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Anti-Semitic hate crimes rise in 2009: report

AFP/The Local · 2 Jul 2010, 07:54

Published: 02 Jul 2010 07:54 GMT+02:00

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Last year, 250 anti-Semitic crimes were reported, primarily in Skåne, the report said, adding the overall number of hate crimes reported in Sweden had remained unchanged.

"In 2009, 5,800 hate crimes were reported. Crimes against foreigners or with racist motives continue to dominate and the reporting of anti-Semitic crimes has increased," the council said in a statement.

Presenting its latest hate crime statistics report, the council added that it did not know if there had been an actual increase in the number of anti-Semitic crimes or merely in their reporting.

Crimes and threats against the small Jewish community in the southern city

of Malmö recently received much media and political attention.

Education Minister and Liberal Party leader Jan Björklund met with Jewish community leaders earlier this year after it was reported some Jews decided to leave the city

because they felt unsafe.

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Malmö Mayor Ilmar Reepalu was criticised in the media for failing to stop the crimes or even fuelling the anti-Semitic sentiment in the city.

Of the hate crimes reported in Sweden in 2009, 71 percent were against foreigners or motivated by race, 18 percent were related to sexual orientation, 10 percent had religious motives (Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, or anti-religious crimes) and one percent were against transexuals.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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08:53 July 2, 2010 by Nemesis
Some jewish people are moving to outlying towns from Malmö.

Jews are the canary in the mine.

Once bigots realise they can get away with targetting jews, they will start on other groups.

This needs to be stamped out or it will escalate.
09:08 July 2, 2010 by Jasoncarter
250 counts in a country of 9 million is, pretty much, statistically stamped out. That is a spectacularly low rate - religious hate crime as a proportion of the total hate crimes is in itself 'only' 10 per cent and anti-semitism is only a small portion of that.

Racism, not anti-semitism, seems to be a much more pressing issue.
09:21 July 2, 2010 by boby
The 'bigots' in this case are funny enough belonging to another minority in Sweden (although growing rapidly). So I think to stamp this trend as a rise in racism is wrong. If you want to know which group I relate to, think of why are Jews escaping Malmo in specific.

And the number of cases reported is much lower then the number of actual cases. The Malmo Rabi is harassed on a regular basis, when he walks home from the synagogue, and these cases are not reported.

The Swedes think there is no problem, and the number of reported cases is within reason. You will wake up one day, from this sleep of ignorance forced on you by the islamofachist media. But it will be too late as the Jews will be long gone. The nice thing is that you Swedes are next.
09:38 July 2, 2010 by Just_Kidding
it is interesting that the writer chose to make a title out of 4.6% of the problem and didn't mention what is going on with the remaining 95.4% of the problem.
09:47 July 2, 2010 by asteriks
Many German's ran away after WWII to Sweden, with money, they got big positions in society, therefore there is a lot of racism in Sweden. Watch comments at TheLocal, and you will see how many fascists write comments here, especially when there is article about immigrants.
10:01 July 2, 2010 by Nachos
@asteriks- Are you blaming Sweden's German population for the rise in anti-Semitism? Seriously? There is definitely one group of the population responsible, but I can assure you it's not Germans.
10:22 July 2, 2010 by Bergtussen
@Jasoncarter. I think you may be missing something.

Regarding Reported hate crimes in Sweden in 2009:

Total in all Sweden = 5800. Total pop of Sweden = around 9,000,000.

==> Proportion of hate crimes to population = 0.00064

Total Anti-Semitic, all Sweden = 250. Est. Jewish pop of Sweden = 20,000.

==> Proportion = 0.0125.

Total Anti-Semitic, only Malmö = 79. Est Jewish pop of Malmö = 1200.

==> Proportion: 0.066.

In other words (roughly speaking):

Jews in all of Sweden are about 19 times as likely to be a victim of a reported hate crime, compared with all Swedes.

