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Will Israel drop an atom bomb?: Mankell

TT/AFP/The Local · 2 Jun 2010, 13:38

Published: 02 Jun 2010 08:14 GMT+02:00
Updated: 02 Jun 2010 13:38 GMT+02:00

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Mankell arrived in Sweden late Tuesday together with Green Party member Mehmet Kaplan and senior physician Victoria Strand.

"What will happen next year when we come back with hundreds of boats? Will

they drop an atom bomb," the renowned author of the Wallander crime series said when he returned to Gothenburg airport on Tuesday night.

Mankell expressed concern over the Swedes remaining in Israel.

"We are worried about our friends who are still in jail," the renowned author of the Wallander detective series told the Expressen tabloid onboard the flight to Sweden.

Sweden's foreign ministry has said that four of the 11 Swedes who had been travelling with the flotilla when it was attacked early Monday - leaving nine

activists dead and scores injured - had been permitted to leave Israel.

Kaplan and Strand met the assembled media when they arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Strand said that it took eleven hours for the Israelis to tow the boat on which they were travelling, the Sofia, into Ashdod harbour. During this time the activists were guarded by masked soldiers.

The quay was lined with hundreds of soldiers past which the activists were forced to walk passed. They were then dispersed to various "stations".

"The Israelis did all they could to humiliate us... They wanted to scare us into obedience," Strand said.

According to Strand the activists were accused of illegally encroaching on an Israeli military zone.

"Then I replied that "you detained us 79 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza and you do not have any right to a military zone there'".

Under protest Strand decided to sign a document where she agreed to immediate deportation.

Mehmet Kaplan told how the Israeli commandos boarded the boat from both sides.

"It was if we had been attacked by pirates. When they approached our boat they got onboard via grappling hooks on on both sides. We retreated up to the bridge and engine room to protect them but the soldiers, who bore balaclavas, used stun guns against several people on the boat," he said.

Kaplan underlined that nobody that he travelled with, neither the crew nor the activists, offered any resistance.

"We had undertaken anti-violence training and we retreated the while time as they advance, fully equipped," he said.

Kaplan only first found out that activists had died at the hands of Israeli commandos on Tuesday. He reserved warm praise for the foreign ministry and the Swedish embassy in Tel Aviv.

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"Without their help we would perhaps still be there. It is a lifeline for those who remain," he said.

Henning Mankell completed his journey in Gothenburg and on arrival at Landvetter airport he told the Expressen daily that he had not regrets over his participation, but elected to reserve further comment until later.

"For the simple reason that some of our friends remain in custody in Israel," he said.

The Israeli government said on Tuesday that it plans to release all of the foreigners who were involved in the Gaza-bound flotilla. Hundreds were expelled on Wednesday.

The six ships in the Freedom Flotilla, carrying more than 700 passengers, were on a mission to deliver some 10,000 tonnes of supplies to Gaza, which has been under a

crippling Israeli blockade since 2007.

TT/AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:52 June 2, 2010 by crocadoodledoo
@peropaco: lol, well said!..these guys went there to have some confrontation and they got it,,, dont know what theyre still complaining for.. sitting in sweden, they seldom have any action. if they really had the balls, they shud have gone to a more screwed up place like iran or pakistan to spread their message of peace and love. They choose to goto israel because they know the risk is minimum and the publicity is maximum.

@ali-bin-umar: it doesnt need a great brain to fathom who are terrorists, killing innocents and a threat to world peace these days..ya the hamas, alqaeda, hezbollah, IHH, LeT, JeM, TALIBAN are all jewish organizations right! ..you guys must research on all sides of the story than just highlight racist quotes totally out of context which a mullah probably served you during your last visit to the mosque.
10:00 June 2, 2010 by pintoflex
"Kaplan underlined that nobody that he travelled with, neither the crew nor the activists, offered any resistance."

So how come the videos show activists hitting soldiers with metal sticks and throwing one off the deck?

Mankell, next time you're boarding a "humanitarian" boat, make sure it is one, and not a planned provocation by turkish extremists that are taking advantage of humanitarian workers.

