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Danes call for election observers in Sweden

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 31 Aug 2010, 10:36

Published: 31 Aug 2010 10:36 GMT+02:00

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The foreign policy spokesmen of the government coalition partners the Liberal Party (Venstre) and the Conservative People's Party (Det Konservative Folkeparti - K) have argued that the Council of Europe should send election observers to Sweden, according to a report in the Danish Jyllands-Posten daily on Tuesday.

"I think that it would be appropriate to send observers to the Swedish elections. I want to hold a discussion the Council of Europe's member states, over whether we should put Sweden under some form of monitoring, to secure democracy in the future," Venstre's Michael Aastrup Jensen told the newspaper.

Jensen is joined by Naser Khader of Det Konservative in criticising the state of freedom of expression in Sweden following the decision by national television channel TV4 and several radio channels not to broadcast an election campaign advert by the nationalist Sweden Democrats.

"Sweden is a developing country when it comes to freedom of expression," Khader said. "Someone should tell the Swedes, that it is a question of censorship. This doesn't belong in a Scandinavian country in 2010."

Vivian Nilsson of the Swedish Election Authority told The Local on Tuesday that the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has already visited Sweden and adjudged that election observers are not needed.

"But elections are open public occasions in Sweden, so anyone can come and observe if they want to," she said. "That is not something over which we decide."

Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of the Danish People's Party (Danske Folkeparti, DPP), an anti-immigration conservative party that lends its support to the government in parliament, has also criticised Sweden.

"The situation in Sweden is more grotesque than in eastern Europe," she said to the newspaper.

However, according to the newspaper, Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen (K) has responded that it is not her place to get involved in the Swedish national elections.

Representatives for the opposition Danish Social Liberal Party (De Radikale Venstre) rejected Jensen's comments arguing that the party's proposal is "completely out of proportion."

"Sweden is a fully functioning Nordic democracy," Niels Helveg Petersen, De Radikale's foreign policy spokesperson, told the newspaper.

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Swedish TV channel TV4 announced last Friday that it had refused to broadcast a campaign advert by the far-right Sweden Democrats because it considered it to be an incitement to racial hatred.

The half-minute advert shows a race in which an elderly woman with a walker is chased by a group of burqa-clad women pushing prams with a slogan promising to safeguard pension funding at the expense of immigration.

National radio stations SBS Radio, Mix Megapol and Rockklassiker later also decided not to broadcast a version of the advert, arguing that it was in breach of the Swedish law on freedom of expression that prohibits messages that contain hate speech grounded on race and religion.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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11:41 August 31, 2010 by Kaethar
Ok, this is getting more and more ridiculous. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CONTROL TV4. The government has nothing to do with what they choose (or don't choose) to broadcast. If someone has a problem with TV4 they should boycott them or sue them. They might use the constitution as an argument to rid themselves of personal responsibility but it is their own editing guidelines they're following, not the state's.
12:00 August 31, 2010 by krattan
Search youtube for "Sverigedemokraternas valfilm 2010" if you want to see this commercial for yourselves.
12:26 August 31, 2010 by cowboykodp
The Danes giving Sweden advice is like the Taliban giving Ghandi advice. The Danes are competing with the Dutch on the new Nazi leaders of Europe. Must focus.......
12:39 August 31, 2010 by flintis
@cowboykodp: The French are leading the race at the moment!!
12:54 August 31, 2010 by millionmileman
At first glance this looks ridiculous but I would welcome Danish observers for the upcoming US elections this November, especially in Wisconsin.

The cheating by the Democrat Party will be obnoxious as usual, no wonder Hugo Chavez took over Venezuela after Jimmy Carter supervised their elections.

Racine, Wisconsin would be the perfect host city, as it hosts the second largest Danish heritage this side of Copenhagen and the Kringle is delectable.
13:02 August 31, 2010 by occams
Yeah, about that.

Apparently, elections in Sweden aren't secret. According to Danish news Swedes are forced to display what political party they are voting for by taking the appropriate Party's ballot paper to the box. If you want to keep it a secret what party you are voting for, you have to actively signify so, by taking ballot papers from several papers, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of a secret ballot.

Unless I've been seriously misinformed, all I can say is: What's up with that, Sweden? Are you really a democrazy? Because that sounds more like 80's Eastern Europe.
13:09 August 31, 2010 by flintis
@occams: no-one is forced to reveal who they vote for.