Jews in Malmö are around 102 times as likely to be a victim of a reported hate crime, compared to all Swedes.
10:26 July 2, 2010 by engagebrain
No information on who is committing hate crimes, the number of offenders caught and any punishment.
10:31 July 2, 2010 by blursd
Yet the question remains ... given this (and other reasons) will Sweden ever acknowledge the 500 pound gorilla in the room? I'm sure there are some ethnic Swedes who are anti-Semitic, but I don't think this spike in hate crimes is endemic to the indigenous population ... Of course, even to suggest such a thing is "bigoted," even though everyone knows its true (whether explicitly or tacitly).

What other group of people living in Sweden ... I wonder, I wonder ... would hate the Jews ...?

And I agree with several of the above posts ... the Jews in Sweden really are the canary in the mine ...
10:33 July 2, 2010 by RobinHood

Your theory is mathematical and biological nonsense. Any German old enough to flee Germany in 1945 (with money), is now dead from old age, or about to be.
10:39 July 2, 2010 by riose

You are using a fallacy, the hate crimes shall not be compared with all the swedes, but with the immigrants.
10:49 July 2, 2010 by Bergtussen
@Just_kidding wrote:"it is interesting that the writer chose to make a title out of 4.6% of the problem and didn't mention what is going on with the remaining 95.4% of the problem."

It isn't really that interesting. It is simple. The reason that the title focuses on Jews, is that the article focuses on "hate crimes against Jews". The article does not explore the general problem of all hate crimes in Sweden, although it does mention a few statistics for general background information. But why is the question of "hate crimes against Jews" newsworthy in the first place? It is newsworthy because of the striking fact that 4.6% of the problem affects 0.22% of the population (ie, much more than their "fair share"). I guess the point that you are making implicitly is that 4.6% is just a minor part of the whole problem -- true enough, *unless* you happen to be a member of the 0.22% of the population that it affects.

No doubt if you look around you will find other articles that deal with other aspects of hate crimes in Sweden.
12:58 July 2, 2010 by adnans
asteriks @ where did u get this info abt Germans ? what is ur source of information ? why do u pull Germans in this context ? I m pretty much sure that u r hot-head or must out of ur mind...
13:08 July 2, 2010 by Open Minded
I do not believe these reports but anyway.

What is the reason that people Chase with Jews?

Is it because they support and spying for Israel?

Why the God's chosen one suffer so much? Al most 90% of the worlds would hate them and when they see a Jew they are shocked? What is the reason?

the God's chosen 1 would get much respect but all the time news coming antisemitic?

I tell you why!

at the time they were Chosen one but after killing and murdering many Prophets of God and doing so many shitss they were kicked out as chosen one .and God has cursed them for their actions. Look at their actions now. Killing peace keepers. of course if they kill innocents and none of these jews would protests against their terrorists government then ppl would look at them with same label as terrorists, and thirsty for money. leaving Malmö would not help , they need changes to turn as human and stop being barbaric, you should be glad nobody has killed them in Malmö. Like they kill outside Israel in international waters dubai, europe, you name it.

But after I am against this , nobody should disturb one in another. They should let these Jews to live in peace. and I also request from them to not support their terrorists government and protests against their crimes against humans. and protests against stealing lands destroying the homes of those who gave them place to live.
13:22 July 2, 2010 by bcterry
This is simple, wherever they go, jews suffer.

Another violent product of their sickness.

To Open Minded???, why don't you give us a history lesson, on how all those islamic states were acquired?
13:26 July 2, 2010 by Decedo
Wow this is big news!! It's just a direct correlation to the policies of the state of Isreal this year. Of course if their government are gonna act like pricks, then some retaliation may occur to their people. Either that or they just complained about it more this year :/
13:36 July 2, 2010 by bcterry
13:26 July 2, 2010 by Decedo

Wow this is big news!! It's just a direct correlation to the policies of the state of Isreal this year. Of course if their government are gonna act like pricks, then some retaliation may occur to their people. Either that or they just complained about it more this year :/ "

So by your sick justification for the attacks on jews, that live nowhere near israel, i guess it's alright to attack any muslim, anywhere, for all the violent carnage their brothers are currently spreading throughout the planet in the name of islam?
15:42 July 2, 2010 by Jannik
The report is yet a another example of leftwing propaganda in the media and the statefunded research institutions.

