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Swedish scholar: 'Jesus was not crucified'

The Local · 28 Jun 2010, 10:52

Published: 28 Jun 2010 10:52 GMT+02:00

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According to Gunnar Samuelsson of Gothenburg University, the story of Jesus' execution is based on Christian traditions and artistic illustrations, not antique texts, according to a recently published doctoral thesis entitled "Crucifixion in Antiquity - An Inquiry into the Background of the New Testament Terminology of Crucifixion".

Samuelsson, a committed Christian, alleges the Bible has been misinterpreted, saying there are no explicit references to the use of nails or to crucifixion - only that Jesus bore a "staurus" towards Calvary, which can also mean "pole," his research states.

Samuelsson 400-page thesis is based on close study of the original texts and was submitted at the university last month.

"The problem is descriptions of crucifixions are remarkably absent in the antique literature," Samuelsson said in an interview with the UK Daily Telegraph. "The sources where you would expect to find support for the established understanding of the event really don't say anything."

Ancient Greek, Latin and Hebrew literature from Homer to the first century describe a number of suspension punishments, but none mention "crosses" or "crucifixion."

"Consequently, the contemporary understanding of crucifixion as a punishment is severely challenged," Samuelsson told the newspaper. "And what's even more challenging is the same can be concluded about the accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus. The New Testament doesn't say as much as we'd like to believe."

There is little evidence to suggest that Jesus was left to die after being nailed to a cross, both in ancient pre-Christian and extra-Biblical literature as well as the Bible.

Samuelsson admitted that it is easy to react emotionally instead of logically to the research that is so close to the heart of his faith. He added that the actual execution texts do not describe how Jesus was attached to the execution device.

"This is the heart of the problem. The text of the passion narratives is not that exact and information loaded, as we Christians sometimes want it to be," Samuelsson explained.

"If you are looking for texts that depict the act of nailing persons to a cross you will not find any beside the Gospels."

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Contemporary literature all use the same vague terminology, including those in Latin. Meanwhile, the Latin word "crux" does not necessarily refer to a cross, nor patibulum refer to a cross-beam.

But despite the findings of his research Samuelsson does not suggest that Christians should reject of doubt the biblical and argued that believed that Jesus was indeed the son of God and argued that there is strong documented evidence to show that "a man named Jesus existed in that part of the world and in that time".

"My suggestion is that we should read the text as it is, not as we think it is. We should read on the lines, not between the lines. The text of the Bible is sufficient. We do not need to add anything," he told the newspaper.

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12:20 June 28, 2010 by McChatter
This news is not going to go down well in the Philippines.
12:30 June 28, 2010 by idialogue
It was already described in the "Living Miracles" Holy Quran . Surah Maryum , Verse 157 check here quran dot com/4/157 , text says here

And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah ." And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain."
13:14 June 28, 2010 by Globalnomad
Typical anti semitic anti catholic blah blah blah ... let me guess ... Aftonbladet ?
13:38 June 28, 2010 by Jim__in_Vietnam
Dang! Now what are we going to do with all of these crucifixes?

I'll side with Globalnomad. This is typical anti-Christian bigotry. Theologian Samuelsson (I didn't know Sweden had theologians - always thought you went in for witches and all that pagan nonsense.) is certainly entitled to his opinion. We Christians are thicker-skinned than our Islamic friends. None of us will go jihadi on him. Maybe we'll moon him or chuck a rotten egg at his Saab. :)
13:48 June 28, 2010 by Kevin Harris
Well done Gunnar Samuelsson. It's about time someone was brave enough to tell the truth about this. Biblical scholars have known for decades that Jesus did not die on the cross, but had already been killed in the traditional Roman way. That is by being beaten to death with stalks from the Lalanda plant, (similar to modern day leeks). Mary Magdalene escaped to Wales soon after, and the early Welsh Christians adopted the Lalanda plant as their national vegetable in honour of the vegetable that killed Christ.

Reference to verse 98, chapter 12 of the book of Gabanians proves everything: "So it came to pass that Jehova's only son was beaten with Lalanda fruit even unto death, and then hung from a cross adorned with Lalanda bushels."

Even today, in modern Aramaic (the language of Christ) you will hear the simile "Like being struck down with a wet Lalanda" to describe a death with political or religious significance.
13:54 June 28, 2010 by Open Minded
One Stop closer to ISLAM a Religion of PEACE which these days it hijacked by Media and terrorists who kill more Muslims than non.


This is what Muslims says for over 1400 years, he was not he was not he was not Crucified.

If you read Bible, Each version of Bible says one thing which crucifixion. This is Just a Fiction. If you read Paul,Luke.. all of them also contradict when it comes to Crucifixion and 1000 of other things .

Please go to youtube and type Professor Bart on Miss quoting Jesus.

If there is no Crucifixion there is no Christianity at all, coz it is based on this.

that one man died for your sin. this makes no sense how one man take my personal sins.

in Islam we are taught every body is responsibility for their sin and God is just , he will not punish someone else for my sin specially his son.every father try to safe his son and so clearly he was not died . God has called him and would send him back.

Some atheist now may say how it is possible after your dead u would be a life again.

Tell him /her how did you come to this world out of nothing and for a God to create some thing he would say BE and it comes :)

It is time to accept ISLAM :) and be a Muslim which means submit to God.
14:04 June 28, 2010 by fikatid
It doesn't really matter. Christian who don't believe in Islam will go to hell. Muslim who don't believe in Christianity will burn in hell. Those who don't believe in any god will go to hell. In the end, everyone will be in hell anyway. Does it really matter with all those my-god-is the-only-god type of argument?
14:14 June 28, 2010 by Open Minded
There was only one religion since the man put foot feet on this world. and this was ISLAM and these others religions are named after a location,animal,person, or something Christian which means anointed with oil. This word is Greek and Jesus did not speak this word it is fabricated name same like other religions.

