Young woman died by accident

The death of the 19-year-old woman found under a walkway in the Södermalm area of Stockholm in the early hours of Sunday was an accident, an autopsy of the young woman's body has shown.

“The observations from the preliminary results of the examination, do not give the police any reason to suspect that a crime lies behind her death,” the police write in a statement.

The woman was dropped off by a taxi at the junction of Swedenborgsgatan and Fatbursgatan at around 12.50am after having been at a party. She was found by a patrolling security guard a couple of hours later underneath a walkway.

Police initially opened an investigation into a suspected murder but on Monday stated that they had not ruled out that she could have fallen accidentally.

“It is possible to fall from the walkway and the drop is three-four metres,” said Petra Sjölander at Södermalm police on Monday.

Police are now waiting on the full results of the autopsy to determine exactly how the young woman died.