Although the commies & socialist have been sending their own ballot papers to the constituents, presumptious b's.
13:13 August 31, 2010 by occams
Is the election procedure correctly described? Because then people are effectively forced to display who they vote for. Secrecy should be default at elections, otherwise it isn't secret at all.
13:47 August 31, 2010 by hilt_m
having just viewed the advert in question on youtube, I have to say I thought it would be much worse then it actually is. From the description I thought it would be a bunch of mad burqa clad women chasing after an old lady but instead it's more they are racing against the old lady as to who gets to the table first and pulls their handle. In some respects it seems almost comical. I can only guess it is the spoken message that is considered hateful. maybe i'm missing something, but on first glance it seems a little blown out of proportion as to this inciting race hate?
13:55 August 31, 2010 by Taxalien
If you want a ballot paper it has to be printed by the state.

To print one you need to order and pay for it before the 15/4.

To get it distributed you have to put it there yourself.


If you are an established party with at least 1% in a previous election you get ballot papers for free and you get free distribution to all ballot stations.

Free and fair elections?

Regarding the media.

Sweden is worse than Berlusconi in Italy. There are only 3 families controlling 95% of all media. In Berslusconi's Italy this is how journalists are controlled. If you voice any dissent you become damnified, unemployed without any recourse. The same applies in Sweden. There is no need for any official censure ship department...self censure ship is always much more effective.

Rikstäckande morgontidningar [redigera]

* Dagen (independent)

* Dagens Industri (Bonnier)

* Dagens Nyheter (Bonnier)

* Metro

* Svenska Dagbladet

* Världen idag (independent)

Rikstäckande kvällstidningar [redigera]

* Aftonbladet (Schibsted)

* Expressen (Bonnier)

* GT (Bonnier)

* Kvällsposten (Bonnier)

Others controlled by Hjörne:

* Göteborgs-Posten

* Bohusläningen - www.bohuslaningen.se

* Hallands Nyheter - www.hn.se

* Hallandsposten - www.hallandsposten.se

* TTELA - www.ttela.se

* Nerikes Allehanda - www.na.se

* Motala&Vadstena Tidning - www.motalatidning.se

* Karlskoga-Kuriren - www.karlskoga-kuriren.se

* Arboga Tidning - www.ingress.se

* Avesta Tidning - www.ingress.se

* Bärgslagsbladet - www.ingress.se

* Fagersta-Posten - www.ingress.se

* Ingress Media AB - www.ingress.se

* Lidingö Tidning - www.lt.nu

* Länstidningen Södertälje AB - www.lt.se

* Norrtelje Tidning AB - www.norrteljetidning.se

* Nynäshamns-Posten - www.nhp.se

* Sala Allehanda - www.ingress.se

* Täby Danderyd Tidning - www.tabydanderyd.se

* VLT - www.vlt.se

+ large 40% stake in:

* Kungsbacka-Posten

* Kungälvs-Posten

* ST-tidningen

Radio channels like RIXfm and other local stations.

If you want to stay out of trouble as an immigrant in Sweden, it might pay off to read up on the 15 families of Sweden that probably own most of everything you can see here:


Media itself is covered in


Sweden a democracy?
13:57 August 31, 2010 by jackx123
freedom of press and freedom of speech are of paramount importance under swedish constitution and in the past the green party has been given air time despite being under the magic borderline, so why not SD?

As a matter of fact sweden is a police state on par with singapore, where i live, but it has no death penalty. The state has total control of the individual.
14:00 August 31, 2010 by Jannik
Denmark is a much more open country when it comes to free speech, and the debate concerning immigration and multiculturalism.

In Sweden an open debate on these issues is absurdly condemmed as "racism" and "intolerance".

Censoring politically incorrect parties would be totally unheard of in todays political climate in Denmark.

As "occams" mentions;

"If you want to keep it a secret what party you are voting for, you have to actively signify so, by taking ballot papers from several papers, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of a secret ballot."

This is absolutely true. Taking for instance a ballot paper with "SD" on it, signals that one is seriously considering heresy , by voting for this party.