The israeli army offered the boat to park in the ashdod port, get inspected and then delivered to Gaza. There's 15 tons of humanitarian aid going to Gaza every week, after cleared by the Israelis and inspected that there are no weapons included.

you wanted confrontation and you got one. both sides are responsible for the bloodshed - including you Mankell for supporting a provocation that was destined to such grave consequences. Next time try to smuggle humanitarian aid to Tibet and see if you wont get your ass kicked by the Chinese....
10:02 June 2, 2010 by Jan M
The Israeli forces have made a very clear statement. Next time you want to deliver relief aid to Gaza come properly equipped to destroy the Israeli Navy. What puzzles me if all of this is that the Israelis have had the aid ships in their custody for a number of days. I was expecting shocking revelations about the weaponry on board destined for Hamas but nothing. Is it really possible that they were simply carrying civilian aid? What a shocker. Yet at the same time Greece has now announced it's abandoning joint naval exercises with Israel and a one-time ally, Turkey, has largely cut ties. That's a high price to pay. Sometimes world superpowers behave like bullies - in that context I'm referring to the US, Russia and China. Last time I checked Israel was a speck on a map by comparison although clearly it wants to be a pretentious and irritating one.
10:02 June 2, 2010 by mysticbumwipe
Now it is time for the international community (and that means you and me ,folks) to stand up for the rule of law and the unbiased application of it.

Basically Mankell was kidnapped.

So Israeli lawlessness started with piracy, then proceeded to murder when their piracy was resisted, and then ended with kidnapping.

All you knee-jerk Israeli supporters please consider how you can help this situation by denouncing illegal activity whoever commits it.

If we want a world where law and justice FOR ALL is respected then we cannot defend lawlessness because we feel some tribal affiliation for the lawbreakers. That is the way to anarchy and yet more violent retribution.
10:11 June 2, 2010 by mysticbumwipe
It is an international crime for any person to seize

or exercise control over a ship by force, and also

a crime to injure or kill any person in the process.

Article 3 of the Rome Convention for the

Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the

Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988,
10:13 June 2, 2010 by mysticbumwipe
One cannot attack a ship and then claim self-defence if the people on board resist the unlawful use of violence.

In other words, according to international law, the actions of the Israeli military were beyond the law and those involved should be treated no differently than, say, the Somali pirates who are also in the habit of boarding ships by force.

Any rights to self defence in such dramatic circumstances rests purely with the passengers and crew on board. Under international maritime law you are legally entitled to resist unlawful capture, abduction and detention.
10:18 June 2, 2010 by Keith #5083
The ship 'Marvi Marmara' is owned by the Islamic charity' I.H.H. which is generally regarded as fundamentalist and close to Hamas.

They must be really hungry in Gaza since the 'aid' that this ship carried included cement and steel.

This in no way excuses Israels totally stupid actions - they deliver yet another propaganda coup to fundamentalists. Why they could not simply disable the ships and allow the full story about what was happening to come out is so stupid.

I neither seek to defend Israel nor I.H.H. - but simply seek the whole truth about this tragic fiasco.

Time for Israel to admit it has lost the 'propaganda war' and get to the negotiating table.
10:20 June 2, 2010 by J Jack
@ pintoflex, only one of the 6 vessels offered resistance, the one that the trouble makers were on. Mostly Turkish hooligans and Hamas supporters. They'll do anything to get a piece of Israeli solder and likely won't make it home as a result. We know that they breed like rabbits also, therefore, there will be a whole bunch of fatherless families left in Turkey to bleed the system. 'Mankell' gets to go home and tell his story but an Israeli prison is a little more difficult to leave. All the participants should be on no fly lists as being known to go to another country with the intention of breaking the law. Israel conducted their take over attempt within their own economic zone and so were not under International UN obligations. I don't like what they did, but they did it legally. Smart muthafkrs.
10:31 June 2, 2010 by Rick Methven
@ J jack

"Israel conducted their take over attempt within their own economic zone and so were not under International UN obligations"

Is this the latest propaganda from Israel LOL. Next they will be sailing all over the Med boarding ships because THEY have decided its their 'Economic Zone'

Just use all of that pea brain you have and see how stupid your post was
11:04 June 2, 2010 by ali_bin_umar
hypocrates all around.
11:09 June 2, 2010 by glamshek

Hey, Try to know the difference between Taliban, Let, IHH, Ali-Qaeda and Hamas, Hezbollah. Hamas and Hezbollah are fighting the biggest freedom wars. They are fightng with apurpose and are mainstream political parties with suport of people.
11:13 June 2, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
This part of the opening sentence is wholly misleading: "the Ship to Gaza flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos".

