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'Worst doctor in Norway' working in Sweden

TT/Paul O'Mahony · 23 May 2010, 10:19

Published: 23 May 2010 10:19 GMT+02:00

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Danish doctor Johanne Krogh, 62, has become synonymous in Norway with medical malpractice after a series of high profile incidents that changed patients’ lives for the worse.

In one case, she stormed out on a bleeding patient in the middle of a surgical procedure after losing her temper with a colleague in the operating theatre. The incident necessitated two further corrective operations for the patient, who later died after a wound became infected.

Also, several of her hip patients reported her to the authorities after emerging from the operating room with legs differing in length by up to four centimetres.

Krogh’s errors have so far cost the Norwegian patient insurance system 13 million kronor ($1.7 million).

Krogh has worked at Hudiksvall Hospital since July 2007. But her Swedish employers were unaware of the Danish doctor’s many medical missteps, having only carried out basic checks on her background. Instead, the matter was brought to the hospital's attention by Norwegian public radio broadcaster NRK.

“I understand that people have come to harm and that’s something we have to respect, which is why I think it’s important that information of this kind is exchanged between countries,” said Kjell Norrman, divisional manager for the Gävleborg county health service which employed Krogh.

But Norrman added that she had done a good job as a surgeon at the Swedish hospital.

The Norwegian patient insurance system has received 42 reports of malpractice pertaining to Krogh’s work, 29 of which have led to insurance pay-outs. Two cases are awaiting arbitration.

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”We consider the cases to be of a serious nature,” said Øydis Ulrikke Castberg, spokeswoman for the Norwegian System of Compensation to Patients (Norsk pasientskadeerstatning – NPE).

NPE decided to revoke Krogh’s orthopedic and surgical licences after the first twenty reports of serious medical malpractice, which prevented her from performing surgery in the country.

But there was nothing to prevent her from working in neighbouring Sweden, where she is free to continue operating.

TT/Paul O'Mahony (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:49 May 23, 2010 by askin
Didn\t Hudiksvall Hospital check this doctor\s references before employing her? Both this doctor\s and Hudiksvall Hospital\s directors\ licences must be removed.
11:08 May 23, 2010 by Internuncio
Worst Doctor in Norway? That might make her the best Doctor in Sweden.
12:03 May 23, 2010 by proteasome
Imagine owning a small shop that made things.

You find out your latest employee had authorities previously file court awards for damages 29 times because of the workers bad work. The previous place paid the fines and fired the worker. The worker never mentioned this before hiring.

Would you trust this person to work independently? Does not matter what the rules are Her bosses have to say no to Johanne Krogh doing surgery. However, this being Sweden, no one will take personal responsibility, take the initiative, and risk of firing someone with out following the glacially slow rules.
12:27 May 23, 2010 by voiceofreason
It is pathetic that her current employers can even stand to defend her, she lied about her past.

I believe in repentance and forgiveness but I believe she has no right to practice again if those allegations are true.
12:38 May 23, 2010 by Qassim
Sometimes we only take the information we get as true and forget to filter what we hear from others or from the mainstream media. I think we are missing an important point here i.e. our humanness and likely hood to make mistakes. Whether you are a medical doctor or a professional of other fields you will surely make mistakes one time in your life. We are human beings and we are all forgetful at least sometime in our lifetime. I personally don't have problem with this doctor and the like. My point is that you consider the person with what he/she does at the present not the past. If the doctor in question's past was troubled, how is she doing now? As I learnt from this news story, "But Norrman added that she had done a good job as a surgeon at the Swedish hospital." After making mistakes that cost $1.7 million dollars, she made a breakthrough in Sweden in saving lives of many. Why can't we see the good things she is doing? Why are we fixing our thoughts and thinking to her past mistakes?

I would like to consider much of her present professional capabilities in Sweden than her troubled past in Norway.

You people think outside the box.
12:46 May 23, 2010 by JulieLou40
@ Qassim-would you like her operating on a loved one of yours?????

For Gods sake, this woman left people with different length legs!!!!! I think that says it all!! She should be struck off!!!
12:48 May 23, 2010 by fabandy
It sounds like the Swedish officials were trained by the NHS in the UK. That is exactly the kind of stupidity we have come to expect from the managers within the NHS.
12:48 May 23, 2010 by krrodman
In the USA every medical staff application has two pertinent questions:

1. Has your license to practice medicine every been suspended or revoked?

2. Do you have any malpractice claims against you?

Either the application to practice medicine in Sweden is tragically inadequate, or Dr. Krogh lied on her application.

If she lied on the application, it should be a very simple matter(at least it is in the USA) to dismiss her from the medical staff.