This is of course not a secret ballot, and goes against the idea of anonymous voting.
14:00 August 31, 2010 by qbeek
For the moment, the video of the campaign advert on Youtube has been seen more than 280000. They should continue to promote this ban in the press and this video will become a hit.

IMO, this advert is cristal clear and really good. Furthermore the ban is giving it the promotion it deserves.
14:11 August 31, 2010 by calebian22

Hmm the Dutch Party of Freedom are Nazis? Interesting, considering that Geert Wilders, spent years on a moshav in Israel and is a self-described, "true friend of Israel." Very strange Nazi.
15:02 August 31, 2010 by Iraniboy
Lol So according to these persons TVs should broadcast whatever they receive, it doesn't matter what their audiences want or prefer!! Will it a be commercial TV then?


Yeah very strange! Old enemies are now friends! They are enemies' enemy. That's enough for Israel!
15:56 August 31, 2010 by cowboykodp
To Calebian,

I guess you missed class on the day when Nazi ideology was taught. I guess according to your vast knowledge the Nazi's only persecuted Jews....

A writer wrote during the reign of the Nazis ... (paraphrasing)

"When they came for the jews, I said nothing because I wasn't a jew. When they came for the gypsies, I said nothing because I wasn't a gypsy. When they came for the catholics, I said nothing because I wasn't a catholic. By the time they came for me, there was no one left."
16:57 August 31, 2010 by Nika-NM
A plethora of overstatements from the Danish politicians. TV4 and SBS Radio etc. aren't state owned organisations, so, they make decisions for themselves and it's perfectly within the law, and there's nothing undemocratic in there.

Pia Kjærsgaard - These kind of contenders always look for molehills to make mountains out of them, so I'm sure no one's taken her comments seriously, just because she's no moral (!) right to talk about democracy.

There's no need of fretting about the state of democracy in Sweden, as far as we're concerned Swedish democracy can run rings round the Danish one with one hand tied behind its back.
17:16 August 31, 2010 by qbeek
More than 290'000 viewings. Well done Sverigedemokraternas.
17:16 August 31, 2010 by Vetinari
The freedom of speech includes the freedom of silence. TV4 is free to choose what ads to air, so are the radio stations.

Sweden have freedom of speech until someone brings charges to SD for this ad.

But I agree with the poster who thinks Danish people should go to the US. After Florida in '00 and Ohio in '04 the republicans needs to be closely watched...
18:21 August 31, 2010 by reason
Re occams question:

Noone is forced to show who they vote for. You can bring the pre-printed ballot papers into the booth and just put them in the envelopes. Most people do this for convenience. There is no need to show anyone what papers you bring. If you don't want to use the pre-printed ones or if you want to vote for a party you don't have a ballot paper for, you just take a blank ballot paper and a pen into the booth and write the name of the party on it.

This also answers Taxalien's inaccurate statement that the ballot paper has to be printed by the state. You should use the official papers (if for no other reason than to get the colour coding right), but there are blank ones and you can fill in the name of whatever party you want.

Also, the danes are being ridiculous.
19:21 August 31, 2010 by Zero
I think Sweden should invade Denmark for this.
19:49 August 31, 2010 by calebian22

Well, 5-6 million Jews of 11 million total is a pretty significant amount. It was the largest demographic persecuted and killed by the Nazis. Calling the Freedom Party and Geert Wilders of Holland Nazis is ridiculous considering their stand on Israel. Don't let facts get in the way of a perfectly slanderous comment though.

Any time someone wants to reign in liberal immigration policies, one is automatically branded a Nazi. Being concerned about the host culture, and non-integration of ungrateful immigrants, does not a Nazi make. However, it is certainly easier to knee jerk react, and scream, "Nazi!" Frankly, I find it indicative of a lazy mind to not consider the possibility that the immigrants are the problem and not the host country.
20:07 August 31, 2010 by Iraniboy
I saw the ad. It aims for a legitimate demand through a racist path. Cutting budget for immigrants or immigration and spending it for elderlies is an obvious right. I even think total immigration ban is also a right though I may not personally like it. But in this ad all immigrants are portrayed in Burka, woman and hunting for money like aggressive animals. While on the other hand there is only one white woman struggling to reach the money. The racism factor of this ad could be removed by simply adding some whites, non-burka people to the immigrants and some blacks to the elderlies if they really didn't aim for being racism!
20:52 August 31, 2010 by planet.sweden
I've been saying for years that Sweden is only a semi democracy. The very fact that's it's the only country I know of in Western Europe which doesn't have a secret ballot is an absolute disgrace. "Oh" say the Swedes "simply pick up all the ballot papers". Sure thing in some Northern village where all your neighbours proudly pick up just the Vansterpartiet paper and keep an eye out for anyone who doesn't. That's democracy, Putin style.

