Government enjoys high trust rating

Government enjoys high trust rating
Confidence in Sweden’s government remains high despite a recent controversy surrounding the resignation of former labour market minister Sven Otto Littorin.

A Skop poll shows that 65 percent of voters believe the government is doing a “good job” or a “very good job”, an improvement of one percentage point on last month’s figures.

Some 25 percent of respondents described the government’s performance as “very good” compared to 22 percent in June.

But there was also increased dissatisfaction with the centre-right Alliance, as the proportion of voters characterizing the government’s performance as “bad” or “very bad” rose from 18 to 20 percent. Eight percent of those polled said the government was doing a “very bad job”.

Half of the 1,000 people polled were interviewed after Sven Otto Littorin’s high profile resignation on July 7th.

The three party Red-Green coalition enjoyed a two point upswing on last month, with 30 percent believing the Social Democrats, Left Party and Greens would do a better job than the government. Some 42 percent said the opposition would do a worse job, down slightly from 43 percent in June.

“Confidence in the Red-Green government alternative has recovered from its lowest level in June. There are however still many Swedes who believe a Red-Green government would do a worse job than the current centre-right Alliance government,” said Skop analyst Örjan Hultåker.

Skop interviewed 1,000 people aged 18 to 84 in the period from June 30th to July 31st. Respondents were asked two questions: “Do you think the government on the whole is doing a good or a bad job?”; and, “Do you believe a government made up of the Social Democrats, Green Party and Left Party would do a better or worse job?”

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