The only religion which recognize all other messenger is ISLAM. We trust in Jesus, David, Abraham, Moses and the final messenger Muhammad peace be on all of them.

Muhammad never said i brought a new religion he said comes back to one God and stop worshipping cow, images pictures. or human.

Worship the God who created heaven and the earth your lord and my lord.

So there was only one religion and it is ISLAM other religion are named after tribe location and so on.
14:18 June 28, 2010 by Kaethar
Where's the evidence that he DIDN'T get crucified? There's a difference between there not being conclusive evidence that he was crucified to there being evidence that he wasn't. Ridiculous research whose aim is to open a can of worms. Trying to argue against a religion with "that probably wasn't the case" is ridiculous. The only way to bring down organised religion is with stone cold scientific fact - so more of that please and less abstract mumbo jumbo. :)
14:23 June 28, 2010 by Tutu
The last thing i will do is to join a religion that kills people, suppresses women's right, legalises pedofilla and advocates the extermination of people that does not belong to their religion.

The so called islamic countries like Egypt, Sudan etc were originally black people's country. The oppression and the so called Jihad turned those areas in to arab countries today. Alexandra in Egypt and Dafour in Sudan is typical example. Please dont let us forget history. A Theologian that have never read the bible cannot question bible for me. He is smart smart enough not to attempt that with quoran. It is always Jesus and bible they condemn or question
14:35 June 28, 2010 by Open Minded
each day over 150 poor Muslims dies by these terrorists who were created by USA and still the US money goes to them.

Muslims are really victims of these terrorists. I find this very interesting that everyday they kill Muslims and yet they call muslim terrorists.

Anybody who kill innocent according to Quran will be in hell fire forever.

these killers are got no religion. pls stop calling them muslims
14:37 June 28, 2010 by Jes
@ Openminded ,

don`t start playing with stones if you live a glass house . Islam is based on imigation and nothing else . Islam cannot stand a 20 minutes round of an intellectual challenge . That is why you become wild whenever you are called upon to explain simple things

Muhamed provided no proof that he was Gods messenger . Almost all that is written in your koran was copied from ancient jewish " law ".

A man who has to pray facing a grave of a paedophile in Mecca 7 times a day ,and has to travel to the damn city to throw stones at the "devil" cannot be asking why a christian can believe that Jesus ( Nabbi Issa -according to your religion ) can take away his sins . Islam is wierd and satanic . So please don´t get so excited when Gunnar pulls out his stupid pen

As for this devil named Gunnar Samuelsson , all I can say is that theology is a myth that any fool can play about with. At end of the day , he will only go as a far as joining the bunch of consipiracy-idiots who will tell you that they dined with Elvis on Victoria`s wedding night .
14:38 June 28, 2010 by Bruce Grey
I agree with Herr Fikatid. The question of which religion is right is just pointless. It's like when people get bitten by poisonous snakes. Some people will immediately seek medical assistance, some will be content with their friend doing first-aid, some will go to a witch-doctor, while others will question whether the snake was actually poisonous, others deny that they were ever bitten, and others deny that there ever was a snake.

Does it really matter what you do? Should we bother debating how to respond to snake-bite? Isn't it more important just to get along and avoid the my-approach-is-the-only-approach type of argument? Just as our response to snake-bite has no serious consequences, neither does our response to God. We should all adopt indifference. Being indifferent is clearly the best way to go through life.
14:40 June 28, 2010 by Open Minded

stop lying about Muslims and ISLAM and educate yourself .

you dont worth my time coz you have no respect.
14:52 June 28, 2010 by Guy with a big whang
Was he crucified or not? No idea, not even bothered. Christians have the own problems with a "pope" who they think has a personal chat with god everyday.

What DOES bother me is this moron above talking about the religion of p!ss being peaceful - when it is anything but.

Their treat women as 2nd (heck, more like 10th) class citizens who are there just to do their bidding (more like a pet really) while the male can do whatever he wants, the show his ass to Allah by bowing 5 times a day and all is good. And just for the record, 'case you didnt get it from my username, I am a male.

They follow a pedo (Mohammed) who raped (at least one - as recorded by history) 9 year old girl, multiple times as she was supposed to be his "wife".

There's a modern day pedo's dream come true!

These low down people go to every country on earth like a cancer and then try to bring down that country (note, i have no problems with muslims who immigrate and ** integrate** into the community and who dont have a problem with "the infidels").

They contribute nothing, but want everything... supposedly for an all powerful being called "Allah" who couldnt even help 6 of his nations when tiny Israel whipped their butts - in less than a week! (Wikipedia - 6 day war)

Heck, I knew 15 year olds that were more powerful than "Allah", and if Allah was so wise, why did he make his followers look like goats and give them the brains of goats?

They might have a bath every hour, but they still stink and just look lice infested and dirty (i'm talking about the 'true muslims' who grow their beards etc.. you know exactly who I am talking about)... will someone please tell me why?

Finally, in this day and age they want to kill anyone who does not share in their beliefs... can anything seriously be more moronic than that? someone forgot to give those goats the message that this isnt the 12th century.
15:37 June 28, 2010 by Ant3109
It has served us well, this myth of Christ.

Pope Leo X, 16th Century.
15:54 June 28, 2010 by Dazzler
Time to run and hide, those crazy catholics are gonna start suicide bombin!
16:24 June 28, 2010 by Jes
@ Open Minded , you act as if you are Close Minded .

Am I lying that muslims face Mecca because Muhamed is buried there ?