The great majority og these attacks against jews, are commited by muslim immigrants and their decendants.

Only reality denying, multicultural PC sheep would deny this.

Malmo is a approximately 35% muslim, and will within 15-20 years be one of the first cities in western europe with muslim majority populations.

The inhabitants of Skåne should get used to a future rich with violence directed against both christian and jewish infidels.

We are on the verge of a great breakdown in society, especially in the larger cities of this country.
15:49 July 2, 2010 by Uncle
Excellent - "Open minded". Lets attack the Jews because they killed prophets (well not your peaceful muslim prophet who never harmed a soul, but the christian one, for which muslims somehow need to revenge).

Also, Jews should be attacked because of the actions of the state of Israel... (not that every muslim should be beaten for the actions of the governments of Somali, Sudan, Pakistan, Turkey that is burning Kurds with Napalm, while sending "peace activists" to others, Iran and others). Interesting and open minded view.

Barbaric people really, these Jews..

So what that this is a nation with most Nobel prizes per capita? So what that Einsteins, Spinozas, Bernsteins, Marxs, Allens, Greenspans, Streisands, Ryders, SHatners, Newmans, Perlmans, Bohrs, Hoffmans, Dells, Cleins, Laurens, Strausses, Coles, Marceaus, Seinfelds, Spielbergs, Kubricks, Polinskis, Stones, Chagalls and Pissaros and hundreds more defined the modern industry, art, entairtainment, culture, economics, politics and fashion?

Look at Muslims! Look how many famous members of Islam contributed to our life?! Look at... eeehh mmm.... look at ehhh... Oh! Look at the wonderful pakistani cinematograph! Defined so much in the lives of everyone!

What else? Mmm... carpets! CARPETS (thanks God for finding something!) are the best when made by muslim children!

THIS is a enlighted collection of nations! This is the one that all cultures should submit to. It contributed SO much, unlike them Jews! Really the light of the human race that should be allowed to peacefully attack them horrible Jews.
17:14 July 2, 2010 by millionmileman
The only reason Israel is criticized so much is because it is a Jewish

State and it is very convenient for Anti-Semites to bash her as a country without them openly displaying their prejudices.

If Israel did not exist The hatred would be vigilant, and likewise without Israel radical Islam would still go after the west and other religions.
17:16 July 2, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Kudos Uncle! I've always wanted to draw the parallel between (ethnic) sweden's anti-semtic tone and thier insatiable love of all things Hollywood, all while pointing out the successful Jewish foundation it was built upon to this day.

However, I don't think I would get the desired reaction and the point would be lost on them.
18:17 July 2, 2010 by saab
Thank you Uncle! If Decedo and Open Minded hate the Jews so much (and it sure as heck appears so), then they should boycott all things invented by Jews. That list would be quite long and would likely change their quality of life .... just a bit.

The reasoning by Decedo is particular bizarre and rejectiionist when it comes to history.

He states "Of course if their government are gonna act like pricks, then some retaliation may occur to their people."

So the Israeli government is (a) acting on behalf of all Jews (or better put, Jews are citizens of Israel rather than Sweden, the US etc) and (b) acting like pricks.

OK, even assuming that is all correct, how would Decedo explain what happened to Jews in Spain during the Inquisition when there was widespread killing of Jews and no modern state of Israel? Or the citizens of Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland. Were the mass killings a response to the actions of the government of the modern state of Israel? What excuse can Decedo come up to explain that?

