Man arrested over Rinkeby riots

Man arrested over Rinkeby riots
A man in his twenties has been arrested on suspicion of rioting after Tuesday night’s serious disturbances in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby. Police are now examining footage from security cameras and expect to make further arrests.

The man was arrested on Wednesday afternoon

“He has been detained and is previously known to the police,” said police spokeswoman Diana Sundin.

“We hope to make more arrests in the near future,” she added.

Meanwhile, disturbances in the area continued, with a fire breaking out in a parking garage. Police suspect arson. The fire was extinguished quickly, according to police.

“Four people were observed at the scene, and we are hopeful that we will be able to identify them,” said Sundin.

Education Minister Jan Björklund, Integration Minister Nyamko Sabuni and Local Government Minister Mats Odell visited Rinkeby School following the riots. Björklund said the purpose of the visit was “partly to inform ourselves, partly to show our support to the residents of Rinkeby.”

Björklund emphasised that all residents have the right to access public services such as the fire brigade. His comments follow last arson attack at a youth centre in Rinkeby. The fire brigade was prevented by the riots from getting close enough to extinguish the blaze, despite a police escort.

The efforts to fight the fire were delayed by several hours as a result, leading to the complete destruction of the building. A further ten or eleven fires broke out in Rinkeby and neighbouring Tensta during the course of the night.

A total of 20 police patrols were deployed in the area during the night.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said the riots were a sign that society wasn’t working well for everyone. He said he hoped that parents, voluntary groups and other adults would communicate with young people in the area and try to ease tensions.

Stockholm County police commander Carin Götblad has meanwhile promised “powerful” and “resolute action” against any signs of continued rioting.

Rickard Loblom of the Blå Huset youth centre in Tensta said that frustration and a sense of alienation was growing among young people from ethnic minorities, who believe that they are treated differently to ethnic Swedes:

“It can get like this when young people think that action taken in areas like this is too rough, if they feel that the police suspect them of being potential criminals from the outset.”