Am lying that muslims are instructed to go to Mecca ( haji ) if they can ? And what do they do there ?

Am lying that Muhamed was a both a gold-digger , Hadija`s play boy , and later a paedophile ?

Am I lying that the koran is just a duplicae with minor changes in it ?

Okay , you started this . Show me one scientific proof that the koran is a message that Allah passed down to you through this muhamed . So far , all I hear is a claim from a " prophet" who relied on a showrd to convert those who loved life .

Open Minded , please don`t make the same mistake as Gunnar the devil . If you want your religion and your prophet ( PBUH ) try to respect other peoples faiths .

If you have a brain at all , you willl see how easy it is to tear you down .

@Dazzier , I would not feel sorry for idiotic Gunnar is some crazy person paid him a vist .
16:51 June 28, 2010 by MBELTAGY

I'm from Egypt and live in Egypt but it was a new info for me that Egypt was the land of black people. Where you study your history ?! Of course you study it somewhere but not in Sweden.

Please try to be open minded.

If you need a scientific proof about Quran, you can read it first and you will get the proof.
17:19 June 28, 2010 by Nemesis
If Jesus did actually exist, which I doubt, he would have been cruxified.

Varas who was killed in the Tutenburg battle in Germany had earlier in his career cruxified thousands of jews, as an example.

The romans-italians had a thing for cruxifiying people at that time.

The italians, who called themselves romans at the time were the people who cruxified jesus.
17:28 June 28, 2010 by Decedo
'Samuelsson, a committed Christian,...' Most christians I know should be committed as well, especially those from the deep southern US
17:30 June 28, 2010 by vladd777
Jesus died! How he died may be somewhat diffuse but it's the 'why He died' that matters.
17:36 June 28, 2010 by Jes
@MBELTAGY , I believe that you were talking to @Tutu . But I will inform you that indeed , Egypt was black peoples land . These were nubians and "Ethiopians ( people with burnt faces )that are ancestors of Shem ,one of Noah`s sons .

Arabs only lived in Arabia before they invaded Africa through the north and the eastern coast . They invaded Africa to spread Islamic/ Arabic imperialism and for trade - including slave trade .

If you are an arab who lives in Egypt , you can be excused for your ignorence because Arabs are not allowed to think about these kind of things .
17:53 June 28, 2010 by MBELTAGY

Thank you for your proof about my "ignorence"
18:01 June 28, 2010 by organismasawhole
I had a dream where I was at a party, and all the other guests were the posters of this thread. What a dreadful nightmare it was I tell you.
18:17 June 28, 2010 by bugz

All your comments prove that u don't know what're u talking about !!..completely ignorant !!!!... please stop sharing your weird ideas, if you any proof of what u saying then kindly share with us....otherwise, do something useful (READ)...and BTW, although it's not something to be ashamed of that a lot of Nubian ppl live in Egypt, however Egypt is/was not only a land of black ppl, simply coz different ethnicities lived and passed by Egypt long time before Islam!!! Another correction Mohamed is not buried in Makkah !!!!

and a kind advice for you, please don't talk about ignorance!!
18:21 June 28, 2010 by Lars J
Inside the so-called secret societies it has been a well hidden secret that the whole story of Golgatha is symbolic and should not be interpreted literally. But it is hard to keep secrets on the internet. The story is not so well hidden anymore. There are some variations on the same theme, here is one that is pretty typical: http://www.sria.org/astrocruci.htm
18:22 June 28, 2010 by glamelixir
Oh please everyone. SHUT UP!

I am tired of all this "my religion is the right one" thing.

Religions are only what they are, a group of beliefs put together by a group of people who needed to dominate the mass under a superior power.

All religions are not based in science, so what "proof" can it hold ? Please.

Let's start respecting each other as humans not as catholic, muslims or jews.

That is the real ignorance! all religious people are narrow minded because of the need to defend what they can't.

As for me... believe in what ever you want if it makes you feel better and happy, but stop the "spreading the word" attitude.
18:35 June 28, 2010 by ppk
To open minded

Islam is not a religion is a submission.

And if I was Christian, I would say: submission to the Devil since Christ says (Mark 13,22) : "because false messiahs and false prophets will appear and produce signs and omens to deceive, if possible, the elect."
18:53 June 28, 2010 by bugz
@ppk #28

And why you Interpret it that way??!...what u say supports some statement mentioned in this article " Bible has been misinterpreted"...

simply this verse might be pointing to the "anti-christ"
19:09 June 28, 2010 by americanska
honestly does anyone expect any different on the comments section of an article like this?
19:14 June 28, 2010 by jevote
There is good news to everyone

"For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Jesus came to the world to die for our sins, He did what He came here for . No body can change that ...halas!!

He died for us , He was buried and He was raised on the third day so any one who believes in Him will be saved.
19:18 June 28, 2010 by darin_fan
Well christians say jesus was a God ,and he was crucified,,!!!!,ou,pity ,,,,what a poor God he should be,,,,,

sorry,,but i cant stand watching you insulting jesus,,

my words are for the christians cause jews are like radios--a radio can hear nothing it only speaks,,

But if you want to argue with other religions you got ta make sure of one of the bibles cause jesus had only one bible and now there is hundreds of bibles ,,each day a new version comes out ,,,and theres only one jesus ,,so wich one is right??who knows may be none of them,

you can read qoran understand it then decide..thats a what wise does,,and buddies i have a question i would be so happy if the christians would answer me,,

what is written on the door of heaven ? i think this is from the orginal bible,,,,
19:38 June 28, 2010 by israeli
this is an outrage. millions of jews were killed and persecuted along history by europeans because "jesus was crucified by the jews" how many more lies would the europeans invent in order to justify the killing of the jews?
19:48 June 28, 2010 by Abbot
The fatal flaw in this fool's thesis is that there is PLENTY of evidence from Roman texts themselves that crucifixions were a common punishment back then.
21:01 June 28, 2010 by maakm
I can give many examples that justifies that Quran is the book of GOD but only for those who want to accept it. I cant make a person to believe in it who says that crow has white colour. Here I am not saying that Bible is wrong but it has been changed and so it is not the words of GOD but the words of methew or john or whatever you say.So lets start,