Now, a bomb went off strapped to a man in Pakistan yesterday. A Muslim man killed a lot of Muslims. Decedo, I am confused. If the homicide bomber was a Muslim, were the Muslims he killed acting like pricks?
19:00 July 2, 2010 by Flygger
Adnans types like a pre pubecent youth. hahahaa
19:10 July 2, 2010 by USA Is Number 1
What a shame it is that hatred of local minorities is on the rise again. What is even more shameful is that a growing proportion of these hate crimes are committed by ethnic or religious minorities who ought to have more in common with the victims than is evidenced by this awful trend.
19:30 July 2, 2010 by Rebel
USA is Number 1, go to Rosengård, set up a table, and do your best to convince the people of that.
20:35 July 2, 2010 by Kooritze
USA is Number 1, It could well be that ethnic minorities in Sweden should be sensitive to the plight of those who are persecuted through hate crimes. However, the same could be said of the fundamentalist state of Israel......who for the past 60years have bombed, murdered, oppressed, stolen assets and land from the people of palestine and is the cause of much tension in the middle east in general. Ironic that this jewish state who had it,s own ethnic group persecuted by the Nazis......just goes on to oppress and kill another ethnic group since it,s creation.

Many ethnic groups in Sweden are middle eastern........and the issue of of jews being victims/or attacked here in sweden is just a geographical relocation of the same old problem which started with the creation of Israel 60yrs ago.
20:36 July 2, 2010 by USA Is Number 1

Criminals engage in hate crimes. Innocent people do not.

The majority of people in Rosengard are not engaged in any criminal activity, although I'm sure that is a hard fact that is difficult for the advocates of bigotry to acknowledge.
21:01 July 2, 2010 by wxman
See above article on increased pregnancies for a good example of the cause & effect relationship at work.
23:29 July 2, 2010 by Abbot

Are the Jews of Sweden Israelis who have committed attacks against Muslims? No? Then why shouldn't the Muslims of Sweden be attacked for all the atrocities Muslims commit around the world on a daily basis? Explain that.
23:40 July 2, 2010 by saab
Oh Abbot, how silly of you. The Jews of Sweden are Israelites, Zionists and part of the grand global conspiracy outlined in the Protocols. They own Hollywood and secretly talk to the right wing in the US, plotting the deaths of Muslims all over the world. They also told all the Jews to stay home on September 11th 2001. And why are there no Prophets today? Well, the Jews of Sweden killed them all. Just ask Open Minded. Frankly, if there weren't around, I think we should instead focus our attention on... hmm... let's see. The Sikhs? The Jains? I wonder who else can fill the void so that we can blame everything that happens on one group? Frankly, I would target a group that lives in proximity to the Muslims who live in the Middle East because well, they have to blame someone for their totalitarian regimes, repression and failure to bring us here in the West except oil. I fancy adding the Coptic Christians to the list. Afterall, our brethern in Egypt have started to really abuse them these days. It's a nice warm-up for when Judenrein is in place.
00:37 July 3, 2010 by ali_bin_umar
A dominant theme of both ancient Hebrew and subsequent Jewish culture is the Holy Atrocity. The ancient Hebrews, most often acting upon direct orders from LORD God, exterminated entire ethnic groups, tribes and nationalities. Men, women, children, and livestock were slaughtered, cities burned, and artwork destroyed. Sometimes LORD God directed the Hebrews to massacre each other, and sometimes others attacked LORD God's people.
01:52 July 3, 2010 by Bergtussen
@Saab. excellent summary, but you neglected to mention that the Jews are also responsible for hemorrhoids. In fact, they were developed in Blekinge. 10% of the cost of every tube of Preparation-H goes to, yes you guessed it, the Jews. (Haven't you ever wondered why it is The Jew never gets hemorrhoids??)
05:26 July 3, 2010 by here for the summer
Ironic to see so many openly antisemitic posts to an article about the rise of antisemitism
06:25 July 3, 2010 by jnightingale
Racism and anti-semitism in Sweden

