Web TV use hits new heights

Swedes are increasingly turning their backs on the traditional television set in favour of online and mobile sources, a new report from Mediavision shows.

The report shows that 65 percent of Swedes aged 15-74 watched television on platforms other than the trusty tube during the first quarter 2010.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that television is consumed through more sources than ever before. The big challenge for the industry, not only in Sweden but also abroad, is to get new and viable business models in place,” said Marie Nilsson at Mediavision in a statement.

The expansive development of web TV and on demand services are behind the growth during a quarter boosted by major events such as the winter Olympics.

“The beginning of 2010 was an eventful quarter for TV with major television events driving further change, and we are now beginning to see the form of a new television landscape emerging,” Nilsson said.

Web TV is leading the transformation of the media, and thus the advertising landscape, with 4.4 million Swedish viewers using the platform during the period. Marie Nilsson argues that this trend shows no sign of slowing down with the new technologies broadening their appeal.

“Above all, it is now slightly older viewers who are discovering the benefits and finding new ways to watch TV. The major channels’ so-called play services are increasingly made available directly via digital TV boxes which also means that the number of viewers via the new platforms continues to grow.”

The Mediavision report is part of a long term tracking of media habits among the Swedish public. The firm interviews around 1,700 people aged 15-74-years-old per month via telephone and the internet.

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