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Sweden backs whale hunt plan

TT/The Local · 12 Jun 2010, 07:19

Published: 12 Jun 2010 07:19 GMT+02:00

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Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren has joined forces with Denmark in seeking a compromise that would allow the world's foremost whaling nations Japan, Norway and Iceland to conduct legal hunts for the first time in 24 years, Reuters reports.

Most EU states remain firmly opposed to any compromise solution that would permit the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to set quotas. The IWC will rule on the matter at a summit meeting in Morocco later this month.

With whale hunting countries continuing to hunt despite the ban, Carlgren believes a regulated quota system would lead to fewer whale deaths.

"We think there is a window of opportunity to get Japan, Norway and Iceland into an international agreement. Today we have strong rules on paper, but in reality no control," the minister told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of EU environment ministers in Luxembourg.

But WWF secretary general Lasse Gustafsson was quick to criticize the minister’s line of reasoning.

“We can’t really understand the logic. We don’t see this as an area in which there should be political compromises,” he told news agency TT.

Gustavsson drew parallels with the government’s culling strategy for Sweden’s wolf population. He argued there was nothing to suggest that limited hunting quotas would benefit the whale population.

“We don’t see that there’s any reason to change the current principle.”

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Australia and New Zealand are strongly opposed to lifting a moratorium set in 1986. Within the EU, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK all reject any proposal that would legitimize whaling.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:24 June 12, 2010 by Soft Boiled
Disgusting!! Some people won´t be satisfied until all the worlds animals are dead
09:47 June 12, 2010 by Svenskiwi
I can sadly say that New Zealand is thinking in the same respect as sweden... They are CHICKENS!!!!! Stand up for the mammels who cant stand up for themselves!!! And do not bow to pressure from 3 stupid fricken countries who cant let go of a stupid old tradition!

I think we should be looking at how to stop the destruction of these amazing animals, get them out of oversized indoor pools (neither dolphins nor orka whales should be contained for our entertainment. That goes for Kolmården!!! http://www.kolmarden.com/Delfinarium.

Its so sick that this is legal here in sweden, to keep dolfins indoors! I think its illegal in New Zealand to have dolphins in swimming pools.

Shame on you Kolmården!
09:52 June 12, 2010 by zircon
Big whales, big industries, tiny minds/ needs or mouths to fill... Killing whales is hardly a sports of outstanding bravery. Let alone to eat it's flesh. I would abhor eating the flesh of the whale. And would only do so in case of extreme hunger. The imperial family of Japan should do more for the whales. Especially the empress and always sophisticated looking Miki.
10:15 June 12, 2010 by StockholmSam
Jeez, Local, I admire what you do, but you really need to more closely monitor your translations. Normally, I can let it pass, but how in bloody blazes can you mistranslate WWF?? How does one get "World Wide Fund for Nature" from "WWF?" Wouldn't that be "WWFN" instead? WWF is the World Wildlife Fund, for crying out loud. Get on the ball, please.
10:21 June 12, 2010 by xykat
I am totally against whale hunting! Its akin to killing another intelligent being! We should strongly protest against this.
10:21 June 12, 2010 by rufus.t.firefly
@ Soft

Yes. It's a fact. There is a view, prevalent among Europeans, that places the value of animals on a continuum from irrelevant to nuisance to dangerous. The interconnectedness of all creatures in the web of life is vastly under-appreciated.

I no longer go on those Baltic cruises many people enjoy because the shocking lack of visible life forms give me the creeps. I'm saying this as a person who grew up around waters jumping every minute of the night and day with all forms of marine life. That itself is captivating in a profound way. I feel sorry for those who haven't experienced it and I suppose I should understand how that would affect their thinking.

I don't want to preach to anyone, but we need to wake up. I'm not even sure there's time.
10:23 June 12, 2010 by StockholmSam
Oops, my bad. Seems WWF is the official name in Canada and the US, but it recently changed names to World Wide Fund for Nature internationally. Sorry for harping on you, Local. Carry on.
10:25 June 12, 2010 by Osk
Ah Swedish compromise.. maybe it should also be applied to the gang rape reported below: We know it is wrong, banned and illegal but as three men thought it was Ok we support gang rapes as long as the quota of rapists is two and it only happens a set number of times. The minister believes that a regulated number of gang rapes would reduce the overall numbers by helping to control the number of rapists who sign up to the agreement.
10:45 June 12, 2010 by Renfeh Hguh
Typical Swedish attempt to avoid confrontation and be nice to everyone.

I'll bet that the whaling nations contacted Sweden directly about this solution because they knew Sweden was a soft target.

