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Sweden Democrats savour parliament entry

AFP/The Local · 20 Sep 2010, 01:04

Published: 19 Sep 2010 23:33 GMT+02:00
Updated: 20 Sep 2010 01:04 GMT+02:00

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"Now we are in the Riksdag! We are in!" said Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats as he addressed close supporters gathered Sunday to fete the party's entry into parliament.

After a triumphal arrival - music, cheers, chants and lights - in an isolated Stockholm restaurant at around 10:30 pm local time, Åkesson fell into the arms of Björn Söder, the Sweden Democrats' party secretary general. A long hug followed with the two men clamping their eyelids shut as if to keep tears from running down their cheeks.

"Today, we have written political history," he said and then sang along to a catchy Swedish song with the words "We are on our way, do you want to come with us?"

While awaiting Åkesson's arrival, the supporters had already started celebrating the Sweden Democrats maiden entry into parliament before the near final results were announced.

"It's the best time of my life, better than when I won a championship with my football team as a child!" Sweden Democrat candidate Christian Westling said.

A few dozen supporters earlier waited for the first results amid an increasingly tense atmosphere.

"Now, now, now..." they chanted under their breaths before screaming with joy at 8:00 pm sharp, when television stations aired exit polls showing it had got 4.6 percent of the vote, well above the 4 percent level needed to enter parliament.

Alexandra Brunell, a tall blonde 20-year-old, said with a smile, "It will be much better in Sweden now."

Around her, cheers, screams and hugs prevailed as Soeder, the party's ideological leader, tried to keep his emotions in check.

"We are very happy, because we know we're underestimated in such [exit] polls. Our goal is to have seats in parliament, so we are waiting for the final results," said Söder.

He was already looking to the future, planning Monday morning's agenda.

"We hope to have contacts tomorrow with other parties" who won the election, he said.

That is because the Sweden Democrats will not only make their entrance into parliament, but will also play kingmaker in a narrowly split parliament in which no bloc has a majority, according to near final results, which have credited the party with 5.7 percent of the vote.

During the campaign, both the centre-right coalition -on its way to being re-elected - and the left-wing opposition bloc had vowed not to collaborate with the far-right.

However, Åkesson told AFP a few days ago those assurances would not hold true once his party was actually voted in.

"They have to say that until Sunday, but we'll hear something else Monday," Åkesson predicted.

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Already before the exit poll results were announced, the atmosphere at the Sweden Democrat post-election headquarters was festive. Supporters were clad in evening wear, ladies sporting high heels and evening dresses while most men sported dark suits, white shirts and ties or bowties.

Around 7:15 pm, as plates of salmon and champagne glasses already stood empty, the Sweden Democrats chided the media for "boycotting" the far-right during the campaign.

In front of a banderole reading "Sweden's new parliamentary party," ironic prizes were awarded to dailies Dagens Nyheter and Expressen and private network TV4 for having had an anti-Sweden Democrat bias in election coverage.

As Westling congratulated a reporter from Expressen for turning up to come pick up his prize, TV4 was awarded the "2010 censorship award," for having refused to broadcast a Sweden Democrat campaign ad it had deemed hateful.

Then the glasses filled up again as the results poured in.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

23:54 September 19, 2010 by riose
Heil Sweden!
23:56 September 19, 2010 by hondaicivic
Go Sweden Democrats!!!!!!
00:16 September 20, 2010 by The Rabbi
Heil your arse....your still a little party which no one wants to work with
00:19 September 20, 2010 by albert1974
@ hondaicivic are you single or multiple? ;-)
00:21 September 20, 2010 by JLondon

Guess what...

MORE Corruption coming to a town near you!

00:31 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
What a cute couple! I am very pleased that SD is entering the parliament. Gotta love the political landscape of Sweden this year. Amazing elections!
00:37 September 20, 2010 by Sam1
I hope this Party does not spoil sweden by their attacks on Extremist religious sects, and to be mean to all multicultures not knowing the good from the Bad, pushing the country to Chaos.

They will even cause problem to adopted Children from multiculture or even half Sweds or even born in Sweden people.