1) Now if you search on the youtube by writing scientific facts about Quran. You will find many facts about it.Which are later justified by science.Now you either say that it is a coincidence or these are true.One of which , Quran tells each and every step how a child is developed inside the mother's belly which was later discovered in 19th century. So a question to wise Christians, How a person(Muhammad) so illiterate and without any scientific inventions can tell each and every step about child's development. Which was not even possible to discover in 18th century and he narrated in 14th century when there was no computer.

2)Some question that how do you proof that Quran is not altered?

First of all when you start reading Quran, GOD himself says that whatever you read are the true words and not altered as I(GOD) MYSELF has taken the responsibility to protect this book.Second, a proof to above statement (for communists) is that, you will find a Hafiz (a person who memorizes the Quran word by word) in every second muslim house.Which has been a tradition from the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). So if anyone want to change it he has to kill 3/4 of the Muslims and then all the Qurans to change it.

Now @Jes post#12

"Islam is based on imigation and nothing else . Islam cannot stand a 20 minutes round of an intellectual challenge."

I think you dont want to take the challenges. Havent you watched millions of videos where Islamic scholars have made the Christians Scholars speechless.

If not then dare to watch it.

Thanks of reading such a long comment.

21:36 June 28, 2010 by Ugly A
A) You people are crazy.

B) That's the reason God became human to create a bridge between the crazies and him (God's grace manifest in Jesus) because we do not have the facility to attain purity (even our best efforts are dirty rags...or something to that effect)

C) Whatever

D) You can't argue with that

E) You just can't
21:52 June 28, 2010 by shiplu
Only time will say wt is true and wt is false............. so stop this unnecessary war...... which bring nothing then hate.......
21:54 June 28, 2010 by Tutu

It is risky for me to write against what you believe. Your religion is like what someone said i.e one sided. It is either my way or no way. or else you die for not agreeing with you. Bible was written by human being under the inspiration of God. Quaran was given to Muhammed by God.

The problem is

The holy book is not compatible with modern day way of living. For example is the supression of women. did God not know that we will be in 21st century

There are no witnesees to what really happened to the Muhammed in the cave he went to except his wife. we also know why he ran away from Mecca. The book have never being subjected to any scrutiny. Any attempt to do this have always led to blood shed. I wonder if this theologian said that Muhammed never got quaran. WORLD WAR 3 would have started.

I dont want to talk about slave trade perpetuated by the religion, ethnic clensing in Northern Africa. Evidences now. abound about that the arabs started slavery and plundered Africa. They degraded the black race before the Western world took over and perfected ´Slavery
22:27 June 28, 2010 by sebseb
It doesn't make any difference if Jesus was beaten up with a baseball bat or was crucifixed. It doesn't even matter if Jesus existed or not. Who gives a shite of religion anyway other than weak people who cannot think by themselves?

Bottom line, all believers believe there is an after life, but what they seem to not understand, is that hell and paradise are on this planet. When you die, there won't be anything else. Just like the flies you smash, there is nothing after. You just die and disintegrate like cowshit.

But for now, it is up to us to live well or not well. Paradise on earth is for riches who screws this planet and hell is for all the average people who work their ass out thinking there will be a better life after.

Rich people make you believe they believe in god, but make no mistake, they laugh at you. Their god is money and you are worth nothing.
22:42 June 28, 2010 by silly t
the author certainly lacked a masters thesis...how is this adding value to life? how is it helping us deal with the economic and political crisis?

not everything u study in school is useful Samuelson
22:43 June 28, 2010 by ppk
@ maakm

You said "GOD himself", why not herself ? Why God would be more a male than a female, or both ?

And to answer you question : because Muhammad killed many women at different steps of pregnancy (after all, he was an illiterate warrior), or maybe some scholar reads to him the Vedas (written 1500 years before Quran)...

God The One was an invention of Moses. Let it down the all story and go in peace. The only god is the all universe and we are all parts of it. There is no wine and virgin in the after life (infortunatly), only subsist what we have done (or not) as a living creature.
23:05 June 28, 2010 by Taketh
Jesus (pbuh) never got crucified nor died. That's a fact. Some will see it the way it is, others will see it when it's too late. The truth is out there...... Right under your noses. Get off your high horses and just do a little reading without having pre-concieved notions.

You die once, you have one chance. when you're dead, you won't be Resting In Peace (RIP). You'll either be happy or being punished.

Christians are emotionally attached to their faith, simply because they were born in it. Some find out it's a fake belief and opt to be athiests, agnostics or buddhists. Very few choose the right way.
23:27 June 28, 2010 by Da Goat
point 1 this guy is an accademic (one of those useless people that study mute issues)

point 2 the method and place and all was prophesied hundreds of years previously.

point 3 it does not matter if he was hung on a pole or a cross that is immaterial he still died in the manner he was supposed to to pay for your Rrrsse

point 4 There is no such place as burning hell this is a catholic/islamic lie to promote fear this is counter to God perhaps this accademic should have studied this instead, if you really want to know hell is an event (with a short time frame) not a place (well actually it is here and we are currently living here in hell)

point 5 if it is biblical you can pretty much conclude it is 100% true, nobody has cracked the bible yet (some think they have but they are just fooling themselves)
23:28 June 28, 2010 by eZee.se
Shame on TheLocal for opening comments on this but not on the other article where a Muslim woman won a settlement from the city... and then to top it off with a cherry on top to heavily censor the comments here.