Similarly a Sverige Democrat voter in Rinkaby, or Vansterpartiet voter in Ostermlam. Its not about the rights and wrongs of the party, its about the fact that the rest of the civilised world woke up to the fact that the only proper democracy is one which includes a secret ballot several decades ago, and Sweden is still lagging.

But the whole Swedish voting system chimes with the country's traditional conformity. As with all things, being different, and definitely voting differently (very differently) is frowned upon.

And Sweden seems to have taken a very dangerous course indeed with its blanket establishment ban on all things Sverige Democrat. This is either a democracy Sweden, or its pseudo police state. Which is it?

The only justification a democracy ever really has against terrorism is precisely that it is a democracy and therefore everyone has their say. If Sweden is going to stifle parties which disagree with the mainstream (and which don't advocate violence) then it removes that defence.

I agree with the Danes, when it comes to freedom of speech and democracy issues, Sweden for all its pious postering around the world, really is a developing country. Send in the election observers.
20:54 August 31, 2010 by cowboykodp

Don't dispair, You and about 4% of Europeans feel the same (the minimum votes required to get these people in parliament) . Hang in there.

I guess the Nazi label offended you. Maybe Fascist would better describe your preferences and that of Wilders.
21:04 August 31, 2010 by richardbw
Well my previous post on this in the original article 'disappeared'. To reiterated, the advert could be seen as selecting one group based on their religion and labeling that groups as a problem based solely on their religion. That seems to be religious intolerance and would therefore contravene Swedish law and the european convention on human rights. To be honest I think the advert is a bit 'border-line' (pardon the pun) but I would not want to be the guy having to defend the advert to an ombudsman or jury. So I can see why the TV4 boss declined to show the advert.

Freedom of speech is fine, but picking on one group and placing all Sweden's financial woes at their feet is a bit over the top.
22:20 August 31, 2010 by calebian22

Atta boy! First Nazi, now Fascist. Dig a little deeper though, since fascism is almost always characterized by having a centralized, dictatorial style government. Last I checked, Sweden and Holland have free elections. However, fascists are big fans of censorship. Hmmm, what is the article about again? Whose voice is being stiffled in Sweden? I guess it is not fascist to censor free speech if you are liberal fool.
23:02 August 31, 2010 by Camorin
You can actually order ballot papers to be delivered to your mailbox from the party you wish to vote for. You can also choose to take a blank ballot paper and write the name of the party you want to vote. So this is not as big a problem as some think it to be.
23:11 August 31, 2010 by cowboykodp

You keep making my point for me, but I will humor you... Civilized countries like Sweden, US and some others, have responsible media and people running their country so Nazi, fascist and racist ideologies are kept in check. This is not censorship, it is responsible.

There are always nut case fringe elements in all societies ike your buddy Geert, KKK, Pia, Taliban, left wing activists, etc... But history is never on their side. Your heroes are on the wrong side of history.
23:35 August 31, 2010 by salongsvaenster
Libertarians may think there's some kind of principle here, namely that any group should be allowed to say whatever they want about anything or anybody. OK, then should we scrap the laws on slander and defamation? Should we seriously allow people to say anything they want on the airwaves irrespective of whatever hurt or damage they can cause? Is there no religious/political/sexual group that cannot be abused and insulted?

The SD have shown themselves to be quite media savvy in this - making a provocative advert knowing that worst case it would be banned, best case shown - either way they get the attention they seek. The problem is, despite having tried to reinvent themselves as a "mainstream" party, this type of advert, with its crude stereotypes, shows that the SD are still the shabby, sordid and small-minded party that they have always been and who deserve to be blown into oblivion on Election Day.

