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Aide moved over 'Islam is like Nazism' comment

TT/The Local · 19 Aug 2010, 15:10

Published: 19 Aug 2010 15:10 GMT+02:00

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The man, a non-political appointee, shared his opinion on Islam on his blog in September 2008 when he commented on an article by writer Lena Andersson in which she warned against the "religious terrorism" directed at artists, writers and journalists.

The civil servant's own commentary on the article was that "Islam is like Communism or Nazism. There are no good practitioners - just confused or evil."

Sabuni told the Expressen daily on Wednesday, "I strongly disagree with these views and there is of course no truth in them."

However, neither she nor her state secretary, Christer Hallerby, commented on Wednesday on whether they consider the man man fit to work with immigration issues.

"I cannot conduct personnel policy in the media since this is something we deal with internally," Hallerby told news agency TT. "This is something he has done outside of his duties and as I understand it also before he was hired here."

"For the non-political parts of government offices, the same rules apply as for those in the rest of the labour market in terms of freedom of expression, job security and professional negotiations during a transfer."

Sabuni also stressed that the man is an non-political civil servant and that she cannot keep track of what all the civil servants in the government offices think. She declined to comment on whether the man is suited to work as a researcher in her department.

However, a written statement from Hallerby on Wednesday evening confirmed that he and the staff member had agreed that as the discussion had arisen it was made clear that the man could no longer represent the department "in the same way as before."

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The man will "change job duties within the department in the future." A discussion of what these will entail is currently ongoing.

The man later apologised on his blog for the comments and offered a clarification of his statement.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:42 August 19, 2010 by krow
This is one of the reason why foreigners who are highly qualified to become citizen have to wait 9 months before they receive answer from migrationsverket just because some people who work there hate to see foreigners prosper. What background check was made when this person was taken for the job while other qualified people where rejected?
16:33 August 19, 2010 by SarahRF
This is ridiculous. The guy is in trouble for voicing an opinion? Good grief, is it suddenly against the law to have an opinion?! And according to the article, he voiced that opinion before working at the Integration offices, so really, why is he in trouble? His opinion could have changed in those two years.


Why do you assume that his dislike of Islam is a dislike of foreigners? Islam is not synonymous with immigration. I am an immigrant and not a Muslim, and I wouldn't say I've prospered more than the average person. Would you have said the same thing if he'd voiced a dislike for Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanism, Christianity, or even the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Just because he voiced an opinion doesn't mean it's truth, it is his perspective, and he could very well be wrong, but it is his choice to have the opinion that he does. If you don't like it, don't agree with it, don't accept it, and move on.

People need to stop wetting themselves whenever someone says something negative about Islam. It's only as terrifying and dangerous as you let it be.
17:30 August 19, 2010 by Great Scott
So freedom of speach gets you a new job in Sweden.
17:52 August 19, 2010 by caradoc
While i do not agree with the views in the blog by the civil servant ,(except his views on Nazism) i defend his right to free speech.

As long as his views did not affect his work, in a democracy we should all have a right to say whatever we wish .

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist" (Salam Rushdie 1990)
18:02 August 19, 2010 by Andersson
Lars vilks must be mulling over to become premier of Sweden.
18:17 August 19, 2010 by Localer
9 months ? i got mine in a month !...
18:50 August 19, 2010 by Elias06
Iam Muslim and sad about the hate campaign against Islam (for wrong reasons and sometimes for understandable reasons) , but i dont give it a .... that someone is writing on his blog that islam is like nazism, a blog is a free space he can write whatever he thinks intresting ...what im tired of is medias paying attention to these stupids news
19:20 August 19, 2010 by eZee.se
Freedom of speech is fine... except it seems when it comes to anything that has to do with Islam - then it becomes a big no no.

Not my opinion, just an observation.
19:36 August 19, 2010 by locaxy
Well...it's his right to say so, and it's the right of the government to sack him for making such comments.

I mean, all religions are like Nazism. That's a fairer statement. No need to single out Muslims like you did Jews a few decades ago.

21:29 August 19, 2010 by Andersson
Where do I breach the limits for "freedom of speech" if I say

a. Islam is like nazism.

b. Holocaust is a hoax.

Accepting first and denying second means "slavery of speech".
22:34 August 19, 2010 by GLO
My Thuth is True... Whos to say otherwise ??
10:11 August 20, 2010 by Jackdempsey187
He has his freedom of speech. It's not like he's getting arrested for writing what he did. The government, like any employer, has the right to move him if it feels it has a good reason.

