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Feminists plan 100,000 kronor bonfire for 'fair pay'

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 5 Jul 2010, 22:18

Published: 05 Jul 2010 22:18 GMT+02:00

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"This is to be done as a demonstration for equal and fair pay between women and men," a statement on Fi's website states.

The website features a film clip of party leader Gudrun Schyman telling the camera: "Fi's party members are busy handing out 20 kronor notes around Almedalen. On the notes there is a tag which reads Hamnplan, Tuesday 8.30am", referring to the time and place for the somewhat unorthodox political manouver.

Schyman invites viewers to come down to Visby harbour and join in, before setting alight to a 20 krona note.

"See you there," Schyman says at the end of the film.

The Feminist Initiative has previously made no secret of the problems of raising campaign finance and have often taken to slightly unorthodox methods to continue their work.

Prior to the last election their advertising budget received a timely boost from Skåne businessman Claes Decker, and just prior to the 2009 EU elections Fi received a further million from former Abba star Benny Andersson.

Andersson's donation enabled the party to take out last minute full page advertisements in national newspapers, a move that was credited with their vastly improved 2.2 percent showing in the election.

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The party courted controversy when they received a 400,000 kronor grant in 2007 from a state body distributing grants for gender equality projects. In order to obtain the grant the party had to state that it was not a political party and would not contest an election during the year. Conveniently for Fi there were no elections in 2007.

The source of the money for Fi's latest headline-grabbing stunt was not disclosed by the party in its Monday statement. One thing seems certain however, controversy will not be far from Hamnplan in Visby at 8.30am on Tuesday.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

23:03 July 5, 2010 by calebian22
They are short on finances, so they burn 100K. Okaaaay.
23:13 July 5, 2010 by BIL101
seems they are not lacking of money, why asking for "equal pay". wondering whether burning currency is against the law... bunch of idiots! do something more meaningful with these notes, pls
23:16 July 5, 2010 by eZee.se
Question: Why do these hardcore feminists the world over look like such a merry looking bunch? Honestly, if I was a standup I would hate to have a bunch of them sitting in the first seats.

And those are the tolerable ones, the other ones look like in the middle of their sex change operation the doctor walked away...

Second: Isn't burning your countries currency illegal? I know its a major no-no for US currency, and a few other countries... isn't it also in Sweden?

And finally, they are complaining about women getting less money, and these women get a little extra money and whats the first thing they do...

yep, pretty smart, lets give them more money and see what they do with it.

Hey dumb ladies from FI, if you're reading this, here's a suggestion:

send that money to the orphanages or save the whales or save the tigers or save the children or some other worthy charity... then bask in the light of having done a real good deed as well as the publicity that would come from it.
23:19 July 5, 2010 by Nemesis

I have a charity that deserves 100,000, ME.

What is wrong with those people?

Do something useful. Find a children's charity and give them the money. Children's charities need money.
23:20 July 5, 2010 by Darwinder
And thats why women don't make as much as men, look what they do with the money when they get...shoes or burn it!
23:38 July 5, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Darwinder


This women lives iwthin her means and saves quite well.

I own my own apartment outright and am self sufficient.

I also have lots of shoes and handbags:)

Men are incapable of looking after money.
00:17 July 6, 2010 by Darwinder
I was being sarcastic of course, I am a big believer in equality between the sexes when it comes to wages, but this is definately not the way to go about informing the world =)

And what do you mean men are incapable of looking after money?!! I mean I get my salary every month and hand it over to the boys down at the Dubliner and they seem to look after my money just fine!?
00:24 July 6, 2010 by zgmfx19a
I think something's horribly wrong with Swedish women. Tiger Wood's ex-wife the gold digger, the crown princess that makes the "love of her life" sign a pre-nup screwing his gym business, and now a feminist organization burning 100k kr instead of giving it away to charity. These women are nuts !
00:28 July 6, 2010 by Beavis
This is disgusting, that money could have had a much better use for people who actually need it. Is it not some sort of criminal offence to burn this much?