23:51 June 28, 2010 by maakm

I think some one gave you a wrong message that Islam is about my way or no way.Thats totally wrong. Islam is about the right path and as a Muslim it is our wish that you also choose the right path so that you save yourself from hell.But of course it is up to you.

Of course GOD was aware of that and what you call suppression we call it protection of women from outside world. Islam has set rites for women which are better than your western rites. You ppl basically didnt give rites to women but allow them to loiter on the streets and get raped. Watch this list and find out first muslim country which is at 28:kyrgztan. In that fashion be happy for not suppressing women.

Well I would really like to answer for each of your question because I am sure you got this info from an islamic critic. Because you talk like that.

As far as slavery is concerned, I accept that there was a concept of slavery in Arabs but as you said they were Arab not the Muslims and later Muhammad came correct it.

But I would seriously doubt what you said "before the Western world took over and perfected ´Slavery ". Didnt you read or watched movies about what English ppl did to the slaves when they ruled indo-pak or other nations. If you call that behavior perfection for slavery than I am so sorry to say that you are blind and only looking at the one side of the coin. Plz forgive me on this comment. If you ever got chance to read what are rites of a slave in Islam then plz read it.You will see the difference by yourself.

you know the problem is you ppl only read the critics about the Islam and not the real text from the Quran. Dont do this because f you do this then you are not even doing justice with your self.


no comments because you don't deserve one.
01:08 June 29, 2010 by billyb362
And to think, this guy Gunnar Samuelsson of Gothenburg University, thinks that Jesus Christ was never crucified. Those billions of people who actually believe He was, and those tens of thousands of intellectual scholars, having a huge reservoir of knowledge about history, must simply be in error.

If this is the case, Mr. Samuelsson should do a global tour of universities around the world and share his new-found discovery.

I'm sure there are NUMEROUS intellectuals and scholars that would love to know just how he reached this conclusion.

PS: If Jesus is God, I'm sure He will eventually make the truth known. I suspect that at this point, He's just amused at how pathetic people are...
01:17 June 29, 2010 by Larry Thrash
The next thing we will hear from "scholars" is that Jesus is a muslim.

The problem with "scholars" is they have too much free time. They need to get a real job and live in the real world. Perhaps living in the real world will give them a little common sense.
03:02 June 29, 2010 by ppk
@ maakm

So, as the scholars you describe, you too are "speechless".

But anyway, as Muslim, of course, you think that women don't deserve comments.

It's not your fault, your brain is stuffed of Quran, no more room for real thinking.
08:36 June 29, 2010 by Open Minded
@ All

If you are interested to know what really happened you need to learn it and investigate it, do not blindly accept what the Church priests says.

Learn it from a BIBLE Professor who has PhD and speaks Hebrew , the Original Bible's languages,

Link number you tube: /watch?v=-qiOlJH7lfg watch the complete discussion by Christian scholar and between Muslim scholar or simply Type Ahmad Dedaat

The topic is : " Crucifixion or Cruci fiction Floyd & ahmed deedat 1"

Watch or watch a new video by Pref Bart Ehram

You tube title "Can The Historian Prove Jesus Rose From The Dead? (Debate, 2009) "

Watch it and learn from Bible Scholars ,

09:06 June 29, 2010 by Jes
@maakm ,

I have not only seen vedios about Islam , I have also seen what Salman Rushdie wrote and how it was recieved . I have seen how muslims re-act to mere cartoons . I know what can happen to a muslim who choses not to obey God in Islamic nations . I know what can happen to Gunnar Eriksson if he published a boook in which he challeges your "scientific" proof ( from Youtube )that GOD talked to Muhamed on how a child develops in a mothers belly .etc

Oh , may be I am also a Prophet ! Why ? Because GOD has told me that @maakm and @Open Minded are the same person .
09:33 June 29, 2010 by orangestar
@open minded... can i ask why you want other people to join islam?If you are realy a religious person you must to think by yourself and say only good words. If you continue to explain your reasons in this way i have serious doubts that you are a sincere person. Mybe you talk in this way because you want to put alchool on the fire.Mah.....try to live and work in indonesia and then let me know.
10:49 June 29, 2010 by calebian22
Samuelsson is not disputing the death of Christ or the belief that he is God's son, just the way the death was carried out. Jesus the Son of God was sent to die for mankind sins. Death by bumba would have sufficed since the blood of Christ as a sacrifice for Man's sins was the point. Anyone shaken in their belief over this research may need to reexamine their faith from the ground up.
10:54 June 29, 2010 by Jes
Now @maakm says that there was a concept of slavery by Arabs but Muhamed come and corrected it

Duh !!.

Apparenly , the writer does not know when, how and why slavery took place or that it is still happening in Sudan by Arab muslims.

Anyway , it has always been tough to find any muslim who can reason properly . It seem as though Islam is a dangerous subsititue to alcohol
11:22 June 29, 2010 by isenhand
Nothing new here. For a long time now we have know that the bible did not refer to a death on a "cross" but refers to a stake!. The cross comes from pagan sun worship, which xianity forms an example of.

Well, nothing new there either. The bible doesn't even refer to a "real historical" christ anyway. 1st century xians believed in "the word" as connection between man and god, who the daemons sacrifices in the 1st heaven at the beginning of time and who became a "saviour messiah". This, they believed, god now reviled to them as they lived at the end times.

The whole idea of a real person came through a misinterpretation as the ideas spread from Jewish cults to the Greeks. You can see how the idea develops if you look at the books of the new testament in their historical order.

