Svenska Spel CEO fired in major shakeup

The board of state-owned gambling enterprise Svenska Spel has sacked its CEO Meta Persdotter, Chairwoman Margareta Winberg announced on Wednesday.

Svenska Spel CEO fired in major shakeup

The search for a new CEO is currently under way. Finance director Anders Hägg has been appointed acting CEO. Winberg confirmed that the decision to fire Persdotter was associated with a major reorganisation taking place at the company.

“When one deals with such a large business, sometimes it works well in certain parts and not as well in others,” said Winberg. “Now we have launched this and we will enter a new phase. We think that it would be good if a new CEO takes over.”

Winberg did not want to call the hiring of Persdotter, the second senior executive to leave Svenska Spel in a week, a wrong recruitment choice.

“However, there have been concerns at the company,” said Winberg. “It is no surprise when one reorganises. Overall, we have determined that at the present time, we need another person.”

Last week, marketing director Tomas Agrell was replaced by Peter Jannerö, Winberg dismissed suggestions of a link between that and the decision to sack Persdotter:

“The two incidents are unrelated,” she said. “There, one can truly say that it was a poor hiring decision. He had to go.”

The recruitment of a new CEO is expected to take a long time.

“It will take at least a year, I believe,” said Winberg.

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Swedish village seeks mystery lotto winner

After Sweden's Wednesday night lotto draw, one lucky winner took home the grand slam of 134 million kronor ($19.6 million). Despite the ticket being bought in a small town, the owner is still unidentified.

“It’s unbelievable! ‘Bullshit’, I said and hung up when I was told that the lottery ticket had been purchased in our shop,” said Sofie Skepphagen of the Storebro Kiosk and Grill near Vimmerby to daily Aftonbladet.

The little community of Storebro outside of Vimmerby is all aflutter since the news came in on Wednesday evening that there was a newly made multi-millionaire in their midst.

And at Sweden’s gaming monopoly Svenska Spel, they still have no idea who the anonymous winner is.

“I have said it many times before, but this time I will stress it particularly, keep the ticket safe,” said Pierre Jonsson from the company in a statement.

“The only way to get your hands on the money is by presenting the winning ticket.”

The win is the third highest in Swedish lottery history, beaten by two previous grand slams of some 215 million kronor in 2010 and 135 million kronor in 2008.

“What a brilliant start to the gaming year,” Jonsson said.

But the lucky winner’s identity is still unknown among the residents of Storebro.

“We haven’t got a clue who the winner is. But it is a small community so the news will most likely travel like wild fire through the houses,” Skepphagen told Aftonbladet.