That's not what happened. This is an excellent illustration of verisimilitude with Mehmet Kaplan truly or falsely - obviously only talking about the boat that he was on. And so we have the report jumbling up what was happening on several, different boats and giving the impression of a running commentary as if we are talking about one and the same boat when for example it's reported that"Kaplan underlined that nobody that he travelled with, neither the crew nor the activists, offered any resistance" - when we have Israeli military videos and more, that clearly show quite the contrary:


What happened was that the IDF boarded the "Mavi Marmara" with the avowed intention of guiding it to a safe berthing at the Ashdod harbour where the cargo would get official clearance and ( no weapons and no weapon-building materials) the cargoes of food and medicines etc. could be forwarded - transported to its ultimate destination : Gaza.

As simple as that.

But instead of co-operation the IDF met with pre-meditated violence of the type that some of the demonstrators had been promising - that if the IDF in any way tried to divert them from their course, they boasted that they were going to give the IDF a very tough time ( al-Jazeera can confirm this that I heard and saw on al Jazeera TV several times). It can now be confirmed that they were not going to give the IDF a rough time merely armed with flowers in the hair, but with all the weapons that they had on them plus their knives and baseball batons.

The promised resistance was obviously not an unarmed resistance and by the time it was over nine people were dead and several injured and on our hands we now have the human tragedy that Henning Mankell is going to be rapping about for the rest of his life....

Take for instance the inconsistencies in what he says in today's Stockholm Metro: on the one hand he says " They shot people who were sleeping" and he is then surprised when he is told that nine of his comrades-in-arms died and he then sobs, " I didn't know that oj oj oj "

If he literally means what he says , " De skjuter människor som sover"and he was not singing Vladimir Vysotskij's " De skjuter varg" - then nine dead is a very low figure.....
11:24 June 2, 2010 by ali_bin_umar
This prophecy, by Benjamin Franklin, was made in a "CHIT CHATAROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSION," at the Philadelphia ConstitutionalConvention of 1787. This statement was recorded in the dairy of CharlesCotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina.

"I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.

In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.

If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American's, and will not even thou they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention.
11:42 June 2, 2010 by Kevin Harris
To the extremist posters on this issue, from both sides of the argument.

You guys are wierd.

The really scary part is that some people who talk and think just like you have access to nuclear weapons.
11:57 June 2, 2010 by mysticbumwipe
Applying international law.

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador and Foreign Office specialist on maritime law (and VIPS member), has just weighed in with a helpful description of two clear legal possibilities, which take into account both international law and the Law of the Sea:

1. Possibility one is that the Israeli commandos were acting on behalf of the government of Israel in killing the activists in international waters. The applicable law is that of the flag state of the ship on which the incident occurred.

In legal terms, the Turkish ship was Turkish territory. So in this case Israel is in a position of war with Turkey, and the attack by Israeli commandos falls under international jurisdiction as a war crime.

2. Possibility two is that, if the killings were not military actions authorized by Israel, they were then acts of murder and fall under Turkish jurisdiction. If Israel does not consider itself in a position of war with Turkey, it must hand over the commandos involved for trial in Turkey under Turkish law. It is for Turkey, not Israel, to carry out any inquiry or investigation and to initiate any prosecutions. Israel would be obliged by law to hand over indicted personnel for prosecution.
11:58 June 2, 2010 by Keith #5083

Great research ali. Hmmm.. what has 1787 got to do with 2010?

Equally, most of the points BD raised could be applied to...ehmmm....any fundamentalists. I especially liked the last paragraph of your quote as substituting labels can make it very modern :)

But then, politics is a 'game of the moment' and it is a smart politician who allies himself with the opponents of the 'current enemies'.

Abe Lincoln said 'kill your enemies by making friends with them', meaning that once you are friends you are no longer enemies.

"Have we become so intolerant that we refuse and fight differences, which are to humanity what seasons are to life?" from the Le Matin Newpaper editorial, the official voice of the Moroccan Royal Palace.
12:06 June 2, 2010 by Guy with a big whang
Yawn! Middle east... another day, same crap, same bullsh!t 'points' from people who want to see Israel "wiped off the map" as well as people who reply to them, but the biggest BS has got to be the people saying its time to take action against Israel because (insert whatever quarter/half/full BS reason here).

The irritating part, this thread has just started and before the day is through we are going to see the same BS from morons who have created multiple user accounts on this site writing and answering themselves with usernames that are meant to suggest they are of Swedish or western origin but who's comments structure and content suggest otherwise.

