Satanic reg plate banned from Sweden’s roads

Satanic reg plate banned from Sweden's roads
The Swedish Transport Agency on Wednesday balked at the idea of the devil incarnate riding the country's roads and elected to reject a request from a car owner to adorn her vehicle with a "Luzifer" number plate.

“The combination of letters that you have asked for could be interpreted as offensive,” the Swedish transport authority said, throwing “Luzifer” in the same bin as other rejected words such as “Badazz”, “Sexyboy” and “Vodka”.

However, 40-year-old Annsofie Tedfors told the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter she did not have the devil in mind and “just wanted to pick a memorable name.”

Tedfors added she had once had a cat and a business also called “Luzifer”.

According to Swedish law, personalised car number plates must not be “offensive or disturbing”, and the authorities must consider all proposals before they appear on the roads.

In a country with 9.5 million people there are some 15,860 personalised car number plates in circulation, each costing 6,000 kronor ($815) and lasting 10 years.

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