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Social Democrats regain lead in new poll

TT/The Local · 16 Sep 2010, 08:59

Published: 16 Sep 2010 08:59 GMT+02:00

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In United Minds' daily survey, published in Aftonbladet, the Social Democrats are once again the largest party after a 1.2 percentage point climb on the previous day's poll.

However, with the support of 27.9 percent of the electorate, the Social Democrats remain significantly below their election result in 2006. The Moderates dropped 1.1 points.

The Alliance retained its lead in the polls after the Centre and Christian Democrat parties advanced slightly.

The nationalist Sweden Democrats had the support of 6.3 percent of the electorate, according to the latest poll and thereby sufficient support to claim seats in parliament.

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The United Minds election poll interviewed 1,429 people from September 13th to 15th.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:53 September 16, 2010 by byke
Booooooooooooo !!!!! LOL
11:27 September 16, 2010 by djrastah
Yessssssssssss !!!!!! LOL
11:52 September 16, 2010 by Nomark
Well the Alliance is still in the lead. I don't think you have much to celebrate djrastah.
12:34 September 16, 2010 by Nomark
Any chance of the Local commenting on the statistical significance of this. When I estismate the uncertainty on the Social Democrat numbers with basic statistical techniques, I get an uncertainty of ~1.5 percentage points. This is greater than the apparent rise. In other words, the results seem perfectly consistent with a "no change" scenario.
13:07 September 16, 2010 by calebian22
Statistics are the best lies, because they contain some truth.
14:09 September 16, 2010 by americanska
Most of the Swedes that were around in the 60s are still brainwashed. So the Social Democrats will probably be the biggest party for some time.
14:28 September 16, 2010 by rumcajs

You don't talk about brainwash, pls.
16:54 September 16, 2010 by rugla
You got to be a parasite to get excited about this morons!
17:45 September 16, 2010 by glamelixir

Are you from the US?

Please, please, please, if you are, and you want to gain some respect for your opinons around here.... don't talk about brainwash...


Say what? pffffffff talking about comments that are prejudicial and lack of content at all...
18:26 September 16, 2010 by chitowngirl
I'll tell you what is interesting to me: How easy it has been to mesmerise so many Swedes (especially the young) with America. The young and doing fine now crowd cannot see beyond their day to day life. How easy it has been to throw out the baby with the bathwater, or to dismiss much of what has been special and unique about Sweden.

In the comments I see the words "brainwashed" and "parasite"... sounds like some egos have definitely been enticed to fall for the agenda. Watch as all your civilized social networks and the unity of the Swedish people crumbles to a selfish ego divided society, where the bankers have robbed you blind of everything in the end.
19:02 September 16, 2010 by frey
what a nice picture of mona sahlin! it really is. lycka till mona.
19:36 September 16, 2010 by americanska
If you are voting for these aging hippies you are voting for a Sweden with no future
22:16 September 16, 2010 by chitowngirl
@ americanska,

You are sadly mistaken. You are obviously young and misinformed. Being truly progressive is something that benefits the welfare of the citizens of Sweden. It is holistic, and sensible, not just a temporary fix. You are too young to understand the value of benefits which are paid for by the people themselves, most likely because you have not needed them as yet. I would be curious what your vision of an ideal future is for Sweden.
23:03 September 16, 2010 by rugla
@glamelixir If the shoe fits wear it, the truth is the red green option is for short sided leaches who would rather suckle on others instead of carrying their own weight, Mona preachers about healthcare, she uses privatvård, talks about the youth and unemployed, yet she outcasts the business sector and people of means that can invest in their own country, many of which are forced to leave and invest elsewhere. This money would be better off working and fomenting growth here.

Common, wake up Sweden´s standard of living has declined to a new low, and it is because of the parasitic behavior, me me attitude, and abuse which is rampant throughout the country, and this are unfortunately the people who vote for this idiots, as they are worried they will not be taking care off any longer and continue to take advantage of others and the system, yes they are people who really need help, but they do not need to worry as they will be taking care off.
23:35 September 16, 2010 by chitowngirl

please explain to me why you think that "parasitic behavior" and abuse is running rampant throughout the country. People are not unemployed because they would rather take advantage of the system. It is because there is a huge lack of jobs. If truly sick and disabled citizens are being rejected from receiving benefits, how is it you think that those that are not sick are able to leach off the system? You have a resentment and contempt for a group of people that are simply a fiction in your mind. Fortunately, that is just what the the leaders who prefer any available funds to go to themselves and not to the people who have paid them into the system.

Now it is true, you would have some justification to address the issue of some of the foreigners who enter the country with the full intention of collecting free money (paid by the Swedish citizens for their own insurance), and sending back home. This is criminal, yet often happens, and is allowed to happen by your government.

What do you think about this? Why is is allowed to happen, and at the same time, an elderly Swedish women who has paid taxes all her life, is denied benefits when she becomes disabled or very sick?
23:53 September 16, 2010 by richardbw
Woe there, I thought this was supposed to be about the polls! So here is my t'pence worth;

@Nomark, good point about the statistical relevance of this poll shift. I had a look at the stats on http://www.primegroup.com/sites/primegroup.com/files/attachment/Vb%20rapport%20100915.pdf

And they don't give an error in their numbers. However, I think that the shift in the Socialdemokraterna is statistically valid because the previous three polls by United Minds' hand given SoDem 26.5, 26.6 and 26.7. Now we are getting a shift outside of the previous variation of the polling numbers so I'm tempted to go with 'statistically valid'.

