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Ship to Gaza to set sail again

AFP · 4 Aug 2010, 17:35

Published: 04 Aug 2010 17:35 GMT+02:00

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"We are going to send a flotilla if the siege is not lifted," Ship to Gaza Sweden spokesman Dror Feiler told AFP after the group's meeting in Stockholm.

A six-ship fleet first attempted to reach the Palestinian territory on May 31 but it was halted by an Israeli raid that left nine Turkish activists dead.

"We will go (again) before the end of this year and we are quite sure that this flotilla will be more boats, bigger boats, it will be several passenger boats," said Feiler, who took part in the flotilla's first trip.

"And as determined before, we will not accept Israeli control, we will not accept Israeli inspections and we will go to Gaza," the Israeli-born Swedish artist and longtime activist said.

"We hope that Israel and the international community will realise it is not possible to stop this and that it is not acceptable to continue with the siege," he added.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition said in a statement it planned to enlarge the coalition "to include the various groups around the world that want to join us, as well as intensify our efforts to mobilise a new flotilla."

"We are buying boats, we are getting a lot of funds to get more boats," Feiler said, adding the "Ship to Gaza" movement had spread to France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, United States and Canada.

Wednesday's meeting was "coordination of our efforts, discussion with the new groups," Feiler said.

He said an exact date had not been set for the future attempt because of boat purchasing and licensing issues, and the weather.

Israel sparked international outrage when its commandos attacked the fleet early on May 31. Israeli troops then forced the six ships in the convoy to dock at an Israeli port, before detaining those on board.

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UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Monday announced the formation of a four-member panel to probe the deadly raid. Israel has backed the investigation.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition said Wednesday it had "fundamental concerns" with the panel, and that the easing of the Gaza blockade announced by Israel on June 21, was "purely cosmetic."

Israel imposed the siege on the Gaza strip in June 2006 after its soldier, Gilad Shalit, was captured by Gaza militants, tightening it a year later when Hamas seized power in the coastal strip.

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Your comments about this article

18:04 August 4, 2010 by eZee.se
And the stupidity starts again...
18:24 August 4, 2010 by christo
@ezee.se. u r right these guys dont listen . this time they will make them to crawl down and much beating. and let them not come again complaining to the international community coz they dont listen. they will coz more damage to themselves not israle. hehehe i will laugh wen times comes. and i wont feel sorry for them. last time i felt sorry for them but not this time.

if they want to send aid let them take it to were there told to do so but if they brake the law then no one will come at there back this time and whatever they do israel is israel. whatever they say but if israel says no its no and no one will come against them hehehe. watch out and see.
18:30 August 4, 2010 by gogo99
Agree with eZee.se... a pure stupidity.

I hope this time Israel will sink all the boats without even raid them (=waste of time and human resources). Maybe this time, Israel will finally teach those stupid and BORED activists a lesson once and for all.
18:31 August 4, 2010 by Nemesis
I had some sympathy for the people on the first boats.

If they do it again after what happened previously, then what happens is on there own head.

I wonder how many torpedo's the Israeli's have?
18:37 August 4, 2010 by christo
hehehe they have all kinds of topidos and to there anger if they see the same crooks they deported back they they will arrest them in there prisons even if sweden asks for them . they will be there for sometime úntil they understand. this time it will even be some caining hehehe
21:47 August 4, 2010 by diegoveggie
they should go to north korea and burma, too. oh! maybe the taliban need some help also
22:25 August 4, 2010 by wxman
If they went to "aid" the Norks, as the previous poster suggests, I think we all know what would happen. The same thing that happened to the South Korean vessel. They exibit a very predictable reaction to foreign vessels arriving uninvited.
22:36 August 4, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

“To reach Gaza before the end of 2010”

What motto or flag will the Flotilla be flying this time? Will it be the motto

“ Forewarned is forearmed”


“once bitten twice shy”

is it now a more conciliatory, peaceful,


and law-abiding

approach as they head for to enter

sovereign life-giving Israeli waters?

Let's hope that this time - Henning Mankell – just like the last time – has the good sense and enough courage and optimism to leave at least one copy - a copy - of his manuscript behind – for safe-keeping in Sacred or Secular Sweden, where hopefully neither he nor it, will get lost.

“To reach Gaza before the end of 2010” ? Perhaps after the Swedish elections, in which case Carl Bildt won't be explaining from the railings, about the rantings or rulings of the Swedish Parliament/ Government, until after the elections.

