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Swedish man gets penis extension, not added girth

The Local · 5 Jun 2010, 09:58

Published: 05 Jun 2010 09:58 GMT+02:00

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In his report to the Sweden's Medical Responsibility Board (HSAN) the man claims that the operation has not made an inch of difference.

"I have asked him to redo the procedure or do something about it, but he has refused," the man claims.

The man explains that he had reached an agreement with the surgeon to thicken his penis, but that for some reason he changed his mind at the last minute and elected to do something about the length.

The procedure made no difference, the man claims and set him back 30,000 kronor, leaving him shaken up by the experience.

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"It has left me feeling psychological unease," the man wrote, asking the board to intervene on his behalf.

The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:14 June 5, 2010 by voiceofreason
What a pity, has no one told him that it has nothing to do with the length but more with how you use it.
12:45 June 5, 2010 by Dr. Dillner
This guy needs to invest in some psychological treatment instead.
13:13 June 5, 2010 by zircon
Typical. Swedish women!
13:16 June 5, 2010 by Aureliano Buendia
he should have tried to extend his brain for one inch
13:27 June 5, 2010 by sendia
maybe he is a performer and looks is what matters to him than substance.
14:21 June 5, 2010 by anony1

I guess people won't notice how big it is if he is just a normal performer! but if he performs another industry, then the story is different
14:37 June 5, 2010 by ali_bin_umar
Agreement not fullfilled. The money, 30K, should be returned to him.
15:05 June 5, 2010 by Marc the Texan
- Nice penis.

- Thanks, I just had it lengthened.
15:13 June 5, 2010 by kokoloco
The best extension

19:19 June 5, 2010 by Tall swede
Why do the local publish articles like this? This is barely aftonbladet material. Why bring the low brow gossip and rumors to the readers? Print the news, or accept that you are way down the slippery slope of gossip and loss of all journalistic integrity. Dont you feel cheap after writing an article like this?
19:22 June 5, 2010 by DaveN
Never mind the length, just feel the quality.
19:32 June 5, 2010 by sissygirl
Hey everybody! I paid 30,000sek to make my wanger bigger but I got screwed! Yeah, I would want everybody to know that.
20:59 June 5, 2010 by mojofat
"...the operation has not made an inch of difference."

23:51 June 5, 2010 by bbeynch
This story bears witness to the infantile pea-brained editors at The Local. With all the stuff going on in the world, and also in the name of decency and good morals, they have to publish this?????? Is here no class and morality left any more? It is not even tabloid material! What pearls of wisdom does this information offer? For crying out loud, stick to politics and relevant stuff, and do not lower the standards, already scraping the bottom of the barrel!
00:37 June 6, 2010 by StockholmSam
If you are gonna go for that kind of operation, don't opt for length or girth...get a curve or two put in, instead. That drives the women wild!

Hmmm...I wonder if they can do a corkscrew effect...
11:36 June 6, 2010 by alingsaskev
We are talking about a penis here but it struck me that this story gets down to the very heart of an issue which annoys me about Sweden's attitude to customer satisfaction- there is none.

Things are costly in Sweden and buying the smallest thing must be considered a serious investment. When a bedding plant can cost £10 you need to make sure it's exactly right as once a purchase has taken place, if you are unhappy with it most Swedish businesses will simply sneer and say "tyvär".

I own a restaurant which gets really hot so we ordered an AC unit. We settled on one that cost 35,000SEK. The moment we switched it on the AC froze up and ground to a halt. We called the company who supplied it and were told over the phone, that there was nothing wrong with the unit.

We insisted they come take a look and were told the unit was set too cold, so we set it slightly warmer, with no success. We phoned again and again. Instead of just admitting that the machine was faulty we got 12 months of "You bought a cheap machine," "this machine was designed for use in Spain", "the weather outside is too hot or too cold", and finally "the machine should only be used in Spring." Only after finally threatening the company with a solicitor did they come and take the unit away. They didn't replace it, or apologize, they just took it away without a word of apology.

Dealing with Telia is a similar problem. We pay for high speed broadband, which we don't get. We phoned to complain and were told it was our problem, that we needed a new modem which we needed to buy it ourselves, which we did. Still no service, so we rang again, this time we were told we had to buy a new router which we did - still our broadband was barely working so after spending about 1,300SEK and phoning day after day Telia finally admitted that there was a problem with our line. Six months later and we are still waiting for Telia to fix it, not at their expense however, at ours.

My point is this, that no matter what you seem to buy in Sweden, if it goes wrong it is always assumed immediately that it is the customers fault. This is dreadful marketing practice.

There is so little competition in Sweden that the option to move to different providers is curtailed. Businesses can tell customers" tyvär" because they know that they have little choice of getting their services elsewhere, and although Ombudsman is one of the few Swedish words to have made it into English there are few organizations within Sweden that customers can complain to about poor service. Consumers are powerless to act .