As this dies down, wait a little while and something else *WILL* happen again in that part of the world (we all know this isn't the end) and again this same thread will pop up with the same people shouting the same crap.

Wouldnt surprise me in the least if this thread reaches 100 comments by 3pm, and when it finally winds up - not a single person would have changed their stance even though they 'voiced their opinion' and read other peoples replies.

And in the meantime rockets will continue to be fired with the help of Hamas and continue to fall into Isreal with nary a word in the press about it.
12:11 June 2, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

This is not very helpful to your cause. In fact your posting is against the law and has no place here. It's called "hets mot folkgrupp" also known as Hate speech.

Now you wouldn't like to read some really disparaging hate speech about al-Islam as a religion or the Prophet of Islam salallahu alaihi wa salaam - and neither would I. So in the interest of mutual respect let's keep hate speech out of the discussion.

I stand for what I say and that'swhy I post under my real name.

12:18 June 2, 2010 by Kevin Harris
#Cornelius Hamelberg

Your name really is Cornelius Hamelberg!!!! ROFL.
12:44 June 2, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Yes indeed Kevin,

CEH is CEH just as Kevin Harris is really Kevin Harris and not JC the son of Mary, till exempel or David "The Bear" Harris


Above, is a picture of one of Henning Mankell's comrades - a comdare -in arms, brandishing one of the many knives that Henning Mankell himself did not/ has not seen, since he ( Henning Mankell) did not do a thorough search of the boat and unfortunately could not be everywhere at the same time - and therefore could not know what was going on everywhere on board the ship that he was travelling in with his fellow passengers.

Today he can say of them " We were in the same boat" ... and to the extent that he shared their armed resistance he can also say " We are in the same boat."... it's different strokes for different folks.....
12:50 June 2, 2010 by calebian22
Since everyone is throwing around, "international law this and that," how about the more than 8000 missle strikes from Gaza on civilian populations in Israel since 2001? Are civilians in Israel worthy of less of an international outcry? Apparently.
12:52 June 2, 2010 by Roy E
These 'humanitarian peace activists' are nothing but a bunch of agent provocateurs trying to staging another propaganda stunt - and the legacy media are active participants in the propaganda.

They go looking for trouble then wail like little babies when they find it. What a bunch of clowns.

Good for Israel for standing up to this ridiculous nonsense!
13:00 June 2, 2010 by christo
lsrael say we warned u and u refused. so dare send another boat without inspection and u will suffere the consequences. it was simple to do, take the baot for inspection then u r free to go but u dint . the bad thing is . in that area its civilians who r used and they are the ones who figth lsrael and wen israel defends itself they call it a bad country. the army is the civilians so pplse dont dare put israel down . they mean what they say and it has been like this for years. even if the international comunity comes out, riots go on. what israel says is what it follows. thats a nation everyone fears and its a dangerous nation wen it comes to war issues.
13:05 June 2, 2010 by mysticbumwipe
Illegal attacks are illegal. Whoever does it.

Do you (Calebrian) and I agree or not? :-o

There IS no disagreement from anyone here on that.

You guys are refusing to admit that Israel has transgressed international law, yet again.

To bring up missile attacks AGAIN as a justification for breaking the law against people who are not firing missiles but delivering humanitarian aid to block an illegal blockade (article 31, Geneva convention against collective punishment) is very sad indictment of a complete lack of moral integrity.

If anyone is taken in by the lies and propaganda from pro-zionizst spokesmen, please just watch this video which appears to provide PROOF of what occurred BEFORE the commandos landed on the Turkish ship. I.e. the turkish ship was fired upon with one resulting fatality BEFORE the commandos descended from helicopters.
13:25 June 2, 2010 by Nemesis
It is unfortunate they did not keep him.

Anyone who is stupid enough to think that the middle east is the same as Europe, needs there head examined.

The Israeli's are surrounded by dictatorial states, most of which think Israel should be wiped of the face of the map. That in turn makes the Isreali's paranoid about everything and likely to overreact to everything.

The activists that went out there need to realise this.

No one in Hamas, IHH, Al Queda or any other group gives a damn about the people of Gaza. None of the countries in the area give a damn about those people. Egypt keeps it border crossing usually closed. Syria puts Palestinians in camps and refuses to give them citizenship. Jordan keeps them in camps. The only aid Iran sends is weapons which leads to retailiation and more suffering. On top of all that Israel gives more aid to the people of Gaza than every muslim country combined.

