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Students give Swedish schools high marks

TT/Vivian Tse · 4 May 2010, 11:16

Published: 04 May 2010 11:16 GMT+02:00

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Eight out of 10 pupils are satisfied with their schoolwork and nine out of 10 like their teachers. A total of 4300 primary and secondary school students and 2000 teachers took part in the survey.

The teachers' ability to teach received good reviews from the students, as well as their ability to explain when students do not understand. However, they are considered not as skilled at engaging.

For their part, teachers are not completely satisfied with the school environment to teach according to the students' different needs. For example, one-third believe that it is difficult to give students extra support when they need it.

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The survey also shows that girls are both more involved in school activities and more stressed in school than boys. The difference increases with age. From ages 10 to 12, there is no difference in stress level, but in high school, half of the girls said that they feel stressed, compared to only one-fifth of the boys.

TT/Vivian Tse (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:49 May 4, 2010 by byke
Bah humbug
13:54 May 4, 2010 by calebian22
"Eight out of 10 pupils are satisfied with their schoolwork" -as if most have any other system to which they can compare.
14:07 May 4, 2010 by FACTSPOLICE
Off course the children will say they are satisfied, because most of them are plain slacking it all day. Let me tell you, there are reports of schools, where when teachers are absent, sick or whatever, the kids go home, because they cannot find substitute teachers, etc. Some of the kids here are in complete control in their schools. The teachers allow students to eat and chew gum in classes, put their feet on desk during teaching time, etc. it is a totally disruptive environment in the classrooms here in Sweden, well most of the classrooms, and that has been witnessed time and time over! The schools here in Sweden have much to be desired, not to mention the training of the children, it seems most have no morals, ethics or standards. Good on paper but harsh realities!
16:59 May 4, 2010 by musiktjej
Well of course they are pleased...they get no grades till when 8th year? And then, they hardly ever have homework. And then, yes, it is true, kids are sent home more often than not when a teacher is sick...what is that???

They have more "school trips" here than I have seen anywhere else in my life. And...for what purpose? Socialization skills....OMG - can we all have a break please???

The killer - Sweden has a reputation for having good schools! LOL
17:29 May 4, 2010 by Kaethar
If you people don't think children's happiness is the most important thing in a school environment that speaks for itself...
21:15 May 4, 2010 by musiktjej
Happiness comes from the home.....education comes from school. If they are happy about their grades...cool, if they are happy about their successes in school...cool, but clearly they aren't happy over those things...they are happy that they are allowed to run around, do whatever the hell they want, get no HW, go on silly trips to the woods for days and do nothing yet have the teacher tell them how duktig they are....let's face it, education is not a priority here.
22:39 May 4, 2010 by darrenj
It appears that people who made the above comments have not an inkling of what really goes on in schools at all. I have been teaching in the Swedish system for some 10 years now, the focus has always been the development of the entire individual not a robotic book worm. That may be the case in other societies where punishment and threat of survival and status comes in but it is NOT the case here,

The swedish system is not perfect but I work in a school where the students are ambitious and are AWARE of the loss of a lesson if a teacher is not there and how it affercts their grades.

The class room is not just the four walls that the people above are used to. An individual can actually learn in other environments such as the very forest and other outdoor areas condemned. Please stop being so near sighted, conventional and dear I say colonial!

Can any of you intelligent people tell me what the purpose of homework is?
23:14 May 4, 2010 by dizzymoe33
The purpose of homework is to keep the kid(s) busy and out of their parent's hair when they are at home. LOL
23:43 May 4, 2010 by pallvisha
the purpose of Hw is to reinforce what is taught at school but i dont believe in too much Hw...a balance needs to be created!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:51 May 5, 2010 by JoeSwede
I guess it's a different view of how the kid grows up ---

Swedish Schools raise & educate their kids. Math, Swedish, multiple languages, sex & religious education, regression to the mean, peer pressure...don't be forced to excel.

Other Countries: Schools educate their pupils. Parents raise their kids. Parents help their kids develop pride and a sense of purpose, a greater feeling that they are in charge and are responsible for their own destiny.

