Speedboat splits small vessel in two

A father and son were fortunate to escape with only minor injuries on Midsummer Eve when a speedboat sliced their small craft in two off the coast of Gothenburg.

Kenny Jonsson, 47, and his son Andreas, 21, were headed for the island of Brännö to stock up on supplies for the festive evening ahead when the larger vessel sent both men flying into the water, newspaper Aftonbladet reports.

“It came at us so fast that we hardly had time to react,” Kenny Jonsson told the newspaper.

Andreas Jonsson sat at the back of the boat, while his father was sitting in the middle and just managed to jump out of the way in time.

“It rammed us right where I had been sitting. Our boat is five metres long and the one that rammed us is two and a half metres wide, so there wasn’t much that didn’t take a hit,” said Kenny Jonsson.

Incredibly, both passengers escaped with just grazes and some back pain. The driver of the speedboat has been reported for breaking the maritime code. According to the police report, the man was reading a map at the time of the collision and failed to see the smaller vessel.

Once the driver realized what had happened, he turned his speedboat around and helped the two men out of the water. He then brought them, and the remains of their boat, to Brännö.

“He was completely distraught, really shaken. First we were angry as we lay there in the water but then we understood how shocked he was,” said Kenny Jonsson.

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