Also the activists don't give a damn about the Gaza people. They only care about creating PR stunts and complaining about jews. I have yet to hear those people complain about the injustices that Hamas commits on Palestinians. Women in the Gaza strip are treated as less than animals.

The activists on those ships and Hamas would gladly sacrifice every single person in Gaza for there political points. People need to realise that.

I assume now Hamas will step up rocket attacks, while they have sympathy to get Israel to over react again.
13:36 June 2, 2010 by glamshek

You mentioned it rightly that one reson of the sufferening of Palestinians is because of The Muslim Greedy Governments itself. Towards that end you criticised Hamas that they don't care. Well Hamas has a good resistance history. If have laid its lives for the cause. If you had said the same for Al-Fatah, i would never have objected.

Secondly how come you say Iran only sends military aid to Israel? Are you really serious? I think it would be good if proper research oriented people come here and comment.
14:13 June 2, 2010 by Nemesis
@ glamshek

Thank you for deliberately misquoting me. You would get a good job in Fox News.

Iran only sends weapons to Hamas. It does nothing else as I have made clear in my message.
14:33 June 2, 2010 by bbeynch
Will Israel drop the bomb? Mankell is misguided and is asking the wrong question! One can safely assume that Israel will not drop the bomb unless her existance is threatened. The question that should be asked is: Will Iran, Syria or Turkey acquire the bomb? If they do then it will be dropped, by them not the Israelis. If they don't, then one can expect a reasonable element of stability in the area for the foreseable future, Palestine notwithstanding. If Iran gets the bomb, all bets are off. The West would be wise to ensure that the filthy mullahs in Isfahan and Natanz never, ever, get their sticky fingers on the bomb. By any means necessary!
14:39 June 2, 2010 by dew_pansy
People of the world who were participating in the ships are the HEROES OF THE WORLD and they will remain in the hearts of the people and on the face of the history. Killer vanishes like the foam on the water and history doesnt allow like people to keep on face.instead they are finished.
14:51 June 2, 2010 by calebian22

Should Israel allow uninspected aid past their blockade which will support Hamas? They should trust the European's word that it is only humanitarian aid? Why, because Europe has always been on the side of the Jews? It is not like Israel said no to any of the aid getting into the strip. Allowing it in uninspected was not going to happen though.

It is not like the missles have stopped flying out of Gaza and into Israel. It is ongoing, so I am not sure how you or anyone can so flippantly say that talking about Palestinian missles fired into Israel is irrelevant. When does self defense or survival come into play? You say that talking about the 8000 missles shows a lack of moral integrity. I find that your dismissal of those continued missle attacks to be indicative of your level of morality as well.

Who says common ground can't be found in this conflict? ;-)
14:53 June 2, 2010 by olive_tree
Down with the terror country,
15:02 June 2, 2010 by glamshek
Do not try o find the fault, try to garner the essence of knowledge. Ali[a.s]

Misquote or whatever...Just be more researchful when you people comment. On one side you hate Fox news and on the other you cannot speak out the truth. How strange !
15:05 June 2, 2010 by Nemesis
@ olive_tree

What country would that be?

D you object to Hamas firing thousands of rockets into Israel and other similar incidents?
15:08 June 2, 2010 by europeman31
Israel is the mole on Humanity and Peace the Illegitimate Country . Israel shd be banned and Boycott .

We should Nato forces in Israel now.
15:17 June 2, 2010 by soultraveler3
Why is this story listed as the #3 most commented today when there are no comments? Has someone removed all of them?
15:25 June 2, 2010 by glamshek
Unfortunately, whole Israeli lot is to be condemned.... It is a damned country. Its whole population diverts a big amount of their savings towards saving the illegitimate state of Israel. The reason is that they themselves have traditionally been incolved intoppling govts and nurturing insidous rebellions where ever they lived. A natural sense of insecurity ensued and they had to take all protective measures making them Big Bullies eventually.

So whole Israeli lot is condemned to death...I know most will not agree but I think history is one big witness of this attitude of Israel.
15:57 June 2, 2010 by Dazzler
Yes, please do drop an A Bomb. Go Go IDF !!
16:42 June 2, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
It's clear, Mankell is a nut.

