Gothenburg woman slashed by moped raider

Ten women were robbed on Saturday morning by moped-borne thieves in Gothenburg, with one victim requiring hospital treatment after she was stabbed in the hand.

Police believe the spate of morning robberies in central Gothenburg and on the island of Hisingen were carried by two men on mopeds.

Many of the women were forced at knifepoint to hand over their handbags to the thieves, who set about their criminal work at around 6am on Saturday.

One woman received minor injuries when was stabbed in the hand outside Lundby Hospital at 7.15am, local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reports.

Polcie said the man believed to be responsible for the Hisingen robberies rode a black moped, wore short trousers and a black jacket with red clothing underneath, and had a silver helmet, the newspaper reports.

Twice police came close to catching the thieves, who escaped by riding their mopeds onto bicycle tracks and footpaths.

Police have also confiscated a moped and some clothing in the city centre.

“I think we have a good chance of finding them. If any members of the public have seen anything in central Gothenburg or Hisingen, they can call the police’s tip-off line,” police spokesman Göran Andreasson told Göteborgs-Posten.

The number to call is 114 14.

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Red-green coalition takes power in Gothenburg

The Social Democrats, Green Party and Left Party have managed to oust the right-wing Moderates from power in Gothenburg, despite failing to strike a coalition deal with the Centre Party.

Red-green coalition takes power in Gothenburg

The Social Democrats, Left Party and Green Party will now take over the municipality with Jonas Attenius, group leader for the Social Democrats in the city, becoming the new mayor.

“We three parties are ready to together take responsibility for leading Gothenburg,” Attenius wrote to TT. “I am looking forward immensely to leading Gothenburg in the coming years.” 

The three parties will lead a minority government, with 40 out of 81 mandates, meaning it will dependent on mandates from the Centre Party to pass proposals. 

The three parties had hoped to bring the Centre Party into the coalition, but talks fell apart on Monday,  October 24th. 

“We our going into opposition, but our goal is to be an independent, liberal force, which can negotiate both to the left and to the right,” the party’s group leader in Gothenburg, Emmyly Bönfors told the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper. 

The end of talks in Gothenburg leave the Social Democrats leading coalition governments in all three of Sweden’s major cities, with Karin Wanngård appointed Mayor of Stockholm on October 17th. 

The Social Democrats had unbroken control in Malmö since 1994, after they regained power from the Moderates, who controlled the city from 1991-1994, and also from 1985-1988.