Grow some balls Sweden.
10:47 June 12, 2010 by rugla
@OSK well said! it does not make sense f.....d logic by this idiots, it is sick!
10:55 June 12, 2010 by vento
ah, ok...

and when it finally starts the hunting to swedes?

hypocritical wretch population.
10:57 June 12, 2010 by booka
Sweden would love to lead this agreement wouldent it? The whales japan "hunts" are accually born in Australia, they wait for them to migrate into international waters so then can conduct experiments on them, after they shoot them with a hapoon charged with expolsives, and eat the left overs.

Its modern day poaching.
11:24 June 12, 2010 by Nemesis
Talking has not worked. Maybe it is time for something different.

There is lots of submairines in the worlds oceans armed with torpedoes.

Maybe it is time that a nation decided to grow and spine and sink the whaling ships.
11:56 June 12, 2010 by Marko2010S
Alas, it is pretty clear that many Swedes would prefer to shout and cry for the life of a whale 1000 X times more than caring about childrens in Gaza. Humanity is in its worse level ever....
12:07 June 12, 2010 by swedishninja
Atrocious. Hypocritical.
12:36 June 12, 2010 by J Jack
@marko , hey remember that the whales are not breeding like rabbits, ignoring birth control and womanizing everything with a vagina until it's old enough to get pregnant.

For a small group to give this backing on behalf of Sweden is wrong & undemocratic. There should be a National vote. It is obvious that there are money kickbacks involved for those who lend sympathy to whale killers. I don't mind people getting money, but they should earn it. Swedes generally have no conscience about where they get their money. In this case those representing Sweden on whale hunting quotas.

You are wrong however, about them preferring to save whales over children. I don't see demonstrations all over the world about this. I live in the Mediterranean and there are no more tuna around my island because of the Spanish cooperating with the Japanese. If we don't stop over consuming and choking our seas we will all be living like Gaza.
12:52 June 12, 2010 by bamse_in_the_rye
'Local' this article is incorrect - get your facts right! New Zealand is NOT strongly opposed to killing whales. In fact, it is New Zealand that designed this proposal to kill whales in the first place and is strongly in favour of killing whales see here http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/04/01/2862436.htm. This is because, unfortunately, New Zealand has a gutless Prime Minister and a gutless Whaling Commissioner who both have their fixed upon the almighty Japanese import money. I can confirm Australia is definitely against whaling see here http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/28/2911849.htm As to the rest of you gutless governments (not necessarily aimed at people but mostly money grabbing governments) like the Swedish Government supporting this..... well..... it's just like voting in the Eurovision Song Contest isn't it??? "We must vote with Norway!!! We mustn't upset our Norwegian neighbours!!" Grow up!! Sweden, take a stand against this, use your Viking spirit, be proud, get up on the table and stick your two finger up at your Norwegian neighbours and say "No, supporting whale hunts is just wrong, we've grown up since the days we did that!!!"
13:17 June 12, 2010 by Mr Gee
For a country that proudly states it's advanced, the agreement to hunt whales is a ** disgrace **
14:54 June 12, 2010 by Vidyadhara
So according to this logical Sweden should open up for legalization and import of cannabis.

Or so it would be were we to apply the logic of Secretary of the Environment, Anders Carlgren...

Alongside Denmark, Sweden now supports commercial whaling. Carlgren argues this is necessary because despite the quarter of a century old ban, commercial whaling has continued. He hopes to put quotas on the whaling and reasons this will encourage cooperation with commercial whaling nations Iceland, Japan and Norway. It's thought that the quotas will decrease illegal whaling by bringing the industry under control and regulation.

Likewise, Sweden's eventual legalization of cannabis will enable the government to tax and control it for private use which has continued and increased despite decades of prohibition. Quotas on personal production would encourage cooperation with Sweden's quarter of a million recreational users and thus oppose current legislation, which encourages criminal gangs and foreign powers to rule the market and circumvent the interests of the nation. As Carlgren said of the whaling: "We now have strict rules on paper, but no real control".

15:15 June 12, 2010 by Puffin
Really bad idea Sweden
15:37 June 12, 2010 by eZee.se
Its all about the money, start watching "Whale Wars" on the discovery channel

(also available on youtube as well as a download from various torrent sites if you want to see back episodes)

Japan regularly hunts whales that (as mentioned above - were born in Australia but who then swim out into international waters) in the guise of "research", then this whale meat ends up in restaurants all over the country (sometimes other countries as well) its a hundreds of millions dollar operation - and with that sort of money, loss of morals and corruption is never far behind.

But for Sweden to actually side with killing whales - utterly f**king disgraceful.

