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Protestors arrested in anti-US demo

TT/The Local · 29 Jul 2010, 16:56

Published: 29 Jul 2010 16:56 GMT+02:00

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The protesters tried to break into F21 Squadron’s base near Luleå. A total of 30 members of the anti-military organization Ofog were present during the demonstration. Ofog claims that seven of them entered the aerodrome’s restricted area.

“The military took care of them, then they were handed over to the police,” said Ofog activist Karin Carlsson.

Police say that five activists were involved.

“It will be up to prosecutors and the courts whether to proceed,” said Hans Österlund of Norrbotten police.

The activists are suspected of breaking laws governing access to restricted areas, police say.

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Planes from the USAF are spending two weeks in Luleå to practice bombing, together with Swedish Air Force counterparts.

"The USA is the world's biggest and most aggressive fighting country in the world... When Sweden allows the US Air Force to come here and train, we make ourselves accessories to the USA's war crimes," activist Maja Backlund said in a statement on Ofog's website.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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17:43 July 29, 2010 by gosigkanin
Maja, breaking the law is not a bright move. You have demonstrated an aggressive action against the Swedish Laws a'la USA. Try voting for someone else next time.
18:11 July 29, 2010 by reason
"When Sweden allows the US Air Force to come here and train, we make ourselves accessories to the USA's war crimes"

Who knows, more training might just make their pilots better at hitting their targets and avoid unfortunate accidents. Making us accessories to saving innocent lives.
18:56 July 29, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
The USA is also the most charitible country in the world that does more for basic human rights that the collective remainder combined....

Accesories to war crimes? What happened with Sweden's relationship with Nazi Germany in WW2? I await curiously for your parallel arguements.

I suppose Ofag is one of these organizations that thinks peace "just happens". Right?
19:07 July 29, 2010 by riose
Congrats @GefleFrequentFlyer, you just won the Godwin prize of the day.

19:09 July 29, 2010 by Michael Whitfield
No reason to jump off the deep end. It's only a training exercise. The USA respects Sweden's position on neutrality
19:13 July 29, 2010 by Prat
The activists trespassed into a restricted area; their subsequent arrests did not likely jeopardize much. They were probably under careful scrutiny. Now the Ofog activists must pay for breaking the rules - something they likely expected.

But they drew attention to collaboration between Swedish and USA military forces. Maybe Sweden is on track to becoming part of the US war machine? In a democracy we should know these things. Neither government sent letters or explanations to me, did readers here know the alliance was so cozy?

(Perhaps we should have suspected after USA illegal renditions via Sweden went unpunished).
20:22 July 29, 2010 by rybo1
Let's face it, America is a failed state. They have debts they can never repay and have a blood lust for war and carnage. America is in a downward spiral, but will do much more damage and in the process will take others with them.

Sweden should stay neutral and not get involved with a blatantly war warmongering America. I grew up in the "belly of the beast" and never want to go back. It has become a fascist state and truly cares little for it's own people. Just look at the health care system, if there is one, which there isn't.
20:28 July 29, 2010 by Marko2010S
I'm pretty surprised why the Israeli Air Force isn't invited...

Great Sweden an congrats to Swedes for making the world a better place by bringing war criminals into our land who their hands still full of kids' blood from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq
20:42 July 29, 2010 by saab

Thank goodness you are around because frankly I could not read more than 7 or 8 comments without at least one stating something negative about Israel. Otherwise, I would go crazy!


Now please go over to the story about Speed Cameras and write something there about the Mossad. Otherwise, I just can't go on!
21:04 July 29, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
@ riose. No worries, I usually tune out on Nazi analogies as well, but it's especially relevant here when used as a measuring stick of Sweden's (as a whole) morality in the world and the events of the past are on continual rewind-replay mode and have poisioned the average swedish thought process. These correlations have been well documented in discussions here on TL. I have been told time and time again by different swedes that the spectre of Nazi Germany still hangs over the country, and it is very true.

