Moped riders flee after collision with 2-year-old

Two young moped riders took to their heels in the early hours of Saturday morning after crashing into a father and his two-year-old son in the Hageby district on the outskirts of Norrköping, local newspaper Norrköpings Tidningar reports.

The toddler and his father were both taken to Vrinnevi Hospital to be treated for minor injuries after they were struck by the vehicle at a pedestrian crossing while out for a walk at 2am.

Police confiscated the vehicle and were later able to confirm that it had previously been reported stolen.

Father and son both fell to the ground when hit by the moped. The driver and his passenger also fell but quickly picked themselves up and fled the scene on foot.

Police are classifying the incident as a hit-and-run.

“We’re going to continue questioning witnesses to try to find the perpetrators,” police sergeant Gittan Gustafsson told Norrköpings Tidningar.

“It’s difficult with cases like this but maybe friends of the guys who stole the moped won’t be able to keep quiet and it will come out eventually,” she added.

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Swedish bomb experts secure shops after overnight explosion

Bomb disposal experts from Sweden's Nationella bombskyddet were called in to secure a number of stores in a building in Norrköping after an explosion in the early hours of Sunday.

Swedish bomb experts secure shops after overnight explosion
Photo: Niklas Luks/TT

Police barriers remained in place in the area on Sunday but were not expected to affect traffic significantly and have since been lifted, with examination of the location completed.

An explosion at the site was reported to police at 4:23am on Sunday, a spokesperson told TT.

“There were a lot of telephone calls to (emergency services) informing us that several people had heard a powerful explosion in central parts of Norrköping,” senior police officer Torbjörn Lindqvist said on Sunday morning.

The explosion is reported to have occurred in a building with several shops, as well as apartments on upper floors.

No information has been given in relation whether damage occurred to any property other than the shop where the explosion occurred.

It is currently unclear what exploded or what caused the blast.

The incident is currently being treated as destruction causing public endangerment (allmänfarlig ödeläggelse).

Nobody is currently under suspicion in relation to the explosion.

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