With a little bit of luck they ( the Flotilla) could make it before Christmas ( compliant sailors, even war-riors, all arriving safely at whichever port the Israeli Navy may feel fit to choose to guide them to safety, so that they may continue to live in tranquillity, to celebrate Jesus*birthday, distribute precious gifts like the wise men/ messengers from the East, spreading love and joy to all the Gazans of Hamastan.


And perhaps some candy, and a happy Christmas wish for Gilad Shalit no longer in captivity?

From Hamas?

It's reasonable to expect that all this could come to pass - peacefully - if they ( the Flotilla) follow and obey orders when they arrive on the M.V. “ Peace on the earth of Jesus and Goodwill to all men”perhaps to preach the message of :peace and love, lay down weapons of destruction:


Hopefully too, by the end of November updates from Lebanon will have passed into history.

With a little bit of luck with a little help from my friends...
22:41 August 4, 2010 by gwarbu2000
To save money they could abandon ship and cross the Gaza/Egyptian border on camels or on donkeys. But maybe donkeys can't ride donkeys - but they could ride camels.
22:42 August 4, 2010 by this_aint_sparta
To the WISE who posted the comments above

"The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about""
22:48 August 4, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
They may even mount Egyptian horses but not sing Az Yashir Moshe
23:28 August 4, 2010 by this_aint_sparta
I am glad there are people who are trying to keep the globe intact. I am glad there are people who stand up and stand firm against criminals and terrorists without the fear of the wealth and the propaganda used against them.

Great job I am with you in breaking a terrorist's home made law which is a nonsense but recognized by dummies and puppets placed at high ranks.
23:43 August 4, 2010 by viper
It's not stupidity. It's our moral duty to support Palestine's, also to oppose and condemn israel. They did a good job and showed great courage just to demonstrate world about harsh living condition in Palestine.

All those, who are babbling against Freedom Flotilla "NO ONE GIVE A F*$% TO YOU"
00:06 August 5, 2010 by antimultikulti
I would suggest Dror Feiler to send Flotilia Of Peace to independent Kurdistan and watch the warm welcome from Turkey.
00:46 August 5, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
I don't know if I can read any more news articles relating the general opinion of Sweden/swedes to Jews/Israel. The ignorance coming from the anti-Israel/Jews crowd is worse that the worst diaper blowout you've ever experienced. Maybe I'm just a bit fed up since I just got back from dealing with Sweden last night....
00:49 August 5, 2010 by Elias06
i really want to congratulate the courage of those people who risk their life for this human cause. they could just stay behind their keyboards and send stupid messages like the ones im seeing here, and since when not letting a country get vegetables and fruits as a foreign aid is a law? ezz.se you would prefer sending them bombs instead i guess
00:51 August 5, 2010 by JoeSwede
Can the Gaza please refrain from violence for a time so that the embargo can be lifted.... is that too difficult?

While they're at it, can they push some de-population programs (condoms, birth control pills, sex education). The gaza is not the place to grow and overpopulate in this day and age.

Could the Gaza become the next center of civilization? They control their own fate.
01:11 August 5, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
To put an end to suffering. Take a closer look. In the picture above, is that the visionary Matthias Gardel playing darts (dart in his right hand) his blue eyes riveted on the holy horizon / Holy Grail in the sky?

Not to worry. After sending a Flotilia of Peace to Independent Kurdistan, Flotilla Feiler could also send a few battalions to Darfur and in support of The Resistance send a few more tons of medicines, sympathy and love to the Taliban in occupied Afghanistan.

When he arrives there (in Afghanistan) by sea, land or air he should expect/ await the results/ rewards of their good intentions: a few welcoming shots from General Patreaus and his Force.

02:35 August 5, 2010 by honorable
Best song for these i d i o t s: we c o n the World

h t t p : // w w w .y o u t u b e .com/watch?v=FOGG_osOoVg

If they ever go to Gaza, i hope that they visit the newly constructed Gaza Mall (600 parking spaces), the newly inaugurated olympic swimming pool, and restaurant Cactus (16 page menu)..
03:16 August 5, 2010 by GLO
A new pro-terrorist voyage from Hell. Good Luck,I just hope they meet with fate.The Satan Ship is anew.
07:56 August 5, 2010 by Antonioparco
Yes..N.Korea, Talibans, Myanmar and Al Queda r also desperate in need of your aid. You are just licking the bungholes of the Hamas..no more no less.
08:47 August 5, 2010 by Marko2010S
I'm so happy to read this news. It really cheered me up. I'm not only happy because the aid will go to poor Palestinians, but also, this gonna freak out and annoy the corrupted Israeli leaders (War Criminals).
08:53 August 5, 2010 by Rebel
I have to say, there are three types of people that seem to be associated with these kinds of actions:

1) Bubble-headed bleach blonde idealists who want to "save the world" and such.