Though a calculated nut, to plant the seed of probability to the ifantile minds of the islamo-facists that they would use a atomic weapon offensively.
17:46 June 2, 2010 by glamshek
Since 1948 Israel has been gaining worldly support and might from worldly people and its citizens. See the results now. Sometimes they would hold Hezbollah the scapegoat, while somtimes Hamas...Now they even encraoched upon Human Rights activists but nobody listened to Palestinians when Israel was killing small children who could only pelt stones at Israeli Tanks. Now can you imagine someone talking about 'have mercy' on Israel. What a pity ! They are biting the hands that feed them. Land of Palestine is occupied, its not their motherland. Can there be any other solution to this menace of Israel than totally innihilating then with all their support ?
21:16 June 2, 2010 by raukey
i feel Israel agents have taken over this blog. How impressive!
01:40 June 3, 2010 by Handries
Surprising that Mr. Mankell participate in this farcical action, as he's contradicting his own criticism of Neo-Nazi's in his book: "Return of the Dancing Master". As those Muslim activists are all inspired by the Haj Amin el-Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem between 1921-1937 who was in exile and in collaboration with the Nazis during the years 1941-1945 and a personal friend of Adolf Hitler.

According to Arie Stav's article Arabs and Nazism, in OUTPOST, January 1996:

"The Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini was the equal of any of the war criminals. In postwar testimony, a senior aide to Eichmann described el-Husseini's appetite for destruction. He said that the Mufti visited the Auschwitz gas chambers, in disguise, and reproved the Germans for their lack of diligence in the destruction of the Jews. He loudly protested the proposed Nazi deal to save 4,000 Bulgarian Jewish children or to exchange trucks for Hungarian Jews.

The Mufti was never tried because the Allies were afraid of the storm in the Arab world if its national hero were to be treated as a criminal. The Mufti was received as a national hero in Egypt where he was among the sponsors of the 1948 war. Indeed, the Mufti represents the link connecting the two attempts to destroy the Jews, that of the Nazis and that of the Arabs. It is thus not surprising that the Mufti has a lofty place in the PLO's pantheon. Arafat saw the Mufti as an educator and leader, declaring in 1985 that he deemed it an honor to walk in his footsteps. Arafat stressed that the PLO continued to march in the path carved out by the Mufti."

13:22 June 3, 2010 by Tutu
mankell should not see himself as a hero. I dont believe that someone can be so intelligent and so daft at the same time. His action is beyond me.

Alternative passage was provided by Egypt and Israel which he refused. They intended to peacefully disobey another sovereign's country territorial laws without a repercusion. Can we call this action peacefull or delibrate provocation.

He has succeeded in distabilzing a shaky mid-east relationship.

I wonder when he is going on the next humanitarian trip to Sudan where the government is raping and killing innocent people everyday. We see people starving to death everyday in Dafur but he is interested in becoming overnight hero by going to Gaza. Compared to Darfur, Gaza is a paradise. Now we shoudl expect more bombing, rockets and more death. Thanks to our swedish hypocrite
10:03 June 4, 2010 by geekgirl
This is what the US diplomats would call "Collateral damage". Or in the pentagon's terms: a "near-miss".. In IDF records? hmm.. "Pre-emptive strike against a foreign threat"?

This is quite depressing..
13:08 June 4, 2010 by mysticbumwipe
Dear supporters of Israel's self-defeating security policy

Please feel free to continue to ignore these most critical facts which will ultimately be to Israel's own loss and disadvantage (your choice):

1. the daily suffering of the Palestinians, in the West Bank and even more so in Gaza;

2. the total military domination that Israel already has, which guarantees its ability to overpower a Palestinian state indefinitely;

3. the anger at Israel that grows around the world precisely because it poses as a weak victim, despite its display of overwhelming strength;

4. the fact that Israel lashes out in bully-like fury because it is caught in the contradiction between myth and fact, which it cannot see.
15:19 June 4, 2010 by here for the summer
I will boycott Mankell's books and Uppsala University .. such crap they are spewing .. Why not go to Somolia? Or Pakistan many muslim countries and stop the senseless madras education of terrorists with memorization of the Koran passing as education
18:52 June 4, 2010 by Iraniboy
hitting soldiers with metal sticks and throwing ??!!!

I wonder what is the normal reaction when you're sitting on the deck in international water and then some commandos and helicopters fall from the sky with guns and rockets!!!
19:11 June 4, 2010 by wenddiver
Mankell is an insane man trying to get Sweden involved in a shooting war in the Middle East. Some Peace activist.

