Mobiles overtake fixed lines in Sweden

Swedes now spend longer talking on mobile phones than on fixed lines, according to new calculations.

Mobiles overtake fixed lines in Sweden

Nearly three decades after the first mobile network opened in 1981, the total number of minutes spent talking on mobile phones this spring surpassed the number of minutes spent talking on fixed line phones, according to a study carried out by Computer Sweden magazine.

“We can with certainty say that this minor moment in history occurred at some point in the spring, probably at the end of March.”

Computer Sweden assumes in its calculations that the trend established in the first half of 2009 has continued. Mobile use during that period increased by 9.1 percent, while fixed line use decreased by 14.3 percent. If the trend continued at the same pace, mobile use would have caught up with fixed line use on 23rd March 2010.

The magazine says the rate of increase in mobile use and the rate of decrease in fixed line use has been relatively stable for several years, meaning that its calculations should be relatively reliable.

Official statistics will be released by the Swedish communications regulator PTS towards the end of the year.

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