2) People who want to stir up trouble and want to force Israel to have to show some sort of force in reaction to this provocation.

3) People who want the destruction of Israel.
12:48 August 5, 2010 by europeman31
for all of above commentators like ezee.se , christo, Rebel and others Tyrant Israel Supporters .. You deserve to drown in a cup of water . Israel is butchering the Humanity for last 50 years , declaring thesecond Holocaust to innocent civilians and you goose people saying they are right ..

Defend Humanity Sanction Israel..
12:56 August 5, 2010 by Antonioparco
Europeman31..r u trying to say the the PLO, the Black September,Hamas, Hizbollar are all angels. Do they have any respect for their own people? Which bunghole were you born?
13:01 August 5, 2010 by europeman31
Antoniparco: ... No PLO, the black september, Hamas, Hizbollah are all freedom fighters not angels but simple human. Whereas Isarels are far below that...

Go Flotilla go to support innocent victims of Second Holocaust.
13:12 August 5, 2010 by Audrian
The crime being committed in Gaza is a crime against humanity. The United States, Israel's ally, is inventing stories, falsifying facts and making the Palestinians look like aggressors and Israelis look like peace loving people. The victims of Israeli aggression are fighting Israeli land grab. The present leaders of Israel are endangering the survival of Israel in the Middle East. Technological advance in today's world is growing in lips and bounds. In time, Palestinians might have their hands on weapons of destruction and erode Israel's present military advantage. By then, it might be too late for Israel to settle its dispute with Arabs.

I think all those who appear to be pro-Israel, including the US, are destroying Israel's chance of living in peace in the Middle East. The American public is too sensitive over the deaths of its soldiers in a foreign land. President Obama's campaign pledge was to remove American soldiers out of the Middle East as early as possible. The US needs Israel to act as its cannon fodder for its imperialist ambition in the Middle East.
13:27 August 5, 2010 by europeman31
Very Rightly Said Audrian:

No matter how many fake dailyalert website , information organization the pro israelis make now the in-human agenda of them are clear to all.

Spreading false and fake information and changing the facts and hiding the criminal acts on humanity is the long lasting trick of Israel and USA as shown by wikileaks as well.

Now we all those who stand for humanity know their tactics and strategy .

Flotila and 100 of those ships must go for innocent civilans in order to save humanity as whole from Israel's Crime.
14:27 August 5, 2010 by Syftfel
What do these simpering morons hope to accomplish with such offensive behavior? Other than spreading their subliminal leftist boilerplate invective, and antagonizing all decent people around the world. What pearls of wisdom can possibly be learned from such clownish behavior? Like truffle sniffing pigs they seek out whatever venue will best serve their anti-US message. I'm sure they already mobilized the press to document their infantile antics. Somebode ought to teach these people lesson!
00:18 August 6, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
The Middle East is the hub of so much oil and that could be one of the reasons for the extreme focus on that area.

Whatever happens in the Middle East, Our Sweden always has something to say - sometimes to even pontificate on very un-Swedish Human Rights issues, such as FGM. Nyamko Sabuni has her own special views about that. I think that she takes a pretty dim view of FGM. And the circumstances in which the cultural act is perpetrated.

And some people ( like Audrian ) always have something to say. In it's most extreme form, we have Audrian saying that “ The crime being committed in Gaza is a crime against humanity. “

Well, the short and long of it is that everyone has an agenda, as this article makes clear, and some people are in it (Israel) for their own good:

"Till now not a single person has died of hunger in Gaza . They die in the other point of the world, in Kirghizia , but nobody cares about it. The rights of Palestinians are above the rights of Uzbek people. As well as the Sudanese Christians, Iraqi Kurds, Boers in Southern Africa, “Ahmadyya” in Pakistan and Baha'is in Iran. Palestinians are the high caste of mankind because fortunately they are up against Israel , and the international community has its own rights and interests in this conflict."


