Party ditches candidate over pro-immigrant views

The nationalist Sweden Democrat party has jettisoned a candidate for election to the local council in Ljusdal in eastern Sweden after the renegade politician expressed support for a refugee centre in the town.

Fredrik Hansson was the Sweden Democrats’ sole candidate for election to Ljusdal’s governing council until his comments led local leaders in Gävleborg county to withdraw the party’s ballot list for the town.

“His remarks contradict the party’s programme,” said Sweden Democrat county chairman Roger Hedlund to newspaper Ljusdals-Posten.

Fredrik Hansson said the decision was laughable, arguing that further immigration is necessary if Sweden is to cope with the problems associated with an ageing population.

“I thought I’d stir their macho pot,” said Hansson of his involvement with the Sweden Democrats.

“Nobody told me what I could and couldn’t say,” he added.

Roger Hedlund said the party would now consider drawing up a new ballot list for the local elections.

“We have a working group of around ten people and should probably be able to come up with something closer to the election,” he said.