Earl Doherty does one of the best overviews of how the myth of christ developed (see here : http://www.jesuspuzzle.humanists.net/jesuspuzzle.html)
12:54 June 29, 2010 by DavidtheNorseman
Hmm the Romans crucified in 4 BCE:

'10. Upon this, Varus sent a part of his army into the country, to seek out those that had been the authors of the revolt; and when they were discovered, he punished some of them that were most guilty, and some he dismissed: now the number of those that were crucified on this account were two thousand.' - Josephus Antiquities 17: Book 10

and they crucified in 70 AD:

'So the soldiers, out of the wrath and hatred they bore the Jews, nailed those they caught, one after one way, and another after another, to the crosses, by way of jest, when their multitude was so great, that room was wanting for the crosses, and crosses wanting for the bodies' - Josephus Jewish War 4: Chap 11

This 'researcher' is simply lying.
16:58 June 29, 2010 by Nachos
What? No rioting, killing each or fatwas?? This might be a good opportunity for the Muslims to learn how a civilized people react when religion is brought up.
17:02 June 29, 2010 by asemifertilemind
The root of religion lies in a primitive expression of our drive to understand the world, one which is now hopelessly irrelevent in face of new forms of gaining knowledge of - i.e. empirical science. The bible says the world is flat, for goodness sake.

Will everyone please grow up a and stop believing in this supersitious mumbo jumbo?

Yes, it hurt when you found out father christmas didnt exist - but werent you happy that you found out the truth? if not, then you dont deserve the truth.

Will all people who are willing to die for their religion, please do so now.
21:00 June 29, 2010 by Valdemaratterdag
"Will all people who are willing to die for their religion, please do so now."

Hahaha. Excellent.
21:20 June 29, 2010 by dsc
Thousands of superior minds have inquired into this and have come up with a totally different conclusion. Christianity has survived worse attempts to discredit it.

Samuelsson does not have an ounce of theological literacy in him. Its funny that he should be referred to as a "committed christian."

To my Moslems friends, behold how civilized religions react to even groundless criticism.
05:28 June 30, 2010 by stephenmashi
this is also science that if we go before negtive things we catch them quickly this reserch is also like this ..but remember in this article sammuelesson writes he is also a christian ..but this theory of this p.hd scholar not sounds good --and more over this is not a new theory every anti christain try to makes hokes like this but why we always foget the verse where we find that human is full of errors and the foolish persons are always chossen by Lord that we must be superior in his Wisdom .. so donot belive and remember the love of Jesus in your life ..
06:53 June 30, 2010 by rufus.t.firefly
My mother in law cleans her toothbrush by soaking the brush part in about an inch of stagnant water for several days.
09:51 June 30, 2010 by fxrider
The article is on crucification and most of the comments are on islam.. funny :)
10:54 June 30, 2010 by Nachos
Yeah, it is funny. What is also funny is that if the Swedish government could see the comments made by Muslims here as well as every day on the street, they would surely stop this (20+ years and counting) nightmare that they are giving the Swedish population by bringing these idiots into their country. Don't you think that there are many other people around the world who would actually appreciate the chance that they are given by Sweden?

Imagine living in a hell hole and then being given a place to live, a monthly income for doing nothing, language lessons, protection in the media, free education, freedom of religion and countless other opportunities to succeed! Then, slap Sweden in the face by being overrepresented in every imaginable crime statistic, demanding mosques, throwing rocks at public services, burning down schools, committing 70% of the rapes AND making comments like the ones that we've seen in this thread! The list goes on and on.

It's just mind-boggling that the Swedish people continue to stand for this.
15:29 June 30, 2010 by Riley
"If you are looking for texts that depict the act of nailing persons to a cross you will not find any beside the Gospels."

This is my reaction: So what if there are no texts that depict the act of nailing persons to a cross besides the Gospels? The Gospels do. The Gospels depict the nailing of Jesus to a wooden cross. The Gospels are a credible source.
17:24 June 30, 2010 by Kooritze
Anyone fancy a pint?
22:08 June 30, 2010 by Ugly A

22:23 June 30, 2010 by alu
Valdemaratterdag... i agree 100%

"Will all people who are willing to die for their religion, please do so now."

just fab!
01:31 July 1, 2010 by Mr. Puppy
Anyone who is living in Sweden but who does not pay proper tribute to the Asagudar (also known as the Æsir, also known as the pagan pantheon of the Old Norse people) will go to hell.

So mote it be!
03:44 July 1, 2010 by Typical Whitey
The Shroud of Turin, which is absolutely authentic, proves that indeed Christ was crucified.

Please wake up Sweden. Return to your Christian roots. Before it's too late and you are enslaved by the violent moslem.
14:23 July 1, 2010 by Ugly A
@Typical Whitey

I love the shroud and remain mystified by it, but its not Christ I don't believe.


Friday, April 17, 1998

>>The results of carbon dating tests in 1979 revealed it to be a fake, said scientists. No, said supporters who refused to believe science could topple their sacred beliefs.

Nine years later results of more refined carbon dating techniques, carried out by three universities, again concluded the shroud was phoney. It dated from some time between 1260 and 1390 scientists claimed.

That led to the humiliating spectacle of the then Cardinal of Turin, Anastasio Alberto Ballestrero, admitting the garment was a hoax.
16:29 July 1, 2010 by Carol Noren Johnson
The Evangelical Texual Criticism site has taken on Samuelsson. Chrys Caragounis specifically says "Samuelsson's book does not meet the standards of stringent scientific inquiry into Greek linguistic problems...This dissertation has interest primarily for the mass media, which are hungry for the scandalous, the populistic and whatever lacks seriousness. Sober New Testament scholarship will see through its threadbare character and set it aside as another attempt to create impressions. I feel sorry for Gunnar that he has expended so much toil for a result that cannot stand closer critical scrutiny." Others also comment on his research with the ETC.
21:02 July 1, 2010 by USA Is Number 1
Very little about religious claims made by the religious would hold up to scientific scrutiny of any sort.