Quite shocking that Sweden that flatters herself as an open and tolerant society has undergone recently so many anti-semitic incidents. It is also disturbing that the "Thieves of Auschwitz" were Swedes. Is it possible that there is an anti-semitic streak running through the Swedish soul? Let us not forget that Sweden cooperated with Nazi Germany and profited very nicely from her business dealings with Hitler and let us also not forget that German troops on their way to occupy Norway were given crossing rights across Sweden. I wonder if all the support for the Gaza flotillas are truly aimed a ameliorating the plight of the Palestinians or is it a smoke screen for some additional anti-semitic propaganda.

Jed Nightingale

09:42 July 3, 2010 by adnans
Flygger@ let me assume why do u say so? its bcoz my my name isn't it ? grow up buddy...this is 2010 not the old stone age..... ok ??
10:48 July 3, 2010 by Just_Kidding
One obvious problem is that majorities usually find excuses to abuse minorities because they enjoy it and gives them a feeling of powerfulness; similar to the motivation of prison guards in the Stanford prison experiment. These people will find excuses to punish a Jew for crimes of state of Israel, or a middle eastern for the crimes of Bin Ladan. It is interesting that the war crimes in Kosovo and Khojaly massacre are easily forgotten as they were committed by civilized people, not barbarians.

An atheist middle eastern.
10:58 July 3, 2010 by Uncle
Jed Nightingale

Swedes are long since not antisemites. Neither are germans. The shame ate through generations and is not allowing ANY expression of antisemitism. Yes, there are nazis, but way less than in Eastern Europe for example.

If you would pay attention to the antisemitic crowd here, these are not Jörgens and Bengts. These are Mohammads, Jihads and Yasers that ran away from awful muslim governments, but have the nerve to sit here and blame Jews in the failure of their education, culture and societies as a whole. I mean for REAL.

Some of these orators here were probably on a way to execution or starvation, whereas their daughters - on a way to circumsision and marriage at the age of 11, but these savages attack Jews, because their simple minds connect Judaism to their problems.

Important to mention that the same muslims attacked and killed Jews in Palestine long before the establishment of the state of Israel. So it is a simple convenience to mask their fascist views with some lame excuse. Why do they hate Jews? I believe it is because one billion cannot beat some 20 millions in the amounts of inventions, achievements in music, arts, education, books and scientific breakthroughs.

Why do they hate Israel? Because Jews proved that the excuse of "Middle eastern environment" that Muslims gave themselves in order to explain their failure in any activity, is not valid anymore. It shows that it is possible to be a successful democracy in this bucket of ... that is called the Middle East.
11:16 July 3, 2010 by Kooritze
@ Abbot

Many of the people from the middle east (palestine and lebanon) who have ended up sweden have experienced hell on earth at the hands of the Israelis. The jews of sweden may not be Israeli nationals but they are zionists (as such the holding of a passport of another country is irrelevant).

Moses went up Mount Sinai and God told him that this land is promised to the Israelites.....(apparently God is an estate agent!). On the basis of this fundamentalist ideology, 60years ago the land was taken by force, property stolen and people killed.....as we know the problem continues.

There are Muslim fundamentalists that kill too as we know.......plus we have the USA, UK and other western powers protecting their own intrests (usually resources and Influence for economic gain) in the region, using force and killing Muslims.

There is no good side and bad side here.......and a lot of people know what is going on. On a human level, there are people who have had bad experiences and hate the group responsible......and carry out hate crimes. I,m not saying it is right......but it is the way it is.
16:26 July 3, 2010 by ali_bin_umar

Jews contributions in deadliest inventions, like atom bomb, neutron bombs and many others reflect and justify their adherence to the theme "HOLY ATROCITIES" as I mentioned in my previous comment#31.