But really, Godwinning Islam is just a cop-out when considering all the legitimate criticisms one can make of it.
11:24 August 20, 2010 by LeoKinmann

I find it hard to believe such a person can keep his thoughts and work apart. Especially if he works under the Integration Minister dealing with muslims on a daily basis.


The majority of the incoming immigrants happen to be muslims. By making the comments he was offending the majority of people he was supposed to help. Given his position he could've abused his power. If you are the leader of F! you have the freedom to praise legalized prostitution if you want. But you can't defend yourself with freedom of speech when your comrades overthrow you.
13:35 August 20, 2010 by jwlundgren
It is perfectly possible to hold an opinion contrary to your employer and still serve that employer well. If his job performance, as in the amount and quality of work produced, then his opinions outside of works should not be held against him. Otherwise, we all need to get off the internet and live in a cave.
17:17 August 20, 2010 by Jannik
The man was stating the obvious.

Islam has many parallels with nazism and communism. They are mindsets and political strategies with totalitarian aspirations.

Islams holds an extreme contempt for infidels, who are unclean, and are only fit for slavery or death.

Islam is not the "religion of peace", but a religion of violent conquest, intolerance, hate and totalitarian control of the individual.

If you do not know about islam, study the koran and the hadith, and you will come to understand that islam will only breed hate and violence.
17:33 August 20, 2010 by JordanR
I think they did the right thing by transferring him.

There are lots of government jobs where your view on Islam has absolutely no bearing on job performance. But department of Integration is not one of them.

We have to be somewhat practical.
18:54 August 20, 2010 by Swedesmith
Judge a person, a religion, or what have you, by it's fruits.

Perhaps the majority of Muslims are peace loving, but there are enough hard line believers out spreading hate and dealing in death to taint the name of Islam.

@Elias06 who says, as a Muslim, he is saddened by all the hate against his religion , perhaps he should ask himself is this hate justified? Can something be done to bring about a better image is Islam? I would love to see the moderate Muslims denounce the extremists and drum them out of the religion, but, alas, I have not.
19:11 August 20, 2010 by falaky


What I love about islamophobic loons is their schizophrenic pretentious ability to actually believe that they are benevolent humanitarians even as they engage in the worst kind of unadulterated bigotry.

The British and the United States' actions when it comes to hate and discrimination should, perhaps, warrant a ban? Slavery, colonialism, genocides, apartheid, wars-they have done it all, and their flags are symbols of their past and present acts and policies. Add to that European colonialism and the countries that were its most vehement actors and supporters.

Perhaps sneakers should be banned because one might associate them with slave labor and exploitation?
00:15 August 21, 2010 by k84
1. We don't need more immigrants. Our parents worked hard to make Sweden a prosperous country and now we become a minority in our own home. Everybody should stay in their home country.

2. Nazism and Islam??? well at least the nazis built technologies and had a strong animal protection law.
00:21 August 21, 2010 by Jannik

What i love about islam lovers is their schizophrenic pretentious ability to actually believe that they are defending the "religion of peace".

It is very typical of these types, that they label all critique of their beloved religion as "islamophobia", when in reality it is just a critique of a specific religion or ideology.

By your same faulty logic, a harsh critic of christianity is to be labeled a "christianofobe". Or a critic of nazism as a "nazifobe".

For some reason i have never heard of this characterization, neither of dead critics like Voltaire or Nietszche, or live ones like Dawkins or Hitchens.

This is just a primitive tactic to shut the mouthes of critiques, by labelling them as heretics.

When you dont possess any ways of defending your beloved religion, you instead resort to the good old accusation of colonialism and western guilt.

I dont agree with everything that the US or UK has committed in the past, but that is besides the point, these countries have morally dealt with these issues plenty, and have also criticised christianity aggressively.

The arab world has never excused their practice of slavery, which has been going on since 700 A.D., and well into the 20th century. And reforms of islam have also been lacking.

The koran is a book preaching violence, conquest and supremacy, and this is apparently very hard for you to accept.
04:07 August 21, 2010 by Burritos
Too bad this guy lost his job. Everybody knows he is right.
06:28 August 21, 2010 by jbat
Burritos - this guy do not lost his job but maybe will change job within the department or maybe not (still in discussion). Your level of hatred about Islam make your blind and unable to see clearly what really happen.

Swedismith... You said "I would love to see the moderate Muslims denounce the extremists and drum them out of the religion, but, alas, I have not."