In the not so distant future, Sweden, like most industrialised countries with a declining birthrate, will run into serious problems if there is not a compensating growth by people moving here from other countries. Why there should be such intolerance towards other individuals because they dress, eat or behave differently is beyond me - looking at places like the USA, Canada, Singapore, and even the UK, where there are many truly multicultural cities, I cannot see the attraction of trying to turn the clock back (not that they have a hope in hell in any case, thank God!)

Multiculturalism is here to stay - modern technology has given us all the means to travel and move around the world more easily than our ancestors, a fair number of which were reputed to have also been on the move in centuries past, albeit more slowly. (Lots of Swedes in N.America) This trend can no more be stopped, than people themselves developing new technologies can be brought to a halt. Why not just enjoy it and move beyond the "patriotic"/"racial" ideologies that still fester away like cancerous growths in the education system and public debate.
00:56 September 1, 2010 by Da Goat
I have viewed the Ad on you tube and I think it is a good one, it is only a problem if you are a touchy feely weird person or read your own agenda into it!

sure they could have watered it down somewhat by mixing it up a bit (having different minorities) but then it would be Swedish bland and lose its message!

that message being: should we look after our own people first or not?

ie we have a fixed budget, should we allow our elderly people who have paid their way from the cradle be neglected ?

notice both racing parties had equal rights! the question was choose wisely!

Who do we look after with priority /

I guess if we let the older non productive people freeze in winter that would allow more money for the immigrants!

on the other hand the immigrants should be becoming self supporting and pay taxes to care for the elderly anyhow! (that is if the economy is still growing and not stagnating)

you should not starve your own family to feed another but if you have enough then share ! is my point!

the ad said nothing about fascism or the like so the lawyers were right it is in the mind of the viewer that is sick!
06:04 September 1, 2010 by hondaicivic
"Multiculturalism is here to stay".....

- LOL tell that to countries like Korea, Japan, and China. Not gonna happen buddy.
07:39 September 1, 2010 by flintis
I thought the add was hilariously sick & really badly made.

Although by all accounts, they (SvD) got their maths right.
08:13 September 1, 2010 by Iraniboy

"sure they could have watered it down somewhat by mixing it up a bit (having different minorities) but then it would be Swedish bland and lose its message!

that message being: should we look after our own people first or not?"

Their own people contain many dark colours. Many have been born here. I also think that they could mix both groups with white and dark skin people so their only message was about immigrants not colour and ethnicity as it is right now!!! Unless they really meant it! which is then racism.
09:35 September 1, 2010 by flintis
Nazi(facist) vs Communist: what are the difference over the yrs, both are totalitarian, (although the facsist allowed private enterprise) both have been shown to be murderous.

Over the last century the commies have murdered circa 5 times as many people as the facists, Stalin being the number 1 culprit.

So why is it only the fascist who have been stigmatised?
09:35 September 1, 2010 by carlos11
The media boycott of SD and the Danish official protests against it was the main news item in Denmark yesterday.

Yet TV4, who caused the entire happening by refusing to play SD:s advertisement, reported nothing about it.

All the rest of private media, dominated as it is by power-brokers tied in with Israel and USA, made the news as small as possible.

At least now SD might learn one lesson about propagating their Israel-sensitive world-view: With friends like that you don´t need enemies.
09:40 September 1, 2010 by qbeek
Yeah ! Now the advert has passed the 300'000. Does someone have statistics of other party's adverts.
09:41 September 1, 2010 by carlos11
The behaviour of the private Swedish print press really caues the veil to fall this time. Their job is to monopolize reporting and keep news away, not to report it. SD should have learned one thing by now, with reference to their staunch support for Israel and local Jewish causes: "With friends like that, you don´t need enemies".

10:40 September 1, 2010 by Uncle
What is interesting is that those who are supporting real Nazi states and organizations are the ones to scream their guts out when someone tries to oppose their unlimited flow into Europe.

The most centralized, authoritarian, violent and uncontrolled by law governments reside in muslim countries.

Muslims are practising intolerance towards other religions more than anyone else. Conversion from Islam is prosecuted in many officially Muslim countries. In regards to minorities - in Sudan - Christians are executed in packs. Turkey, Iran and Iraq are using Napalm and chemical weapons to melt Kurds. Nazi methods are used against gays in many Muslim countries.

Women are executed in a variety of medieval methods and torture is common in these countries' penitentiary system. Muslims are raising in their midst the most violent terrorists, who target ONLY civilian population and try to avoid military targets.

