Västervik: dreaming of Midsummer

Whether you want to quack like a frog around a May Pole in June or collect seven enchanted flowers to find true love: Västervik is place to be.

Västervik: dreaming of Midsummer

If you are searching for the perfect place to celebrate the Swedish Midsummer Holiday this June then you really must check out what’s going on in Västervik. This coastal town in southern Sweden has got the country's widest range of midsummer options for all ages. It is then just the matter of deciding if you want small-scale or larger-than-life when choosing among the more than 20 celebration options to tickle your festive fancy.

Some events take place with the Baltic Sea and the Västervik Archipelago as a backdrop while others offer grassy countryside flavours of an era gone by. And why limit the holiday to one day? In Västervik, the midsummer celebration kicks off in the week leading up to the big event and carries on the week following.

In Sweden there’s a popular old wives’ tale to stir the magical aura of midsummer. In this blur between the reality and enchantment of midsummer it is said that if you pick seven different flowers and lay them under your pillow on midsummer’s night you will dream of your true love. Västervik is committed to perpetuating the legend. During 19-25 June participants are encouraged to collect their seven flowers at different Midsummer events around the area.

The scheduling of many of the events allows for people to visit two or more events the same day. Some of the larger planned events require the pre-preening of the midsummer pole and invite visitors to join in decorating the day before. These decorating events involve music and dancing and barbequing to warm you up for the real deal.

Friday 24th June is Midsummer. Technically Friday is Midsummer’s Eve but as most of the traditional holidays in Sweden, the big celebration takes place on the eve. On this day the activities start as early as 9am and will carry on into the wee hours of Midsummer’s Day.

The area's campsites are a focus for family friendly activities, while romantic couples might prefer to check into one of the archipelago's charming hotels.

After waking with the vision of true love from your dreams scented by your seven blossoms from the festivities of midsummer magic there is yet more on offer from Västervik. Entertainment and activities keep on rolling into the following week.

The whole of Midsummer week is FamilyFUN week in Västervik. There are treasure hunts, aquanauts, wild scouts, speedway, karaoke, a 'rock camp' where kids can learn to be rock stars, and a whirl of kid-friendly events the whole family will enjoy.

This article was produced by The Local and sponsored by Västervik – Sweden's most beautiful archipelago.

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