Each can work....
08:06 May 5, 2010 by miau
Kaethar and darrenj: I'm totally with you.

Judging from the first few comments for this article, you'd get the impression that Swedish pupils are troublemakers in the classroom and a bunch of slackers who've got it too easy. Hardly a thought-out, objective appraisal.
09:04 May 5, 2010 by calebian22
You are right my comment was not objective. As a parent of an immigrant child in the Swedish system it was completely subjective and anecdotal. She is happy and enjoys school, but she, like the rest of her classmates don't know that they don't know. My daughter's curriculum is far below her same aged cousins in US public school in Colorado. (We are not even talking about private schools, which are generally vastly superior.) My daughter does more Reading and Mathematics homework assigned by me, then what she gets from her school.

Sweden may have had great education a generation past, but from what I have seen it is resting on it's laurels or it was hype in the past as well. School should be fun-damental, not just fun. School should prepare kids educationally for what they need to accomplish in life. Judging by the extremely high unemployment of 20-25 year old Swedes, I would assume this educational ball dropping is not a new phenomenon. Granted, unemployment in young adults has always been problematic due to the demand for experience as a job requirement, but having a laissez-faire attitude in school can't be helpful either.
09:45 May 5, 2010 by Kronaboy
Compared to the UK, the education system is head and shoulders above typical inner-city English schools.
09:55 May 5, 2010 by Kronaboy

Yeah OK if you say so, and I dare say you are right so long as you happen to fit a certain criteria and if you don't it appears not:

11:03 May 5, 2010 by byke
@ Kronaboy

Why are you so nationalistic on every comment that may question the accuracy or legitimacy of any poster?

If I was a betting man, I would think you are the member "Freja" who was banned and has resigned as a new username.
11:56 May 5, 2010 by Kronaboy

To be nationalistic I would need to be a Swede, which I am not. However, I have been living in Sweden (having been driven out of my native UK by racist English Pigs) with my family for some years and until a Swedish policeman (or any other Swede) walks up to my face and calls me a Fuckin Paki I will continue to defend Sweden. You know hindsight is a wonderful thing and I have regretted a lot of things I haven't done, but the only thing I truly regret having done is serving in the Racist English Military, if only I could turn back time, I would walk straight up to my recruiting Sgt and spit in his face.
13:12 May 5, 2010 by calebian22

I was comparing Sweden to Colorado's public school system, and my daughter's curriculum to her cousins. Public school to public school, I am not impressed by Sweden so far. You might want to look up subjective and anecdotal in your lexikon though.
13:48 May 5, 2010 by schweinefettmann
i think a lot of people here are missing the point. Fair enough if the american school system teaches more maths and so on, but I think swedish schools are trying to teach the love for learning rather than just facts. though both are important, one is a life lesson, the other is only applicable when they can relate it back to real life.

so unless there is a job out there that requires a shakespearean ability to use the language, calculate complex mathematic differentials, knowing how to craft woodwork and be able to map out subterranean geological formations, most things we were taught are for moot. all of the skills are highly interesting and CAN be useful, but clearly not all.

teaching kids the joys and the love of learning i would say is by far the most important thing schools should teach, and one thing i think swedish schools do aim to achieve.
14:38 May 5, 2010 by calebian22
"Knowledge is power"- Sir Francis Bacon

"Learning to love learning is most important"-schweinefettmann

It is just not as snappy as Bacon's.... ;-)
15:58 May 5, 2010 by Kronaboy

What can I say, I guess while you were busy learning your grammar at your superior Aryan school wogs like me were wasting our time worrying about silly things like not getting knifed.
17:37 May 5, 2010 by calebian22

That is one big chip growing on your shoulder. You might want to take advantage of the socialized health care here in Sweden and get that removed. Good luck.
17:47 May 5, 2010 by Kronaboy

WOW that's original, glad to see all those Chines workers who paid for your education got their monies worth.
18:01 May 5, 2010 by calebian22

Well you do have a chip on your shoulder. How does your lack of vocabulary make me a graduate of an Aryan school? Your kind thinks everyone is bigoted against them. If anyone points out one of your shortcomings it is taken as bigotry. You said in an earlier post, that you will continue to defend Sweden until one person (policeman or private citizen) calls you an F'n Paki. So one person is bigoted against you and you will throw Sweden away? That is by definition one big chip.
19:17 May 5, 2010 by byke

you seem to segregate yourself by your own actions.