--> What you want us the TRUE ISLAM followers do against this Terrorist? Slaughter them and become another terrorist? Put them in prison? (yes in my country we do this but you Islam haters probably not interested to know it as this is good image of Islam, what you want to know is only bad thing about Islam), Hang them for killing others (again yes we do this, we hunt them, jailed and and some of them who kill people, we kill them....).. drum them out of the religion (how do we do this.. tell us? if this group want to call them Islam even if they are actually not following Islam what we can do? plus with all the world media and public opinion being controlled by Islam haters.. whatever bad thing we said about this terrorist group will only become silence.. do you think that our political and religious leaders don't blame them in their speech, newspaper and so on in our muslim countries? yes, but there is no coverage, we are not rich country to buy CNN for example, so what can we do?) and finally maybe completely destroy them? (even US the world superpower with the most advance tech and army cannot do this and really hard to find these groups... do you think we can do this by ourself? )

Again I say it here... all those Terrorist or extremist is not following what Islam teach them, so why blame Islam only because they are muslim... don't say that all Christian followers don't do any crime, kill other people, become a serial killer or become religious extremist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism). But don´t worry, I don´t blame your religion just because of some of these idiots doing crazy things because I know they are not following what your religion really teach (I am not saying that your religion is correct religion as I am muslim, I believe that Islam is the true religion, but the fact for me that the other religion is not true religion doesn't make this religion teach bad thing to their followers )

Come on! from what I can see here the level of hatred to Islam is a bit high, but I think what you really hate actually are the muslim refugees and the problem they have caused to your country after they come here (so the people who you actually have to blame is your politician who bring them to here.... but they have been elected by your own people and these politicians think that these refugees will bring workforce that will be good for your own country.. corrected them if you can and if you are better then them... ).

to be continue...
06:31 August 21, 2010 by jbat
What we can really do about this? My opinion : make UN really work to stop any country invading other country, stop supplying weapon and chemical weapon to provoke war in their country, let those people live in peace and have a good life in their own country, then they will not bother to come to your country.

I am not Saddam supporter and I am not Arab, but I know Saddam cruelty doesn't create as many refugees and terrorist like what happen after Iraq have been destroyed and invaded by the good armies! This good army leaders should have learn better strategy if they really want to help Iraqis people become free from Saddam (they should remember how they beat Hitler in WW2.. imagine if they try to remove hitler by entering Germany by force and destroy it like what they did to Iraq?). Afghan terrorist..the stage for conflicts in the Middle East that still rage to this day...how do they exists? Check out Charlie Wilson's War movie!

Finally , sorry for my bad English, but hope you can understand the word I try to say.. No hatred at all to all of you from me (a muslim person), although some of you clearly try to provoke me to hate you.

Peace upon all of you and me also
11:23 August 21, 2010 by Moodcom
We expect such people to be smart... its avery big disapointment agrown up educated man to talk nosense. He lost his job. NEXT TIME THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. ACT YOUR AGE
11:25 August 21, 2010 by Jes
@Jannik, I have a correction for you : Slave trade by Islamic Arabs , did not end by the 20th Century as you say ; Arab muslims were the first slave-traders ( in commercial terms) and they are still doing so as we speak .

Arab muslims are still doing it today in Sudan and some parts of Chad , Uganda and Kenya .

And , you are right about a few things . I am yet to hear anybody who lost their job for saying that catholic priests are paedophiles , given the fact ( never mentioned by the media ) less than 2% of cathoic priests have been accused and found guilty of sexually molesting children.

@K84 ,

I feel sorry for you . Is your hard-working parent living in an Old Peoples Home ? Chances are that he/ she is being looked after by an immigrant while you are out there smoking yourself to death .

You better take a walk and educate yourself .Go to Umeå , Örebro , Västerås , Uppsalla , Lund , and other Universities -- you will probably get stressed when you discover that children of immigrants are not going to easily be dispensable as you think .

Of course it is impossible for those of who are ignorant ( as most racist are ) to know the difference between Islam and Immigrants .

For example , does anybody know that out of 100 immigrants from Burundi , Rwanda , Uganda, Kenya , Congo , Ghana , Nigeria , Southern Africa , South America, Cuba , Philipines , Sri Lanka ,and Tailand , only about 3 will be muslims ?
12:13 August 21, 2010 by Burritos
12:59 August 21, 2010 by Swedesmith
@jbat What can we followers of Islam do?

There is a saying which I will attempt to paraphrase," All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for the good people to do nothing."

If the true followers of Islam are, as you say, peace loving people, then you must speak out against the extremists, the jihadists, the terrorists often and LOUDLY. Expose them for what they are: cowards and creeps, shun them and cast them out of your mosques. Perhaps, the rest of us non-Muslims will understand and believe in what you say.