Then, if there is a party that calls for a better check on the flow of immigration that cannot integrate even in 3rd generation, these cynical supporters of Nazi states, have the nerve to throw the "Nazi" slogan all over the place.

They also wonder how come more and more European countries start asking themselves questions in regards to feasibility of their immigration policies and whether it would be reasonable to start auditing this flow, the way Canada. Japan and Australia are doing.
13:10 September 1, 2010 by Iraniboy

Blah blah blah...I think it was Muslims who killed millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was Muslims who killed human right activist in cold blood on international water. It was Muslims who forged Passports of their friends to do a terrorist attack.

All of the problems you mentioned and I mentioned before were performed by criminals and they are everywhere with any religion, race or nationality.

Editing immigration law doesn't mean that you promote racism. You don't need to be racist to limiting the flow of immigration unless you are already aimed to be racist. Exactly like what we saw in the ads of this party.

Unfortunately for people like you, being part of Israel's cyber army or not, world is just divided into two parts. Those who support political government of Israel and those who don't. We can hardly do anything to improve your situation.
13:18 September 1, 2010 by calebian22

Aha, so even though the Nazi movement sprang up from socialist roots in Germany, the socialists censors in Sweden are so much different? Hmm, if you wish to believe that, than who am I to break up your fantasy?

By the way, the PPV is the third largest party in Holland gaining 15 percent of the popular vote in June. I wouldn't classify that percentage as fringe and neither would some sitting parties in Sweden.
14:00 September 1, 2010 by Uncle

"I think it was Muslims who killed millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Yes it was them. Only from public explosions of MUSLIMS there were more than 700K killed in Iraq.

"It was Muslims who killed human right activist in cold blood on international water."

Yep... really human rights activists... Come on, even gullible swedes started to see through this. Even the turks are backing up on this. Even the real human rights activists are embarassed. Another muslim photoshop style lie. Only Iraniboy is still crying when he sees a group of armed "peace activists" who are promoting peace with metal rods, knives and machetes.

"It was Muslims who forged Passports of their friends to do a terrorist attack."

You mean the elimination of Mabhuch - the mastermind of Hamas, which victims are 95% civilians? Yep, really criminals. Khmm... "Mykonos" restaurant... Khhmmm Dariush Forouhar, Parvaneh Eskandari, Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh, Ahmad Miralaee, Ebrahim Zalzadeh, Ghafar Hosseini, Manouchehr Saneie and his wife Firoozeh Kalantari, Ahmad Tafazzoli, Majid Sharif

What I like about Iran, is that it kills journalists, students, writers and politicians in TARGETED killing, but is so upset about the logistics officer of Hamas.

hey btw, I hear in Amsterdam there were 2 muslims arrested with bottles with cellphones taped to them. Surely, these are also peace activists and they just LOVE talking on the phone while there is water bottle attached to it.

Another airplane takedown plan goes to hell... Well, do not dispair, there is always another good day to take 400 women and children into ocean.

I just do not support anything related to your favourite muslim governents, which are so wonderful, humane and peaceful.
14:22 September 1, 2010 by Iraniboy
@ Uncle

Yes some killed some so-called Muslims funded by our friend in Saudi Arabia the rest were killed by US/UK forces!!

Lol Armed peace activist? So from now on know and rod are arm. So every ship in the sea is actually armed with these lethal arms. I really would like to imagine your reaction when a group of solders(from any country) land on the ship when you're in international water. You probably welcome them!!

Like I said a zillions times I don't like criminals in Iran's governments but seriously can you count how many people they have killed and how many your beloved governments have done?

So you think it's legitimate and acceptable to terrorize people if they are not good. What about those who waged war and killed millions of people? I'm sure you won't!!

Yeah bottles and cellphones tapped together become very dangerous!! Did you also bother yourself when your beloved US government ordered to shot down the Iranian civil air plane in the Persian Gulf where 2/3 of those on board were children and women?