If the assertion is jews have contribution to all inventions or for that matter most of scienctific inventions, then at the same time, jews are responsible for most of the problems in todays world.
18:13 July 3, 2010 by Avidror
It happened again: Jews are attacked, so Jews had to have done something to be attacked. The main reason is Israel's policies, as somebody has suggested.

And I repeat again: if Jews are being attacked due to Israel's policies (or due to the way these policies are treated by the mainstream media, which would be the real reason), why can somebody explain anti-Semitic crimes in past years or even centuries? I mean, Israel has been maintaining its military presence in the Palestinian territories since the 1967 Six-Day War, but Jews were victimized long before that clash.

For example, the first bomb attack committed by al-Fatah happened during the night between December 31, 1964 and January 1, 1965, i.e., two years and a half before the Six-Day War (June 5 to June 10, 1967).

Furthermore, Israel's creation happened on May 14, 1948; but in 1929, 67 Jews were slaughtered in Hebron by Palestinian Arabs. And we could even cite anti-Semitic crimes occurred during centuries...

Anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism and nothing else. And if Israel's policies make the Jews to deserve to be victimized, what about those groups which were (and even currently are) victimizing the Jews for centuries, such as muslims, Spaniards, Germans, Italians, Poles, Russians, American republicans and so on?
19:21 July 3, 2010 by owldog
"Israel is not a secular state. Its citizens are afforded none of the gurarantees to equality and rights - and the freedom from religious interference in their personal lives - protected by the United States Constitution and also taken for granted in modern European societies.

"The ultimate distinction in Israel, however, is not the one among the various streams of Judaism, but rather the legally and politically structuring differentation between Jews and non-Jews. The rigid distinction between persons who are Jewish and persons who are not, defines the limits and possibilities of an individuals's personal and family life; it also provides the basic logic defining spaces and places in Israel and the occupied territories, articulating insides and outsides, how outsides can turn in, and insides can turn out."

"There are two different administrative and legal structures in place in the occupied territories: Jewish settlers are subject to Israeli CIVIL law, whereas the native Palestinians are subject to Israeli MILITARY law. Such forms of legalized discrimination are not restricted to the occupied territories; they are built directly into the political and institutional frameworks of Israel itself...."

Source: "Palestine Inside Out" by Saree Makdisi, p. 143, 150-151



21:24 July 3, 2010 by Nachos
It's HILARIOUS when Muslims come on here and talk about Israel being "violent" or "discriminatory." The hypocrisy of these people is truly astounding.
02:12 July 4, 2010 by memyselfandi
I know one thing, I would rather live next door to a Jew than to a Palesitinian. Here in Houston, TX, we have both and we have many Palestinians. All of the Pals that I have met were sneaky and untrustworthy. All of the Jews that I know are quite the opposite of Palestinians. Jews are very trustworthy and not sneaky.

Muslim immigrants are more problematic than any other immigrants.
06:13 July 4, 2010 by saab


You state "Jews contributions in deadliest inventions, like atom bomb, neutron bombs and many others reflect and justify their adherence to the theme "HOLY ATROCITIES" as I mentioned in my previous comment#31."

Do me a favor. Turn your lights out because you may be getting your electricity from an invention (nuclear power) that the Jews helped to create. Also, please don't take antibiotics the next time you get an infection and please do not take the polio vaccine either. We'll see you and yours in an iron lung.

Advances in medicine, chemistry, and physics... research them and if invented by Jews, reject them. To be true to your sentiments, stay in your Muslim country. You know, where we have seen so many scientific advances from 1850 onward from the Gulf states, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria. Reject anything made by a Jew, invented by a Jew, conceptualized by a Jew. Stay with your tribe and show us how to pile rocks on top of each other. Stop leeching off the advances of the West.

You can't have it both ways.