FI do not want EQUALITY, they want MORE rights for women.

Which is just as bad as men having more rights.

Lock her up in the loony bin and throw away the key!
00:44 July 6, 2010 by Radical1
They will still not be satisfied if they get equal pay anyway, when they/if they get equal pay they would still complain and say they deserve more.

The empire wants to strike back!!!
00:53 July 6, 2010 by Arlay

1. its illegal

2. Why the f*ck does they burn 100.000 kr?
01:04 July 6, 2010 by wenddiver
Can't say it about all women, but I know one group that is overpaid, over financed and over-exposed.
01:28 July 6, 2010 by zircon
Hmm... My bankaccount number is...
01:31 July 6, 2010 by Beavis
Even if its not a criminal offence to burn this much money..

They did receive state funding, which means this is tax payers money..Any other moron politician who did this would be forced to resign immediatly.
04:35 July 6, 2010 by Sherian Elizabeth
I am a mature woman, and these women are just plain STUPID STUPID and do not have all their marbles upstairs. Please give the money to a children's charity and then you will have something to brag about. Burning money only shows men how darn stupid and dumb you are.
04:40 July 6, 2010 by Ugly A
Please keep doing actions and demonstrations like this, FI!! The world needs to know the unequal leverage Swedish women get to perform in utterly insanity with impunity when it comes to their "complaints".

Didn't just read last week that a poll showed that Swedish women are taking over much of the professional fields (doctors, lawyers, accountants...).

And then, after years of affirmative action working in Swedish womens' favor in regards to higher education, a group of Swedish female hopefuls lodged a law-suit when denied entry based on the same policy? And WON!
06:40 July 6, 2010 by mkvgtired
@Ugly A, "And then, after years of affirmative action working in Swedish womens' favor in regards to higher education, a group of Swedish female hopefuls lodged a law-suit when denied entry based on the same policy? And WON!"

That is exactly what I was thinking. These women want to subjugate men. The lawsuit you mentioned shows they are on the right track.

@Nemesis, I know several men that made several million dollars out of nothing so I dont know how much merit your comment has. I also know several women that did this. What I have noticed is regardless of sex it seems if a person works for their money they are much more careful as to how it is spent. Clearly if these women have no sense of what money is worth considering they have received so much from private donors and the Swedish government.
06:54 July 6, 2010 by Da Goat
Wonder how many of the notes they handed out will return to be burned I sure would collect them and take them for me, as long as you could get the damn sticker off!
07:29 July 6, 2010 by Makaveli
Wish i could get down there and rob them of all that money they are about to destroy. I would be doing this country some good. This is totally outrageous and criminal. Just plain and downright act of stupidity and selfishness. This group..FAT or FETT or FI...whatever they call themselves should be ashamed of their actions. Booooo!
07:51 July 6, 2010 by Buckshot
She has a mental illness.
08:05 July 6, 2010 by Renfeh Hguh
Desperate publicity stunt to get some media attention.

This stunt is not designed to attract normal sensible Swedes because no one in their right mind would ever for the FI. This stunt is to remind the feminazis and other left wing nut jobs who are a in the IQ front that the party still exists and wants their votes.

08:25 July 6, 2010 by Kevin Harris
Poor Selma Lagerlöf, whose image is about to go up in flames in the picture above. She advanced womens' literature, lived her life as a closet lesbian, and what does she get from modern feminists? A sticker over her face and a public cremation. Show some respect for a sister Gudrun you silly women.
08:59 July 6, 2010 by zooeden
This is an outrage, burning money for an idiotic feminist who thinks she´s Joan D´arc. But yes, they (she) want to be equal and what not, equal to what??? an extremist muslim??? Is that the aim??? Ok then, you got it, but are there no other feminists groups who have more brains than old TTS???? And let me tell ya, Im in favor of feminism, but here in Sweden they got it all wrong, I see them so radical and lost it just hurts, why not show to the world that we burn money, did you see the program yesterday of the indian kids working recollecting rubbish??? There you go. Gudrun, if you want to make a statement that impacts use some old fashion gasoline and lit yourself while listening to a dyke 80´s band!!!

