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Opposition gains ground in final round of polls

AFP/The Local · 18 Sep 2010, 11:34

Published: 18 Sep 2010 11:34 GMT+02:00

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According to a Synovate poll published by Sweden's leading daily Dagens Nyheter (DN), the ruling centre-right coalition led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt garnered 49.2 percent of voter support, down 0.6 percentage points from the institute's last survey a week ago.

Saturday's poll thus indicated the ruling coalition, made up of Reinfeldt's Moderates along with the Liberal, Centre and Christian Democrat parties, would win a narrow parliamentary majority, taking 175 of the total 349 seats in the house.

The poll of 1,820 people between September 7 and 16 meanwhile showed the leftwing opposition coalition, made up of the Social Democrats, the Greens and Left Party, garnering 42.8 percent of voter support, an increase of 1.9 points from the previous survey.

"It would be enough for the government to win just a few fractions of a percentage point less for their opportunity to create their own majority rule to disappear," DN summed up the poll results.

It is vital for either the right or the leftwing blocs to win a clear majority in Sunday's vote, observers say, since the far-right anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats appear likely to enter parliament for the first time.

Even with a handful of seats, the far-right party could play kingmaker in a tightly split parliament with minority rule, and, analysts caution, could even make it so difficult to govern that new elections would need to be called.

In Saturday's Synovate poll, the Sweden Democrats garnered 5.9 percent of voter intentions, which marks a significant 1.6-point drop from the institute's previous survey but is still well above the 4.0-percent barrier for entering parliament.

If the far-right party, which won just 2.9 percent of the vote in 2006, were to match the poll result Sunday, it would win 21 seats in the house.

A Sifo poll published in the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) daily Saturday meanwhile showed the Sweden Democrats slipping below the parliamentary barrier to just 3.8 percent, while handing the leftwing opposition a full 45.3 percent of voter intentions, an increase of 3.3 points from its last survey.

That poll, of 1,941 people conducted on September 15-16, showed the government alliance slipping 1.8 points to 49.9 percent.

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A Demoskop poll published by the Expressen tabloid Saturday also showed the Sweden Democrats slipping slightly, but just 0.2 points from its previous survey to 5.1 percent.

That poll handed the government alliance a clear majority of 51.2 percent, compared to just 42.5 percent for the opposition.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:48 September 18, 2010 by krow
This polls make me sick. Let the election speak for itself.
13:23 September 18, 2010 by cowboykodp
Down with the SD bastards.

Just say no to haters, bigots, Nazis, fear mongers, doomsday conspiracy theorists.

Vote for any other party besides the SD and show the world why Sweden is the most civilized country on earth.

Then we can all help address peoples concerns about immigration in a civilized way by getting involved with these reputable parties.
13:44 September 18, 2010 by calebian22
Say yes to SD!
13:53 September 18, 2010 by Sam1
Yes Say yes to Social Democrates.

Sverige Democrates NO NO. Because they have no regards for humanity they finish with being mean to immigrants they start with their own people.

Social D on the other hand thinks of humanity and benefits of all people in Sweden.

Racism will fall down because what begins with Negative falls down.

inhumanity will soon cause terror in Sweden Sverige D buzz off to Nazi germany
13:58 September 18, 2010 by jackx123
Give sahlin a new credit card to commit fraud with. her past is to say the least fairly blemished and how can you swedes have a fraudulent person being the PM
14:16 September 18, 2010 by Sam1
We don't care what the politicians do in their personal lives, we care of what development in the country!!!

and Social Democrates indeed have done lots of development BUT Modrates and others made the Sweds look like a pety third world citizen, when you are in lots of pain and you wait 4 hours to meet a doctor in the acute, and the doctor is busy cleaning his mess because they want to raise his salary make him work as a doctor and a nurse and a cleaner. while with his salary can employ many !!! one doctor 100 of Patients.