Or attack the moderate religions and the hard working group of immigrant origin wether from Japan or Brazil or Spain or Russia.
00:38 September 20, 2010 by zircon
Incredible, your support. First test: dealing with democracy in full volume of transparency. And secondly the test how to retain one's own identity without too much political bloodshed. The intention of the Swedish Democrats have won the night, but tomorrow will have to be in the face of total democracy in Sweden. And to fight immigration policies will not make you earn the noble name of the knights of the round table... May the best champion win!
01:02 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
SD has nothing against multi-ethnic society, which I think you actually meant. Sd just believes that multi-cultural society is a bad idea. It is a bad idea when the culture of honor killing being brought by immigrants just because their children want to wear westernized clothes, have western friends (or even boyfriend/girlfriend), or choose to have their own religion (or none). It is also a bad idea when immigrants bring in their culture of intolerance to hate Jewish people just because it is a doctrine of their religion. It is a horrible culture when female children are being mutilated of their genitals... just to name a few. These are the cultures that SD actually fights against and should be controlled and watched over. If nobody dares to speak against it, then no one will.
01:02 September 20, 2010 by jbat
sorry zircon.. SD not really fighting an "immigration policies".. but they are fighting against muslims and Islam religion..

immigration word is just an excuse to not to be called "racist"
01:19 September 20, 2010 by The Rabbi
Most muslims hate the politics of Israel not all Jews....your again like alot of swedes been extreme and and trying to butter up neo-nazism.
01:22 September 20, 2010 by nevon

Honor killings, female genital mutilation and anti-semitism exist even if you shut the doors of Sweden to immigrants. The difference is that if people have the opportunity to come here, they're much less likely to be killed, mutilated or turn into an extremist.

It's ridiculous to suggest that the SD is "fighting" these things. If anything, the SD is fighting to make these horrible things happen more often. Their fighting to have these horrible things happen in a far away country instead of Sweden, even though the men and women who would be killed or mutilated would have a much much better chance of getting away from murderous honor culture or ritual genital mutilation if they had the opportunity to come to Sweden where society can protect them.

But who cares as long as the rape, murder and torture happens to odd looking people in a country so far away that we don't have to care? Right?
01:36 September 20, 2010 by Biorealist
Sweden has the highest level of rape of women in Europe. This is significantly due to immigration policies.

The Sweden Democrats are challenging those immigration policies.

It is incredible there are so many barbaric misogynists who would oppose them and try to shout them down.

Hopefully this will lead to a more sensible discussion about immigration and how it can benefit Sweden.
01:42 September 20, 2010 by PorkForEveryone
Glad I voted for them!

Pork for everyone... even muslims, and feel free to invite your pedophile prophet.

Its about time a party in sweden had the b@lls to stand up to the Islamization of Europe.

You want Islam, sharia law and all the other barbaric stupidity... go back to the country you came from or the many moronic countries already out there:

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi, UAE etc

For the muslims who actually wish to adjust to their new homes/country by changing themselves to adjust - I have nothing against you.
01:46 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
Actually, they do happen in Sweden and all of Europe. There have been Muslims girls being murdered by her own parents and siblings for doing things that are disagreeable with the culture of her family.

SD is not racist. I am not white and I am also an immigrant in Sweden. I support SD because I believe in the integration of culture among immigrants in Sweden rather than Sweden accommodating to the immigrants culture. I notice that Sweden has actually accommodated squatting toilets in public restrooms, and began to segregate students in classrooms based upon gender in the name of respecting one's culture.

It is sad that Sweden's open and tolerant society would rather bow down to their demands and needs instead of letting them figure out how to integrate into the Swedish culture.

Swedes are slow to anger and are too nice to everyone and here in Sweden the immigrants have been pampered way too much and asking too much out of the country.
01:58 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
Oh yes, and speaking of pork. In my SFI class, I remember there was this one time where we had to share food with each other that represents our culture. And guess what we were told? We cannot have pork and wine in the ingredients in the food. I felt so tempted to just share pancakes with bacon, because hell, that's my culture. But instead, I made pasta and put a liberal amount of diced bacon in it and said it was salted fish, he he. Nothing beats seeing those Muslims savoring my delicious bacon pasta and being complimented on how good it is. :P
01:59 September 20, 2010 by zircon
Strange customs, strange people? Or is it the other way round? It's a test. What happened in the last decade in Sweden? Immigration is part of the social engineering success, and is that the question being really asked here? In many ways you're saying no more resources open to certain people, because... Like you no one is in control of State budgets. You cannot see the total cost review of how much exactly the immigrant is costing this fictional tax payer of one euro cent or something slightly more. But one thing is true: customs like in Rome should be respected as is written in law. And that includes all people without distinction of why this psyche is different from the other. BTW, I'm not being sarcastic on the win of the Swedish Democrats. It is going to be an interesting time ahead of us, not just to see how this victory unfolds, but more as how is it intending to safeguard the best of principles in your country. The latter matters to a much wider public as you already know. Surely no one needs to come and tell Sweden to make their argument intelligent and open?
02:18 September 20, 2010 by Ann-Marie
Too bad they didn't get more votes, I'm really surprised they didnt'.... and they are no more nazis than I am. What is wrong with adapting to the country you have chosen to live in?! Learn the language, do your part in paying taxes etc. I've done it a few times in my life and I wouldn't dream of cramming my beliefs down peoples throats where I've lived. You just don't do that in polite society.