Why do I get the feeling that the anti Semites on this page think that Hitler was a screwball because he did not complete his work?
08:54 July 4, 2010 by Nemesis
@ saab

Very well put.
09:41 July 4, 2010 by owldog
RE: 22:34 February 28, 2010 by RobinHood

No, this is not a story about the right of a Zionist/Ethnic state to exist, or the confiscating of farms and homes from the indigenous population, to establish that State.

By the same token, this story should not be characterized as simply an "anti-semitisim" story but a story mainly about white/Arayan rascism [ which is further aggravated by the Zionist persecution of the of indigenous people of the Israeli-Palestine region.]
09:53 July 4, 2010 by Abbot
So you say the Jews of Sweden are zionists. How do you know that? Did you conduct a survey of the entire community? No? Well, then we can assume in the same vein as you do that all Muslims living in Sweden are suicide bombers in training just waiting for their opportunity to detonate themselves among the general population and earn themselves a place in their twisted version of paradise.
12:18 July 4, 2010 by here for the summer
I do agree that many of the most anti-semitic posts are people who are from the middle east but you still must wonder why the Swedes allow anti-semitism like these posts. In many other countries it is illegal to express ant-semitic words. But her in Sweden saying something even logical like many forms of Islam and are anti-woman or bad in any way is consider racism while expressed hatred of people of jewish decent is tolerated. Why is this ?
13:37 July 4, 2010 by awash
I condone any form of racism against any group. But I guess, this report is just lame excuse to hide the real truth (the hate crimes committed against immigrants especially blacks by Swedes) and blame it on certain group of Immigrants. I'm a living proof and victim of these unabated hate crimes (overt and covert) ever since I came to this country. The Swedes were enjoying live show while I was being beaten, robbed in the middle of the day by their kin who was twice my size in their town in Stockholm on April 2009. I reported the incident to the Police God I was such a fool. It took the court 18months to give a verdict because the convict was a known criminal with many offenses and they told me they can't see my case alone. I paid the price, neither the court nor my 'representative' prosecutor cared less to send me the copy of the verdict. The court rather gave me 2summons (one in August, the other in September)for court hearings. I got the copy in September way too late to appeal against the decision, because I verdict was already made in August and I was supposed to send my appeal in 3weeks time if I don't agree with it. I tried to have clarifications both from Solna court and the prosecutor but none of them were willing; instead they were pointing fingers at each other. I was humiliated and felt helpless, so I had no choice but to accept the the unjust ruling. Currenlty, I have another pending case at Discrimination Ombudsman for another incident. There were other incidents which I made a complaint and gave up on them and others which were not reported. This shows racism is deep rooted in this country and how disappointing and frustrating the justice system is.
20:25 July 4, 2010 by memyselfandi
@ Saab,

Muslims plot to kill more muslims than Israelis ever will. Israel plots to kill their enemies. Muslims kill each other even in their own places of worship. The last time I checked, Israelis do not walk into Mosques strapped with bombs on an almost daily basis and blow up Muslims. Muslims do.
20:28 July 4, 2010 by Raiha
Just reading the comments here makes me sick. Whoever said it wasn't anti-semitism but racism that is the problem was correct.

Firstly, no-one here makes the distinction between fundamentalists (ie the Taliban) and ordinary Muslims. And secondly, if Jews are so civilised and responsible for everything wonderful in society *rolls eyes* why the hell are these enlightened, superior beings above the Geneva convention and perpetrating genocide whilst carrying on about ancient history that no-one gives a damn about (except of course, them). Israel wiped out my sympathy with their antics against Palestinians. I even started to believe that Hitler was right and that is a terrible thing to think and say.
00:43 July 5, 2010 by planet.sweden
@Raiha wrote

"I even started to believe that Hitler was right "

Please seek medical attention.
01:16 July 5, 2010 by Bergtussen
Comment: @Raiha - of course you are right that most Moslems are fine and good people, but can you expand your mind a little and understand that most Jews and Israels are also fine and good people? If you would try to understand the situation from the "other side", and in the context of the whole history of the conflict, and what "the other side" has also gone through, then you might learn something. But it is usually very difficult to give up old prejudices, so it will not be easy. Everyone understands that the situation in Israel and Palestine today is very bad, but it is complex and it did not get that way in a single day.