As a Christian, I know that there are some crack-pots who do terrible things in the name of our religion. Nuts who bomb abortion clinics, wackos that join white supremacist groups and parade around with white sheets over their heads. These bozos are denounced from the pulpit, vilified in the press and are exposed as an embarrassment to Christianity.

Does this completely eliminate the problem? No, but it does help hold the evil in check. Unfortunately, he feeling I get from the peaceful Muslims that I talk to is that they are afraid of the extremists, as the rest of us are.

Peace to you and your family.
15:11 August 21, 2010 by deblom
Mean what you say and say what you mean...just not in Sweden against Islam...god forbid...or is that Allah...
16:28 August 21, 2010 by soultraveler3
I agree 100% with swedesmith.

Instead of right away calling anyone who critizes anything about Islam an islamaphobe why not take an unbiased look at the world.

You hear from individual muslims all the time that Islam is all about peace and the most muslims are peaceful and don't support extremists. I believe this to be the case, but you rarely hear any large muslim organizations denounce the terrorism, violence and extreme organizations. They're in charge in most muslim countries, they've been allowed to poison your entire society with hatred towards the west and women. You make excuses for the extremists when they threaten and / or kill journalists and cartoonists for making a statement or drawing a picture.

For a religion that is supposed to be about peace the fact that the LARGE majority of you allow

1) Extremists sh#t like that to go on through inaction

2) Allow the extremists to be the face of Islam that the world sees

3) Allow women, children and animals to be treated horribly by these people

It's is sickening and dissapointing. I don't agree with religion in general but like others have said, at least when other religions' extremists do something stupid it's allowed to be discussed and critized in the papers without fear of death and violence.

To all the good, peaceful muslims out there...

You have the power to change how Islam is percieved and to end the bigotry. You need to get together and loudly denounce extremists violence, you need to get rid of the extremists that rule your country and you need to stop accepting the violence commited by them against journalists who are offering up a different pov.

Do this and it would solve all of your problems.
19:02 August 21, 2010 by jbat
soultraveler3 you talked with your hatred in mind...

You said "loudly denounce extremists violence".. I have done it here.. and lets say I start it from here.. but blind people like you... do you want to listen to what I said? I publicly announce my hatred toward these stupid muslims but what do you care?

Do you care to accept my words and help spread it among your friends and relatives especially those who hate Islam?

*** you claim that you are peace loving people, not like those idiots muslims, so can you do this peaceful mission to let people know that those stupid and idiots muslims are not really following what Islam teach them to do, so we cannot blame Islam for what happen, but blame those stupid groups only?

All those 3 things you said, also never happen in Islam.. but do you care? have you ever been muslim country and see how happy their women and childrens live in their peaceful country? (don´t go to Iraq or Afghan or even Pakistan.. those country has been ruin by war) talk is cheap like what Tele2 advertisement said...

I am not here to blame you again.. if you hate those stupid muslims who don´t know how to appreciate what your country have done to them (if you are Swedish), then maybe you can try to involve in politic and try to influence the government not to bring them here anymore.. election in Swaden is coming in few weeks time.. take you chances if you can peace loving people! Insulting the other people religion will not make anything better and I bet it is also now allow in you own religion!
19:07 August 21, 2010 by jbat
Speak loudly.. how? gom to Rinkeby and speak loudly how I hate them so that I will be kicked and punch by many of them there? or if I am not lucky get killed bny them there? We always do this in our muslim countries where it is safe to do this...

If you want to eliminate the problem.. you have to start from the root... i have propse the real solution althoug I know neither me nor you can do it because those good armies can do whatever they want to do, you like it or not!

p/s : FYI.. I bet I practice Islam better than those extremist muslim do.. so which muslim voice you can trust is they said they are representing Islam...

Again.. Peace upon all of you and me also !
23:02 August 21, 2010 by sak61
So this guy isn't free to state his opinion- which was not an incitement to violence. Yet, others who condemn his speech as 'hate' speech are free to make their damaging remarks freely? Free for thee and not for me is neither free, nor fair.
00:25 August 22, 2010 by LeoKinmann
In a democratic society, you can voice your opinion. You also have the freedom to work on what you really like, or the freedom to not suffer on an occupation you despise. To me, this man stated his opinion on Islam. Their employers discovered his blogsite, and made the conclusion "the man is not very friendly to the people he's working for". Thus, he shouldn't be too happy working in the Integration Ministry. How can you help this man? You give him the freedom of trying something new! You can't fire him because Sweden is a democracy! Giving somebody the kick over personal preference is wrong! Hence, our guy is TRANSFERRED to another part of the government, so he DID NOT lose the life-saving job! If I were the man I'd be rejoiced. In the end, our man is saved by the democratic principles to pursue a better job, and the countless Muslims he was supposed to help are saved from a possibly abusive person who treat them like animal. Win-win!
00:58 August 22, 2010 by waffen
Number 19 is correct.