On the other hand, if no one in Sweden bothered asked her about her past work experience (Hard to believe. Is Sweden that desperate for doctors? I mean, when I hire someone to paint my house I ask them about their past work experience.) it may very well be a bureaucratic nightmare to dismiss her.
13:26 May 23, 2010 by glamshek
Hahahhaa... If you go to bank, extremely unprofessional people are sitting there who know nothing...If you go to hospitals, worst doctors are sitting there... Keep it up Sweden...Give more jobs to Swedes.. After all they are Swedes and they know langúage...Communication skills...Courtesy..Swedishness...Hahahhaha.Keep it up..For the last 2 years, I have been witness to their laziness of new generation.. Not one person wants to come to high tech programmes..
13:52 May 23, 2010 by William Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha
Did you not read the article? The doctor in question is not a Swede.
14:28 May 23, 2010 by Michael84
All that comes to me: hahahaha
14:41 May 23, 2010 by mammush
that is why we got parties like SD.hopefully one day they will get rid of these.....
15:03 May 23, 2010 by DavidtheNorseman
Her new Swedish employers are hardly going to admit it if she's been doing bad things. Then they would make themselves complicit.

Sounds like the administration's human resources people failed to check out her credentials.

I'd bet she'll be quietly sent away in the near future with a small buyout and a plane ticket to ..... England!
15:46 May 23, 2010 by suso
Either she did a better job in Sweden,or people and authorities are happy about her!,to the detriment of really god productive work.
16:08 May 23, 2010 by jack sprat
Jeez it would be hilarious, were it not so serious.

I mean there must some town up North, where half the population is hobbling about with one leg 4 cms shorter than the other.

At least if you meet one of her poor victims in the street in Stockholm, you'll know straight away where he/she came from.
16:21 May 23, 2010 by bolababu
Anything that has to do with a person's life should be of much more importance than forgiving another person's past.

This woman affected many lives negatively, i know many doctors that are the backbone of many families, doctors that are appreciated for their good work. This woman stormed out on a bleeding patient in the middle of an operation, her ego at that moment meant more to her than this person's life.

She does not deserve a chance to be put in charge of anyone's life, not even a condemned person.
17:24 May 23, 2010 by jack sprat
A similar problem occurred in England not so long ago when the worst doctor from Gemany was found performing botched ops on patients in the UK.

Strangely it was found that EU regulations were largely responsible for the cock up.

If a Doctor has been accepted into the system in one EU country then moves to another, the regulations to not allow a full background check, and instead it has to be accepted that the person is ok, because of previous qualification or acceptance in another EU country

In the case of a Doctor coming from the other side of the World a complete and comprehensive check is carried out.

Crazy EU regulations!
17:53 May 23, 2010 by NJGirl
Totally unbelivable! Poor Swedish people who in good faith go under knives of "who the he'll knows who". I lost respect for Swedish government to allow things like this happen to innocent patients. Horror!
18:03 May 23, 2010 by krrodman
I am a member of the Medical Executive Committee of my hospital. As part of my responsibilities, I review quality issues for individual physicians. This may sound crazy, but it is extremely, extremely difficult to prove that a physician is danger to patients. If doctor #1 has a higher complication rate that doctor #2, is it because he is a dangerous physician, or is it because he is performing more complex surgeries on more infirm patients? Sounds like it should be easy to determine, but it is not.

It is an extraordinary step to suspend the license of a physician. It takes a year of work to prove beyond a doubt that the doctor is a danger to patients. The evidence must be overwhelming. And, the doctor has the right to appeal any decision because the rights of the practitioner must be defended as well.

The point here is that Dr. Krough must be a disaster of a doctor. So bad, in fact, that she had to leave her country to practice medicine.

It should be easy to fire her. She is granted a Swedish medical license because Sweden grants a medical license to EU doctors with a medical license in good standing. Since she does have a valid medical license in Norway, her Swedish license can not be valid.

End of story.
20:39 May 23, 2010 by sherkovic
Goodluck for the new chellenge Sir!!!!!
20:51 May 23, 2010 by bbeynch
I'm appalled that they had the unmitigated audacity to publish the fact the she is an ethnic Dane! This has to be a case for DO !! Someone call DO now!!! Would they have been as quick to publish the ethnicity if the doctor, if the doctor had been from, say, Bangladesh?
00:11 May 24, 2010 by Authentica
she has done a good job so far in Sweden? what the hell that means? I'm sure she's been doing a swell job in Norway too, in the beginning!
00:17 May 24, 2010 by glamshek

First of all when the Doctor came to get the job, She got it because of being European. This is a bad fact as at that time she was at the ebb of her skills and knowledge.

Secondly the report over is a bit Mistaken. It should have been,'Norway's worst Doctor learnt skills in Sweden.' You very rightly mentioned that we should judge the person's ability on the current skills.
04:40 May 24, 2010 by scandinavian leather
@ glamshek

"You very rightly mentioned that we should judge the person's ability on the current skills"

Are you high?

To my knowledge Charles Manson has killed anybody in the 40+ years he's been in jail.

Does that mean we should judge him for his "current skills" now?

Dr Butcher, MD needs her license now pulled before any more people are left dancing at the Club Foote
05:00 May 24, 2010 by asian123
never go to lady doctor for operations.it is true all over the world.
08:12 May 24, 2010 by arslan11
Practice makes a man perfect..