So back to the Penis. The service this gentleman received fell short (no pun intended) of his expectations, indeed a surgeon denied his wishes and performed something completely different whilst charging the poor fella for the privilege of tinkering with his private parts, this really isn't a time to hold up hands, shrug and say" tyvär."
12:41 June 6, 2010 by avatar
haha, no wonder why african guys are so successful in Sweden.

to all saying that length does go matter -- go out some weekend and see swedish girls running after black guys and you will know why this guy invested 30k sek in length!!!!
16:14 June 6, 2010 by Kaethar

Condom manufacturer Durex has published a press release in the newspaper Milenio with information on the average size of the penis in erection depending on ethnic origin and height:

Caucasians: 16,2cm (6.39")

African: 15,2cm (6")

Hispanic: 14,7cm (5.8")

Asian: 13,5cm (5.31")

The moral of this story is that I can find information to back up any stereotype. :)
18:03 June 6, 2010 by mikmak
*A few lines to make people think I am commenting the story*

*Anecdotal stories of when I was screwed by some company, whine whine whine*

*Unfounded and generalizing evidence of the insufficiency of an an entire society based on my anecdotal stories*

*Oh, a few lines about the story so as not to be offtopic*
18:53 June 6, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
I guess he got dicked over.
19:57 June 6, 2010 by nukes-free
Article-- cheap! The guy-- insecure, while the surgeon-- a fraudster.
20:04 June 6, 2010 by Essjay
Well suppose this had been a woman going for breast implant ,the doctor decided he wanted longer nipples instead ,the guy,s got a point ,not exactly a nice op ,same as all these body enhancements ,not that pleasant ,but it,s the utter trust you place in the surgeon , maybe you would not do it ,I am happy as I am but it,s an individuals right to decide and as a paying consumer I would be fuming at being mistreated and if I was him I would probably floor the surgeon and remake his face ,then go to court and say thats what he asked me to do !
20:04 June 6, 2010 by adnans
this is absolutely ridiculous to sublime.the same hoops SW deliberately designed

to keep ppl out of their right....
20:54 June 6, 2010 by nukes-free
Insecure guy, fraudulent doctor, and finally, a cheap article.
11:22 June 7, 2010 by salalah
I didn't know they took substance from a person's brain to enlarge his penis!!!
13:34 June 7, 2010 by Leo Danial
@ alingsaskev

I am very sorry to admit that all that U have said is the naked simple Truth!

Consumer or costumer satisfaction here is only a smile in the begining & tyvär in the end of the day. U have to pay more & more to be satisfied ... this is the lesson that I learned from many personal & other people's experiences.

If U don't know your rights or just depend on the sellers .... maybe U will be robbed sometimes ... this the case with most of the immigrants & forigners who don't know good Swedish or English ... they can only shake their heads in sgreement to keep face ... until they explode in anger ultimately.

Telia is the worst in their services ... U can never feel safe with them. Comhem ... is the best ... unfortunately our landlord had sold us to Telia!

It is very good that U have shifted the focus from penis to general consumer satisfaction ,because this is a real social & economical & psychological problem ... the human as a consumer feel robbed, frustrated, fooled & angry!
16:39 June 7, 2010 by wabasha
I would agree service is crap in sweden. I love it when they have one person working in a busy shop. in the states they would have 5 teenagers working, usually worthless but none the less fast with cash register. bartender and waitstaff bug me the most though. Slow! Slow! Slow Robots! but... 6 weeks paid vacation, 10 minute bike ride to work, awesome parental leave program. I will stop complaining now, and get another danish beer out of my fridge.
17:51 June 7, 2010 by Louisalouisa
Customer service sucks in Sweden but that's what socialism does it breeds laziness and a couldn't careless attitude as their pay check is the same either way.

I feel genuinely sorry for this guy and his penis and I think its very brave of him to expose such mal-practices no pun intended.
21:28 June 7, 2010 by nukes-free
@ louisaoisa, ur comment is well thought-out. Socialism is the cause of the whole problem. Everything is socialised. There is no competition. People are are conditioned to accept what the system offers without questioning. if you protest or question, u are considered a deviant. The whole situation is simply frustrating.

Just few are in control of people's mind, controlling the way others should think, or peceive reality.
00:18 June 8, 2010 by alingsaskev
@ louisaoisa, nukes & Leo,

thanks for your comments. I will say that sometimes customer service in Sweden can be surprisingly great, I bought paint to decorate my house when I first moved here, I turned up picked the colour went to the store and asked for 5 tins. The seller refused to sell them to me until I went home, measured all of my walls and could tell her exactly how much paint I needed... "it's expensive paint" she said, and I got a cup of coffee and a kanelbulle thrown in for my trouble... so it's not all bad!

It's big business that is the real culprit here and although that can be true of almost any country or society, I have found it to be most prevalent here in Sweden.

@ Mikmak.. sorry if this extra anecdote galls your sensibilities, just using them to highlight a salient point that many readers obviously also find to be both justified and pertinent.
02:35 June 13, 2010 by cattie
Call Austin Powers, they have a new and improved Swedish Penis Enlarger.
15:47 June 22, 2010 by Raiha
@ Stockholm Sam #14

I like the way you think :)
02:13 July 5, 2010 by jpem
We have a guy at work that got fooled the same way, poor Scottie.
13:27 December 25, 2010 by mieoux
Actually voiceofreason, you're wrong. As someone who enjoys penises, I can tell you that length matters as does girth. Bigger is better, within reason of course. As for how to use it, as long as the equipment is up to par you can always teach someone what to do with it, after all what works for one person may not work with the next partner, these skills are not always transferable. I applaud this man for trying to improve himself. The doctor should give him the girth he wanted at no extra charge, but meanwhile this man should not hesitate to use what he has now even while waiting for the issue to be resolved.
05:01 December 31, 2010 by pcs5141
Horsecock transplant
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