I vote +1 for the person above who asked Sweden to grow some b@lls.
16:20 June 12, 2010 by JoeSwede
Sweden.... please support the whales. If you ever see one swimming in the ocean you'll be awe inspired. They are God's magic on earth. To see them with their size, how they swim up and turn their huge bodies is a beautiful sight. Living with Man is not easy. We have to protect these creatures. It's not like they are overpopulating...

I'm usually for smaller government but I do support intelligent regulation. This is one area where regulation and strong lobbying should be supported. Go Sweden!
17:08 June 12, 2010 by Renfeh Hguh

The fat f.ck and some of his dimwit cohorts on "Whale wars" makes me want to support the Japanese. I don't blame Greenpeace not wanting to have anything to do with those media whores.
17:22 June 12, 2010 by RoyceD
bamse_in_the_rye ... dude, you are taking one NZer's opinion and calling that New Zealands opinion. It is quite clear that NZ is totally against whaling, please dont miss quote articles.
18:22 June 12, 2010 by Redbee
I'm ashamed that Sweden supports whale hunting particularly as my family live there who by the way are vegetatians and abhor Swedens decision .But what can you expect when fur farms are still legal and wild animals are hunted for fun .All countries have this backward and inhumane atittude towards animals and we have a long way to go before we as humans are really civilized ..
18:34 June 12, 2010 by GLO
This is just NUTS !!!!!1
19:42 June 12, 2010 by eZee.se
@Renfeh Hguh,

Granted their approach is more "direct", but its better than just 'reporting' that so many whales are being killed and waiting for someone else to do something about it.

The "fat f***" is doing somethinga bout it and HAS saved hundreds/thousands of whales with his methods - no matter how controversial they are, as well as educated a vast number more than GreenPeace with regards to the whale hunt every year.

In the annual whale hunt the Japs put on every year, how many whales has Greenpeace saved?

Dont get me wrong, I support GP wholeheartedly as well, in fact I am on their newsletter and took a stand with them against Hethrow's expansion... but you also have to give the people behind Whale Wars credit where credit is due. They are out gunned and fighting against billion dollar industries/corporations with nothing but donations.
21:49 June 12, 2010 by Aussie
I totally agree with Nemesis.

The Australian Government have threatened to send Warship to the Antarctic to keep an eye on the Japanese, but always whimp out.

Two years ago, the Australian government declared a whale sanctuary around their Antarctic territory. Did the Japanese respect it - No. The the Australian government do anything about the Japanese violating their "legal" whale sanctuary? No.

Grow some ball Garrett-- You were a big environmentalist as the front man for Midnight oil, but it appears someone must have them in a glass jar now.

Send a couple of Guided missile frigates and a Collins class sub to Antarctica next season and have some fun... Japanese whalers 0 - Australian warships 5...
22:35 June 12, 2010 by engagebrain
The Swedish government is happy to hunt wolves, so there is a certain consistency in wanting to kill whales.

On both counts they show lack of humanity and decency.
23:30 June 12, 2010 by joe90
As a individual who got invited too the celebrity opening of the film free Willy due to me and others who were involved in raising the awareness of the general public of the plight of the remaining whales I think the research that Japan has conducted in the southern ocean is scandalous a front to the hunting for profit of the hundreds of whales they kill each year

Any way we can reduce and eventually halt the practise will be a good move. There are isolated communitys of hunter gatherers who do take dolphiins and whales as agreed but mostly they do not sell them for profit .

As you see people are selfish at times and what is going to be the answer we will give our grandchildren when they ask where are the whales ?

Japan has blood on its hands killing whales for research

Murder is the name and any country that supports killing whales while they are still with us .is in it for the money

Shame on you
00:16 June 13, 2010 by euslisc
There is no good reason to ever kill any whale. I'm shocked that Sweden would go along with such a compromise. How can you have a "compromise" on life? Norway, Japan and Iceland need to live in the present, not the past. I say put the whole thing to a world vote. And if the world decides that whale hunts are illegal, any ship used for whaling should be sunk on the spot after giving a 15 minute warning so that the illegal murderers can abandon ship. That's more than they give the whales.
00:23 June 13, 2010 by glamelixir

I can't believe this from a nation that is supposed to be so forward with envirorment. Stockholm the green capital of Europe... pfff

Who the hell is deciding this? How can we do something about this? I mean, these people are the ones who should represent us.

I feel sooo bad about this!

