely. The authorities don't know her like you do. Her word is not good enough, unfortunately.
09:04 April 28, 2010 by cogito
"Only 10 months in prison for repeated beatings.

Why is sweden so relaxed about violence against women." (engagebrain)

Because, contrary to the myth, Sweden has always been, and remains, a dangerous place for women
09:35 April 28, 2010 by bjinger
to many commentators:

If a woman seeking her foreign marrage is damn wrong, so is the ugly old man here to "import" his bride.

a well developed country and its people should learn to well treat other countrymen and protect the basic human rights and due respect. The woman has done nothing wrong here, it's the old man is to blame and be punished. The country and people here should feel shame for what happened.
10:05 April 28, 2010 by Nilspet
Kevin Harris ...I agree with you 100%

The law is our servant, not our master. it is meant to protect us from injustice!

That is the main thing. If it were that this Chinese woman abused her husband and got deported then it would sound more reasonable. This is just counterintuitive and senseless. The law is not supposed to work counter-intuitively . To be "deported" is terrible! Because once you are deported you will have difficulties getting a visa not only to Sweden but the whole of EU. Did she commit a crime so that they wanted to deport her? According to the UN..abused women and children should be protected. The Swedish court found the man guilty...so? If I were migrationsverket I would make sure that she will get her compensation and that will cover her expenses here and since it was the "Swedish citizen" that committed (regardless whether he is white, black or what) the victim should be given help ..so I would say give her a residence permit for a year more so she gets from the social program or whatever. After that she will have to apply for a work permit or a residence permit on the ground of other things...and if she wanna leave Sweden then it is up her.

Remeber this: migrationsverket grant even permanent residence permits to hundreds of thousands of people who are just relatives of someone living here .. come on!
10:12 April 28, 2010 by glamshek
I can see almost all agree that justice has not been done. It is as if that old man used her.
10:37 April 28, 2010 by bjinger
#20 says that the compensation for both the woman and child is 57000 krona.That 's very considerate from the court---the money is just enough to buy two air tickets to China!
10:45 April 28, 2010 by Marc the Texan
Well this is a personal tragedy, but why should she be allowed to stay in Sweden? If she and her children are Chinese then what's the big problem about going back to China? Billions of people live there. It's not like they are sending her to prison too. Ostensibly, she came to Sweden for love and marriage and it ended tragically. Her reason for staying in Sweden no longer exists. She and her children belong in China.
11:52 April 28, 2010 by Kevin Harris
# Marc the Texan

Because her deportation will:

(1) reward this particular man for abusing his foreign wife.

(2) encourage other Swedish men to abuse their foreign wives and blackmail them into silence after,


(3) discourage other foreign wives from reporting and divorcing their abusive Swedish husbands.
12:09 April 28, 2010 by bjinger
and (4)deportation will lead to denial of future visa application to EU and other countries by the deportees. Does the woman done anything legally wrong here?
12:13 April 28, 2010 by Kaethar
@Kevin Harris:

(1) How will it "reward the husband?" He's in jail, is he not?

(2) Er... are you right in the head? I think you need to look into the reason men abuse their wives. "Because the opportunity arises" is not one of them.

(3) Yes, golddiggers will often stay with abusive husbands. Fact of the matter is that someone who has residency here based on a relationship permit can not stay if the relationship ends. And this shouldn't be a problem for the person either, since they are here for a relationship. Being a residency shopper is against the law as well you know, an an argument of "I just married him to get to Sweden" will get her deported as well.

@trustedONE: Someone who works in Sweden can simply convert their relationship VISA to a work VISA.
12:50 April 28, 2010 by Kevin Harris

(1) "But her ex-husband has also written to them and requested that she be deported from the country," His reward,(courtesy of the Swedish Migration Board), he's avenged the woman who put him in jail, and he's cleared the way, to find another wife to beat. He must be feeling pretty good this morning.

(2) The fear of a punishment is a universally accepted reason for not doing as we want. That's why we have an expensive penal system. By providing abusive husbands with a tool to blackmail their wives into silence, that fear is removed.

(3) I'm afraid your grammar is so convoluted, I don't understand what you wrote.
12:55 April 28, 2010 by bjinger
Looking for better life is a common nature of humanbeing, i see no difference between Swedes and the woman when Swedes moved to....and golddig in ...
13:48 April 28, 2010 by Nilspet
I am a man but I agree with Kevin Harris ... deportation is a bad deal for everyone particular if that was after you got assaulted. The best and fair offer would be to grant her a temporary permit so that she can sort out all the problems that followed her marriage. Migrationsverket has granted nonsense residence permits to many criminals ..... so granting one more to an assaulted wife would not hurt their reputation.
18:56 April 28, 2010 by sealike
You are right. Migrationsverket har granted nonsense residence permits to many criminals....

and I think,

She can leave Sweden but not this way.

I hope that Migrationsverkets heart is not made of iron.

The country's policy is back in Europe...

Final impression that this country is very cold, it must have too much crime..
22:35 April 28, 2010 by rene999
Does the husband need to pay? or only jail?
23:03 April 28, 2010 by rerng_naja
Poor lady. I wish the appeal goes fine.
10:17 April 29, 2010 by wifey


@ Kevin Harris

I asked my Swedish husband if he now feels encouraged to beat me- and NO, he does not. Also, doesn't really matter which country- beaten women will ALWAYS be afraid to speak.
11:33 April 29, 2010 by DAVID T
I still don't understand why she wants to stay in Sweden - is it because she will recieve lots of benefits for her and her child or is it because she won't be a burden to society and no doubt has a good job and payed lots of taxes - surely she would be better in her own country - it could open the gates to lots of women marrying and saying they were abused so I need to stay in good old Sweden. What was she thinking to marrying this guy in the first place? What were her motives? Love? A better life?
17:06 April 29, 2010 by Kevin Harris

In (2) I clearly wrote "abusive husbands". I hope very much that your husband isn't one of those. It is quite right he doesn't feel reassured by this decision, it doesn't relate to him at all. Please be cautious if you intend to ask an "abusive husband" the same question.
20:01 April 29, 2010 by Savanor

What didnt you get with the articly, the repeated abuse wasnt tolerated, he got prisontime for it.
20:26 April 29, 2010 by wifey
@Kevin Harris

No, you didn't write that...

'...(2) encourage other Swedish men to abuse their foreign wives and blackmail them into silence after,...'
23:31 April 29, 2010 by SWOT
In future, Swedish migration board should investigate if the Swedish is qualified to get married foreign women. It should be the same like adoptions.
07:49 April 30, 2010 by Kevin Harris

(2) "By providing abusive husbands with a tool to blackmail their wives into silence"
09:44 April 30, 2010 by wifey

Maybe they should investigate the foreign party entering into the marriage more carefully. As the name states- MIGRATION = Migrant. Why would they be investigating their own citizens??

I can bet money on the fact that after 'meeting' on the internet, neither travelled to meet in person. And that can be dangerous.
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