Man jailed after getting 12-year-old pregnant

A man in his early twenties has been found guilty of child rape after impregnating a 12-year-old girl he brought home from a party in Tranås in southern Sweden in January.

The rape would likely not have come to light had it not led to the young girl’s pregnancy. The man, who denied committing an offence, was convicted on Friday by Kalmar district court and sentenced to two and a years’ imprisonment, local newspaper Barometern reports.

The girl went home with the man, ten years her elder, after meeting him at a party in Tranås at the end of January. Despite her protests, the man, who was drunk, proceeded to have full sexual intercourse with the girl.

When it later emerged that she was pregnant the matter was reported to the police against the girl’s will.

During the trial the man claimed that the girl had said she was sixteen. But this was contradicted by text messages sent by the defendant to a friend in which he urged his comrade to tell the police that the girl was accustomed to lying about her age. “Otherwise I’ll be locked up,” he wrote.