Let's follow your logic Sweden, why don't we give serial killers a quota of 2 persons a year and see if that way we can reduce the murders. STUPID, IDIOTIC, BRAINLESS, SAD and sooo Swedish.
00:46 June 13, 2010 by dbeynch
Oh Sweden, how could you??? - Let' get the names of the Swedish government officials who did this, expose them, and drag their names through the mud! This is sickening!
04:12 June 13, 2010 by Traveler2010
I don't think people should kill whales anymore. That is not very nice. That is what Captain Ahab and those guys did all the way back in the 1800s.
05:49 June 13, 2010 by saab
@Marko 14

You write: "Alas, it is pretty clear that many Swedes would prefer to shout and cry for the life of a whale 1000 X times more than caring about childrens in Gaza. "

And for you: It is pretty clear that Marko would prefer to shout and cry about children in Gaza (who are supposed to be under the jurisdiction of that great democratic entitiy Hamas) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x times more than caring about the children in Sderot or those blown up in the Sbarro pizza parlor.

I say, SAVE THE WHALES so as to give Marko an apoplectic seizure
07:41 June 13, 2010 by silly t
hunting whales is no lesser evil than homosexuality which is hailed in western countries...the world is heading for doom...where have we kept conscience and morality?
08:11 June 13, 2010 by waffen
First the wolves, and now whales.

The Swedish government is a sorry lot, as are the authorities who santioned the killing of the wolves.

I would expect this low-life behaviour from the Japs, but I had higher hopes for Sweden. Norway is rolling in oil money, so what is the reason for killing whales? Bloodlust. Even Hitler hated blood sports.

The Beserkers are alive and well.
08:29 June 13, 2010 by SweetBlue
I totally agree with Nemesis and most of the others.** Whaling needs to be stopped. ** I understand that the Swedish government is hoping a quota system will bring the hunt numbers down, however the Japanese will hunt regardless. Those "researchers" are performing for their government and their livelihood. No quota law will stop them. Knowing that each Japanese vessel has a quota of whales to bring back to Japan sickens me more than anything. I believe that if whaling was illegal, then all hunters, all nations have to pay the ultimate price for their actions. Full retaliation - fines, jail time, sinking of vessels may be just the ticket to stop. Wouldn't it be wonderful if big money nations cut off all economic ties with whaling nations? Sanction and sinking. That's the way to go.

BTW - Agree or not with the crew of Whale Wars, at least they are taking action.
08:41 June 13, 2010 by SweetBlue
Comment: @SillyT

I may go to hell for this but...

Take your arcane notions about homosexuality and go ride a whaling vessel as it's shot down. SHAME ON YOU for comparing the two. You have a right to your opinion, but please keep it inside your neanderthal brain.
09:42 June 13, 2010 by Svenskiwi

You are an absolut idiot for comparing sexuality with hunting whales. When has being gay killed an innocent creature? If you believe homosexuality is evil, thats your problem. The world is not heading for doom because a group of individuals like to get it on with the same sex... good on them at least they are happy and enjoy life, unlike you!!!! the world is only heading for doom because a group of people like money more than a world full of living creatures, living forests and clean oceans. Focus on the whaling and dont bring sexuality into this discussion.

@bamse in the rye.

You are totally right, the New Zealand government is no longer the voice of the population who greatly appose whaling! sadly we now have a right wing govt like sweden who care more about money and appeasing their neighbours than about voicing the concerns of their citizens. I am so ashamed my government is not supporting australia in standing up for our right to protect creatures who cant protect themselves from blood hungry whalers. This is the only time i think we need to have a joint nz aus nazy protecting the southern ocean from a country who should stick to their own waters!!!!
11:17 June 13, 2010 by Mr Gee
I have to wonder about the people in Sweden that voted/allowed this to happen:

What changed their mind? Offers of Cash? Women? Drugs? Other Favours?

16:01 June 13, 2010 by markusd
@Joe90, "Japan has blood on its hands killing whales for research"

I might be splitting hairs here but they're not killing whales for research. Instead, they are doing research to kill whales. Either way, the whole research loophole is insulting to everyone's intelligence. Is there even one person on this planet who actually cares about the weight of whale guts?
16:53 June 13, 2010 by soultraveler3
First the wolves and now the whales.

Yet one more example of Sweden claiming to support one set of ideals and then doing something that goes against those ideals. It's so sad.
17:54 June 13, 2010 by VicTaulic
Can you imagine how much poop the whales deposit in the ocean? Clean up the oceans and get rid of the whales, I say!

Joke, actually.
19:42 June 13, 2010 by Nemesis
We used to kill whales for oil.

Now we get oil from our Saudi overlords.

The only people who should have a right to kill any whales are the few minorities around the arctic circle who take a few every year. They take a few each year and use everything from bone to skin to help maintain there culture and pass there skills to the next generation.