The existence of religions and religious claims just goes to show that people are subject to being emotional creatures who attach themselves to concepts that are but derivatives of mixture of reality and imagination that are but a means for mass neurosis and group formation (which itself creates or solidifies group bonds and exclusionary arrangements).

Legendary claims are even attached to historical persons, be they religious figures or otherwise.
13:03 July 2, 2010 by Britswedeguy
And out come the Muslim trolls! ;)
13:10 July 2, 2010 by lilybarlean
Fairytales, all fairytales! The only person to believe in is yourself!
13:19 July 2, 2010 by The Baldchemist
If he existed at all, (and I doubt it) the crucifixion was probably of the type stocked and pilloried as in old England. That's what we used to do to charlatans and there is no doubt in my mind that JC was of the same ilk.

What on Earth is this guy getting paid for? To produce crap about a highly unlikely schizophrenic God ( there were after all three of them) who put the fear of Christ in two thousand years of child abuse.

Time to get rid of these indoctrinations. Not only the Christian but all of the "beliefs and religions" without any solid fact basis.!

Thankfully we still have JC as a good source of humour. Turning water into wine would have ben a bloody good trick at our local.

Have a great weekend.
13:22 July 2, 2010 by tadchem
This is a classic example of argumentum ad ignorantiam - an "argument from a position of ignorance". Samuelsson is evidently unaware of the Jehonahan ossuary, found in 1968. It is a Roman era ossuary in the Jewish style with a Hebrew inscription, which contained a human heel pierced by a Roman nail. The evidence for Roman era crucifixions is tangible and incontrovertible.
13:40 July 2, 2010 by j.Olsson
How Jesus died is not as important as who he was and what he died for. He was the son of God, one in being with the Father in the Holy Trinity. His suffering and death united Him to all his children on earth. He was the son of man, coming to serve mankind, to show us the way. He knows that we experience pain and suffering through our sin. By Christ's death he showed us that He too experiences pain and suffering when we sin, that he knows us because he created us and gave us choices. Love was created by God. Love as God loves through the teachings and the courage of his son Jesus.
13:54 July 2, 2010 by bcterry
For a few facts, and the TRUTH, about muslims' "best example of proper ethical and moral behavior for mankind". google,

"What would muhammad do".

All these example are verified with direct references from their own books.
18:52 July 2, 2010 by USA Is Number 1
A nail in a human heel is evidence of what? Most probably of a person stepping on a nail rather than of a person being nailed to a cross as goes the story used by the religious.
23:43 July 2, 2010 by zooeden
expect riots and suicide bombings and fire to the house of the author from those crazy animal catholics!!!!!!!
01:09 July 3, 2010 by omphus
Now we need to disprove Islam and everyone can lead happy non retarded lives
11:50 July 3, 2010 by markusd
"The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is." - Yoda (PBUH)
14:53 July 4, 2010 by nuke
Strange research....in Matthew 27:42 it says "He saved others," they said, "but he can't save himself! He's the King of Israel! Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him.

Now what cross were they refering to? Obviously something pretty uncomfortable otherwise why would they have challenged him to save himself?

If there is no proof of crusifixion, there is also no prove that Satan exists, or that Jesus rose from being dead, or that the immaculate conception ever took place. Hell, I cannot even prove that I grew up in a certain village in the UK, that does not even exist today, because an airport grew up and took over! How would I begin to prove this in 2000 years time?
11:25 July 5, 2010 by unique_abcxyz
Well done Mr. Gunnar Samuelsson. You have done an amazing thing. You presented the exact points that have been printed in THE BIBLE. But almost all the theologians misinterpreted century after century. You rightly said Jesus was not crucified. From THE BIBLE it can be interpreted that He might be crucificted. It can surely be inferred that Jesus was not died on the cross, so no question of crucifixion. In the contrary several verses of THE BIBLE proves that he was alive. So I believe all theologians should leave preaching misinterpretations of THE BIBLE, while these ideas are not there. Actually if we read THE BIBLE carefully we will find the exact opposites of their saying. So before making a conclusion about Gunnar Samuelsson, we should compare his logic with the source "THE BIBLE".
16:02 July 5, 2010 by Ali_khan

What a ridiculous story. Allah changed the face of someone who looks like a Jesus and they killed them. What about the true miracles of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Padre Pio regardubg crucifixion?
16:57 July 5, 2010 by vu2yw
I belive in jesus crucifixion,this artical is work of setan,i hate islam
23:53 July 5, 2010 by Ali_khan
It has been very long debate about Jesus crucifixion. There are so many scholars those disagree with Samuelsson and like him other scholars claim. Garry Wills is one scholar who does not agree with Samuelsson, he is the author of "What Jesus Meant". Garry Wills said, "The verb is stauresthai from stauros, cross"

I have no doubt of Samuelsson sincerity with his work but its work affected by Satan that's why he is unable to understand truth. I will say God open his eyes and brain to understand well what is written in ancient text and to keep us save from Satan evilness and Christian's enemies.

This kind of controversial claim gives chance to Christian's enemies to speak and propaganda against Christianity.
12:08 July 6, 2010 by Must

I don't want to go in debate that who i right and who is wrong.... but just to keep the fact straight...

