Car registrations rise sharply in May

In May, 24,994 new passenger cars were registered in Sweden, according to industry organization Bil Sweden, an increase of 37.2 percent from last year.

“Vehicle registrations in May were another sign of strength from the automotive sector,” said Bil Sweden CEO Bertil Moldén. “The registrations of both cars and light trucks surged. This is the seventh consecutive month that passenger cars have increased and the fifth consecutive month that light trucks have increased.”

So far this year, 109,215 new cars have been registered, an increase of 36.6 percent from the same period last year. Truck registrations also increased. In May, there were 3,792 newly registered trucks, an increase of 39.9 percent from 2009.

However, the registration of heavy goods vehicles over 16 tonnes fell by 15.5 percent last month to 377 and have declined 32 percent so far this year. The registrations of light trucks of up to 3.5 tonnes have increased by 52.9 percent in May and 31.5 percent so far this year.

“An increase in new car sales is good for growth and jobs,” added Moldén. “It is also good for the environment and road safety with an increased rate of vehicle renewal.”

Topping the list of passenger cars was the Volvo V 70 II with 9,493 registrations so far this year compared with 7,394 during the same period last year. It was followed by the VW Passat, with 5,228 registrations compared with 2,667 by May 2009, and the VW Golf, with 5,103, up from 3,248 the previous year.

Sales for Saab Automobile rose again in May after a long period of decline. A total of 701 Saab cars were newly registered in May, up 25.4 percent from the same month last year. However, so far this year, new Saab registrations are 29.6 percent lower than in the corresponding period last year.

Volvo Cars saw registrations fall by 5 percent to 3,640 in May. So far this year, registrations have increased by 24.8 percent. The number of green car registrations rose 24.8 percent in in May to 9,828, but its proportion of overall new car registrations has fallen compared with last year.

The number of newly registered diesel cars increased by 81.8 percent in May. Their proportion of new car registrations was 47.8 percent, a sharp increase from 36.1 last year. So far this year, the proportion of diesel cars as new registrations is 48.1 percent compared with 38.4 percent the same period last year.

Registrations of passenger cars with lower carbon dioxide emissions more than doubled in May. The proportion of car registrations of vehicles with carbon emissions of up to 140 g/km was 37 percent last month, compared with 24.9 percent last year.

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