Brewers celebrate summer heat

Brewers celebrate summer heat
Swedish breweries are happy over the recent heat wave and are hopeful that the warm summer weeks will compensate for poor sales in the spring.

Following a weak start to July, the recent heat has left thirsty holiday makers reaching for the bottle and many are choosing a beer to cool off.

Henrik Dunge CEO at brewer Åbro estimates that the company’s sales of beer and soft drinks are currently 10 percent higher than an average summer.

“At the same time we don’t want too good weather. If it is too warm then people don’t have the energy to shop,” he said.

The World Cup has also given sales of beer a boost.

“The matches have come at the perfect time. We particularly note that in our restaurant business there has been a hike during match nights.

Spendrups is another brewer that is satisfied with the start of the summer.

Information director Caroline Ekman said that there are currently no sale figures compiled, but when the weather is good over a longer period of time then sales can climb by 15-20 percent.

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