It sounds like you are no better than the fictional or past tense that of which you accuse.

BTW do you have any children attending schools in Sweden?
21:32 May 5, 2010 by Kronaboy

Is that the totality of your argument, I have news for you one of the benefits of being a minority is that you tend to grow a pretty thick skin, trust me there is nothing you and your kind can do or say that hasn't already been done. One benefit of living in Sweden is I have noticed the hypocrisy of you Anglo Saxons, yeah you give it all large about how we minorities have a chip on our shoulder, but give you just a taste of what we have to put up with in your lands and you squeal like pigs.


You know if I had £ for every time I have heard one of you Anglo Saxons blame us for the racial discrimination we are subject to I would have enough for damn fine meal. Do you know what the difference between you and the French is, the French are honest about their bigotry. I have realised with time that there is no point in negotiating with your kind, Centuries of racial bigotry and hatred has perverted your culture where by you no longer realise nor care, in fact at some level you may have even convinced your self that your society is truly a just one. Don't get me wrong I don't really care what you think, your opinion is of no matter to me, the people that I am trying to reach are my brothers and sisters in the hope installing the confidence to say out aloud what they know to be true. I have realised for some time that while some white people are gentle and enlightened souls, most unfortunately are not.

Contrary to popular imagination, the vast majority of terrorists in the world are white males. The most destructive wars in history were(and are still) waged by whites, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions. The most destructive weapons are made by whites. Pornography is manufactured exclusively by whites. They are slowly but surely destroying the environment. Whites are more likely to be sexual predators, child molesters, rapists, stalkers and mass murderers. Why? The problem lies in their own nihilistic belief of racial superiority and the lack of a real sustainable culture based on higher principles of tolerance and respect.

The white race must be pacified and civilized for the betterment of the planet. This will become a reality as enlightened whites shed their racist heritage and rejoin the human race as equals.
22:43 May 5, 2010 by darrenj
dudes some you guys need to calm down! I apologize if I inflamed things with my comments at the beginning

I have been a teacher for 20 years, 10 in this society and 10 in my home country. Where I come from the students minds' are pumped solid with information, much more content than in Sweden, but there is simply no reflection or work over the usage of the information. In my home country education in some cases was a question of survival. The fortunate kids succeed due to their parents names and network ( an unfortunate trend occurring here in Sweden as well).

My 14 year old students in Sweden help to plan the term's work!! Where else is this done? But I can't really speak for ALL Swedish schools in general but the Swedish School Authority can. Not so?

As for the US education system, we all have read the butt of those jokes!

"American students unable to locate on a map the country their government is presently invading or bombing" to give an example.
08:28 May 6, 2010 by Kronaboy

I see nothing inflammatory about your statements, we have obviously reached a consensus of sorts in that in predominately racist societies such as UK, USA, France etc... there is an uneven division of public finances between predominately Anglo Saxon Communities, and minorities such as the Muslim community. Hence when we compare it with Sweden where there is a more or less even division of the cake we see the Anglo Saxons from middle-class communities complaining of a drop in standards in public education while we in the Muslim community witness a substantial rise. As you have had the privilege of teaching in USA and Sweden please feel free to rectify any inaccuracies in my statement?
14:02 May 6, 2010 by calebian22

Sweden also has good psychologists. You might want to take advantage of their expertise regarding your anger issues. However on a lighter note, your assumption that I am white makes me laugh and is indicative of your own bigotry. This is no great surprise though, based on your pacification rhetoric that you spewed above.
21:18 May 6, 2010 by Jannik

"Contrary to popular imagination, the vast majority of terrorists in the world are white males."

A totally false statement.

"The most destructive wars in history were(and are still) waged by whites, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions."

Are you refering to the first and second world war? Just remember that the overwhelming majority of casualties in these wars where white people.