The difference between me and you is that I deplore criminal actions performed by the government that runs my country but you're so blind to see miseries caused for billions of people by your and your beloved governments.
14:39 September 1, 2010 by Rebel
Freakin hillarious. Although it might not hurt to send Jimmy Carter to Sweden to monitor the state of affairs. However, I will note that freedom of speech means something totally different to a Swede than it does to an American or even a Brit. Swedes often qualify freedom of religion and speech to mean that you can say anything you want as long as you don't offend anyone or endanger the government. Don't ask me to explain it right now -- just google The Soviet Story and watch it online to understand how their minds work.
14:46 September 1, 2010 by flintis
Sweden will learn when it's too late, when I first came here I was astounded how clean & relatively peaceful this beautiful land was.

But the lackadaisical immigration & integration policies soon changed the face of the country, with ghettos springing up in almost every city, because of immigrants who have no wish to integrate, crime has increased 20 fold, rubbish & broken down, burnt-out cars are more reminiscent of 70's Beirut, gangs of arrogant cocky youths who have no respect for man, property or the rule of law.

So is it suprising when the natives of the land show their contempt.
15:01 September 1, 2010 by Syftfel
I agree with Carlos11 above. The Danes are correct on this one. Swedish media , including the "borgerliga" press is shivering with fear of becoming critisized by the politically correct, liberal, Social Democrats and its media auxiliaries. Swedish media forgot long ago, thanks to the socialist Thought Police - that Freedom of Expression also includes the right to publish that which is offensive to some. Disagree with the Social Democrats, and their pathetic, brainwashed, rock-throwing minions on the left, and their copious ignorance, and you are immediately labaled a "rasist", a "nazi" , or worse. The Swedish average middle class schlob have become so indoctrinated with socialist dogma that its response is pavlovian to anything which does not neatly fold into the Party line. Khader and Kjærsgaard are totally correct, Swedish news coverage is "grotesque" (using Kjærsgaard's term). Diverging thought is immedaitely villified and banned by those who know better. In the meantime a large chunk of Sweden is a boiling cauldron of rage in that's its ideas are not allowed to be heard in the Swedish press. And so, by all means, bring in the monitors on the 19th. There's reason to believe, according to the Danes, that there are "elements" who wish to alter the natural sequence of events, and neuter the democratic process by any means necessary. See you all at the polls a couple of Sundays from now. I'm ready.
15:01 September 1, 2010 by salongsvaenster

What you describe sounds familiar, except that near where I live the cause of this unpleasantness is actually down to the drunk, bored " ethnic Swedes" who prowl around deserted shopping centres on weekend nights looking for "thrills". Could it maybe have more to do with factors other than the colour of your skin or religious beliefs? Unemployment, lack of money, "alienation"? Anti-social behaviour is not a monopoly held by any one group, however convenient it might be for some to think so.
16:14 September 1, 2010 by pjtaipale


>The government has nothing to do with what they

>choose (or don't choose) to broadcast.

Actually, they do. Not only through criminal law (like, when deciding what is considered as "hets mot folkgrupp" and what not?) but also through licenses that the TV channels need for operation. Step over the line, and your license is revoked?
16:26 September 1, 2010 by flintis
@salongvaenster:- Not disputing the fact that drunken Swedes & also the Finish immigrant population too cause problems.

Where I live it's mainly immigrants from east European & Asian (Asia minor) countries that cause the unrest & wanton destruction especially in the early hours
17:12 September 1, 2010 by Uncle

The difference is that your favoured governments that you love to defend and your only "objectiveness" towards them is that you are saying that you are objective, without any actual criticism and my beloved governments is that your government TARGET civilians, whereas my beloved goverments TARGET militants who are hiding behind civilians.

You see, the lack of any advancement in the muslim world is suggesting lack of answerability. So afghanis sponsored smacking a couple of planes into buildings, so what? Should US go to war in Afghanistan, or issue a petition, like Sweden would do?

So the "peace activists" attack the arresting force (which was proven as legitimate accoring to the Intl. marine law) with knifes and rods... so what? Should they be shot or should they have been talked into peaceful surrender??

(And how come is it that only muslim "peace activists" happen to have knifes and rods, while non-muslims are actually into peace and all that, in spite of being arrested in a middle of the sea? )

So Hamas was shooting some rockets for 9 years w/o answer.. so what? The rockets were not so advanced and hence no answer is expected.

If a country or any group is less advanced militarily, it seems to have this legitimate allowance to attack, without the right of the more advanced to answer, because he is stronger and "should know better". It is true also for people for some reason.