**** Am I lying that muslims face Mecca because Muhamed is buried there ?

Quite strange that you are arguing like a scholar but don't even know that Muhammad Peace be upon is buried in Madina not in Mecca. Madina is at the distance of more than 300 KM from Mecca.

**** Am I lying that the koran is just a duplicae with minor changes in it ?

You are not lying but you are agreeing with what Islam says... it is the book of GOD like other book before that and the basic are pretty much same...

**** Show me one scientific proof that the koran is a message that Allah passed down to you through this muhamed...

Well "one scientific proof" don't you think that no matter how advancement we made in science it is still in the evolutionary phase and it will keep evolving... just to support my argument... today we can prove many thing with science that we can not prove 100 year or say 1000 years back right? soo what if it require another 1000 year to get the proof... in science you prove one thing and that is believed to be true until someone else comes up and prove that what you believe was wrong... shape of earth is one example.... i hope you get what i am saying.

I guess we should start respecting each other and make a world better place to live....
14:57 July 8, 2010 by Open Minded
Muslims believe that Jesus peace be upon him according to the Holy Quran is a wonderful, humble, generous messenger of God who came down and revealed God's words to his people, the people of Israel. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God, nor they believe that God ever chose to come down to earth in a form of a man to die for our sins to purify us and forgive us.

According to Islam, Jesus never died on the cross, nor ever wanted to die on the cross, nor ever was born to die on the cross. Muslims believe that Jesus was sentenced to death, and people thought that he got executed on the cross. The Holy Quran rejects this idea, and claims that it is a false one. Jesus never died on the cross, nor he ever died for anyone's sins. Let us look at what the Holy Quran (The Muslims Holy Scripture) says about this issue:

Let's look at verse 4:156-159 "That they rejected Faith; That they uttered against Mary A grave false charge; That they said (in boast): 'We killed Christ Jesus The son of Mary, The Messenger of Allah.' But they killed him not, Nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not. Nay, Allah raised him up Unto Himself; and Allah Is Exalted in Power, Wise. And there is none of the people of the book (Jews and Christians) But must believe in him (Jesus) Before his death; And on the Day of Judgment He (Jesus) will be a witness Against them." The false charge against Mary was that she was unchaste. Such a charge is bad enough to make against any woman, but to make it against Mary, the mother of Jesus, was to bring into redicule Allah's power itself. Islam is specially strong in guarding the reputation of women. Slanderers of women are bound to bring four witnesses in support of their accusation, and if they fail to produce four witnesses, they are be flogged with eighty stripes and debarred forever from being competent witnesses.
14:21 August 30, 2010 by shellyussher
I don't feel this is an anti-christian article.

He's not saying Jesus Christ did not exsist. He is simply stating that all evidence shows that Jesus did not die on a cross but he did die: on a pole or stake.

This is not a new thought and it is supported by the bible and history. The original translations of the bible do not mention 'crucifixion'.

Ultimately a christian follows Christ, not the object he died on. We best show that we value Jesus' sacrifice by imitating Jesus in all we do.

Personally, I prefer an accurate account of the bible and what it teaches in comparison to an emotional or traditional account.
15:58 October 2, 2010 by mapatterson
There is ample evidence that crucifixion was practiced before, during and after the time of Jesus.

During the Punic Wars in 264-146 BCE, the Romans discovered the Phoenician version of crucifixion and converted it into a brutal torture machine by adding a second piece of wood called the patibulum to the execution stake, as well as a thorn-shaped seat (sedile) upon which the victim rested his weight (and which greatly prolonged the torture).

Dionysius of Halicarnassus (first century BCE) described this ancient practice: "...The men ordered to lead the slave to his punishment, having stretched out both hands and fastened them to a piece of wood which extended across his chest and shoulders as far as his wrists, followed him, tearing his naked body with whips."--Roman Antiquities, 7.69.1-2

Tacitus (56 AD-120AD) describes crucifixion under Nero: They were put to death with exquisite cruelty...Some were covered with the skins of wild beasts, and left to be devoured by dogs; OTHERS WERE NAILED TO THE CROSS; burnt alive;(Tacitus Annals)

According to Packard's Concordance to Livy (a Roman historian who lived from 59 B.C.-A.D. 17), the word crux was used in Livy's writings: "Whereupon he scouraged the guide, and, to terrify others, crucified (crucem sublato) him.." (22.13.9).

"Five and twenty slaves were crucified (crucem acti), on the charge of having conspired in the Campus Martius" (22.33.2).

"The deserters were severely treated than the runaway slaves, Latin citizens being beheaded, Romans crucified (crucem sublati)" (30.43.13).

"In this I for my part should trust my own cause even if I were pleading, not before the Roman....where commanders are said to be crucified (crucem tolli) (38.48.13).

The 1st century historian Josephus also made specific mention of crucifixion:

"They were whipped with rods, and their bodies were torn to pieces, and were crucified (anestaurounto), while they were still alive, and breathed." ---Flavius Josephus, Antiquitates Judaicae 12.256-257

"Now it happened at this fight that a certain Jew was taken alive, who, by Titus's order, was crucified (anastaurósai) before the wall..", --Josephus, De Bello Judaico 5.289

"..For if you wish to be crucified (stauróthénai), wait and the cross (ho stauros) will come."---Epictetus, Dissertationes 2.2.20

Justin Martyr (114-167 C.E.) described how Jesus died: "For the one beam is placed upright, from which the highest extremity is raised up into a horn, when the other beam is fitted on to it, and the ends appear on both sides as horns joined on to the one horn."

So there you have it. There is ample evidence that Jesus DID die on a cross. I have a feeling that Gunnar Samuelsson's motives were not really in the interest of either academia or even history, but because it's common knowledge that if you want to try and make a name for yourself, nothing does that faster than in writing something 'controversial'.
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