Ofag is certainly not representative of the whole of sweden, but you can trace the threads of the dialogue they spout back to larger historical and societal issues within the country.
21:04 July 29, 2010 by americanska
rable rable rable.....

"We are european, our country is not as great as yours and our government just takes all our money. So we going to try and pick yours apart to make ourselves feel better. "
21:32 July 29, 2010 by eZee.se

Thanks Saab, that was pretty funny and made me laugh!!
22:32 July 29, 2010 by comfortably_numb
Glad to see Swedes out protesting against US military or any military for that matter.

It would have been wiser though to do it peacefully and without trespassing or vandalism.
22:35 July 29, 2010 by J Jack
Note, they never try this sort of thing in the mid- winter.
22:53 July 29, 2010 by krrodman

Good call, Marko!

If you look closely, you can see that the planes on the ground are a special variant of the F-15 called the F-15J(ew) that is only used by the Israeli airforce. The extra large nose cone is the tell tale sign that the planes originate in Israel.

The Mossad is very very clever
23:01 July 29, 2010 by wxman
Plenty of anti-Americans and anti-Semites out and about today, I see! Jealousy is so unbecoming.
00:52 July 30, 2010 by GLO
When the next Hitler comes along US Marines will be the first to come to Swedens aid. We dont ask for your money, or your thanks. We just stand ready to help our friends. Oh! there will be another Hitler, history teaches us that fact.

An American Swedish Brother.....
02:02 July 30, 2010 by PonceDeLeon
Freedom is not Free. American Fathers and Mothers send their Sons and Daughters all over the World to help protect you and I from people who would use the freedom provided to all, to do us harm. These men and women understand the sacrifices they must make to ensure our way of life. I am thankful to these men and women who stand on the wall. Semper Fi.
02:10 July 30, 2010 by waffen
Rybo-1, marko and Maja Backland are exactly correct.

Have any of you read the Guardian's full disclosure of the data that was released to the world by Wiki?

Try the Sonderkommandos of the US Task Force 373 and SF 71, as well as the Royal Marine Commandos that the Guardian cited, and you will see murder and war crimes.

As for Hitler, a variation of him started with nixon, and came to fruition with cheneybush, and now the Tea Party idiots, and the successionist Sarah Palin, who is really hot after Angelina Jolie.

The Swedish Special Forces will take care of Sweden much better than the US Marines.

Sweden doesn't want you on their land in the first place.

Go find, or make a war, somewhere else.
02:22 July 30, 2010 by Eagle63
Do I see six F-15 Eagles and a number of Saab Gripens in the picture ?

Wow ! This might be interesting indeed....; The F-15 is a formidable fighter, interesting to compare it with the newer but smaller Gripen, wich is more comparable to the FA-18. I would love to be in anyone of those cockpits and see a bit of the action.

Great to see 2 of my favorite countries cooperating here. Would have been even more interesting if the Canadian CF-18 joined in too....

Anyway good luck, fellow Aviators, go 'punch a few holes in the sky' !!
02:22 July 30, 2010 by theibmsstate2000
i think swedes dont need training swedes .that fighter pilot did right. every swede has right to get training from other or not. if ppl remember sweden was very powerful country in 1800 century.
03:57 July 30, 2010 by jikcal
I don't know where this 'krrodman' gets his/her info from. F-15J was manufactured in Japan on license as part of the Japanese defense system. Not being Jew myself, but it seems clear that this less gifted individual is a Antisemitic fanatic, who doesn't shy away from lies to slam down on something he/she hates. We have seen that in all propaganda apparatus, including Nazi and fanatic Islam. Pathetic!
04:11 July 30, 2010 by krrodman

Perhaps my satire does not read well. Read closely. I was mocking Marko.

F15J for the the "Jewish" variant of the F15!?! Extra large nose cones on the Jewish planes!?! The "clever" Mossad flying US planes in Sweden!?!

Give me a break!

