Police officer deploys doll in joyrider fight

A Swedish police officer has run into trouble with his superiors after deploying a uniformed life-sized doll in his home neighbourhood after tiring of local joyriders.

The officer, from Falkenberg in western Sweden, decided to employ his inanimate colleague after more formal police attempts to tackle reckless driving in the area proved unable to curb the practice.

The make believe law enforcement effigy, complete with official police uniform, and bearing a friendly smile and two dots for the eyes, was placed on the street corner near the officer’s home.

Senior officers at Falkenberg police have not however responded positively to the officer’s innovative approach to police work and are now investigating allegations of misconduct, according to the Expressen daily.

While the officer may have to suffer the professional consequences of his actions, according to the man’s family the unorthodox move has borne fruit with road users taking more care in the community.

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