To use words like genocide when there is no genocide is not helpful. Palestinian culture is probably stronger and more vibrant today than it has ever been. And of course the Palestinian population is far larger than it has ever been -- in the 1940s there were around 1 million Palestinians (though they weren't called Palestinians in those days) and now there are said to be 10 million or more. Not genocide.

Raiha, you say that reading the comments makes you sick. But do you not see the sad irony of your own comments. The article above is about hate crimes committed against Jews in Sweden, and instead of talking about the danger that these innocent people are facing in Sweden, you are talking about Jews and Israelis very sarcastically, and then you end your comments with a statement of extreme and stereotypical anti-semitism. Why do I say "stereotypical"? Because do you think you are the first person to say "Maybe Hitler was right"? It is a statement that is absolutely typical of Jew-haters, and they always say it just the same you did, "well, I know it is a terrible thing to say, but ..." I agree with you that it is a "terrible thing to think and say", and you ought to take a long look in the mirror.
06:59 July 5, 2010 by Raiha
I knew that being honest would upset people. This is Sweden right? Where people are expected to keep their real feelings to themselves if it doesn't conform to the norm. I'm not a jew-hater by the way. I'm a rational human being who has heard about the Holocaust ad infinitum...yet can't understand why such an enlightened people justify treating others the same way that they were treated. Nor why they are above the Geneva Convention like every other civilised nation. Nor why they use illegal white phosphorous weapons to indiscriminately bomb civilians and children. Are people really surprised that Hamas is being joined by previously rational, un-hate filled people? Because Israel is perpetuating the violence. ILLEGALLY.

Yes, it was a horrible thing to say because I pride myself on my lack of racism or intolerance towards religions. That is why it is sad to come to this view after reasoning and logic have been applied. What I see above me is a whole lot of one-sided propaganda. How many of the people above are white faced, muslim haters supporting Israel? And how many of the people above are black faced, jew haters supporting anti-semitism?

What the world needs is for people to move on. Keeping a history alive for the sake of perpetuating war and injustice is what disgusts me. When has Israel as a nation EVER stood up for the rights of others around the world suffering genocide? Where were all the people above when Rwanda was happening?
07:37 July 5, 2010 by Bergtussen
note -

Raiha claims to not be a jew-hater.

Raiha started to believe Hitler was right.

Raiha believes self to be a rational, logical person.


to quote planet.sweden "Please seek medical attention"
18:17 July 5, 2010 by memyselfandi
When it comes to muslims, there is a double standard. They brand all Jews as murderous bad people that need to be killed.

Then they want to say that all Muslims are not extremist like the Taliban.

If Muslims would open their closed minds just for a little bit, they would also know that ALL Jews are not bad people.

So Muslims, if you want respect, you need to not brand all Jews as bad people so that when you argue that all Muslims are not terrorist, then you can have a respectful argument.

Until then, I don't trust Muslims.
19:04 July 5, 2010 by Bergtussen
The Muslim world is extremely diverse and by no means monolithic. In addition to Middle-Eastern Muslims, there are Central Asian Muslims, Turkish Muslims, Malaysian / Indonesian Muslims, African Muslims, and so on. If you speak with different Muslims, you will hear all sorts of opinions. I have actually met many Muslims who are sympathetic to Israel's position, and very respectful and friendly toward people of the Jewish faith. Unfortunately it often seems like it is the most extreme, hate-filled voices that dominate the media, and they do terrible harm to the reputation of the Muslim world.

Unfortunately also, there is a large political component. Governments (and other institutions) encourage certain views of Israel and of Jews in order to control their people, by diverting their attention away from their real problems and toward the world's oldest scapegoat.
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