Sweden was a great country 20-30 years ago, not so any more. And that is so sad.
02:22 September 20, 2010 by Aureliano Buendia
Those who voted for this party, which one of you is going to work at pizzerias, kebab houses, hotels (as cleaner), clean toilets, drive bus at 3 am? Do you really think that only migrants need you? in fact you need migrants more, than they need you, they can move to somewhere else, but your stubborn blondes would not do these stuff for that cheaper price as migrants do it now. dear racists, follow your leader!
02:33 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
Immigrants taking those jobs is a myth. I've lived in various parts of Sweden and all I see is native blonde Swedes driving my bus after midnight, serving me at the restaurant and ice-cream stands, and cleaning the office building as well. Most of them are older Swedes though.

I only see immigrants loitering about the streets, smoking, hanging out with their gangs, trying to shoplift at Willys, catcalling when a girl passes, getting drunk in public, trying to get a free ride on the bus, bothering people at the bus station, basically, not having jobs. I am sure they love to blame Sweden for not giving them jobs when they themselves do not take the effort to look for any.
02:57 September 20, 2010 by Antioche
Don`t sugarcoat it. Discriminating people based on where they come from and spread your hatred with creating steorotypes is nazism and rasism. Nazis blamed Jews to take their wealth and causing them to lose WW1. So all Jews suffered independent of their economic power, level of faith etc. Now people use so-called Islamification danger to do that agenda maybe a little bit softer than back then. It is quite sad that the victims, Jews are the flag carriers for this. As a turkish, I don`t approve the ideology that comes with Islam or practice Islam but I feel quite raged of people forgetting they are talking about a human being or put billions of people in the same basket. I confront with steorotypes and prejudices every day but making it official is another thing. I also quite frustrated with people which are also immigrants but think that they are better then others. Don`t worry they will come for you as well once they are finished with Muslims just like Nazis.
03:07 September 20, 2010 by Aureliano Buendia
@ gosigkanin everyone understood that you are a swedish-nazi. u r not the moderator of this page, stop replying to everyone! as I told you, follow your leader.
07:00 September 20, 2010 by Tamales
It's the start of a better Sweden. A small start, but a start nonetheless.
07:39 September 20, 2010 by Biorealist

Relax. Turkey and other Islamic countries quite rightly would be reluctant to demographically transform into Christian or Jewish countries. Secular Western nations have the same legitimate right to shape the makeup and culture of their respective countries.

Hysterical comparisons to Nazism are ridiculous and dishonest. It's like you're trying to trigger a pavlovian knee jerk response and shut down debate.
08:46 September 20, 2010 by Norrlands Turk
This shall prove that rednecks are now everywhere.
10:13 September 20, 2010 by gosigkanin
I think SD is fighting Nazism here. SD does not want to kill anyone or punish anyone for living in Sweden. SD only wants those who want to live in Sweden to embrace the country, the culture, and all the rights given here.

It is Nazism when you allow those to keep their culture and their political ideology that is fueled with inequality, cruel and unusual punishment, and incompatible with the democracy of secular and free-society. It is Nazism when you allow parents to educate their children that the Jews and the kaffirs are not their friends but are supposed to be second-class citizens (dhimmi) in reality. It is Nazism when parents punish their children in ways any western parents could never imagine just because their children became "westernized" and embrace values that are incompatible with the family's culture and traditions. It is a hate crime against women when female children are being performed of genital mutilation without the individual's consent--often she just submits to the wills of her family because that is the tradition. And many other things too that are just intolerant of women's rights.