So muslims rape more than any other group in Europe per capita... So they have more convictions per capita... So they are unemployed more than any other socio-economic group... so they riot more than any other given group... so what? Look... we need to be better and still accept them and forbid any mentioning of statistics as racial/religious prejudice.

Everyone in Europe is freaking tired of this game and useage of democratic values ONLY to muslim advantage. However, when the discussion of women rights, education, extremism in mosques is raised - OH my GOD, how the Europeans are advised not to stick their nose into other's business...
18:09 September 1, 2010 by Iraniboy

I have no beloved government I am afraid so your assumption is totally flawed.

Read this and and many others to see your beloved ones are especially targeting civilians! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/its-fun-to-kill-in-afghanistan-says-top-us-commander-2023155.html And many other cases in Palestine.

Haha it's legitimate to board a civilian ship in international water with guns and etc?! Lol I challenge you to mention ONE SHIP in the sea that you can't find knives and rods!!

Bla bla bla about those rape figures. Take a look back to the thelocal front page to see where they come from!! First you say Islamic teaching is generally bad then you say Muslim rape more while rape is one the biggest sin in Islam!! At least avoid contradictory stances!!

Please don't speak on behalf of the Europe. Just take a look at the vote results to see how many people like your ideas in the Sweden. In your world ( which is very much advocated by some Muslim extremists in Afghanistan and else where) world is divided into two categories. 1) Those who are with us, 2) Those who are not. Whatever the group 1 does is OK and whatever the group 2 does is bad. This kind of belief is not supported in countries like Sweden with high level of education. Feel free to shout it in Texas or Tel Aviv.
18:27 September 1, 2010 by Uncle
Oh, yeah Iraniboy, raping is big sin in Islam. As murdering also. In spite of that, islamists see no contradictions with Islam when exploding in markets and buses. Every islamic group in the world is involved with violence at some rate.

And yeah, it is OK to board a ship to North Korea, Somalia and any other ship that is going to a blockaded area. And it is only muslims who use the rods against an arresting force.

In regards to the "oh how a bottle harmed people?" even idiots know that every taking down of a plane was preceded with these innocent bottles. Even dutch know this, only Iraniboy actually thinks that it is not a drill by terrorists.

Now, in Sweden, France, Austria, Holland, Norway - more and more gullible Europeans that you and alike you used for your own needs start to ask the same questions in regards to the muslim contribution to... anything in these countries. We already concluded that even original countries did not contribute a thing, leave alone these waves of refugees from your highly democratic and moral sharia states. People start to lose faith in your propaganda and it is a good sign of soberness.

I also love the "numerous cases" in Palestine. Reliable, like the added smoke in Beirut.

You see, there are commanders who are going crazy there. However the amount of imams that call for eradication of "unfaithful" and the wrath of Allah is so big that it is even ridiculous to mention and makes one think again.

What a luck that there are countries guided so well by Islam, that stops violence, insult, intolerance and ancient kinds of physical punishment. Really a contrast to the evil Israel and Texas...
19:41 September 2, 2010 by manrush
I guess 4% of the Swedish electorate are window-licking morons. Oh well, it's their wasted vote.

Why are the Danes calling for election observers due to a non-incident such as this?
19:56 September 2, 2010 by Taxalien
Of course you can write anything you like on a blank ballot paper. If you know what to write. If you make errors it is up to Länstyrelsen in each Län to decide if your vote was for X or Y. Then when it comes to which candidate, you have to write that down too, if you want any candidates elected.

A free and fair system would and should treat all parties equally before the law when it comes to the production of ballot papers and its distribution.

Writing something on a blank ballot paper should be the exception, not the rule for any parties trying to break through into parliament.
20:23 September 2, 2010 by Mr. Puppy
Look, both Denmark and Sweden are functioning democracies. The Danish claims are ridiculous. The conservative parties in Denmark go batshit insane against any party in Denmark that wants to legalize cannabis, etc. etc. The fact is that a majority of people in Sweden support the Swedish system as it currently stands, and a majority in Denmark support the system there. When a majority wants change in the other direction, then the country will change into that direction. Accusing one or the other of not being a functioning democracy just because the majority in the other country don't support the same politics is ridiculous and says a little bit more about the ruling parties of Denmark than it does about the Swedish parties.
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