This looks like a pretty good reason to keep Turkey out of the EU.
19:13 June 4, 2010 by Abbot
It's interesting that some posters say Israel is paying a high price for this incident because Turkey wants to downgrade relations, but Israelis are already taking action with their wallets. They are cancelling holidays in Turkey by the hundreds of thousands (that's PEOPLE, not euros), so who really stands to lose?

@Iraniboy. What would happen in Iran if some people went after the Revolutionary Guards with metal sticks?
20:05 June 4, 2010 by bichito
Library of the Congress of Argentina

Buenos Aires, June 4th. - 2010.

Dear co-readers:

Almost a century ago, by the thirties, it was our first Nobel Prize,and of Peace, Dr. Carlos Saavedra Lamas who led the argentine doctrine named "La victoria no da derechos" (Victory does not give rights).

This is not the first time Israel goes trough arabic lands gaining the approval -or the consent- of the United States and her war industry.

Before the establishment of the state of Israel by the force of the "civilizated" world arabic and jews people shared the same territory in peace.

If the victory was to get a national state because of the nazi persecution during the 2nd. world war I don't feel that happiness reigns in the Middle East region.

And that is one of the reasons to establish of a state, for its people live in peace.

And this is not the only case published by the papers this week in Argentina, since another firm of England want to exploit the petroleum of my country for the force of the victory circumstamce of another war. (The war of Malvinas).

If we -as people- want to live in peace and happy we ought to reject that any country by any reason use the force to exploit economic and human resources as it is the custome of some countries of the "First" world.

After all I have been living twice in the United States and its people has everything but not mental health (see: Fromm, Erich "Psychoanalisis of the Contemporary Society")

Doctor Carlos Saavedra Lamas was not only a clever and wise man but also a prophet for a new mankind. Should Israel has to give back arabic territories, England should do the same with our Islas Malvinas.-

Contador Ricardo Alberto Zavi-Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Argentine Citizen ID # 11,091,375-Mich ID # Z 100- 738-263 4
21:05 June 4, 2010 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
"What will happen next year when we come back with hundreds of boats? Will

they drop an atom bomb" - Mankell

Fail troll is full of fail.
22:03 June 4, 2010 by wenddiver
Anti-Violence training?????- there are pictures if these thugs beating an Israeli Sailor down on the deck with an Iron pipe. I don't think think that's what Ghandi or Dr. King had in mind. Hitting somebody with a metal pipe is considered an application of deadly force.

The latest stunt from the terrorists of Hamas for our gullible media.
07:05 June 5, 2010 by geekgirl

"The Israeli's are surrounded by dictatorial states, most of which think Israel should be wiped of the face of the map. "

Oh really? Lets consider the most powerful and most populous Arab country in the region; Egypt..

Sadat, who made peace with Israel (Camp David Accord - 1975) and was assassinated for it, and American friend. I hear Israel is making a Square in Haifa in his Name.

Mubarak, another key US ally in the region, and maintained the peace with Israel, that's besides free Natural gas, and all that good stuff.

Saudi and its Saud monarchy, US buddies who won't stand a chance of survival without US support, with bases all over the country (and in Kuwait).

Jordan, a 1/2 British mutt - King Abdullah, whose intelligence works hand in hand with the US in Afghanistan.

Lebanon, lead by christian presidents for the longest time. Same Lebanese Christian Phalangists that Israel empowered and helped orchestrate (encircled and watched) the Sabra & Shatilla Palestinian refugee camps massacre.

Remember US/UK puppet Shah Pahlavi of Iran who was supplying Israel with Oil?

So to say that Israel is surrounded by dictatorial states who are determined to wipe Israel off the map is completely ridiculous. Because those dictatorship are only installed and fortified by Israel's closest ally, the US, to maintain its presence on the map.

The only democratically elected governments around Israel, whom the US had no influence on, are Hamas in Gaza, and Ordogan's Government in Turkey. And look what that brought on Israel.

I won't even mention Iran's Ahmadinejad administration, to spare myself the drama. Although it is a well known fact that the first democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mossadegh, was ousted in a military coup by the CIA and MI6. So that speaks volumes about Israel and the US/UK aspirations for so-called "democracy" in Iran..

If you consider Egyptian government a dictatorship, would you rather see Mubarak ousted in favor of the Muslim brotherhood?!!

Oh, I would love to see democratically elected governments in the middle-east, then Israel would have a lot more to worry about than just Hamas.
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