She is improving and if she had not made any mistake in Sweden then why fire her???
10:22 May 24, 2010 by Authentica
@arslan11: I wonder what would you say if you ended up with a leg shorter than the other?
11:36 May 24, 2010 by scandinavian leather

What part of

"The incident necessitated two further corrective operations for the patient, who later died after a wound became infected"

are you missing?
11:39 May 24, 2010 by krrodman

A very good general surgeon would have approximately 2 complications per 100 patients - a 98% success rate.

A dangerous surgeon may have 5 to 10 complications per 100 - a 90% to 95% success rate. Or put differently, a 10% complication rate is astronomically high.

So, even a bad surgeon is successful most of the time. Would you to be her next patient?
11:56 May 24, 2010 by glamshek

Difference between a crime and profesional skills is of utmost importance. Crime is something being done intentionally. This was a professional job which she later on mastered.

She has already been booked for her blunders. She has been punished for that according to the law of land. If she luckily got away with it, that doesn't mean that you punish her again.

Suppose if I was having enmity with you killing your people earlier on. Later on I realize my mistakes and I start defending you everywhere, and iin that process i save a lot of lives of your people, would you still want to punish me for my previous animosities?
12:59 May 24, 2010 by titousmum
having just ridden through my first encounter with the "lovely" Healthcare System in Sweden- with a HIP REPLACEMENT operation for my Swedish husband..

-I can only assure you- this is the absolute CRAP I feared the most.

you get no choice here of surgeons at all. HORRIFIES me beyond belief- unless you meet the guy and you reject him- then back you go on a waiting list for 6 months- or whatever ...

You have NO WAY of checking out his record at all- ( although, supposedly you are allowed to find out how many "infections" he has caused).....You are"assured that "all of our surgeons are EQUALLY QUALIFIED" - so a choice is not necessary.


This is TRULY one screwed up system- unless you think that adding in a little "Russian Roulette" to your surgical experience is a good thing?!?!

In Sweden- the Surgeon does not "work for you"- You are "his"- You listen to him- and you do not question or ask for a damn thing. You've had no choice. He is God- and you are just his little playtoy. The total opposite of the States- where you basically are able to review and querie a surgeon until you find one you like and are comfortable with.

Of course many are good here- but recall that we still have Dr. Mistook Fallopian Tube For the Appendix

and Dr. I Stitched the Bladder to the Large INtestine- from last year - still practicing here- neither of whom were reprimanded.

In the end- AFTER the SURGERY- they come in then and pat your hand( after they see you are breathing) and tell you- "yes, the Doctor that performed the Surgery was one of the Best In Sweden"

2 thoughts with that:

1.) there's ONLY 9 MILLION people here ,folks


2.) what? better than this new hire from Norway?

...now that's impressive....

jeesh. nothing surprises me, at all , anymore.

I just hope I go quick, man.....
13:41 May 24, 2010 by scandinavian leather

Excellent post. Just so you have the complete picture have a look at this gem from the past:



"Scandini" sounds good. Why didn't I register that as a user name instead? If I had I might be able to participate in the "hairy extras wanted" film.

But to your point, or lack thereof, I have one word for you:


Good god, man! The human body isn't a pastry shop where you can make a mistake and if the dough doesn't rise you chuck it out and start over. That's as absurd as your thought that "defending" me would atone for previous harm committed on my loved ones. If you cut 4 cms from my leg it'll be a cold day in hell before I let you anywhere near me or my loved ones, even if if I have to hobble into you to stop you.

And knowing what you know now, would you, glamshek, honestly allow Dr Mallard to operate on yourself or your loved ones?

Hopefully, that answers your question?:)
14:47 May 24, 2010 by glamshek
If I was not allowing Dr Mallard, then what was the point of my discussion? Of I allow it. I am judging it on current expertise as I said.

Secondly, you care for your own 'Scandini', half name so much.. ..And its almost every where over here.... But its strange how you people commit blasphemy against Prophet[pbuh] . Its not just name eating, its a big allegation through a very wierd way of drawing caricatures... Moreover, the propaganda.

Go to hell man. Is it not Hypocricy. And then you claim, its freedom of expression...Should I also have some freedom of expression....? Your society is full of contradictions. You care for your emotions more but you dont care for the religious emotions of Muslims who hold them supreme....HAve you ever thought about it?
23:59 May 24, 2010 by Luke35711
This country needs more humanistic education, so that people don't just fall for charismatic cheats, simplistic ideologies, little personality cults, manipulations, simple inter-personal power games, etc. The source of most of the problems here:

some people just totally lack spine. There are plenty of countries in which the problem is anarchy and disorder. Here it's exactly the opposite.
08:39 May 26, 2010 by Bodo
that's just awful search
23:41 May 26, 2010 by wxman
Everything is relative.
17:06 May 28, 2010 by Icarusty
Poor old lady she just wants to make a living

Leave the little old lady alone
06:22 August 26, 2010 by John14541
I know a MD called Dr. Sawbones.
02:26 May 24, 2011 by pacman666
The Norwegians had a vendetta against her. Just because she is a woman and they are a bunch of chauvinist pigs.
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