And by the way, the voice of reason has yet not spoken, I wonder if she´s feminist too, don´t you???
09:11 July 6, 2010 by unt9
They could go to Asia and buy few Women out of slavery for this money.
09:11 July 6, 2010 by mandym
I can't believe this. What an absolute waste of money in a world where so many would be so grateful for a fraction of that cash :(
09:15 July 6, 2010 by shame, shame
This is a political party, they want to make a statement. They have made a statement.

The money could have been burned on a half-page ad. and would not have made the least bit of difference. it was burned on a bbq and Fi headlined overnight in all the major dailies and the bonfire was attended by reporters from them and more.

Of course they are aware that the money could have been given to charity, but argue that this will do more good. Judging by the outraged women-hating bile that has greeted the news on this page, they have both got your attention, and shown that the Feminist Initiative is sorely needed in Swedish politics.
09:42 July 6, 2010 by Kevin Harris
@shame, shame

I think you have misunderstood the reason posters are outraged on this forum. Please read the posts again.

If a proper political party needs attention it gains it by way of its policies and initiatives. If these are interesting and popular, people will notice them, and even support them. As Gudrun's admitted yesterday, FI has failed to attract the public's attention and support in the proper way.

Instead of adjusting her policies, she has resorted to an obscene circus act, vandalising public property. It smacks of desperation, and I for one, feel sorry for her. Is this is all she has to offer Sweden? What's she going to do next, introduce a dancing monkey? Get her tits out? Appoint her horse as party secretary?

Real politicians at Almedalen today, who actualy have something to say, must feel frustrated that their proper contribution to democratic debate will be sidelined by this childish behaviour.
10:00 July 6, 2010 by Mb 65
These women will not be truly happy until they get a D--K of the own. What must it be like to be married to one of these women.
10:02 July 6, 2010 by nledit
Would this be considered garbage? As in, burning garbage? So I assume it's not illegal to take another person's garbage right? I see people going through garbage all the time looking for plastic bottles and cans. So can I show up to this bonfire and go through their garbage before they set it to fire?? :)

People should counter-demonstrate this demonstration and show up to their bonfire with water in buckets, squirt guns, water balloons, etc. haha.
11:02 July 6, 2010 by shame, shame
@Kevin Harris. You have a wonderfully refreshing and trusting view of posters, politicians and politics - nice to see in an otherwise cynical world.
11:23 July 6, 2010 by SouthAfrican_in_Sweden
This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. How can you ask for equality by destroying resources that could help other disadvantaged people.

This is a stupid publicity stunt and may lead to the loss of support. I have lost all respect for this group of self centered individuals.
07:28 July 8, 2010 by Makaveli
@Mb - 65...hahahaha...Good one pal! These women are those who never can find a man to put up with their BullSH^^^^^""t, so they grow old and get very cranky and bitter about everything in the world. Only thing i got for them is pity.

Oh and by the way, they should be thrown in jail for destroying public property...Where is the police.
13:42 July 8, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
haha I think I have a better and cheaper way for them to pass accross their message. they will not only make swedish headlines but worldwide headlines. she could have bougth a seat on SAS and crash it into riskdagen to pass accross their message. That way, the whole world would know with just a 2000sek ticket on the flight, that way the feminist get a way of teaching the bloody male pilot and majority male passenger a big lesson.

One problem with sweden and its causing people to either mis-interprete the freedom in the land. Men and women are equal but our physiological and emotional feature often makes them fit into different situation.

I hope we realise that it cost money to print money, and this cost is quite significant compare with the value on the money printed. she should be jailed for what she did.....1sek= 1year....

18:24 July 8, 2010 by Gamal
another swedish sickness, what a pathetic society!
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