Lighten up.......
04:24 July 30, 2010 by jikcal

My mistake. You're right that IS absurd. Good one, though.
04:29 July 30, 2010 by Eagle63
@ GLO:

You're absolutely right brother..!

and so will Canada, 'The True North Strong and Free...'

" a Swedish mind, American Spirit, and a Canadian Heart..."
04:51 July 30, 2010 by eZee.se

I saw krrodman's post and laughed but didnt have time to reply and tell him so, then I come back and see him accused of being anti-Jewish f f s!

Come on people, lighten up - if we have to explain each comedic line... the terrorists win!

On topic: those are some beautiful planes...
05:36 July 30, 2010 by AussieAndy
@krrodman. Well said, I had a good laugh.

Whats the big deal about joint-training exercises. Just about every country does them.
05:44 July 30, 2010 by Nachos
A joint bombing run over Malmö would be a charitable act to Sweden.
07:09 July 30, 2010 by amirhosein
"The USA is the world's biggest and most aggressive fighting country in the world... When Sweden allows the US Air Force to come here and train, we make ourselves accessories to the USA's war crimes,"

very well-said.


what you targeted is called personality-terrorism. and people short of a sound argument happen to do it as the last resort, when they're out of reasons.

You can do better than that!
07:37 July 30, 2010 by Nika-NM
It's no good to be harking back to the Sweden's past to alleviate the US stance, it simply undermines healthy argument. There's a plethora of testimonies by which you can vindicate America's so called ''sinful'' actions. If you asked me I'd say that it's almost like looking a gift horse in the mouth. America goes to fight terrorism, the enemy of everything Sweden or ANY civilised country has strived for, and we simply wrong-foot them. Pacifism as such is one of the most implausible causes in the world. You can't have one positive maxim without having a negative maxim to offset the positive maxim's good deportments.

Look at Somalia, the country that has been left to its own devices, where every kid in the country has witnessed the cruellest of vices of war and doom. Is there any kind of way of getting that country back on the rails without using at the very least the carrot and the stick approach?
12:11 July 30, 2010 by Noah Lennox
Maybe someone should fly a plane into turning torso.
13:38 July 30, 2010 by svenskdod
All protest groups come down to two different categories, either there is a real problem and they are fighting for a certain groups natural rights, or they are the BWNL group (Bored With No Lives). From the article these people are against the military of all kinds? That puts them in the latter.
14:39 July 30, 2010 by rumcajs
Nothing againts americans ( i mean the people ), and nothing againts doing these kind of exercices, BUT doing them with the most polemic country in this topic is already quite tricky.

Personaly, I wouldn't care (just a bit) if my son decides to practice shooting with a friend who is JUST another friend, but I wouldn't like the idea at all if he does it with a well known hitman or gangster.

I think any person with a rasonable amount of brains can see that all the US attacks and wars of the last years have been unacceptable and full of second interests.
15:16 July 30, 2010 by Rebel
Rumcajas, try telling that to Obama.
17:01 July 30, 2010 by Icarusty

lol, say that to the people of the countries USA has invaded since WW2. To the Afghan kids whose schoolbags are mistaken for AK47s whilst Apaches blast bullets into them. To the Palestinians burnt alive with Israeli phosphorous bombs using US funding. To all the invaded countries, past and present suffering from the radioactive fallout of experiemental US weapons.
18:25 July 30, 2010 by americanska
To add to Lcarusty....

and to all those in europe and asia living in the free world the US has secured for them.
19:22 July 30, 2010 by israeli
the swedish nation has to ask itself very tough questions. why is there no demonstartion in its land against iran, against north korea, against other countries and organization the commit horrible crimes and threat humanity.

why is there violence against the united states that is still one of the last fortresses of freedom and democracy in the world.

something is wrong with the swedish soul. the roots are rotting in the dark.
02:16 July 31, 2010 by DAVID T
They should have shot them - breaking into a military base
05:41 July 31, 2010 by Jafo
Breaking into a Base to protest is So American. Cant they Find a Swedish way to doit?

They were prob Pro Nazi Mossad in Protestor disguises.