Moderates should get a green card to america and fight to live the american life. invovle in Porno, sell body, climb on others attack others to live!!! but not in Sweden!! Sweden is a country where all has right and all are fortunate not the rich and mean.
15:36 September 18, 2010 by Birbun
Hope for Sweden the center-right would win.

Swedish welfare state doesn't work anymore and protects only the drunks,the lazy people and the new immigrants that suck all the resources from taxpayers.

A serious country will low the taxes to maximum 15% both for companies than for individual persons. A taxation over this limit is a steal.

Give a look to Switzerland: the country goes very well without any natural resource as Sweden has and they have an high standard of living plus high wages.

Also the free market oriented of Singapore is booming.

Said so, I hope also Sweden Democrats can enter in Riksdag.

The best would a center right coalition with Sweden Democrats.

I don't care if here many people are against Sweden Democrats.

They're against them because being mostly outside EU immigrants they fear to loose their generous subsidies that they can ONLY dream in their home country.

Please dear immigrants remember Sweden is in Europe and it's not Morocco, Afghanistan,Iran,Pakistan or other islamic countries.

If you like so much islamic traditions, you like to beat your wifes, you want the women must dress burqa,you like to stone to death people for adultery, please go back to your countries.
15:54 September 18, 2010 by BERTRAM
and can Zlatan sings Du Gamla Du Fria,,,
16:04 September 18, 2010 by Argentina84
@Birbun your arguments have no real fundament and seem to have been copied from other posts with the intention of picking a fight. Not nice.

As regards the welfare state, if you take some time and check the statistics, you will notice that there is not a lot of money spent on the "lazy or drunk" as you said. A lot more is actually used to maintain the incredibly high salaries that the Primer Minister and others in the government have.

Check what the right center parties do in all countries...they ONLY favour the interests of the upper class (themselves) and forsake those who need help because they have not been so fortunate in life. Fair? I don't think so.

And when there is some sort of financial or economic problem they blame the foreigners. The Sweden Democrats do not have a serious plan and cannot run a country on the basis of discrimination and prejudice.
16:39 September 18, 2010 by Iraniboy

99% of those who protest against SD are Swedes for your information. If you don't like this Swedish morals who doesn't accept racism and hatred, you'd better leave Sweden!!!

Listen to Fredrik Reinfoldt's comment to notice that he will never accept SD in his blocks for the same reasons as I expailened above. SD is compatible with Right Wing standards. It is only for racists!

So please pack and take your racist fantasies to your home! Swedes won't vote for those who think Africans are programmed to rape or they don't believe in banning people based on their belief! Go home!
16:53 September 18, 2010 by Birbun
I don't live in Sweden neither I have any program in short-medium period to do it.

I have visited Sweden only as tourist some time and I have found the country VERY changed in negative last time I have visited it.

Said this, you say FR told he will never accept SD in coalition?

We will see...

Even in Denmark they said the same thing with Dansk Folkeparti,but after...

The same will happen in the Netherlands and first or later also in Sweden.

More time will pass and more anti immigrants parties will grow and first or later the center right moderate parties will be forced to reach some deal with them to gain the government unless to allow the left to do it.

It's unavoidable.

Islam is not compatible with Europe where its roots are christian and pagan.

This has to be CLEAR.

The islamic workers guests to live in Sweden/Europe have to adapt to European values or leave.

Tertium non datur.
17:36 September 18, 2010 by cowboykodp

I think you should get out asap. We dont need any more idiots and bigots in Sweden.

By the way, this is Sweden and not Denmark and Holland. We have brains here.

And your prediction is complete nonsense, you obviously have never lived in Sweden and have no clue how native Swedes think.

So do some shopping while you are here, spend some money and get the hell out.

See ya.
17:45 September 18, 2010 by Iraniboy

So now you're totally unqualified to comment on this issue.

FR has made it clear that there is more chance to create a coalition with greens and even socials than with the SD.

