Swedish women equate jogging with sex: survey

Swedish women equate jogging with sex: survey
Jogging is more important than a slew of other social activities, and is as important as sex and time with the family, according to a new survey of Swedish women by iFORM lifestyle magazine.

Shopping, having coffee with friends, watching television and calling your mum are all willingly sacrificed for a trot around the block, the magazine writes.

iFORM editor-in-chief Karen Lyager Horve explains that the popularity of jogging can be explained in the activity’s rapid results.

“Jogging is something of a panacea, in a relatively short period of time you can boost your well-being by running yourself to a healthy weight, less stress and more happiness,” she said.

Indeed, according to the survey of 1,774 women between the ages of 15-60, jogging is equal only to sex and time spent with the family. A third of the women replied that pounding the streets was in fact preferable to exercise between the sheets.

The survey shows that the only task unquestioningly more important than jogging is work.

The majority of women in the survey responded that they run three times per week, with an average distance of around 5 kilometres, although many are becoming more ambitious with almost a third dreaming of running a half-marathon.

For the modern Swedish woman a pair of worn-in trainers and an old t-shirt is not sufficient attire to launch forth, with MP3 players, pulse meters and mobile phones typical accompaniments on their quest for better health, the survey shows.

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