Gunnar, 83, breaks bowling record

An 83-year-old bowling fanatic has become a national celebrity after becoming the oldest person in Sweden ever to score a perfect series - 12 strikes in a row adding up to 300 points.

Gunnar Krantz, who started bowling in the early sixties, achieved the feat last week:

“It feels like when you were a little boy and you wished for something and when your birthday came along, your wish came true. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful feeling. It doesn’t get any better than this,” Krantz told The Local.

Hans Karlsson, press officer, at Svenska Bowling Förbundet, the sport’s national ruling body, confirmed that Krantz’s feat is unique:

“With great certainty I can say that Gunnar Krantz is the oldest person in Sweden to bowl a 300-series,” Karlsson tells The Local.

Krantz didn’t realize his bowling score was going to be such big news, pointing out that younger bowlers frequently achieve the same score:

“Friends have been dropping by all day, congratulating me. It feels great,” said Krantz.

Since 1928, nearly 3,000 people have been registered by Svenska Bowling Förbundet as having bowled a 300-series.

Krantz bowls once or twice a week with his bowling club, and is also a keen angler and model airplane enthusiast.

“I am going to keep on bowling, even if the younger members call me ‘old man,'” he told The Local.

Lee Martin

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