Check the opposition protests in the streets of Sweden and those who are against SD in facebook, etc. They are mostly white Swedes. In fact the vast majority of those who oppose SD are non-Muslim white Sweden. SD's supporters are also white, low educated with low salary young boys who haven't fully understood the WW2 and the danger of unconditional hatred against a set of belief and race! After they become wise and if their earning is not directly from being XYZhpobe and racist, then they will notice the danger of such political parties.
17:56 September 18, 2010 by BERTRAM
Hej Guys, of course Fredrik is one ot the best politicians in Europe, compared to...

but the Swedish Kingdom is too weak and it will always makes the bed of all extremists.European history told us. Many migrants speak bra svenska, work but they refuse the cultural integration.Many regular swedes are feeling more and more excluded. In some schools you cannot sing Du Gamla Du Fria...

Religion can be a drug manipulated by politicians and gurus.

Islam is a weapon for both parts.

Sweden needs a democratic reaction.

I love Sverige and i want my new swedish son to live in a peacefull land.
18:10 September 18, 2010 by richardbw
This article appears to be about the polls and as no one is actually talking about the polls I thought I would say something.

Firstly, the Synovate poll is averaged over 8 days!!!! Are they a polling company or a pile of monkeys? Eight effing days, that is a lifetime this close to the election. Synovate please bugger off and learn how to poll elections.

In comparison Sifo have done a much more sensible two day poll, which shows that the gap between the Re-Greens and Alliance is narrowing. This sort of tightening near to the election is very common and has happened in pretty much every poll I have monitored. In fact reporting that the gap is narrowing is akin to reporting that the Pope is Catholic and that bears do actually poop in woods, but it is still nice to see everything is going as expected.

As for Sverigedemokrat, their percentage has been fluctuating quite a bit, I'm guessing it will be lower than expected, but it will be close, they may get a place in the Riksdag. It will all depend on how much people want to do a protest vote. Some of these SvD voters may change their minds and choose to vote for one of the Alliance parties just so they can vote for a winner.

I'm looking forward to the actual numbers, roll on Monday!
19:25 September 18, 2010 by refugee
It is not as such far to see the result .. prediction always may work ... We have learn from the past US election when Obama was excpected to be deafted while the opposite turned out to be true ..Only 24 hrs and 37 min left ...

In the capitalist the poores becomes much poorer while the reacher become much more reacher ...as long as the country GDP grows I don't opposed the idea of Moderate party even if I will be one of the victims as an immigrant with less oportunity to enter in to labour market.In fact the gov't should reconcil and protect citizens from being exploited .. and also minimize social welfare dependent as much as possible which leads to productivity ...
19:45 September 18, 2010 by vlk.77

you are typical swedish communist. You and your comrade Mona Stalin and her communist party are only big losers.
21:05 September 18, 2010 by miss79
vik.77-ask fredrik reinfedlt how many companies he is selling to the communist mafia like china n russia?he is doing alot of money n leaving sweden into catastroph
21:06 September 18, 2010 by glamelixir
@vik. 77

communist???? I mean... do you even know the difference between communist and socialism?

pffff shut up and don't make a fool of yourself, please.
21:10 September 18, 2010 by vlk.77

Today Sweden is more communist than today Russia.
21:52 September 18, 2010 by djrastah
Ok please someone explain in a short concise way what Cultural integration means to you. Becuase this is a very tricky subject which matter of factly is quite subjective. Welcome to true discourse:)
21:53 September 18, 2010 by richardbw
Do any of you guys know what a tangent is (e.g. most of the posts on this article)? :-)

BTW Is modern-day Russia communist? I would have said autocratic rule with a coating of democracy.
01:38 September 19, 2010 by JoeSwede
My vote goes to the party that can navigate the current economic condition best.

One would hope that the Social Democrats could come up with some new ideas now that they have been out of power for a bit... but I don't see it.

