Moderates are largest party: poll

The Moderates are currently the largest parliamentary party with the support of 29.9 percent of the electorate, according to a new United Minds poll while the Sweden Democrats on 5.6 percent threaten the Alliance coalition's hope of a majority.

Moderates are largest party: poll

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates claimed top spot for the first time in a United Minds/Aftonbladet poll ahead of the Social Democrats on 28.8 for the Social Democrats.

“The closer the election the more importance afforded to questions about the economy, growth and the ability to manage state finances. In these issues the ruling Alliance has the upper hand,” said Carl Melin, Survey Manager at United Minds.

But the four-party government coalition’s continued grip on power after the September 19th election is threatened by the far-right Sweden Democrats who polled 5.6 percent in the June voter survey, sufficient to claim seats in parliament.

If the poll was an indicator of the election result then the Sweden Democrats would hold the balance of power, although both the centre-right and centre-left blocs have categorically ruled out cooperating with the party.

The centre-right coalition polled a total of 46.4 percent, nudging ahead of the centre-left on 45.5.

United Minds poll results, June 2010 (changes since May 2010 in parentheses)


Moderate Party 29.9 (+0.1)

Centre Party 4.8 (-0.1)

Liberal Party 6.8 (+1.1)

Christian Democrats 4.9 (+0.2)

Total: 46.4 (Election 2006: 48.2)


Social Democrats 28.8 (-2.2)

Left Party 6.6 (+0.1)

Green Party 10.3 (+0.3)

Total: 45.5 (Election 2006: 46.1)

Sweden Democrats 5.6 (+0.1)

Others 2.5 (+0.5)

United Minds, in cooperation with Cint, interviewed 1238 people from May 24th-June 20th and asked the question: How would you vote if a general election were held today?

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