This shift also shows the age-old phenomena of the polls 'tightening' as the election day approaches. Then again I have been wrong before, and I guess I might be wrong again :-)
01:12 September 17, 2010 by freedomof speech
if i was allowed to vote which im not because im not Svenska Medborgare i would vote for Moderate party. I like some of their polices.

Promoting and increasing the value of work, increasing quality in the education system. action againts crime, more jobs, Privatization. A mix of Liberalism and Conservatism, but with some of their " political Pragmatic views" im not so sure. on the other hand sveriges social demokratiska arberare partie polices are not the way forwad. people need to go forwad for the future, so i dont think people should be sitting their bums getting social walfare,paied on progresstive taxation. i do like their enviroment and female polices which promote healthy and humane conditions.

ps: correct me if i made any mistakes. lol

thank you
02:16 September 17, 2010 by glamelixir
@ rugla

Keynes rugla... Keynes... I refuse to teach you economy for free so get yourself some books before making a fool of yourself by displaying your ignorance.
05:21 September 17, 2010 by Rick Methven

Rather than spouting bullshit about Sweden which you know nothing about. It would be better to look at the failings of the US system which has lead to a situation where one in seven working age citizens are living below the poverty line.

Only when Sweden has a worse record than that, will we take any heed of the ravings of dumb Yanks
08:08 September 17, 2010 by rugla
@chitownngirl and @ glamelixir, I agree with you there should be more jobs, and I wish everyone was working and carrying their own weight, the fact is there are a great deal of people taking advantage of the system, which has been flawed not from the current government but even before, what did that fat uneducated idiot Göran P do to correct this tell me?

The market dynamics are changing and making it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to start their own business, is a good thing done by the current administration, not by the SD´s, even is 60% of the new business fail they still stimulate the economy and produce jobs, and breed innovation, incent people to work, not to stay home or to study for a productive life not to f…. off and travel and do nothing, there a many students abuse the system as well!

The current government although in the right direction, is still powerless to shake the boat too much, too many people like you, do not understanding the big picture, preventing them from making drastic change. Truly disable citizens are not being rejected, and if they are the system will eventually get to them, as said it is flawed from previous administrations and beyond. We have been waiting for treatment for our son, for over a year, and eventually they will get to him, not fast enough for my book, but I know, this are being corrected, I have family working in the system trying to fix the years of inefficiency, abuse and bureaucracy left there by your SD friends, it is a huge system and this would not be done overnight. Good thing you mention the leaders using funds for themselves, take a look at the imbeciles you endorse, the records are there. I agree with you about the foreigner abuse, 100% but then again the systems has been flawed for decades, and not all abuse the system!

@ glamelixir Regarding, economics perhaps you should focus your efforts on the idiots you endorse,, they need it more than I do, look at their grade averages, Mona 3.5 hah!, what significant jobs and contribution have they done for the country other than their bogus political life? A bit on you, please really read the books, not quote them because you want to appear to be cool, form your own opinion, by the way Keynesian theories are not complete, but obviously you just got a glance from you principles of Economics book!

So according to the incomplete Keynes model you feel tax spending stimulates the economy, correct, what about long term? and what if you do not have the tax base, also what about waste? Keynes lived in far different economy than we are in today, you can´t deal in absolutes, give the current government a chance to make a change, they are trying next term changes will be more apparent to us all.
12:58 September 17, 2010 by americanska
@Rick - nearly all the progress that sweden has made in the last 100 years as far as democracy, and quality of life has come directly from the USA.

The Swedes that immigrated to the USA 100 years ago managed to escape before the mass brainwashing of post WW2. Although they did help save you fanny in WW2. And they have been part of the technological and industrial age that Amreica ushered in.

Sweden was stuck 30 years behind the US - just like more of Europe and including the UK. But then you became the most Americanized country in Europe - which is why you had such a good life.

People like you - sir. need to learn your own history rather than pulling statistics off wikipedia.

Oh and by the way - "below the poverty line" in the US with give you a better quality of life than "working class" in most of europe - including sweden.
13:48 September 17, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
I watched some of the debates and discussions on TV yesterday and it was Lars Ohly ( the betrothed) who talked about "small businesses"...

Is there something like this in the pipeline, no matter who wins:

12:12 September 18, 2010 by Rick Methven
@ Americanska

Yet more pearls of wisdom from your cornflake package: Lol

You are just typical of blind Americans who must believe that they are the greatest and that Europe and the rest of the world should just accept it as Gospel.

Get real and start reading up on the facts not cornflake boxes
12:21 September 18, 2010 by americanska
I'm not sure why you think the corn flake box thing is funny - it's part of a balanced breakfast :). Regardless everything I said was true.

Like I said maybe you should learn a little bit about the last 150 years of world history. You know, Immigration and Wars, all the reasons you would have a worse standard of living than mexico if it wasn't for America.

And the fact that Sweden took advantage of the american progress more than the rest of europe - meanwhile telling it's people that the opposite of america (leftism) was the way forward.
04:44 September 19, 2010 by djrastah
Heres the kicker with the alliance Sweden is becoming very much like USA on a smaller scale. Really gotta admire the inept short sightedness;)
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