"The most destructive weapons are made by whites."

Yes because of superior knowledge. Are you seriosly suggesting, that middeleastern countries would not manufacture these weapons, if they had the knowhow?

You have got to be kidding me.

The muslim world would have used them ruthlessly in their jihadist quest for world wide domination.

"Pornography is manufactured exclusively by whites."

And? Pornography is not a tabu in the western world. So what is your point? If you think its morally corrupting, then dont watch it.

"They are slowly but surely destroying the environment."

It seems like Asia is doing its part as well. The west is actually spending huge sums in developing clean technology. Pakistan is not exactly a model country in this regard.

"Whites are more likely to be sexual predators, child molesters, rapists, stalkers and mass murderers. Why?"

this is total nonsense. The middeeast is filled up with sexual offenders. The countries just dont report it, since its tabu.

and by the way, the prophet Muhammed married a 9 year old girl during one of his violent quests.

This is the rolemodel which muslims look up to!

"The problem lies in their own nihilistic belief of racial superiority and the lack of a real sustainable culture based on higher principles of tolerance and respect."

Nihilism is no doubt rampant in the west, but it does not in any way stem from racial superiority. On the contrary.

People in the west have for 10s of years been subjected to PC and multiculturalism. Hardly an ideology which reinforces racial superiority. PC and multiculturalism, combined with western guilt, is actually the reason why millions of muslims have been let into Europe.

Its more likely that you are the one suffering from a superiority complex. And let me guess, the next thing you demand is "respect"?

Why dont you move back to Pakistan if you hate white people that much? Your kin are apparently better morally than any white person.

So what is keeping you? Is it the welfare?
21:29 May 6, 2010 by darrenj

Thank you for you comments. One thing I did not make clear. I did not teach in the USA. As an educator I am always on the pulse of what happening in elementary schools around the world, another person mention their relatives' kids getting much more work or content in Colorado (I think) than their kids in Sweden. I choose to remark to this by making that USA related geography joke. I am trying to show that content, quantity or volume does not lead to good education. I have strived to follow the Swedish ideal of quality, reflection and appreciation for the work being done. It is less quantity but greater quality and much more difficult to do.

As for where I come and was a teacher, it is a small, beautiful, twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, a post colonial society. A tiny but very stratified society, where education is a matter of survival for many but for a few super rich scions it does not matter how dunce you are, daddy will get you that job in the oil company.

Thus working and leaving in Sweden, which is in general quite homogeneous compared to where I am from, is in the least, amazing!
22:53 May 6, 2010 by alu
After moving back to Sweden with my daughter (14yrs old ) from England.

The school system was a total shock to me and for her, the lack of respect from the pupils for the teacher, the lack of discipline in the class room.

Mobile phones being used in the middle of lessons, music being played, while the teacher was trying to teach the class.

Pupils with hoods up and caps on.

The teacher trying to be their friend instead of being what they set out to be .

A Teacher!

Pupils have to much say on how the schools are run, saying that, children have too much say in many areas in Sweden.

My daughter hardly got any home work , something which she was used too.

She was used to being supported, encouraged to strive higher in her education.

Something she did not receive.

As a result i saw her grades drop and so i began giving her homework myself, teaching her myself, helping her to excelle in her school work once again.

Mobiles were not allowed to be on in her school in England , all mobiles were placed in a box on the teachers desk at the beginning of the lesson and at the end of the lesson, phones were collected by the pupils, should they bring their phones with them.

Pupils sat correctly at their desks and looked at the teacher while being taught.

It is time that the education system changes in Sweden. Sweden had once a glowing education system..it has no more!
10:10 May 10, 2010 by Kronaboy

That would depended on where your daughter was educated (Hackney, Tottenham V Hendon, Hampstead) the fact is your daughters' higher grades probably had more to do with drop in examination standards than the standard of education in the UK. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that if you can afford to live in socially exclusive neighbourhoods then the level of education in UK is second to none, but the reality for the rest of us is below.

10:14 May 10, 2010 by Kronaboy

Big up to Brother Resistance shame about your football.
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