The only immigrants who should be accepted into Sweden are those whose ancestry is one of the following:Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Nederlander, Belgium, Luxembourgh, French, German, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukranian, Itallian, Swiss, English, Scot, Irish, and Welsh, and of these only in numbers that are limited to the smallest practical percentage. All of them must work, assimilate fully into Swedish culture and traditions and provide for themselves.

Those of at least 1/2 Swedish ancestry whose ancestors still live in Sweden should be allowed into Sweden without stipulations, with the exceptions that they are educated to at least Gymnasium level or above, and/or that they have skills or trades that are needed in Sweden. Every one of them should know the Swedish language within two years, and every one of them should be working in Sweden for at least two years before they are permitted to become Swedish citizens.

Financially independent and wealthy persons of at least 1/2 Swedish ancestry should have no stipulations for entry into Sweden or of becoming a Swedish citizen beyond that of adhering to and fully practising Swedish customs, culture and traditions.

Those of the last group will never be a burden to the State, and no Swede will ever have to see their taxes going to support or aid them.
05:44 August 22, 2010 by JoeSwede
someone above stated:

Freedom of speech is fine... except it seems when it comes to anything that has to do with Islam - then it becomes a big no no.

Not my opinion, just an observation.

A good observation.

And why should a blog have any influence on work? This sounds very big- brotherish...

The current practise of the Islam faith by some is very backwards. Pointing it out should not be a bad. People feel free to say what they want about the Christian faith without reprecusions...is it a fear of the future majority, of those easily offended?

Having a free exchange of ideas about the Islam faith, at the same level currently had about the Christian faith (role of woman & man, sexual identity, role in mariage, different sects, ability to break away from a sect etc.) should continue and any immigrant should know that Sweden is a country where that is the level of puplic discourse. The public re-asignment of the worker sent a very sad message to the Muslim immigrants. It was that true public discourse of an emerging power group will not be tolerated. That new immigrants can continue to uphold their backward traditions and insist upon that under the guise of religous & cultural norms - Sweden does not want to offend and thus we will hold back our values. We loose they win is the message.
12:57 August 22, 2010 by salongsvaenster

It would be interesting to substitute the words German and Germany for Swedish and Sweden in your entry above. It might remind people that millions needlessly died to combat the repellant ideology that seems to be the basis of such "Ausländer 'raus!" thinking.

Just what are Swedish culture and traditions? What are any "nation's" culture and traditions? Why do you worry about other people's ways of seeing and doing things, as long as they leave you alone to go about things in your way? Live and let live!
07:12 October 18, 2010 by jacquelinee
Ok people........lets face facts here. Sure, there are extreme, over zealous, dangerous, prejudice believers in the Islamic faith. Point taken. I am of the Christian faith. Have we forgotton the Holy wars? The Spanish Inquisition? The crazy protesant/catholic nightmare in Ireland? The witch hunts in Salem in the USA? The pathetic bigotry of the white supremesists in the Southern United States? Get a grip people! So much blood has been shed in the name of God by extremists in ALL religions that is must break the heart of the divine presence, whatever label you choose as classification.THAT DIVINITY IS ALL THE SAME BEING!!!!!!!!!! And guess what? That Divinity created everything and is colour blind. We must remember that the holy books in all religions are born out of antiquity. Some of the practices etc. really do need an update by God. People in all religions need to focus more on the nature of God and what he wants for ALL creation and less of a guide written for ancient peoples and times that gone. The basic principals stand if you cut away all the obsolete practices. We have refrigeration now, we no longer need to bury our meat in sand. We have a judicial system, we no longer need to stone people or crucify them. We are ALL in this together, like it or not and before you condemn one religion check out the history of your own.
08:19 October 18, 2010 by rafa1981

I´m with you, looks like our politicians are trying to make a war between us (I´m not muslim), at the same time that they defend you and let more immigrants to enter, they publish news to make angry the Swede to create hate agaisnt you (see past week news of terrorists).

I´m very afraid of this situation, add to this the actual economy trend, the fact that we are more people than needed in the world, and the dollar collapse with the subsequent need of a new gold based currency (of course with all gold in elite´s hands), and I think that I know how this ends in the middle-long term.
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