Red-Greens in migration policy agreement

The Red-Green coalition have presented a new agreement on immigration police, arguing that the Swedish Aliens Act is applied too strictly and calling for a review of the asylum process and rules for family reunification.

Red-Greens in migration policy agreement

“Asylum procedure should have a basis on a just, fair and individual assessment, consistent with international conventions of the individual’s reason for applying for residence,” the parties wrote in a statement on Friday.

The parties write that they are in agreement that Sweden should have a regulated immigration policy with rules for those able to visit and reside in the country. The coalition is also in favour of labour migration, on the proviso that safeguards are put in place against exploitation.

“When people move knowledge in dispersed, networks grow, and new opportunities arise. Sweden is in itself a clear example that the knowledge, manpower and diversity that has come here has been of great importance for Swedish growth and development.”

The Red-Greens observed that migration is a growing phenomenon worldwide and “Sweden is part of that development”. They add that the situation faced by women is of particular concern as migration can open the door to a safer, more secure life.

“The right to seek shelter from persecution is a human right and should not be allowed to be affected by the economic cycle or labour market requirements,” the parties argued, while they declared their support for a system of labour migration.

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