If the SD win 4%, then there will be a good debate on immigration. Some are for open borders while others have other ideas. I fail to understand why having any opinion on the issue brands you. Are politicians working back room deals only allowed to discuss the issue? There's a spectrum of options each with consecquences. Leaving the process up to random chance and the desire to help refugees will have to be re-evaluated. With each year it gets easier to travel and immigrate. I didn't hear the major policical parties discuss their views. Please inform me... do they support open borders? Do they support economic immigration, refugee immigration? Back room deals.... no discussion.
11:56 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy

Talking about immigration is not bad. But talking about bad African's genes, banning Muslims and arranging fake self attack is racist and corrupt.

There are a lot of discusssions and suggestions for immigration by Allianses so your argument is not valid.
13:12 September 19, 2010 by Birbun
Discuss about the immigration or Sweden Democrats is not relevant.

The focus should be pointed to the welfare state and the subsidies.

The welfare state should be cut to ZERO for ALL,native and immigrants, and the taxes lowered to maximum 10-15% for all.

The progressive taxation is a monster created by socialists to extort money from who earn more money.

The taxation system should be be flat.

Socialists continue to repeat the same tale the riches get richer and the poor get poorer and that so the more richer must be taxed more according to the progressive system of taxation: it's a total scandal.

Very often the poor deserves to be poor and the "rich" people deserve to get more money, because the rich works and worked much harder to reach its status while the "poor" makes only his "homework" in his worked hour and be sure at 5 pm max he's already in the bar to drink or to the mall.

Be sure who earns more money works until 7 pm every working day and also on Saturday and Sunday if necessary!

It doesn't exist I work until 7 pm to make some more money and I have to pay more than half of money in taxes to give money in subsidies to people are already in the bar at 5 pm to drink.

It's a total madness.

As said before, welfare state and subsides should be cut to ZERO unless you have really a physical handicap so that you can't really work.

Coming to the immigration point, be sure in this optic of a very free market oriented system, with ZERO subsidies and if they have to pay ALL the fees, health care included, if they don't work and earn enough money to support themselves, they will leave the country spontaneously.
14:37 September 19, 2010 by Sam1
I'm A bahai and I had religious problem in a Muslim country that is why I'm here, but frankly Sweden has reformed Muslims and others to be a better people.

And a land of multiculture is more beautiful a single race single Idea a single way.

Its always better to have diversity.

Any political party that does not care about the elderly even the drunk!! or the sick or the lazy as one person say up there.

Then we make more of them, and we make a two cast system, and the prostitution and rape and robberies, and drugs will be more so I think Social Democrates are best because even though I have a company and Modrates might be better for me to dicrease tax. But damn money if some one was to wait 5 hours in AKUTE to meet a doc. Damn money if some elderly was to die lonely at home, damn money if Swedens people was to sell body to make money because the Moderates regard that women as sick or lazy.

Money is money and humans are always first wether Muslims or Christians or Bahais, or Jew or other or no believe or Gays or whatsoever even drunks and drug addicts are human and in need of Help!!! SO we can only support one group and neglect others, the guy above who is so angry about tax dont work and eat from others tax if you feel jealous of the people who leave on minimum wages!!! and ofcourse you benefit of taxation from Medical system to education to all!! You want us to be like USA??? USA suffers a lot and on the verge of breaking and calameties because of the low moral standard there.

Good luck I will vote SOCIAL DEMOCRATES ones Im a national.
14:59 September 19, 2010 by Birbun

My model is more Singapore or better a mix of Singapore and Switzerland.

USA is no longer a free market economy.

A level of taxation above 15% maximum is a State's theft.

Singapore is a real multicultural country,highly competitive that WORKS because all the people,natives and immigrants follows strictly the RULES.

There are no place in Singapore for lazy people,parasites/drunks on welfare.

A true free market economy that works very well!
17:09 September 19, 2010 by miss79
birbun, singapore was my country before..trust me, u stay there n u will commit suicide after a few months..
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