The Japanese, Norwegian and Icelandic fleets have to be heavily subsidised to maintain there ability to hunt whales. Whale hunting is not economically sustainable in Japan, Norway and Iceland.

Japan is not engaging in research in its whaling activites. Plainly and simply it is heavily subsidised commercial whaling. The same applies to Norway and Iceland.
03:54 June 14, 2010 by glamelixir
@Renfeh Hguh


First, did you just call the Sea shepherd conservation society a media whore? and you are backing up Greenpeace? Ok, I don't know if I should laugh at your ignorance, explain to you or just pray for the world to get smarter people.

Greanpeace is one of the biggest ONLY MEDIA corporations in the world. Or do they do anything besides printing flyers, magazines, found rasing and talking on the media?

Capitan Paul Watson has reduced the whailing in 50% in only one year with their action campaigns. So please, I would appreciate if you apologize and focus on the real problem here that is SWEDEN'S STUPID DECISION ON THE MATTER.

Thank you.
09:42 June 14, 2010 by wolverine2k
Another stupid swedish decision. What more can I say?
10:12 June 14, 2010 by John D.
Save The Whales!
15:27 June 14, 2010 by Swewi
Why is it a big deal?

The whales they are hunting are not endangered.

No one protests at the commericial slaughter of pigs and cows, and there are some religions that worship pigs and cows.

Seems some people only kick up a fuss when it suits them.......
23:13 June 14, 2010 by dmj123
Under current treay there is a REQUIREMENT that the whale products go to market. Limited whaling is not going to hurt the whale populations. I read last year that minke whales in Icelandic waters number in the 50 - 100,000 range. Taking 1 in a 1000 is not going to drive them into extinction. Obviously saying "no whale hunts" is not working. That being said a compromise that is enforcable would make sense. The key is enforcebility.

Those of you who are worried about a few dead whales should put more energy into looking at the Tuna industry which kills far more dolphins legally than japan and company ever thought of.

i have always been pragmatic about environmental causes. make sure that there is a problem before condemning a practice. No one is going to stop the whale hunts under current conditions. (The 'Whale wars" guys are nothing more nor less than pirates and will eventually get nailed with a hefty lawsuit). Better to contain them and regulate them than to cry to the heavens but in essence let them continue unabated.
09:12 June 15, 2010 by SarahRF
I agree with dmj123. The current "ban" isn't working at all. At least if there was a quota put in place, with a strict registration of how many whales each ship can catch, it might be easier to regulate this.

Another option is to pour money into whale research, so that each whale can be chipped and tracked, and that way we can know what's happening to these whales and if they really are in danger of dying out. You have to remember that whale meat has been a part of these countries' cultures for a long long time. Whale meat and blubber has so many uses, of course people with limited resources would hunt them. By saying that they aren't allowed to follow this tradition is to take away a bit of their culture. Sweden hates it when their traditions are "taken away", just look at the mess over Victoria being walked down the aisle.

Surely compromise on both sides is better than a onesided ban that obviously is NOT working?

Maybe if they had specific whale farms, where whales are bred to be eaten, the wild whales would be better off? Hell we do it with cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and in some countries they do it with horses and dogs and cats, so why not whales? It might just work.
16:35 June 15, 2010 by OS Australian
Look at what Australia does to it's own sea turtles and dugongs (dolphin-like mammals).

Go to youtube and type in "Australian turtle slaughter".

Cruel and barbaric dismemberment of LIVE animals in northern Australia - yet Australia opposes whaling. How does that add up?

Peter Garrett (enviromment minister and former Midnight Oil frontman) and the government know about it and refuse to act.

These animals are ENDANGERED and will soon be extinct.
22:12 June 30, 2010 by alu
So once again, the Swedish goverment show that they are idiots !

Well bloody done!
05:01 July 5, 2010 by jnightingale
Sweden backs whale hunt plan

Shocking that Sweden still considers the commercial hunting of whales as viable and morally acceptable commercial activity. There is nothing critical contained in whales that cannot be replaced by other industrial products. i call on all citizens of the world to organize a Moby Dick flotilla that will prevent the departure of whaling ships from Swedish ports. Hope that Henning Mankell and the rest of Swedish nobility will join this humanitarian act of defiance. If Sweden does not change her policies towards commercial whaling, US dock workers should consider boycotting shipments of IKEA products, Swedish cars and wireless headsets.

Jed Nightingale

20:35 January 25, 2012 by Skippyj26
I was thinking of visiting your country to see the lights but after reading that you back whaling it is now out of the question!
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