Drunk driver claims group sex made her flee

A woman who is facing charges of aggravated drink driving has claimed that she felt forced to flee a summer get-together with friends when the host announced that group sex would be following the coffee.

The woman who is in her fifties is now facing prison after her flight was abruptly cut short when she crashed her car and sustained injuries, exposing her inebriation to ambulance staff called to the scene, reported the Aftonbladet daily.

The woman told police that she was invited to the Midsummer party in Kronoberg county in southern Sweden by some mutual friends of the hosts. When the party was in full swing the woman claims that it was proposed that all of the guests strip off and engage in group sex.

The proposal came as something of a shock to the woman and despite the fact that she had been enjoying alcoholic drinks during the evening, she felt compelled to flee the scene in her car.

But the hapless woman made it little further than the road out of the small rural community, as her car hit a badger and was rendered incapacitated in a roadside ditch.

She sustained injuries in the crash and the emergency services were called to the scene. Ambulance staff noted the scent of alcohol about the woman and elected to called the police.

While the woman maintains that she only had a beer or two during the evening, police tests showed that she had a blood alcohol content of 1.56 permillage – far in excess of the 1.0 permillage limit for aggravated drink driving which carries a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment.

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