98-year-old reports doc over early death cert

A 98-year-old woman in Trollhättan in western Sweden has reported a doctor for mistakenly issuing her death certificate after confusing her personal data with her deceased husband's.

The mistake has led to the suspension of multiple accounts and financial liabilities belonging to her after the tax authorities were informed she had died.

“The district physician wrongly issued a death certificate on 2010-04-12 for me,” wrote the woman in a report to the Health and Medical Treatment Disciplinary Board (Hälso- och sjukvårdens ansvarsnämnd, HSAN) on June 24th. “This occurred due to a mix-up over personal data. The certificate should have instead been issued for a deceased male!!!”

The error has caused extreme inconvenience to the woman and her son, who has been involved in time-consuming efforts calling and writing letters in order to restore her accounts. In addition, her accounts have not yet completely been restored.

The woman is pressing HSAN to impose disciplinary sanctions on the doctor. She is also demanding compensation for the “pain, anxiety and mental suffering she is experiencing at her advanced age” as a result of this mistake.

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