Forecast: Royal wedding wet and cold

Forecast: Royal wedding wet and cold
Next week's Royal Wedding could be a wet and chilly affair, if early weather forecasts are to be believed.

Two major weather agencies forecast rain and temperatures of about 12 degrees Celsius. However, Sweden’s state weather agency SMHI has better news. it expects sunny spells with temperatures of 25 degrees.

“The weather that day could go two ways,” said Alexandra Ohlsson at SMHI. “It is leaning towards it being 20 to 25 degrees and quite sunny because there is a high pressure system that might still be here on June 19th. We’re hoping for that and that it holds back rain areas that drag temperatures down.”

Norwegian weather site predicts 12 degrees and rain; predicts 14 degrees and rain.

Ohlsson pointed out that the wedding is still more than a week away, so forecasts are uncertain. Pia Hultgren, meteorologist at SVT, said that forecasts this far in advance had only about a 50 percent chance of being right:

“At this time of year, I would say that [weather forecasts are accurate] only the day before. But then, it depends. If a high pressure system settles in, it could be more stable. In that case you can predict three or four days before.”

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