Why should Sweden tolerate this culture at all? I believe that these things should not even be allowed in this country. Women and children should be protected from these things in Sweden regardless what culture they come from.

If SD is promoting Nazism, they might as well allow those Soviet Democrats continue to pamper immigrants to accommodate to their culture, accommodate for them to practice what they believe is best for them, install sharia law in Sweden, and pretend as though everything is alright, until one day... they will just take Sweden by surprise and there will be nothing left about democracy and freedom of expression here in the once secular and free society of Sweden that we know...
11:12 September 20, 2010 by spongepaddy
Hurrah for the Swedish Democrats!

Here is a musical tribute to celebrate their glorious victory.

11:52 September 20, 2010 by here for the summer
Congratulations to the Local. This is the first article were they didn't call the SD the " far right party".

@rabbi I think you are really an Imman. The SD will protect Sweden from the massive immigration they are experiencing from ISlamic countries including radical islamic types, any Rabbi would understand that ... but an Imman .. that is a different story..
12:09 September 20, 2010 by zooeden
Bugg off Jimmie, ask your wife about her arab ex!!!!
12:26 September 20, 2010 by miss79
well cant wait for the chaos
13:25 September 20, 2010 by judoflares
his Mrs looks a bit Polish. I hope the party is willing to supply a list of its members, hopefully we can get them all out of employment this way. Who would want to work with such lunatics.

I believe one of them said that all forigners carry a criminal gene.

So thats why everone goes mental when on holiday in Benedorm. case closed
13:34 September 20, 2010 by Icarusty

lol, the Swedes can sure talk about drinking!

Zig heil Svenska!
15:17 September 20, 2010 by Aureliano Buendia
that guy is so proud to be pure swedish, but I wonder if vikings had a name Jimmie... its stupid paradox of stupid coward nazis in Sweden. Come to Bergsjon, and try to beat up everyone, if u think this country should belong only blond people. Nope, u cant, cause SD just use nazism for political goals, they are too coward to be real nazis. I am a pure leftist, but I would respect a pure hardcore nazi, than this coward chicken party!
16:37 September 20, 2010 by Foxson
Lets wait and see how this impacts on the swedish competitive moralists
17:30 September 20, 2010 by anglesaxon
its a very good result,cant wait to see what happens in 4years time.sweden is starting to realise that it needs a party with balls.i remember sweden in the 60s & 70s,a much safer place to live in,lets have the quality of life back again.
20:22 September 20, 2010 by Carbarrister
I love to read the typical undemocratic rants. Election victories are only for parties and candidates with "proper" views.

I am comvorted by the results. I hope the trend continues. It is about time Sweden put its house in order. I think I can hear my father cheering from his grave.
22:41 September 20, 2010 by mieoux
Heil Sweden!
22:55 September 20, 2010 by vb74
Congratulations!! I hope you guys can bring some common sense back into the Swedish political arena.
00:05 September 21, 2010 by Rebel
I did not vote for the SD but some of the hateful rhetoric I am hearing from "mainstream Swedes" is giving me cause for concern -- I always thought Swedes prided themselves for not dragging their knuclkes on the ground when they walked.
00:24 September 21, 2010 by alecLoTh
Cry havoc!
01:57 September 21, 2010 by mieoux
by the way, Rabbi, by "Heil Sweden" mean "it really sucks that Sweden is nazi"?

Heil Sweden as in Hitler Sweden, where "Heil" is not a good thing.

In the civilized world "Heil" is never a good word, it's an insult.

I did not get that there was another meaning to this other than it's an awful thing - that's what I thought riose meant, otherwise I would have expected him to call himself by another name other than riose and he probably would not be able to write in English like the rest of those freakin' unemployed nazis.

All people who voted Sverigedemokratena are in fact nazis, because sverigedemokratena is a nazi party.

Sweden = nazi and your kings were pals with hitler, there is photographic evidence of this and this was before re-touching.
07:03 September 21, 2010 by Rebel
Ironic, Swedish Democrats are pro-Israel while most of the media and politicians from other parties favor Hamas.
07:08 September 21, 2010 by mieoux
I am curious about what would happen if a black or Arab person showed up at one of their venues. I guess all the members and all associated with them are white.
07:38 September 21, 2010 by flintis
@mieoux: Funny you should mention that as at least one party member is Iranian.

SD are not really a nazi party that dubious honour is reserved for the "sweden peoples party".