Srry Had to play too!
08:54 July 31, 2010 by ZuluTango
It is sad to see how Swedes see the US as "a failed state," "a fascist state," "war criminals," "hitman or gangster" etc. Have you forgotten how the US helps the Europe during the Second World War and after the war? Yes, US might not have money to provide health care to its citizens; it gave $13 billion aid to rebuild Europe at the end of the War. How the world today would be like if the US continued it's Neutrality? How did the US treat its enemies Germany, Italy, and Japan after the World? Do you still remember how the US helped to end the Western Colonialism? Could you please think about the money the US has spent to defend Europe from Communism? 36,940 US men and women gave their lives in Korean War to defend free Koreans. 58,159 lives lost in Vietnam War to do the same thing even though they lost. The US is doing the same thing for Israel and Palestine. The US has been trying hard to achieve peace there. Think about what would happen tomorrow to the Israel and the people if the US stops showing support to Israel. You can look at the history and see that US is not happy with Israel since Israel deliberately attacked and linked US warship liberty. There are numerous discussions in US congress to stop their support. But, you must aware that Muslims and Jews hate each other and the Jews are living with them. Did the US stand with the Muslims in Bosnian War and fight for free Kuwait? Are you saying US has spent over $700 M in Iraq and $300M in Afghanistan just for oil? Are you saying you are happy to see the 3000 innocent Americans were killed in 9/11? They made a mistake when entering Iraq because of wrong intelligence. But, they are trying to do their best to become a better Iraq. It needs Iraqi helps and international cooperation. Yes, war is bad. You can not avoid loss of civilians' lives. But, do you think you can get peaceful solution with those extremists? You should also check how much money the US is donating to various countries that need. They are doing it in a sense that a greater power has larger responsibly. Now, the US has been asking China to take a larger row for years. I respect your opinions, but some of your comments are misleading and too negative.
13:36 July 31, 2010 by svenskdod
@ZuluTango, Couldn't have said it better myself.

To add to that, billions of dollars in aid go to countries who hate the US with a vengeance. The intelligence leaks that have just been released by WikiLeaks indicate that Pakistani secret service are helping the Teliban, but the US sends billions in their tax payers money to aid the Pakistanis. Billions more are sent to Egypt, a country that is breeding Terrorists.

These people who protest the Military just because it is the military are just as narrow minded as the likes of Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlin.

A Roman warrior once said, "all the intelligence and riches in the world are worth nothing if you cannot defend yourself." Well he was right, and the Roman Empire got soft leading to its destruction.
19:00 July 31, 2010 by wenddiver
Why waste your breathe, the stupid remain stupid. Those people who can't support the US stopping mad men who are trying to starve a whole country to death like in Somalia, or commit Genocide against the Kurds and Shia like Iraq, or do Genocide against the Muslims in Kosovo, or start a World War in Korea, or Kill millions in Cambodia are just ignorant. Does the US military get used a lot? Yes! But if you and your Family were standing in front of a ditch while a mad man uses an AK-47 to shoot people into that ditch, you would probably be praying for the militaries of the US, Britain and their Allies and not a non-binding resolution of the UN supported by Palestine, Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

It's good that Sweden's Aviators train to defend Freedom and Justice. America and Britain's Warriors know the difference between doing something and talking until the innocent are dead. No apology for that.
19:54 July 31, 2010 by americanska
awesome winddiver.
23:53 July 31, 2010 by wenddiver
Thanks Amercanska, I just think the world owes a little thanks to the 18 year olds whose countries have said no to terrorism and enocide, if Sweden can help save a few thousand from a body filled ditch every now and then, good for them.
00:11 August 1, 2010 by fff123

I read your whole post.

Just want to point out that you claimed:

"It is sad to see how Swedes see the US as "a failed state," "a fascist state," "war criminals," "hitman or gangster" etc."

But really think about it, how do you know which nationality these screennames have? Really?
01:51 August 1, 2010 by wenddiver
@ff123- Great Point.
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