More seriously :

00:53 August 6, 2010 by ajs42548
If the Palestinians would just not send rockets into Israel and live peacefully, there would not be nor would there ever have been a blockade. Why wasn't there a blockade until recently? What have the Palestinians ever done to promote peace? Even after Israel left Gaza (people said that if only Israel did that peace would come) within hours Hamas was sending rockets into Israel. Why didn't they reciprocate with a peace move of their own? Please explain that.
05:03 August 6, 2010 by ehwhat?
Gaza is not in need of humanitarian aid. No one is starving. The shelves are stocked. There is even serious nightlife for the elites. And there lies the problem, Gaza is in need of actual leadership. Fatah were and are secular and corrupt. Hamas is religious and corrupt. Palestinians are continuously let down by their leadership, their Arab neighbors and the people who play PR games rather than do some real good. It feels so good to float around the Med as a tool of corrupt politicians who would just as soon kill you for the violation of their precepts as look at you. Make no mistake. You are being tolerated for a fiduciary reward and the retention of power not because you are doing Palestine or Palestinians any good at all. The elections are overdue with both groups (Fatah and Hamas). No one believes that if they were held that the outcome would be anything other than the dead voting twice and the living voting under intimidation. Bribes are rampant. Belong to the wrong group, say the wrong thing, be in the wrong place and you are dead. Lack of human rights (nothing to do with Israel this time) are common place. Why don't you people do some real good? Force the end to the civil war between Hamas and Fatah. Enforce the UN charter on human rights (the women, girls and children will thank you). Force direct peace talks so that people can live their lives in dignity and not as pawns. There are too many puppet masters and the puppets are tired of the strings being pulled. Beach the stupid boats and do something meaningful for God's sake. Please.
11:51 August 6, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
War is usually followed by peace –

in usual circumstances.

However, war between implacable enemies - at the very best, such wars are followed by a cease- fire, a suspension of hostilities which it is presumed will resumed at a later date, and continue until “ the final battle”

19:04 August 6, 2010 by Sweetdishgurl
Looking at the pro-Israel comments on here and feeling sick. Stinks of intolerance. Goes to show what violent people the pro-Israelis are. Sad that there is so much hate in the world. The truth is that if Israel gave back the land they stole from the Palestinians there would be peace in the Middle East. TEAR DOWN THE WALL, FREE PALESTINE and SUPPORT WORLD PEACE. God Bless the world and may we find peace in our hearts. Only the best wishes for this second round of Gaza Ships.

ps. JoeSwede-I hope you don't have any children yourself because you seem like a cruel and evil man to say such awful things. Growing up anywhere in this world is tough. No matter race, country or religion we must protect our children.
13:47 August 7, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Don't be sick. It's sick enough with all the sickening talk about today's Israel ( the size of the Gambia) having “stolen” the very land which was promised to Israel by the owner HIMSELF.


It's not clear which pro-Israel comments “Sweetdishgurl” is referring to here. Hopefully not mine, because I am neither intolerant or full of violence or hatred. There's certainly no evidence of intolerance or hate in my comments. As a matter of fact I am thoroughly acquainted with the various schools of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and such an acquaintance has resulted in understanding, respect and tolerance. Hate? That cannot be reconciled with

“You shall love HASHEM, your God

with all your heart

with all your soul and with all your resources”

Of course I would not endear myself to anyone who would like to make a Muslim or a Christian or an idolater out of me.

One difference between Judaism and Islam is that Judaism does not say that you have to convert to Judaism to be “ saved” - since the Noahide Laws are sufficient for mankind - whereas - Muslims are committed to the Islamization Project – the project to missionize and Islamize the whole of Europe, indeed the whole world – because they ( Muslims) believe that according to Islam the bottom line is that the Islam that was preached by the Prophet of Islam is the only religion that is acceptable to the Almighty ( Allah?). The average Muslim believes that if you do not become Muslim then you are going to burn in hell and that is the genesis of much trouble that is yet to come....

If I could repeat and explain my last comment which was that

“War is usually followed by peace –

in usual circumstances.

However, war between implacable enemies - at the very best, such wars are followed by a cease- fire, a suspension of hostilities which it is presumed will be resumed at a later date, and continue until “ the final battle” -

According to Islamic eschatology in which Muslims believe so fervently, “the final battle” will be fought between the Muslims and the non-Muslims – and from that point of view everyone knows on which side George Bush will be, since he has already announced the line of demarcation: “You are either with US or you are with the terrorists.” ( I'm assuming that Bin- Ladin, Hamas,Hezbollah, Iran etc would normally be on the side of the Muslims. It's difficult to assess or know where Mankell and Gardell ( who should be foaming at the mouth at such a time) and the rest of Islamic Sweden would stand if it happened now....