Heil is an insult?? Julius Ceasar didn't think so, obviously you are not up on European languages or History. Heil (Hail in English) is a greeting, salute, from where you came etc, etc see the definitions in the link below


Lots of other countries were friends with Hitler, the Spanish, Italians, USSR, Vichy France, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan etc so Sweden are not unique in that respect
10:55 September 21, 2010 by englishpicnic
"The party won 20 of the 349 seats in the country's parliament"

Really good news and this on top of Geert Wilders recent success. Hopefully people of Europe are beginning to wake up .People are beginning to realise that nationalism isn't a dirty word .Indeed to believe in Nationhood is to believe in a Great Britain ,in a France, in a Germany, in a Spain and so on . A country without effective borders and without a people with a shared history, culture and ancestry is not a country but merely a geographic area.
14:13 September 21, 2010 by mieoux
Oh that would make America a geographic area, and you should just get rid of the EU while your at it right englishpicnic. Look what happened to Britain - it's a third world country, what about France, it's a never ran, are these the examples Sweden has to look up to?
17:03 September 21, 2010 by pantheratigris
Kudos to Tamales and Biorealist for their rational comments!
10:13 September 22, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
The LOCAL needs a new comment-section designed in a totally different fashion:

-If it takes too long to write (you have to be careful with words sometimes) the message does not go through. I just tried to translate a certain news-flash from Finland where we have noticed the swedish situation.

And before you start to quiver and shake and tell me to go on another site, i suggest you fix the problem, get it done for fu*ck´s sake, there are better comment-sections after all.

There are some of us who actually try to focus on practical stuff and maybe get a solution.
01:10 September 23, 2010 by bravedave
@ buendia you do know we have massive problems with youth unemployment at a new high? Over a whopping 18%. Just saying.
02:36 September 24, 2010 by Andersson
Unfortunately the world doesnt conform itself to Sweden. SD may become champ within Sweden with their extreme policies but they likely to isolate themselve along with Sweden from rest of the world. To every action, there is a reaction, and Sweden is not used to REACTIONS...
11:08 September 24, 2010 by salalah
I am waiting for restaurants and toilets which will have signs "Native Swedes with Nordic looks ONLY"

SD will bring us to the pre-Holocaust era!!! Jews should be ashamed to support them. I love the US. After a month there you are considered American!

Please let us immigrants get asylum in the US away from these Cochroaches!!!
16:50 September 24, 2010 by MichaelZWilliamson
Nevon: If the barbaric practices of Islamic extremists really bother you, how about joining me and other Western troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring an end to it?

Or is your professed compassion merely an excuse to sit home and blame "Right wingers" for your problems?
18:11 September 24, 2010 by Amerikat
I love how dumba$$es describe taking back your county as nazisim. IDIOTS. Go to Malmo and see how it will be for all of Sweden in 50 years. This is what you are leaving for your children and, for those of you who think you'll be reincarnated !!!
22:25 September 25, 2010 by Suraiya Kasim
I just hope Sweden doesn't go the Danish way!
13:06 September 27, 2010 by djrastah
white people are neat:)
02:02 October 6, 2010 by Roga Roga
i am black, but i voted for the SD.guess what?thay are man enough to tell me that i am not wanted here or better still to adtress the issue of migrants in this country. when u are black, have three mastesr degress in sweden, speak fluent french wiorked in africa for four years 31 year old and refused to work with for sida in rwanda, burundi, zambia, liberia because u aint no svenssson, or andersson then u begin to ask urself questions. i a, balck but i voted for the SD AND I AM GOING BACK TO cAMEROON WHERE I WILL BE RESOURCEFUL.JIMMY AKESSON IS MAN A ENOUGH AND THE REST OF YOUR SWEDES PRETENDING TO STAND FOR DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS ETC ARE JUST COWARDS .DEEP IN YOU YOU LIKE ME TO WASJ UR TOILTES, DISTRIBUTE NEWSPAPERS, SELL IN MCDONALDS EVEN THOUHG I AM ORE QUALIFIED THAN U. I AINT DOING THAT COZ I AM GOING HOME BABY.

12:21 October 6, 2010 by Roy E
Roga Roga

Congratulations on your honorable decision to return and help your own culture and people better themselves, rather than flee to another culture and them expect them to change and compromise to your satisfaction.

Perhaps Africa would be a better, less corrupt place if more chose improve it.
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