Patient at detox gets drunk on Christmas gift

A patient at a detoxification treatment centre who received aftershave for Christmas was later taken to hospital after becoming intoxicated from drinking the present, which contained alcohol.

Patient at detox gets drunk on Christmas gift

A doctor reported the incident to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in June, alleging one of the nurses involved has been involved in earlier incidents in which her judgement was questionable.

On a round on January 4th, the doctor learned that presents containing alcoholic content had been distributed as Christmas gifts at Nya Nyhyttan in Nora north of Örebro in central Sweden.

On the same day, a patient became intoxicated after drinking the aftershave and was taken to emergency at Örebro University Hospital.

According to the report, the prescribing doctor heard over the phone that several of the staff were involved in the purchase, as well as customer service personnel at the shop.

The staff member who bought the gifts admitted to the incident and expressed her regret. Another woman, who was the human resources manager at the time, admitted that she knew about the “Christmas gifts” purchase.

However, she denied any knowledge that the products contained technical alcohol, for which she felt the staff member who had made the purchase should have taken responsibility.

“Other staff at Nyhyttan ‘reacted’ to how inappropriate it was to give clients ‘aftershave,’ but no one ‘dared’ to take the Christmas presents back, which had already been handed out,” the doctor wrote in the report.

A discrepancy report was submitted for further action to the centre’s then-director, who revealed that the human resources manager had given deliberately misleading information in connection with the investigation.

In addition, she had also been involved in previous incidents where her involvement and “judgement” was questionable. None of the personnel involved in the incident now work at Nya Nyhyttan.

At the same time, the centre’s activities have changed. Until December 31st, the centre was involved in the detoxification and treatment of individuals with known substance abuse problems, while starting this year, they only provide detoxification to the same clientele.

Due to a bankruptcy on January 1st, there was a change in ownership and director at the centre.

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