There are several processes at work at the moment.

WE hope to be on God's side.

On the whole, some of the pro-Arab supporters have got to the point at which they have become implacable enemies of Israel.:


Every Muslim who is familiar with the Qur'an which is written in Arabic knows that Israel is mentioned by name several times in the Quran and that the Jewish people are referred to as “ Bani- Israel”, in the Quran. Nothing in history that has occurred so far disconnects Israel from the Almighty to whom the whole world and its created contents belongs and we pray that the Almighty will see through the Redemption.

15:19 August 7, 2010 by Uncle

Go to youtube and search:

Let Me Introduce Myself, My Name Is Israel

Maybe something will get through that thickness...
15:21 August 7, 2010 by ehwhat?
I'm going to try this again. It is probably a waste of time. Let's deal with some unpleasant facts.

Israel isn't the major problem in Gaza and the West Bank. The lack of leadership and the lust for money is. Want to talk about shortages? Humanitarian aid? The shops are stocked. But there is a major shortage. The major shortage in Gaza is electricity. Israel's fault? I wish. No it's Hamas and the PA behaving badly as always.

Today's Report from Gaza:

An electrical power station in the Gaza Strip stopped operating due to lack of fuel today (yes, today, Saturday, 7 August 2010).

A financial dispute between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority caused the lack of fuel supply, the station's manager said.

The PA is unable to purchase fuel since Hamas is not transferring funds from the taxes it takes from electricity users.

The station supplies one third of the electricity used in Gaza.

Every several months the dispute repeats itself . The power goes off.

So, who gets hurt? Palestinians in the street. The people none of you actually care about.. So, go float about the Med and get articles for your scrapbooks. Maybe your face will appear on the Guardian, or NY Times or some other rag. It might even appear here. You are part of the problem. You are providing support to the two corrupt self-centered inhumane organizations that are keeping the Palestinian oppressed. Israel? Screw Israel.

Palestinian life will only improve when the leadership learns to behave like leaders and not plunderers.
17:30 August 7, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
There's no point in doing anything half-heartedly

Mattias Gardell and Henning Mankell might be salivating this very minute or rubbing their palms together at the prospect of further chaos as they threaten to send forth their 2nd Flotilla

“ if the siege is not lifted,” .

Adding more fuel to the fire he lit, Bror Flotilla Feiler adds that his flotilla will feature “more boats, bigger boats, it will be several passenger boats," and still hell-bent on a headlong collision through confrontation, he adds:”And as determined before, we will not accept Israeli control, we will not accept Israeli inspections and we will go to Gaza," Obviously going out of his way to look for trouble in Israeli waters.

Should the 2nd Flotilla defeat the Israeli Navy, I advise you type the following words into the search engine: 2nd Gaza Flotilla :


In fact you could even type it in the search engine now and surprise yourself.

In the meantime, people like “ehwhat? “ ought to be congratulated for uncovering some “unpleasant facts”, such as the fact ( if true) that “The PA is unable to purchase fuel since Hamas is not transferring funds from the taxes it takes from electricity users.”

As a result of which a third of the electricity supply comes to a halt and the misgoverned citizens of Gaza suffer and put up with the having to live in darkness because of the democratically elected Hamas. It all started with the political infighting between Hamas and Fatah.

As reported elsewhere. “ The Hamas authorities accused the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in the West Bank of demanding the European Union not to directly pay for the industrial fuel to operate Gaza power station. PNA asked the EU to send the funds directly to its budget and it will pay for the fuels, according to Hamas." ( ATFP)



More good use of space:


It's necessary to bring out the true facts, so that the darkness of error – the deliberate misinformation of the anti- Israel propaganda war will disappear from our sight.

This is necessary because “this new war has the potential to be far more dangerous and successful than previous ones, precisely because it seeks to convince westerners that the struggle against Israel should also be their struggle.”


It seems that the effects/ fallout from the confrontation/ provocation that is now at its planning stage – the confrontation to be provoked by the 2nd Gaza Flotilla Armada of several hundred organisations and boats heading for the Gaza strip promises to be more lethal and insidious than the 2nd Intifada.


Finally, before she starts yelping about any “stolen” land “Sweetdishgurl”, even if she comes from "SoupSweet Land" should keep it in her heart and head and not ferget this:

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